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This is exactly what Putin wanted Trump to do today
I now realize this tweet was a terrible mistake and am preparing a remedial version
🥴Durrrr I bet the ❄️Commie Snowflake ❄️DUMBOCRAPS think our Guard Empror 🇺🇸🇺🇸👑KING DONALD the GRATE 🇺🇸🇺🇸did this because ☃️Putin told him to!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #MAGA #Muhrussia 💩
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Trump will now FALL UPON his Treasonous Sell Out Adversaries like unto

a Hawk out of a clear blue sky

They are completely Broken & fighting among themselves

He will now REMOVE THEM FROM THE BOARD will chilling efficiency

The Greg Craig Indictment hit like a Thermonuclear Warhead in DC. as it landed upon Obama's Consigliere as NOT A WHISPER of it occurred before it
At almost the same time Julian Assange's Stay at Hotel Ecuador ends as UK Police "pounce"
None of this, with MORE to come, is coincidence of course. You see Assange is now PERFECTLY POSITIONED to deliver an evidence backed #KILLSHOT to their #FakeNews Narratives as the MSM & DC Sell Outs now pivot to continue the #MuhRussia Witch Hunt even after The Mueller Report
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”During the 110th Congress (2007-2008), Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader John Boehner created a task force to look into operating an “outside” ethics-enforcement entity.”…
They had the choice to make the OEC a fully independent investigative body or keep it within the confines of Congress. Guess which one they chose? 🙄
Wanting to keep lapses in ethics within the purview of the Congress, they afforded this OCE with subpoena power & an ability to “pay witnesses.”…
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1. Trump cleared the way LEGALLY to use DoD Omnibus Funds already allocated to build THE WALL over a year ago. So, WHY is Trump forcing a shutdown over it with the Democrats?
2. Easy. He's FORCING the Democrat Leadership to go on Record FOR ALL TIME
that they prefer Illegals, Drug & Human Traffickers & Illegal Voters over actual Americans.
The Democrat's are utterly clueless how their own base is regarding them.
3. As they posture & pontificate to DENY Trump "His Wall" everyone knows what they're really doing=denying US sanctuary from the rampant Drugs, Slaves & Crimes these Open Borders bring us.
& with every week that passes the Heat is building not for Trump, but for the DNC
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🚨BOOM! The #WomensMarch has “been in bed with the Nation of Islam since day one.” That’s right vagina hats you’ve been taking orders from
Anti-Semites but you called us the racist. Linda Sarsour travels with Farrakhan security.
The Nation of Islam is a designated hate group. #womensmarch…
Why does @SenGillibrand believe members of an anti-Semitic hate group are extraordinary?
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Here are some of the #FakeNews corrections that have happened over the last couple of years. Going into Nov 6, I thought it would be fitting to revisit the vast array of lies told by the #FourthEstate know.. the one “charged with keeping the #President in check.”
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#MuhRussia Timeline part 1
March 6: The U.S. begins imposing sanctions on Russia for “violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

(No date): The Russian government allegedly performs various “intelligence-related activities targeting the U.S. voting process” starting in 2014,
according to a Senate Intelligence Committee report released on May 8, 2018. Russians perform “traditional information gathering efforts as well as operations likely aimed at preparing to discredit the integrity of the U.S. voting process and election results,” according to
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🗳1. Quick question. If securing our elections is @TheDemocrats TOP CONCERN and GIANT FEAR why did only 10% of House members attend the classified briefing held by @DHSgov @FBI and @ODNIgov in May? All three heads of the Department were there.…
2. In fact @NancyPelosi demanded the briefing from @SpeakerRyan it was originally not classified and #Democrats threw a fit so it was rescheduled as classified. Did Nancy show up? #SecureOurElections
3. Of those that did show, the concern for security was so great that Rep Hoyer walked out of the briefing with his notes facing towards photographers🙄 #Russia
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Democrats have been brilliant about spinning #RussianMeddling consciously leaving out Russians used social media to post Anti-Hillary AND Anti-Trump posts. Schiff released the posts but they are tedious to view, lets look at some #RussianCollusion pro-muslim #muhrussia
Don't like gay sex? Great then don't have it. Obviously this was aimed to help Trump win, because the Dems biggest platform wasn't that he "hated gays"
Racism, it's time to stand up for whats right? If you didn't know this was paid for in Rubbles who would you say this is geared towards? #RussianCollusion
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Guessing these two are on Muellers immunity list
Company A- Podesta Group/Anthony Podesta
Company B- Mercury LLC/Vin Weber (one of Romney's foreign policy advisors)
Anyway both "forgot to file" until 2017 then magically did within a week of each other for their #Ukraine work.
Or it could be the four individual's + Podesta that did all worked for #Ukraine good old Vin is still in business after all, so those names would be less exciting. Doubt it though as these guys are already employed at other firms. ALSO filed in 2017 #muhRussia
Note that Tony and Vin signed those contracts on the exact same day. #Ukraine
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Remember in 2014 when 20 press watchdog groups pleaded with President Obama to fire @JohnBrennan because he hacked Senators computers, filed criminal charges against staffers and lied to the IG? Yet now his wild accusations are biblical to the press? #Memories #Obamagate
Remember that @CREWcrew @FreedomofPress @demandprogress @ConstitutionCtr @PENamerican @SunFoundation you were also very disappointed in the complete lack of transparency that Obama had promised. Somehow @MSNBC forgot about that🤷🏼‍♀️ #Brennan
Oh @SenFeinstein surely YOU remember, back then you had quite the speech about #JohnBrennan and then @VICE obtained a never sent apology from Brennan AND the CIA asked for it back 😂because it made it clear HE LIED (he does that a lot) #ObamaGate #Hypocrisy
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(1) An excellent thread that brings it all together and brings you up to date with all things DOJ and FBI.

Vindication is near.

Below, I add some photos and things I saved over the course of the year.
(2) Some random person was halfway to figuring it out in January 2017:
(3) Late January 2017.
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