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#RSNA2022 #rsna22 diaries
Conversations between O-arm and MP re RSNA meeting

O-arm: Hey doc! How is it going over there @rsna #rsna2022? My cousin’s teenage daughter was telling that you are posting a lot on Instagram. What’s up with that?

MP: Why can’t we #MedPhys not allowed to be instagramers? @aapmHQ

O-arm: I was just teasing you doc. As a teacher it is always best to make your students feel comfortable communicating w you, especially if they think you can understand them

MP: Yes. Is that all or did you want to ask me something else?

O-arm: How is the technical exhibits over there? Anything new that I need to be concerned about, that would make me obsolete?

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Weekend after #AAPM2022: Beautiful weather, MP is getting ready to do his mindfulness exercise (vacuuming) – comes out of the garage & was surprised to see his buddy ‘The Eastern Box Turtle’, slowing coming up his driveway
Here is conversation between the Turtle & the MP

MP: Hey buddy, what are you doing? It might have taken you some time to come all the way from park.

Turtle: Yes doc, I was on my way to a picnic behind ur home & also wanted to talk to you. I heard that you were up in the Tony’s ‘Big Rig (BR)’ & thinking of a new career

MP: Well, the news came faster than the “hare” that challenged your ancestor for a race and lost

Turtle: Yes, I got worried because other day, you were very nice to explain about #CT and that u loved working where my cousin saw you

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Can we improve how we treat cancer with stereotactic radiation? Yes, we can.

Here’s a @ClinOncology editorial with Drs. @MichaelTMilano & Alina Mihai on including clinical treatment volumes (CTVs) for microscopic disease.…
#radonc #medphys 1/
Radiation therapy (RT) can non-invasively treat microscopic disease. In curative settings, RT complements or competes w/ surgery to improve cancer care and patient outcomes.

I’ll discuss how matters using curative lung cancer and metastatic disease as examples. 2/
Stereotactic RT lets us give very high doses safely. Advances in medical physics & computer programming, matched w/ clinical trials, show we can improve tumor control & decrease central “in-field” failures. Its evolution initially required ignoring microscopic disease. 3/
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I cleared my schedule in anticipation of 2nd jab side-effects, and I’m aching all over with muscle pains, so it’s just the right time to channel my inner grumpy old man (I’m moving like one anyway).
In other words:
🔹Time to critique #ESTRO2021 abstracts! 🔹
#radonc #medphys
Standard disclaimer:
I’m just one abstract reviewer. My opinions and dislikes may not be representative.
I’m not targeting any specific authors - so even if you feel this hits too close to home, it’s probably not you that I’m thinking of (five other people did the same!)
I reviewed clinical track abstracts this year, while my previous involvement has been on the physics track. That's obviously colouring my experience.
(I am but a lowly physicist, etc, etc ... 😂)
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Is there a radiation dose-response relationship for rectal cancer managed non-surgically?

Short answer: Yes - at least based on published patient series

Longer answer: See our #ESTRO2020 Poster Highlight - or thread below

#radonc… ImageImage
Non-operative management of rectal cancer is becoming increasingly important - more and more patients are offered observation instead of surgery if they have a complete response after (chemo-)radiotherapy #radonc #ESTRO2020 Image
Most published series are only reporting on that select group of patients - the ones who got a complete response. That's great if we want to understand if observation is a safe strategy for those patients #ESTRO2020…
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New #radonc attendings:

Your first cases will take a long time. That's normal. It means you understand how big #cancer care is and are doing your best by your patients. Be patient with yourself. It will get easier. You *do* know what you are doing.
Also, don't forget:
1. Expert contours vary.
2. Imaging now is better than the old trials that often define care.
3. Dose has a gradient.
4. Prescription doses are basically never threading the therapeutic window like a needle. You know the standard of care. It's usually a pretty wide lane.
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We created a 6-part #SBRT credentialing course at @UCSDRadMed, and we’re making it publicly available during #COVID19. All videos were produced and edited by @dbrown_medphys and include Dr. Daniel Simpson or me. Videos are linked below. Enjoy! #MedPhys @aapmHQ #RadOnc @ASTRO_org
SBRT Credentialing Part I - Pancreas
SBRT Credentialing Part II - Hepatocellular
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As promised, here is a #tweetorial on spatially-fractionated radiotherapy aka Lattice aka GRID.

If you missed the #CTOS2019 talk by @Notorious_RBE, this one is for you!
Spatial fractionation aims to intentionally deliver heterogeneous dose: alternating “hot” and “cold” areas with a differential of 30-100% Rx.

Thats right: you want 30% cold spots in tumor. (👇 #MedPhys reaction).
It seems crazy, but it is associated with excellent response and limited toxicity. Per reports. That are retrospective.

Dramatic response in rads refractory sarcoma:…

Case series of 71 palliative patients:…
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Part II of today’s tweetorial for International clinical trials day: #CTD2019 #ICTD2019

Why do you want to give physicists a central role in your radiotherapy trials?

#medphys #radonc
@ipemnews @EFOMP_org @aapmHQ @EORTC @CTRad_CChan
First, what characterises medical physicists?
- We're quantitative, systematic & analytical
- We're trained in modelling, data visualisation, & interpretation of evidence

(And sometimes we - by which I mean me - go exploring in caves, which is almost like running a trial 😅)
But importantly, we understand the opportunities and limitations in current technology & are uniquely placed to understand current gaps in knowledge.

We can ask

“How can we best utilise technology to improve outcomes?”
“Will this be achievable in daily practice?”
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Today is International Clinical Trials Day! #CTD2019

In the spirit of #CTD2019, I thought I’d take a bit of time to talk about medical physicists and radiotherapy trials #medphys #radonc
@ipemnews @EFOMP_org @aapmHQ
Why should radiotherapy trialists care about medical physicists? And why should physicists involve themselves in trials?
The short answer: It makes trials a whole lot better!

The slightly longer answer: It ensures maximum value from data that we are entrusted by patients

And the properly detailed answer will take a couple of tweetorials ☺️
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