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Umm. Hasn't anyone at @MoJGovUK told @DominicRaab that a "Bill of Rights Bill" won't enter the statute books as a #BillOfRights (if passed) but only as a Bill of Rights *Act*?

We still have to wait for the Bill to be published, of course - but the petty press release:…

makes it clear this isn't a #BillOfRights; it's not even a #BillOfGoods - it's a Bill of #Bads and #Wrongs that starts off poorly, and then gets even worse...
Even as it characterises #HumanRights claims as "trivial", the Government reveals its fatuity; the example it gives 👇 refers to a ruling that simply required the UK Courts to see through *their own process*!

Just how "trivial" does this Government consider #DueProcess to be?? Confirm that interim measures from the European Court of Hum
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Kid from North Dakota buys two AR-15 assault rifles on 18th birthday. In #Uvalde #Texas he kills 18 children, 3 adults. Let's include 10 Kevlar vests and 10 bulletproof backpacks in the price of each gun. #CostofBusiness #NRA 1/…
2/ #2A #2ndAmendment not for high-capacity guns but militia-men w/ muzzle-loaded muskets, etc. Ban high-capacity magazines. All gun sales or transfer, public or private, must require a background check and registration. Gun thefts/gifts must be reported.
3/ The Supreme Court MUST ask, "Would we allow concealed weapons here inside the Supreme Court? If not, why allow them in public?" #hypocrisy #2a #2ndAmendment #SCOTUS…
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The likes of CJ Werleman and Khaled Beydoun are the biggest frauds ! It has been more than 3 days and not even a single word from them on the victims of Afghanistan terrorist attacks, weren’t these 100+ dead Afghan innocent Muslims ? #Hypocrisy
No, they think Muslims are only in India and China …
That’s because they are not paid to talk about those poor Muslims 😂 … but these Muslims
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Reminder: the word abortion does not appear in the Bible.
Since we’re on the subject of Republican hypocrisy/misogyny/racism/homophobia/transphobia (and other assorted SCOTUS confirmation bullshit), here’s a throwback to the Keg Stand Kavanaugh tantrums they tolerated without uttering a single objection. 🧾 #KlanBehavior #WeBeenKnew
Black women supporting Kamala Harris’ presidential bid/VP nod, as well as Joe Biden’s early declaration of his commitment to nominating a Black woman to the SCOTUS & a woman as @VP, as well as Jim Clyburn’s 2nd guessed endorsement of Biden above ALL else, tried to tell Y’ALL.
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None of the 30 @NATO countries have any twitter handle like @NATOinUkraine. A special aspiration of @NATO to bring @Ukraine under their fold. Twitter handle created back in 2015 - long term game. What does Ukraine have that @NATO was so eager towards @Ukraine? Image
Current 30 countries by year of joining @NATO 30 Nato Countries by year o...
A map of how @NATO expanded in europe… Image
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Russian FM Sergie Lavrov starts to speak and then like clockwork, dozens of diplomats from the EU walk out.

Does anyone recall this happening when NATO bombed Yugoslavia based on a pack of lies?

Thread: European Parliment Speakers on Serbia.

Topic: Kosovo

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#Hypocrisy is the best policy in a #unipolar #world, but it wont work in the “multipolar transition” to a “#Tripolar #World with a #multipolar rim”!
The “#Bipolar #World with a #Multipolar #Rim,” is already here. The Russian conflict with Ukraine, wont change this. #High #Tech #Decoupling & #partial #economic #decoupling from China is a necessary for survival of free market, open democracies.
2/hwo The #Hypocritical #World #Order(#HWO): “The very people who want pragmatism on #Afghanistan, don’t want pragmatism on #Myanmar
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@joerogan @mattstaggs Dr. Mike Osterholm is incorrect on a number of issues related to COVID and its origin. Mike was also my PhD chair, and is Biden's COVID advisor. I want to come on your show provide the "balanced argument." Mike I will debate you anytime. @TexasLindsay
Hey followers, can you do me a favor and investigate the financial ties between CIDRAP and big Pharma, government funding, and the Biden admin?

Please tweet any conflicts of interest found in this thread.
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The surprise of Christendom at the mention of a possible conversion angle in #LavanyaSuicide case is interesting. Its collective effort to debunk the kid's dying declaration is beyond pathetic.

The church is acting as if missionary schools are not Hindu-soul-harvesting grounds!
Whether or not force to convert is the reason behind a young woman taking her own life, it cannot be ruled out that missionary schools are the breeding grounds for proselytization in gen. & Catholic schools are the places where Catholic institutions get their new nuns from.
Lavanya studied in Sacred Heart Girls' Higher Secondary School, Thanjavur. This school was a missionary effort of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, founded by Mary of Passion in 1877, in Ootacamund, in British India. The Order established many other proselytizing institutions.
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तानाशाह कौन है ?

एडॉल्फ हिटलर का राष्ट्रीय समाजवाद 1932 में सत्ता में आया। हिंडनबर्ग ने यह स्वीकार कर लिया और (30 जनवरी 1933) को, उन्होंने औपचारिक रूप से एडॉल्फ हिटलर को चांसलर नियुक्त किया।

हिटलर को पूर्ण अधिकार देने वाला विधेयक रैहस्टाग में नाजी, राष्ट्रवादी और केंद्रीय पार्टी के प्रतिनिधियों के संयुक्त मतों द्वारा (23 मार्च, 1933) को पारित किया गया था। हिटलर ने नये चुनाव के लिए राष्ट्रपति की सहमति प्राप्त की थी

लेकिन 'एडोल्फ हिटलर' को 'तानाशाह' कहा जाता है
इलाहाबाद उच्च न्यायालय ने इंदिरा गांधी को उनके चुनाव अभियान के लिए सरकारी तंत्र के दुरुपयोग के आरोप में दोषी पाया था। अदालत ने उनके चुनाव को अमान्य घोषित कर दिया।

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“…unvaccinated adults remain relatively unmoved by the recent news of the omicron variant with a large majority of unvaccinated adults (87%) saying the news about the omicron variant does not make them more likely to get vaccinated.” 🙃 | via @KFF…
Less Than Half Of White Adults, Republicans, Unvaccinated Are Worried About Getting Sick From COVID-19 | via @KFF #Hubris #PresumedInvincibility #Cult45*… Image
Omicron’s ripping through America (especially in red/purple states) because refusing masks/vaccines/lockdowns has become a proxy for White Republican identity. They’re peer pressuring themselves into catching/spreading Covid, overdosing on Ivermectin and dying of Whiteness. Image
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When opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa joked he would give President Emmerson Mnangagwa his sister if he won in 2018, women activists were outraged, but when Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga's estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa is being crushed they are quiet.
Under normal circumstances women's groups should be taking the lead on the Marry issue because of their special interest in women issues, but men also ought to be vocal as well. However, women are quiet, except for muffled protests here and there, but certainly not as outraged.
Again the women and human rights groups were loud and sounded outraged when Chamisa appeared to be grabbing a microphone from his wife at a rally. They immediately reacted with anger and noise, but now they are muted. This has raised questions on their acts and moral principles.
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#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself a #Christian and promoting hate, violence and unlawfulness.
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself an #AmericanPatriot and not abiding by the U. S. Constitution. 2/18
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Zack Marshall on Unsplash
#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself #ProLife and supporting the death penalty. 3/18
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash
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I’m creating a thread regarding all the reported issues w/ #ElectionDay in #harriscounty & why I think the elections administrator should resign or be fired: @LongoriaTx @AdrianGarciaHTX @RodneyEllis @HCPrecinct4 @TomSRamsey2 (1) these machines had just been in 2 prior elections
(2) logic and accuracy testing took nine days when it should’ve just taken one. they had two prior elections to test too. The relatively small size of this ballot dictates it should’ve actually taken just a few hours. Day-of L&A was delayed till evening due to user error.
(3) remember after the September Logic and Accuracy fiasco, the EA swore they would hire back elections employees that knew what they were doing to prevent it from happening again. This did not happen. Consequences of getting rid of good employees simply because of politics
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Oct 14—Beirut, #Lebanon
#Iran-backed Hezbollah-Amal protesters are demanding the removal of Judge Bitar, in charge of investigating the August 2020 Beirut port explosion.
Up to 6 dead & 60 injured reported so far.

(Two minute compilation of today's violence)
Periodic reminder that the people of #Lebanon are against #Iran's malign influence in their country, especially through terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Amal. Image
Oct 14—Lebanon
#Iran-backed Hezbollah apparently dispatching reinforcements to #Beirut
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"But we will continue building coal plants at home for decades." Just like Western countries who no longer fund fossil fuel plants in developing countries (see World Bank policy), but will continue to burn fossil fuels at home for decades (e.g., Germany, Belgium). #Hypocrisy
So the big, powerful, rich countries who have been profiting from fossil fuels for decades (or centuries) are now proudly thumping their chests because they'll stop funding fossil fuels... in poor & developing countries. I find this sort of #greenwashing morally repugnant. /2
Think about it: Germany, one of the richest and most technologically advanced nations on the planet, says that they really, REALLY must burn coal until 2038. Because the economy, you know. But in the meantime we expect poor countries not to use ANY coal?/3…
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Participating in an online energy conference. The Norwegian speaker is going on about how rice farming is contributing to 10% greenhouse gases with a slide showing Indian rice farmers. Nothing on industrial meat farming though #hypocrisy
Oil production in 2022 is expected to see a 1.2 million bpd increase driven by Iran, Canada, Brazil & ahem, ahem *Norway*…..

But no rice growing for Indians!

I call this #ProtestantReasoning
Chinese energy expert panel is supposed to speak on how China will reconcile energy security with carbon neutrality. However the 1st speaker is basically admonishing the west & Japan for their “environmental hypocrisy”. Happens all the time 😂
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The (powerful) people who have convinced you that draconian restrictions on your civil liberties are necessary to protect you from a killer pandemic are the same people who seem unconcerned about the rules themselves. More👇🏻 Image
The controlled and morally bankrupt politicians mandate you to wear dehumanising face coverings, whilst refusing to do the same because the rules don’t apply to them. The deadly pandemic differentiates between classes of citizens, apparently. But at least they have warning tape.. Image
They invoke war rhetoric as they demand you don’t leave your local area, raising panic and fear. Then they leave their own local areas at will. Why? Because, of course, they are politicians and the rules of the pandemic don’t apply to them. Image
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More #Hypocrisy: 20+ years of hate and lies from @hrw @KenRoth @goldsteinricky etc targeting #Israel have fueled unprecedented & brutal #antisemitic attacks. Not legitimate criticism, but campaigns to destroy Jewish self-determination, exploiting the facade of #HumanRights
Pretending they did not know that @HRW-led hate campaigns would fuel #antisemitic attacks won't cut after 20+ years. @KenRoth and the fellow Israel eliminationists that he employs know exactly what they are doing.
@hrw @KenRoth and in the process of allying with top #antisemites as they play out personal issues with Jewish self-determination and sovereign equality (Israel), Roth, Goldstein and friends have destroyed the integrity of #HumanRights -- collateral damage.
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Our #MentalHealth system uses force on at least half of all inpatients.

One ‘justification’ I’ve heard from psychs is this:

“If we didn’t use compulsory treatment we’d be neglecting people.”

Is that so?

Let me call out this dreadful argument on #neglect... (a thread)

1/7 Graphic with text. It says: “if we don’t hurt you, we’
Check your #paternalism.

Thinking you know what’s best for others is paternalism. How can you possibly know? Many of us have healed without you.

Try trusting that your patients are the experts on their own lives.

That’s not neglect, it’s respect.

Check your #hypocrisy.

The mental health system is already a master of neglect.

You ignore trauma, abuse, homelessness, poverty & other social issues.

You don’t offer talking therapies, peer support or crisis respite. Just meds & shocks.

That’s actually neglect. Sheesh.

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While I appreciate it won't have been everywhere, in my town GP practices have been doing flu jabs then COVID jabs round the clock *for months* while offering phone and F2F appointments, safely, when needed.

WTF does @NHSEngland think has been going on?…
Powerful response from Local Medical Committee to @NHSEngland's tone-deaf letter:

Blaming GPs for *its own policies*…

which it clearly intends to pursue… the height of #hypocrisy.

But nothing new.
Also this 👇 and rest of [Thread]:

Too many forget that @NHSEngland is NOT 'the NHS in England' but rather the #NHS #CommissioningBoard - as the letter about its renaming in 2013 made crystal clear:… Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/26/2021…
The Attack of the Civilization State: Towards One World or Conflict among Civilizations? - Bruno MaBruno Maçães on YouTube

The Attack of the Civilization State…

#WorldGovernance #CivilizationState #NationState #HumanAdvancement
The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values - Carlos Gershenson…

#VirtualComplexSystems #DataScience #seminars
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