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Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact!

When it comes to people and #culture we tend to over engineer everything.

Sometimes it just needs to be simple and fun and creative!

So, I thought I'd share this simple hack from @OMERSVentures recent team offsite.
Last month, our team had an offsite - the first in over 3 yrs, and the first for all three of our regions (CAN, US, UK) to meet each other as a global team. It was a great week of connecting, collaborating!

#team #culture #connection Image
As our people & culture champion & w/ the dream team of @shawnchance & @MindOverMandi we collaborated on a session to help our team get to know each other in the face of continuing Covid-related work environments & the challenge of working in 3 countries, but operating as 1 team Image
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In a new study, the researchers develop a panel of mRNA-LNP-based vaccines using the RBD of #Omicron & #Delta, which are dominant in the current wave of COVID-19. 1/
In addition to the Omicron- & Delta-specific vaccines, the panel also includes a “#Hybrid” vaccine that uses the RBD containing all 16 point-mutations shown in Omicron & Delta RBD, as well as a #bivalent vaccine composed of both Omicron and Delta RBD-LNP in half dose. 2/
Interestingly, both Omicron-specific & Hybrid RBD-LNP elicited extremely high titer of NAbs against Omicron itself, but few to none NAbs against other SARS-CoV-2 variants. 3/ Image
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Experten als Wolf im Schafspelz.

Warum so viele regierungsberatende Experten momentan unser Misstrauen verdienen

Weil sie befangen sind

Sie interessieren sich primär für das politisch erwünschte Ziel einer pseudoendemische #ExitStrategie und nicht für das individuelle Risiko
Dieser beispielhafte Artikel nennt die epidemiologische und politische Motivation Geimpfte zu Infizieren.

Das fängt beim Wording an: #Superimmunität und #Hybridimmunität sind in Aussicht gestellte Belohnungen, für Geimpfte die sich infizieren lassen…
"Der Effekt der #Hybrid-Immunisierung kann jedoch pandemologisch interessant sein:

Sollte sich eine Variante wie Omikron rasant ausbreiten und auch #Geimpfte infizieren, gibt es die Hoffnung, dass im Anschluss viele Menschen von #HybridImmunität profitieren."
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#Niedersachsen #nds
Pk läuft noch, aber:
#PräsenzpflichtAusgesetzt -- OHNE Angebot auf Distanzlernen "Stoffvermittlung muss selbstständig erfolgen"

Meine Schüler bekommen selbstverständlich Angebot auf #Hybrid- & #Distanzlernen.
#twlz #edunds
Während M.Seng @HAZ noch rumnölt "Warum macht #NDS da #Alleingang? Wo es hier doch besser ist?"
liegen auf #Intensivstationen #PICU
28 Kinder bundesweit, davon 6 in #NDS:21%.
8 Kinder bundesweit werden beatmet, davon 2 in NDS:25%.
Bei nur 9,7% aller D Minderj. in Bevölkerung
Bundesweit waren nur an einem einzigen Tag (34 am 27.11.) bisher mehr #Minderjährige auf der #Intensivstation #PICU als heute (30).
#ImmerNeueRekorde in Sicht....
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Let there be no mistake about it(Ilusion/delusion): #USA lost to #Pakistan its first 21st century #Hybrid #war. #Taliban was merely an instrument! This defeat should by a case study on how to win a Hybrid war against a (powerful) democracy!
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I’m Rob. I teach Grade 2.

Did you know this year we will be teaching students online and in class at the same time?

You’ve been told it’s ok, we have experience virtually…it’s minimal. No training. No resources.

Just that can do (Ontario) spirit.

Thanks for the back to school plans, McKinsey…I mean @Sflecce. I mean McKinsey.

They cold called Ford with a plan that has:
-lost $4.4 billion
-left $10.1 billion unspent
-cut (e.g $800 mil from Ed)
-cost a lot of death.

So far.

#onted #yrdsb #onpoli…
This is McKinsey, who are providing the playbook for @Sflecce and #onted.

Hybrid is part of it. Inferior quality of education, disguised as choice.

No choice.

Look at Alabama. @Sflecce has mentioned them on several occasions.

#yrdsb #FireLecce…
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“A Tedious Explanation of #Cannabis #Oilpens” - PART TWO starts here! You can find PART ONE here:

We are continuing our look into #hybrid #oilpen #systems:
16. Jupiter Research: I can’t quite figure out where @we_are_jupiter ends and @CCELLofficial begins. These two companies are very inter-related. The company founders helped develop the #CCell heating technology. They then brought over #CCell products to the US beginning in 2016.
They also create 510 carts, and offer several pod-based systems. There’s the #Liquid #Que - their first pod system that uses a magnetic snap-in pod with ceramic heating. There’s the #Jupiter #Liquid9 with a unique 9-sided design and pod with a built in “septum”. ImageImage
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1. "Yesterday was such a frustrating day that by evening I had to go to bed with chest pains..."

Thread. What is a #Hybrid #VotingMachine & Why Do I Care?…
#SMARTelections #ElectionProtection
2. "It started out a good day. The day before I celebrated my 14th anniversary with my husband. The cherry blossom tree we planted in the backyard was exploding in pink taffy balls, and the smell of the lilies he got me floated through the living room as I walked to my desk."
3. "From there it went downhill pretty quickly ... For the last 2 years, I have been trying to protect New York voters, and voters across the country from a particularly “bad” type of voting machine known as a “hybrid”.

What is a “hybrid” voting machine?"
#Hacking #Voting
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In the meeting held today for discussing possibility of switching to #hybrid format of hearing matter, the #BombayHighCourt has deferred the decision till April 5, 2021.

#Covid_19 #COVID19
The Court in conjunction with the #BMC has decided to hold a #CovidVaccine drive for the High Court judges at the Principal Bench and their spouses (above the age of 45) from April 2 to 4, 2021.
A similar #CovidVaccines drive will also be held for the lawyers, their spouses and their office staff ALL ABOVE THE AGE OF 45 years in the same weekend viz. from April 2 to 4, 2021.
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A deeply interesting tutorial by @fchollet @MelMitchell1 @ChrSzegedy at #NeurIPS2020

"#Abstraction & #Reasoning in #AI systems: Modern Perspectives "

or "What are abstraction, generalization and analogic reasoning?"

@fchollet begins by laying some foundations in notation and background.

E.g., Generalization is a spectrum (and we are looking at lower bands in #ML nowadays)

And Abstraction? It is the engine behind generalization!

And of course it comes in different flavors:

- program-centric: that is akin to high-level reasoning (inducing & merging programs)

- value-centric (interpolating examples) 👈 essentially what #DL does and excels at!

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Read & Publish/transformative agreements =
#Hybrid2.0 bc subscriptions are combined with APCs +
#BigDeal2.0 bc universities are locked into a contract with a publisher that involves a bundle of journals at prices divorced from actual costs. (a thread...)
Read & Publish/transformative agreements =
worse than previous #Hybrid & #BigDeals bc they ADD a BARRIER: pay to publish AND pay to read. Publishers "promise" they will flip all journals to 100% OA eventually…
Goal of original #Hybrid was to flip all journals to 100% OA. Remember what happened with that? Publishers made much more money off of hybrid & didn't flip. Good for business, bad for academia & the public
See Bernhard Mittermaier:…
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Few thoughts on virtual conferences. Thread ⤵️

#ScienceTwitter #AcademicChatter
1. What I really like is the flexibility they bring : a lot of people can attend and even if you have personal/professional/family/etc constrains, you can still fit some talks in your schedule.

this is a great PLUS for me, as going away from home is not always possible
2. Current technology (chat, forum, etc) still enables interactivity and make the conference actually quite enjoyable to follow from home

2.bis not flying all over the world is actually not that bad for our carbon footprint...
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🚗#BEV oder #FCEV für individuelle #Mobilität?
Die ❓ taucht ja immer wieder mal auf.
Die kurze Antwort: Der 🌎 Markt hat längst entschieden! Und 🇩🇪 auch.
Ihr wollt Belege dafür? O.k., schauen wir uns das an!
#Servicetweet #Statistics
#Zahlen per Ende 2019 (weltweit🌎):
➡ Zugelassene BEVs (also OHNE Hybrid-Fz.!): 4,79 Mio.
➡ Zugelassene FCEVs: 23.354 Fz.
Bestandszahlen 🇩🇪 per 1.1.2020 (gem.…):
"Erhebliche Steigerungen bei den alternativen Antriebsarten hatten erneut Elektro- (+64,3 %) und #Hybridfahrzeuge (+58,0 %) vorzuweisen. Der Anteil an Elektro-Pkw..."
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1. NY just passed #AVR Automatic Voter Registration. @StandUpAmerica estimates this will add over 1Mill voters to the #NY rolls. Wouldn't it be great to know that those votes were going to be counted correctly? But w/new #VotingMachines being certified we will not know.
2. #Security experts like @rad_atl & @kskoglund & auditing expert @philipbstark say that the hybrid #VotingMachines are not secure and "No form of audit can confirm they functioned correctly." (Quote from Dr. Stark). Read a paper he co-authored.…
3. One #Hybrid #VotingMachine is already certified in #NY. It's the Dominion ICE & is in at least 15 counties including #Westchester County where they're trying to buy 100s more. In the Westchester #primary the ICE hybrid voting machines created 4 hour lines. via @IndivisWstchr
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Any folks out there teaching #herpetology with a lab in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 #online , #hybrid or needing to prepare to do so?

I am currently planning on #HerpFall2020 being hybrid with outdoor labs for as long as we can in MN.

If enough #herpetology folks are in a similar boat and would want to bounce around ideas 💡 as a group, we could organize a virtual brainstorming meeting (or if this is happening already, let me know).
🧠 ⛈ 🐸 🐢 🦎

If interested, plz comment & share!
UPDATE: there is a good bit of interest in a discussion about #online #herpetology ! 👍🏽 👍🏽

Please DM your preferred email and I’ll get our brainstorming 🧠 ⛈ 🐸 organized.
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Thread: Inflow / Outflow Analysis - May 2020
Net flows for MFs turned positive for the 2nd straight month in May 2020. Strong #inflows in debt oriented open-ended schemes, mainly #Liquid and Banking and PSU funds, continued to support the industry. (1/8)
Also, UST, Low duration, Money market, Short duration, and Medium to long duration funds contributed to the inflows this time. #Arbitrage funds under the #Hybrid category pitched in, too. In fact, net flows for the Hybrid category marked a 14-month high. (2/8)
It is commendable that under the current tough circumstances, industry’s net inflows in May increased 54% to Rs. 70,813 crore sequentially, marking a 4-month high. Maximum net outflows were seen in Overnight funds that somewhat took the sheen away from the flows. (3/8)
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So now this language is also being used at #LiaisonCommittee Thread: 1/6
During our #FLBLE online courses, @thinksitthrough and I developed the following definition of #blended #learning: 2/6
"An appropriate mix of F2F & #online #learning activities, using traditional instruction, guided support & independent learning, underpinned by use of #digital #technologies, designed using strong pedagogical principles, to support #learner engagement, flexibility & success." 3/6
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in 1957, 5 year old Jesse Long & his brother were exploring the woods & came across a 'round house under construction' 🛸

When a tall figure appeared with a long rod in his hand & a light emanating from one end which left both Jesse & his brother paralyzed.

#UFO #abductee ImageImage
Through hypnotic regression, Jesse remembers being taken aboard the craft & separated from his brother.

He was put onto a cold, hard table & had an un-earthly device embedded into his shin which he had removed 34 years later.

#aliens #implant #abduction ImageImage
Jesse claims to have been abducted numerous of times since the initial event.

As years went on the abduction experiments became more traumatic, eventually having semen extracted & forced to crossbreed with a female alien. ImageImage
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This is the visual representation of #Russia’s classification of modern armed conflicts. The #information conflicts are classified under the “domain” (place of happening) together with those happening in space and airspace, land, sea, and. #InformationWarfare
According to the principle of the use of forces they are: 1) classic, 2) asymmetric, 3) network-centric, and 4) hybrid. Even though #Russia approach to #InformationWarfare can engage it in all of them, but worth especially highlighting #networkcentric and #hybrid.
The armed conflicts in #Russia are also classified with the respect to “resources employed”. #InformationWarfare falls under “the use of #information and #psychological resources”.
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1/20 SLED

#CRRT and #IHD are different treatments, we know now

But, Is there something in between?

✅YES & it´s called...
🤔Wait, whats the name?


💥Lets review this confusing & amazing topic

When giving RRT to critical ill patients with AKI #CRRT & #iHD have different advantages

✅Hemodynamic stability
✅Gentle solute removal
✅Steady state similar to kidney

✅Lower Cost
✅Machine free time
✅Equipment almost always available

Therapies mixing the best of both worlds, have being present for a while

💥Smart people delivering what´s NEEDED with the tools AVAILABLE

💥What´s NEEDED?: Replace renal function on unstable critically ill patients without actually killing the patient in the process
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Wow. #Orwellian #Doublespeak Below @KathyBoockvar claims to be part of a bipartisan effort to improve #ElectionSecurity. Yesterday she released a report re-certifying the #ExpressVoteXL through a secret review that was not open to the public.…
3 good government groups made a joint statement about what a charade this #security review of the #ExpressVoteXL was…
“It is disappointing that @KathyBoockvar decided not to be fully transparent” said @kskoglund Chief Technologist of Citizens for Better Elections. “Every petition for reexamination since 1980 has included a demonstration where the public and petitioners were invited."
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May 5–9, 2018: 8,000 people in Russian military uniform marched in 20 US cities. A Russian tank in Ohio; the hammer and sickle in front of the White House. The US Senators approve it. The Kremlin funds it. 👇Thread on #HybridWar. @J_amesp @profcarroll @carolecadwalla @ushadrons
1. The #ImmortalRegiment is a grassroots initiative of Russian people hijacked by the Kremlin to carry out a hybrid war operation in 50 countries. It is supported by the federal agencies and an organization funded by the Kremlin. Russian embassies help to organize these events.
2. On the orders of the Russian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, immigrants from the former USSR and Russians living abroad carry out the “Immortal Regiment” to promote Russian militarism and nationalism and the idea of an authoritarian leader amongst Russian diaspora.
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