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"Forget about me," begins @PressSec as she welcomes #BTS to the @WhiteHouse briefing room for recognition of #AAPIHeritageMonth. Image
"They're not going to take any questions," says @PressSec of #BTS Image
Members of #BTS making brief remarks at the @WhiteHouse briefing room lectern. Image
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It’s nearing the end of AAPI month and I have a personal story that I’d like to share with fellow Army. When I was little, I was usually the lone Asian kid in class and was often teased. Kids would point at my eyes and “flat” facial features and make fun of them. I grew to think+
that my eyes and face were ugly bc they were seen as ugly by my peers. Slowly, things got better but I carried these wounds for a long time. Around 4 yrs ago, I noticed that my daughter’s friends were getting interested in Kpop and the name I heard the most often was BTS.+
My daughter would tell me that her friends at school would say things to her like “your eyes are so pretty” and “you’re so lucky to be Korean.” At the time, her school was about 5% Asian but instead of being stigmatized for it, she was envied. The differences in our experiences+
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On this #MemorialDayWeekend, at the end of another painfully long week, here’s my 78th #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing & work, podcast eps, new & forthcoming books from the week. Add more below & solidarity! #twitterstorians
Gonna start with the best thread I read this week on guns in America, @UnlawfulEntries on lessons from her “Guns, Money, & Politics” class:

As we mourn with Uvalde, also an important moment to remember the town’s inspiring activist histories (h/t @CarisAdel):…
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Because I am a masochist who wants an even more cursed #AAPIHeritageMonth, I bought dumpling lady's book to judge it on its own merit. And the verdict is...lmao ImageImage
The recipes are for the most part fine. They are pretty much cookie-cutter recipes for standard dishes, but reading this zhajiangmian was torture Image
1) There is ginger but no green onion? This is a northern dish you need green onion + ginger to get the right fragrance for your oil.
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#AAPIHeritageMonth In 1912, when most Chinese were banned from entering America, 16-year old Mabel Ping-Hua Lee -on horseback - helped lead one of the largest suffragette marches of the time in NYC's Washington Square Park. (Her photo from the NY Tribune)…
Mabel Lee grew up in NYC's Chinatown - the daughter of a Chinese Protestant minister - it was a time when racist exclusion immigration laws made gender ratio of Chinese men/woman about 14:1 She attended @BarnardCollege & then @Columbia - 1st woman to receive PhD in Economics.
At age 18 she wrote for a student journal in which she argued that suffrage for women was necessary to a successful democracy - her speech "The Submerged Half" at invitation of the the Women's Political Union about the rights of woman in China was covered by the New York Times.
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Thrilled to kick off our #AAPIHeritageMonth program with keynote speaker @chancellor_li from @UNOmaha to discuss the importance of community!

We are all from different families, cultures and backgrounds. The strength of an academic health center is in its diversity! Image
"This is a time of tragedy with recent hate crimes. This is also a time of opportunity. The more we can bring our communities together the better we can eliminate disparities. We are so lucky to have @chancellor_li's leadership!"

- Chancellor @jeffreypgold at #AAPIHeritageMonth Image
"With our 10,000 plus employees at @NebraskaMed, I am thrilled to celebrate #AAPIHM and to learn from our colleagues. Our culture is so important to our work in healthcare."

- @drjlinder CEO on the importance of diversity on our teams. Image
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Here it is, my Diamond Jubilee (that’s 75 for you uncultured types) #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing, work, podcast eps, new & forthcoming books from the past week! Raise a glass and share more, please! #twitterstorians
Gotta open with a handful of the many vital pieces on this week’s deeply disturbing news out of the Supreme Court. Starting with @jackiantonovich’s great thread of @nursingclio pieces:

One of my favorite pieces of the week was @mollyjfarrell’s for @Slate on Ben Franklin & abortion:…
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#AAPIHeritageMonth My family was told by the military authorities that internment was for our own protection, but the machine guns and searchlights in the guard towers surrounding Heart Mountain, our internment camp in northern Wyoming, faced inward" - Norm Mineta 1931-2022
Remembering Norm Mineta who passed away this May 3 at age 90. Incarcerated by the U.S. Government as a little boy under Executive Order 9066 he grew up to become the first AAPI Mayor of a major US City, ten-term Congressman & first AAPI Cabinet member.
Norm Mineta was Secretary of Transportation on 9/11 & played an instrumental role in the crisis control of that day including grounding all air traffic within 2+ hrs. Ten days after the attacks he forbade all US airlines from racially profiling Middle Eastern & Muslim passengers.
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🚨 JUST OUT: The 2022 STAATUS Index

Despite a new administration, attacks against our community continue to increase, reminding us that racism against #AsianAmericans is deeply embedded in US history, culture & institutions, and have been for over 150 years.

🧵 of some findings
1/ Compared to 2021, Americans in 2022 are nearly TWICE as likely to say that #AsianAmericans are at least partly responsible for #COVID19: 11% vs 21%
2/ Alarmingly, in 2022, 33% Americans believe that #AsianAmericans are MORE LOYAL to their country of origin than to the United States, up from 20% in 2021.

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#AAPIHeritageMonth Survivor Amanda Nguyen drafted the Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights in 2016 - it was signed into law by President Obama less than a year later as only the 21st bill in modern US history unanimously passed. Her organization @RiseNowUS has passed 40+ laws
helping to protect sexual assault survivors, including ensuring rape kits will not be destroyed before statute of limitations expirations. @RiseNowUS & @nguyen_amanda are working on a United Nations General Assembly resolution focused on sexual violence survivors' rights.
In 2018 Amanda Nguyen was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her work with Rise to pass the Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights - one of only 16 women to ever been nominated in the 117-year history of the prize.
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Good time to remember that ordinary people of color pioneered our modern Constitutional rights by bringing legal cases against racist laws & attitudes. Equal Protection owes a debt to a Chinese laundry owner who brought the case of Yick Wo in 1886 to SCOTUS. #AAPIHeritageMonth
In Yick Wo v. Hopkins 118 U.S. 356 (1886) laundry owner Lee Yick challenged the racist application of a San Francisco law requiring permits for laundries housed in wooden buildings. Why was it racist? Because of the 320 laundries in SF, 310 were wood & 240 were owned by Chinese
but not a single Chinese laundry was granted a permit. Chinese immigrants Lee Yick & Wo Lee were jailed after refusing to pay fines. They sued, arguing that the law violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment even though it was race neutral on its face.
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It's the start of #AAPIHeritageMonth, and I have one simple request for all of you:

Research your political candidates of choice, and make sure they support the AAPI community in a meaningful way.

E.g. They actually understand the issues being faced by AAPI.
This is an urgent issue that I'm concerned Democrats don't understand and are still struggling to understand.

To wit:…

I've seen this at-play locally; I can't tell you the number of consultants who STILL me that AAPI votes don't matter.
During the 2020 election cycle, one local consultant in particular, announced in a meeting I was on, that the local AAPI vote (which made up about 8% of eligible voters), was not something they were going to spend resources on.

Dear reader, that 8% helped decide the race.
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It's #AAPIHeritageMonth! I've always been a little overwhelmed at how to honor #APIDA/NHPI stories, esp after such overexposure in recent years. I've been processing a lot over the past, present, and future ... 1/
We can tell stories to complicate the binaries of black/white in the U.S. We can address racial triangulation and wedge dynamics. We can address overlaying and intermingled theologies that make up our faith , about how we see God and the church. #AAPIHeritageMonth 2/
We can tell stories that don't center East Asians. We can include #APIDA and #NHPI stories. We can address colorism, militarism, and our unresolved traumas related to our transpacific immigration journeys, riddled with half known war and poverty stories, and survivalism. 3/
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Asian American & Pacific Islander American Heritage Month starts May 1st! I'll be doing posts each day in May #AAPIHeritageMonth focused on legal & other contributions by AAPIs - good time to remember: Asian American Studies curriculums began 50 years ago but still hard to find.
We have close to 4000 colleges degree granting colleges & universities in the United States today but only about 32 offer Asian American Studies curriculums.
Students have always been the catalyst starting in 1968 with a 5-month strike led by the Third World Liberation Front - a coalition of student groups demanding the creation of academic programs focused on histories of people of color.…
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A thread: This was admittedly not the warm welcome I envisioned when I joined @scbwi months ago as an inspiring children's book author in the midst of completing her first manuscript. I have long dreamed of being a writer & after many detours & an abundance of rich experiences...
I was thrilled beyond measure to pursue this dream in earnest. I enrolled in that children's book writing class at @gothamwriters I had been eyeing for years. After workshopping my first picture book draft, I joined the @scbwi to find a community of children's book creators.
To my knowledge, @scbwi was THE organization for all things #kidlit. Many folks in the industry had suggested joining. Why not? Aside from the fact that I often don't feel "seen" in such spaces & that the $100 fee felt like a "splurge" to an ECE who was between jobs at the time.
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Presenting “Ellison Onizuka—The First Buddhist in Space.” An offering in celebration of #AAPIHeritageMonth and #MemorialDay. Future astronaut Ellison On...
Ellison Onizuka was born June 24, 1946 in Kealakekua on the Big Island of Hawai'i. His grandparents were immigrants to the sugar plantations, while his parents ran a small general store. Like many Hawaiian Buddhists of his generation he was active at the temple and in scouting.
Onizuka graduated from the University of Colorado in 1969 with a masters in aerospace engineering and immediately began his career in the Air Force. He served as a flight test engineer and test pilot on various bases in California before joining the astronaut class of 1978.
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In 1874, J.L. Chow opened Chow Chow Laundry at 904 Elm Street. He was the first person of Asian descent to be listed in the city directories. By 1891, 41/49 laundries in Dallas were Chinese-owned.
Fueled by decades of bigotry, a propaganda campaign was initiated against Chinese laundries by White competitors.

The Dallas Daily Times Herald ran an editorial in 1894: Danger in Inferior Laundries: Dallas Customers Cannot Be Too Careful Where They Send Their Soiled Clothing.
"… the employees of the inferior laundries referred to, run the risk of contracting some vile disease… The people should give white laundries a chance"…
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Presenting “Shimeji Kanazawa—Bodhisattva Leader in Compassionate Caregiving.” An offering in celebration of #AAPIHeritageMonth. A photo of Shimeji Ryusaki ...
Shimeji Ryusaki (known as Shim within the community) was born in 1915 on the Big Island of Hawai'i, the oldest of 11 children. Her father was variously a famer, cowboy, cook, movie theatre operator, taxi driver, and auto mechanic, and her mother was a picture bride and farmer.
While Shim was living away from her family attending high school in Hilo and living at the Jodo Shu temple, her sister Emiko died at age 12. Shim was forced to confront the transiency of life and the need to treat others with care every single day.
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In honor of #AAPIHeritageMonth,* let's talk about 1) why Asian Americans should be invested in advocating for Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a tool of racial liberation and 2) why this moment provides an opportunity for building deep and healing coalitions. 🧵 1/n
#CRT began as a critique of the failures of the civil rights movement in the works of brilliant scholars including Derrick Bell, @sandylocks, and Charles Lawrence III. It has two major tenets: 1) "colorblind" laws have failed and 2) we should aspire to true equity. 2/n
Race Crits speak the truth! Our cities are still segregated. The biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action are white women. Pay equity is a fantasy. And the Global South is suffering at the hands of the West. The heroic narrative of civil rights is settler colonial fiction. 3/n
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Now that we are almost halfway through #AAPIHeritageMonth, I genuinely hope you’ve been celebrating the true diversity of #AAPI communities - from Pacific Islanders to queer/trans AAPIs to #BrownAsians and more.

Today, let’s talk more about Brown Asian American Movement. Let’s talk about the Brown Asian American Movement   Dr. KSince the inception of the Asian American Movement in the 19
If you don’t know about the #BrownAsian movement, here’s an article I wrote in 2019 about its history and current context. It’s titled “The Brown Asian American Movement: Advocating for South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Filipino American Communities”.… Historical Context:  In response to the Black Power MovementHistorical Context::  The first documented usage of the term
May we all acknowledge the many dynamics that occur in #AsianAmerican communities - especially when certain groups’ experiences are centered and presumed as the norm or most authentic, while others are forgotten, marginalized, or treated as mere afterthoughts. Many authors had written foundational texts about how  BrownMany scholars have illuminated how perspectives of East AsiaMany scholars have illuminated how perspectives of East AsiaMany activists and community leaders have illuminated how pe
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Presenting “Rev. Kenryu Tsuji: Modern Buddhist Circuit Rider.” An offering in celebration of #AAPIHeritageMonth. A photo of Rev. Kenryu Tsuj...
Takashi Tsuji was born in 1919 into a family of poor British Columbia farmers. His parents were immigrants to Canada from Shiga Prefecture, in central Japan. Despite his agricultural background, he determined to enter the Jodo Shinshu ministry.
Tsuji was the 1st Canadian to pursue ordination. He experienced culture and language issues while studying at Ryukoku University in Kyoto. Nevertheless, he achieved ordination, receiving the Dharma name Kenryu. He left Japan in Oct 1941 on the last ship to Canada before the war.
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I teamed up with @comcast to share my recipe for a Maharashtrian Spiced Flattened Rice in celebration of #AAPIMonth. I ate this delicious dish all the time at home growing up in NY and in India when I visited.
Enjoy my rendition of Aulaki! Image
Vegan Aulaki:
1 c Flattened rice rinsed 5x, drained
1 russet🥔 peeled & diced
1 small red 🧅 diced
1-2 serrano chilies minced
1/2 fresh🍋
Handful fresh coriander chopped
1-2 tsp neutral oil
2 tbsp🥜
1/2 tsp hing
1 tsp Turmeric
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 c 🥥
Sev for garnish Image
1. Over medium heat, saute together onions, chilies, potato, peanuts, hing and salt in neutral oil until potatoes are fork tender (cover occasionally). Add in turmeric, sauce another 3-5 minutes.

@comcast #comcast #AAPIHeritageMonth #AAPI #AAPIHM
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Imagine a Native American community with a Disneyland-like resort built over their villages & ancestor's graves, made to do bastardizations of sacred dances, in 'sexy feather headresses' & entertain the rich tourists for starvation wages, 12 hrs a day 7 days a week 1/?
living sardine-packed 20-to-a-house. And then be arrested for speaking their own language. It'd be an outrage, right? But that's just everyday life, in US-colonized Hawaii. (2/?)
#AAPI #AAPIHeritageMonth
Yes, the language was banned, and in 2018 a Hawai'ian professor Kaleikoa Ka'eo was arrested for speaking Hawai'ian in court despite Hawai'ian *technically* being an officially recognized language.…
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Excited to kick off #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth at @unmc @NebraskaMed with incredible panelists and thought leaders.

As we have learned in the last year, we all have much to learn about inclusion and it is helpful to approach with a sense of humility.

"The #AAPI community is critical to building our future.

All voices need to be heard in our community and our med center."

- Chancellor @jeffreypgold on #AAPIHeritageMonth
"I have had dear friendships with members of the #AAPI community since high school and college. We have so much to learn from our colleagues."

- @NebraskaMed CEO Dr. Jim Linder
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