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I’m listening to the sickening #hypocrisy of the @GOP as they set the stage to poison the well of America’s Democratic Republic by racing to appoint a new Justice to a lifetime position on the @Scotus just days ahead of a presidential election. It’s galling, craven, & nauseating.
Right now, I am sad. Sad for my two young daughters that will most likely now be forced to grow up with the specter of having their personal autonomy and human right to care for their bodies I a way they feel is best stripped away. 2/
Sad for the women in my life that deserve true equality in every measure. Sad for the millions of folks that could lose their healthcare due to pre-existing conditions. Sad for my LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 friends that see their natural rights under attack every day. 3/
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@marcorubio No. A brilliant move is trying to demean actors & celebrities whilst overlooking the obvious fact that Donald Trump is an actor & celebrity.

Your boy Donald has 921 Film & TV credits (almost THREE times Eva Longoria’s career total).
@marcorubio #HOLLYWOOD #FactCheck

Donald Trump found success pretending to be a successful business man on a TV show called #TheApprentice.

He and his associates are showbiz people.

(1) Rudy Giuliani
@marcorubio (2) Ivana Trump
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Regarding @mohammed_hijab's bad behavior lately: anybody who knows him knows that he doesn't mean what he says when #insulting the #family of #Islamophobes (anti-Muslim ex-Muslims).

What he's doing is plain obvious to those who use their mind: #exposing the #hypocrisy of haters.
Whenever #Islamophobes attack the #Prophet #Muhammad—peace be upon him—knowing full well that #Muslims love that man more than their whole family altogether, the anti-Muslims/Islamophobes claim it is their #FreedomOfExpression and their #FreedomOfSpeech.

Why shouldn't they?
Any sincere person knows that #insulting a person is not #FreedomOfSpeech anymore, but #hatred: it has become #HateSpeech.

Ironically, #Islamophobes condemn Hijab for #hateful behavior, but not condemn those who #attack, #insult and #abuse the Prophet Muhammad—peace be upon him.
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Part 4 of Austin's Operation Burnback Drip/Nurture Email Leaks.

Quite a shame that we don't have more real journalists like this one:
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #Propaganda
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1. News: President Trump: We want to get stimulus money to the people, Democrats view it as a political issue - Thread 8.1.20 @realDonaldTrump #Relief #Democrats #Stimulus
2. Dr #Fauci faces criticism for #COVID outbreak response: Daughter's a Twitter software engineer.

This comes as Silicon Valley increasingly cracks down on so-called misinformation about virus from people who don't automatically accept what experts say…
3. News: Dr. Fauci reluctant to specifically criticize protests/ riots in relationship to spread of #COVID-19 (coronavirus disease):

“I didn’t say protests do anything,” #Fauci said.

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1. Rex Murphy, like the rest of his RW cohorts, reveals his stunning hypocrisy yet again. In spite of the fact that it has yet to be determined if there is a COI in this WE case, Murphy stunningly imagines himself to be in a position to talk about conflicts of interest #cdnpoli Image
2. Rex Murphy has his own glaring conflicts of interest. While pulling cheques from taxpayers while at the #CBC, Murphy never once disclosed he was on the payroll of oil & gas corporations as he shilled for them on air. #cdnpoli… Image
3. But what is the cherry on this #hypocrisy sundae? #RexMurphy pulled up to an estimated...wait for it...$30K FOR GIVING SPEECHES! Including to black-tie events at a Calgary business forum, attended by the CEOs of Kinder Morgan, Enbridge, & TransCanada. #cdnpoli #WECharity Image
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In America, standing up FOR America, Hindus, Christians or Jews is considered anti-Muslim.

Standing up AGAINST #hypocrisy AND selective media coverage & discriminatory outrage is considered RACIST.

Today I was warned (by someone I know): "you are writing anti-muslim. watch-out"
People like us are suppressed in @Facebook @Twitter @Twitch @Instagram

Even the President of United States @realDonaldTrump @POTUS is getting suppressed, silenced, intimated & threatened

America fundamentally believed in diversity, freedom of speech & respect. BUT NOT ANYMORE!
In America, if you are a black, woman, Muslim, Democrat, you are a #Privileged

99% MSM, social media giants, corporations, educational institutions, politicians are BIASED for you (anti-India, anti-America, anti-Trump, anti-Modi, communist, Islamist)

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1. With FB & IG being banned for men & officers, why are Corps Commands like @NorthernComd_IA @easterncomd (blue ticked handles) & White Knight Corps, with their insignia & photographs of the men in uniform, still showcasing their work on the same platforms?
2. Isn't this a security breach? Doesn't this invite unwanted attention to the privacy of the org?

By kicking out their own men from following them, the handles remain nothing more than a #Propaganda handle to satisfy the thirst of the political bosses.
3. And if it is so, why not keep only @adgpi as the official centralised propaganda handle?

They say charity begins at home

These handles should deactivate their accounts immediately and lead by example

It is the #incompetency of the organisation that
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People are weird & complex & conflicted. What worries me that they genuinely think they're nice, god fearing folks. And that any problems you've had with them are because of a particular situation not because of who they are.

#conflict #Hypocrisy
I find this culture of self forgiving & building an excuse narrative extremely hypocritical.

Rules to live by & if you fail, you own that too:

1. You get into a contract you honour it
2. You use someone for your work, financial especially, you owe them.

#Hypocrisy #Thread
3. You receive goodness from someone you better tell your family to be nice & generous to them, especially in praying for them
4. You try & open doors for the less fortunate, always.
5. Pay the fees of struggling students regardless of grades

#Hypocrisy #Thread
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#Iran's regime, known for its brutal human rights violations & killing ordinary citizens in the streets, is now shedding crocodile tears for the American people.
The regime in Iran has been condemned over 60 times by international bodies for its ongoing violations of even the most basic human rights. When it comes to executions, the Iranian regime has the world’s highest number of executions per capita.
Iran's regime is known for indiscriminately murdering peaceful demonstrators in the streets, including men, women and children. In November 2019, at least 1,500 civilians were gunned down and murdered by the regime’s oppressive security forces.…
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It’s quite interesting to see #Iran’s dictator @khamenei_ir lecture the U.S. about “human rights” following the recent unrest.

Reminder: The mullahs’ regime ruling Iran has been using brute force against the Iranian people for 41 years & counting.

Scenes of the November 2019 massacre launched by the regime against peaceful protesters will never be forgotten.

Footage from Gorgan, northern Iran
Iranian opposition NCRI reported on December 16, 2019, that over 1,500 protesters were killed by the regime’s security forces.…
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People of #Pakistan & some politicians from #Turkey boast a lot about their friendship

Being a true #Hypocrite @ImranKhanPTI head of 1st islamic state has shaken hands with #China

Here is a thread on how Turkic Muslims #Uighur are treated in China

#Shame 👇

First of all. Lets us get to know #Uighur Muslims

Who are they ? ? ? ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

#Uighur Turkic muslim follow Sunni #Islam the same religion that is followed by 75% - 95% of #Pakistan

👇 Their Introduction


What is happening with the #Uighur the Turkic muslims in #China ?


Systematically Oppressed

Horrific stories of separating mothers from children

Traditional muslim names not allowed for new borns

Spy apps on muslims phones to keep a check

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Michael Moore Presents Planet of the Humans (2020) via @YouTube
#Allah Ta’aala created this world and the entire system in which this tiny planet exists – the entire universe.
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1. News: White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino fired back at Twitter for censoring a tweet from President Trump.

“Twitter is full of sh-t – more & more people are beginning to get it,”

@realDonaldTrump #BigTech @Scavino45 Image
2. News: George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him:

"They were working together at the same time."… #Trump #News #ShareTheNews
3. News: "They Motherf**kers Need To Go Home!"

Locals Rage At Rioters As Minneapolis Burns… #RIOTS
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A Thread #UnionExposed on #BankMerger #Hypocrisy

लाल झंडे वाले यूनियन नेताओं ने 1991 में देशहित, बैंक हितों को ध्यान में रखते ही 7-8 बड़े बैंको को बनाये जाने की मांग की और बैंको के विलय का समर्थन किया।

उनके राष्ट्रीय सेमिनार 1991 में लिखी हुई बातें पढ़े 👇
पर जैसे ही मोदी सरकार ने सबसे पहले SBI बैंको के विलय की घोषणा की, यही यूनियन अपने मांग से पलट गए और #BankMerger का विरोध शुरू कर दिया।
बैंक हड़ताल करवाई, स्टाफ की सैलरी कटवाई। BOB के विलय का भी विरोध किया और अब Mega मर्जर का भी विरोध, हड़तालें करवा रहे।

जबकि युवा बैंकर खुश थे।
अब उसी लाल झंडे वाले यूनियन के 80 वर्षीय सेवानिवृत दलाल नेता कह रहे कि बैंक का विलय मक्खन की तरह चल रहा है, समस्या नहीं है।

पहले खुद #BankMerger विरोध में हड़तालें कराई, अब अचानक से हुए हृदय परिवर्तन का क्या राज है?

सवाल बनता है कि क्या बड़ा डील हुआ है इनके आकाओं के बीच मे,
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A Thread #UnionExposed on #BankMerger #Hypocrisy

In 1991 Red Flag Bank union were demanding larger banks in interest of Nation, Economy & Banking System. And suggested Govt for #BankMerger with 7-8 Banks with comparable sizes.

Read their booklet from National Seminar 1991. 👇
But After Govt announced #BankMerger of SBI & Associates Banks, they suprisingly Opposed it called many Nationwide strikes & Staff lost salary on their Call.

Later they opposed BOB Dena Vijaya Merger too & called strikes. Even Now opposing Mega Merger and Called #BankStrikes
Now Same 80 yr old Red flag Union leader/Broker saying- #BankMerger running smoothly who opposed it since beginning, instigated Bankers for Strikes.

Now supporting again their 30 yr old Stand? They why he opposed and called Bank Strikes?

Deal done in Cash or Property?
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A short thread on Tory rotter Cecil Parkinson, illustrating why the Conservative Party must be *destroyed* to save the country… (pic shows him with Mrs Fascister in 1983). 😖✊🇪🇺🇻🇳 #ToriesOut #cad #ToriesLie #COVID19 #Parkinson #rotter #ToryShambles
Parkinson was a chartered accountant, and made a pile of money from establishing Parkinson-Hart Securities in 1961. He then entered Parliament in 1970; a normal career path for a Tory obsessed with money & power… 🙄 #ToriesOut #greed #gross 🇪🇺🇻🇳
As is extremely well-known, Parkinson had an affair with Sara Keays, his secretary in Parliament. He resigned his Cabinet post in October 1983, when news of her pregnancy became public. 😐✊🇻🇳🇪🇺 #ToriesOut #hypocrites #liars #ToryShambles
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I'm fine believing this lawyer isn't providing legal services for free w/o political reasons. Same with me when I rep #whistleblowers against an Administration.

But given alt-right attacked me every day for rep'ing IC #WBer, I'd like to see some of them call BS here. They won't.
BTW, you won't discover that I donated even one shiny dime to a political campaign of either party.

$55,000 to Trump. Hmmmmm.
I used too many double negatives. To be clear, I am willing to give the lawyer the benefit of the doubt his statement is truthful. But I call #hypocrisy on the alt-right because they will also believe him without question.
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Let me #redpill you big JB #PritzkerLockdown:
As governor, he holds more private wealth than any other governor in U.S. history & is the 2nd-wealthiest U.S. politician to have ever held office, after Mike Bloomberg.
In 2008, he was nat'l co-chair of Hillary Clinton's campaign.
#PritzkerLockdown & Blago discussed filling Obama's U.S. Senate seat, with Pritzker being recorded on the tapes as saying appointing then-Secretary of State Jesse White would "cover you on the African-American thing" and that he was the "least offensive" candidate.
On 1/22/2019, #PritzkerLockdown signed an executive order giving state employees & women covered under Illinois state health insurance expanded reproductive coverage which includes ABORTION.The move was praised by the Nazis at Planned Parenthood who also attended the signing.
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@nargesbajoghli tweeted a video of her “young cousin” in #Iran. Bajoghli does not explain why she is not wearing a hijab in a country with strict rules.

This thread digs into the bigger picture of Iran’s apologists/lobbyists pushing Tehran’s talking points.

To be fair, here is the video.

It is quite interesting how she portrays a “nothing to see image here” of Iran at a time when the regime is under intense criticism over its mismanagement of the novel coronavirus.

(And notice how all the women in the background have hijabs.)

This is how Iranian women not wearing a hijab are attacked in Iran by the regime’s forces.

Video: @womenncri
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Just one slight problem:

In Iran, no female reporter, Iranian or foreigner, is allowed to go around without a headscarf.

It's quite interesting to see @nargesbajoghli praise her young cousin as a journalist inside Iran (without a headscarf), while she herself wore a headscarf in a meeting with @JZarif in the U.S.

Bajoghli is one of many #Iran apologists/lobbyists.
More on Bajoghli from @NIACouncil

“Her research focuses on pro-regime cultural producers in Iran, and is based on fieldwork conducted with Basij, Ansar-e Hezbollah, and IRGC media producers in Iran, from 2009 to 2015.”

h/t @hedayatmostowfi
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Suddenly racism is OK, eh? Instead of sick vs healthy, it's about nationalism, it's about demonizing people from certain countries, it's about closing borders to protect "our kind". Where are all the outraged voices screaming about tolerance now? Silent. #hypocrisy
It's a fascinating look at people's REAL views on others. When suddenly it's life and death and people are scared, now "otherism" is acceptable. "LOCK DOWN THE BORDERS!" Doesn't matter if families are separated, lives are drastically altered.
Because of course a little practical logic is simply too much to ask, so when it really comes to drastic times requiring drastic measures, clearly the vast majority of people default to the most ignorant, base animal instinct, which is "only our kind are allowed".
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1/ What might AG #BillBarr say at tomorrow's DOJ workshop on “#Section230—Nurturing Innovation or Fostering Unaccountability?"

Expect him to call for banning strong #encryption, as he did last July—but this time, via amending 230 and focused on "protecting the children"
2/ The whole point of the half-day workshop appears to be for Barr to make the case for a bill DOJ has no doubt helped @LindseyGrahamSC & @SenBlumenthal draft—that would empower a commission (stacked with DOJ allies) to effectively ban encryption

My take:…
3/ Last July, Barr gave a LONG speech denouncing encryption…
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