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#RSNA2022 #RSNA22 diaries - Part 2
Conversations of MP with MDCT and Oarm re #RSNA2022 meeting

MDCT: Hey doc, O-arm is on his way. We want to hear more about @RSNA

MP: I only have 30 min as I need to attend #IRB meeting

MDCT: Ok doc, tell us about technical exhibits?
MP: Technical exhibits were again quite interesting, sprawling over both North and South side @MccormickPlaceM One highlight of walking through technical exhibits was meeting friends after a long time

MDCT: How was the sessions on #PCCT?

2/ Image
MP: They were good, however, since there is only one vendor who has received FDA clearance, all talks were based on that one vendor for #PCCT. I wish other vendors get their systems approved for clinic use soon

O-arm: Anything new to keep all those attendees entertained?

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#RSNA2022 #RSNA22 diaries
Conversations between MDCT and MP re #RSNA2022 meeting

MDCT: Hey doc, now that you have rested and back to work, can you tell me how was @RSNA and what were the highlights of #RSNA2022 meeting?

MP: First of all, people have returned to the meeting. More than anything, I heard from many that attendees were very glad to meet their friends and colleagues after 3 years

MDCT: Seems like it, especially from all the photos you had tweeted

2/ Image
MP: As usual, the meeting was so rich with scientific information, however, many overlapping tracks.

MDCT: But I heard you can access virtually for few more days.

MP: Yes, that is correct, how did you know?

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#RSNA2022 #RSNA22 diaries
Conversations between UL & MP re studies w & w/o contrast
UL: Hey doc! We have a new probe (7.5 MHz), & he keeps bugging me about studies w & w/o contrast with #CT & #MRI

MP: That’s easy girl. Why are you having difficulty explaining.

UL: You don’t know doc; this probe thinks he is high frequency & don’t seem to agree on what I say. Just tell me how I can explain in simple terms.

MP: I will try by two images I took at RSNA. Consider 1st photo without contrast & then 2nd photo as study with contrast
MP: See the differrence

UL: Not bad doc, I will try explaining to him as you said. BTW, the #RSNA cutout looks good, please don’t mistake me, that is better than the one with contrast (2nd w you)

MP: Girl, you always pull my leg. I should stop talking w you.
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#RSNA2022 #rsna22 diaries
Conversations between O-arm and MP re RSNA meeting

O-arm: Hey doc! How is it going over there @rsna #rsna2022? My cousin’s teenage daughter was telling that you are posting a lot on Instagram. What’s up with that?

MP: Why can’t we #MedPhys not allowed to be instagramers? @aapmHQ

O-arm: I was just teasing you doc. As a teacher it is always best to make your students feel comfortable communicating w you, especially if they think you can understand them

MP: Yes. Is that all or did you want to ask me something else?

O-arm: How is the technical exhibits over there? Anything new that I need to be concerned about, that would make me obsolete?

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1/Asking “How old are you” can be dicey—both in real life & on MRI! Do you know how to tell the age of blood on MRI?

Here’s a #tweetorial on how to date blood on MRI
#medtwitter #neurorad #radtwitter #RSNA2022 #RSNA22 #radres #neurosurgery #neurology #meded #neurotwitter #FOAMed Image
2/If you ask someone how to date blood on MRI, they’ll spit out a crazy mnemonic about babies that tells you what signal blood should be on T1 & T2 imaging by age

But mnemonics are crutch—they help you memorize, but not understand. If you understand, you don’t need to memorize Image
3/If you look at the mnemonic, you will notice one thing—the T1 signal is all you need to tell if blood is acute, subacute or chronic

T2 signal will tell if it is early or late in each of those time periods—but that type of detail isn’t needed in real life. So let’s look at T1 Image
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#RSNA22 #RSNA2022 diaries:
Conversations between MP and IM (Imaging Modality)

IM: Hey doc, why do u guys insist on placing Aluminum (Al) or Copper (Cu) filters in front of my mouth?

MP: It is mainly to filter out some of the lower energy x-rays coming out of Ur mouth.
MP: Lower energy x-rays only increases patient skin dose & do not contribute to the overall image quality. Hence, by placing certain thickness of filter materials, we shape x-ray beam coming out of Ur mouth.

IM: Well, then why do U use only Al or Cu, why not Pb?


MP: Because Lead is used to stop all x-rays. In fact, Pb is used in collimator housing to shape the x-ray beam coming out of your mouth, so that it is within the desired region. On the other hand, Al or Cu is used to filter out lower energy x-rays, making beam harder.

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#RSNA2022 diaries (#RSNA22 )

Conversations between MP & DBT

MP is in a zoom meeting w #breast radiologist but was interrupted by DBT

DBT: Hey doc, how is it going @RSNA
MP: Hi there, nice of you to interrupt our mtg, was it so important!

DBT:Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
DBT: No doc, but our 2Dmammo were sharing Ur tweets of Chicago yesterday w #Biopsy & me, so I wanted to ask if u are working hard or hardly working
MP: Well “all work no play makes Jack (in my case ‘a Desi’) a dull boy”, so yesterday was fun but today was all work
DBT: I heard @DrLizMorris who came to @Hopkins_Rad was a key note speaker today
MP: Hi ‘Rad’ excuse us. Yes, I just returning from her talk. Girl, you would have loved it. She really talked about what Y’all do for breast cancer detection

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#RSNA2022 diaries
Conversation between MP & O-arm

MP walking with x-ray output measuring devices

O-arm: Hey doc, what is “Air-KARMA”? Until now I heard ‘Good Karma’ or ‘Bad Karma’, & am sure you doc have lot of ‘Good Karma’, then why introduce a new term ‘air-kerma’?

MP (smiling): Dude, it is not “Air-Karma”, it is “Air- KERMA (Kinetic Energy Released per Unit Mass)”. If you asked any of my residents, they would have told U.

Air-Kerma is measure of x-ray beam intensity measured w ion-chamber which aides to estimate patient risk.
MP: In fact, I am here to measure the ‘air-Kerma’ for Ur system

O-arm: Thanks! then why “air-Kerma” is always expressed in “milli-Gray”?

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#RSNA2022 diaries
Conversations between MDCT & MP

MP: Hello buddy why are U groaning, CT techs called me to come & check u out

MDCT: What can I say doc? I feel “imposter syndrome”, even though I scan as many patients as they put through, I feel I am not appreciated
MDCT: I feel that I am not appreciated, because of that I feel very inadequate.

MP: It is quite normal. I feel quite the same often. But we can’t let it dwell in our mind. BTW, glad you spill out what you feel, I am here to talk you through.

MP: U have to be proud of Ur actions. U scan >50 patients in a day, only limited by how fast our techs can put patients through

MDCT: That is one thing, even though I scan >50 patients, but my cousin MRI gets all the credit

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1/Tonsillar or peritonsillar abscess? That is the question! When you look at a neck CT, do you know which one to say?
A #tweetorial on #tonsillitis complications
#medtwitter #radtwitter #neurorad #radres #meded #FOAMed #FOAMrad #HNrad #medstudenttwitter #RSNA2022
2/First some anatomy. Palatine tonsils (or faucial to the cool kids) sit in the oropharynx between the two palatine arches: the palatoglossus arch in front and the palatopharyngeus arch in back. These are easily visible on physical exam.
3/These archs are actually just mucosa draped over the palatoglossus and palatopharygeus musculature, like kids drape sheets over themselves to dress up for Halloween.
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#RSNA2022 diaries:
Conversations between C-arm & MP
C-arm: Hey doc! I see that you are heading to @RSNA mtg.
MP: How did u know buddy?
C-arm: Well my cousin in Chicago told that they are expecting a large crowd coming to town. Also I see you humming & running


C-arm: when you are there doc, check out the #AI lane of exhibits
MP: why are you interested?
C-arm: it’s a long story doc. First we heard that they are putting on #AI in our new cousins telling it will make them less noisy
MP: why do you think it is bad?

MP: Doesn’t it allow you to less #radiation which will help our patients & bring y’all good name?
C-arm: Doc, if it was only that, we are happy. But #AI guys have gone too far
C-arm: Doc, didn’t you see recent study from #Finland
MP: Yes, I read it

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#RSNA2022 diaries:
Conversation between MP & MRI
MRI (3T): Hey doc! U seem excited, r u heading to @RSNA meeting?
MP: Yes, u know its my yearly pilgrimage time
3T: I am kind of jealous doc
MP: Why?
3T: I read your comments about scarcity of Helium, which we need a lot

3T: We need lot of helium, but I heard they are showing new MRI scanners that uses much less or almost no #helium than us. Both 1.5T and I are worried that we will soon become extinct
MP: I wouldn't worry much about that buddy. I am looking forward to checking new things...

MP: But they are years to come. Only very low field MR scanners (<0.5T) are rolled out that have permanent magnet & not strong like u guys!
3T: Either way let me know what you think when you return. I need to update my MRI Union people
MP: Ok, I will sure do
3T: Good trip doc!
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