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🎶🎵 Thread: Unveiling the Musical Gems of @munawar0018's Madari Album 🎵🎶

✨ Join me on a journey through the magical realms of music as we explore the soul-stirring tracks of #Madari, the phenomenal album by the incredible @munawar0018

#MunawarFaruqui || #MunawarMusic ImageImage
Song: "#Noor"
Prepare to be enchanted by the ethereal beauty of "Noor." @munawar0018's velvety voice blends seamlessly with the enchanting composition. Let this track illuminate your soul with its gentle melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

#MunawarFaruqui || #MunawarMusic…
Song: "#Madari"
Get ready to embark on a profound musical journey with the title track, "Madari." @munawar0018's versatile vocals will take you on a rollercoaster. Surrender to the magic of this masterpiece.

#MunawarFaruqui || #MunawarMusic…
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#SupremeCourt hearing plea by stand-up comedian #MunawarFaruqui for quashing of FIRs lodged against him in different states for allegedly hurting the sentiments of people, besides allegedly insulting home minister Amit Shah during a show.

#SupremeCourtofIndia Image
Sr Adv Vikram Chaudhari (for #MunawarFaruqui): First complaint in Bombay, another in Prayagraj, UP & Indore, MP. I ask for FIRs to be clubbed & be transferred to Mumbai.

Counsel (for state): We don't have a problem with anticipatory bail, but clubbing...

Chaudhari: There are only two videos, they were also taken down after public outrage.

Gavai J: What was said in these videos anyway?

Chaudhari: Protected under Art 19, although #MunawarFaruqui did delete them.

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From Munawar Faruqui to Nupur Sharma, a dangerous, troubling pattern is beginning to emerge. It threatens our democracy and secular nature. #SupremeCourtOfIndia
A Supreme Court bench asking Nupur Sharma to apologise is problematic for multiple reasons. By so definitively condemning her at this preliminary stage, the bench has likely prejudiced the minds of those who will deal with her at lower rungs of the judiciary.
This is not the first time a judge dealing with incidental proceedings in a Section 295A case has jumped the gun and made conclusory remarks. The same happened in the case of Munawar Faruqui. #SupremeCourtOfIndia
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🪡 A cute question on the #HijabRow in #Karnataka is: “Why can’t the CM stop it when it’s ruining the State’s image?”

Answer: “Have you seen @BSBommai’s record?”

He was home minister for 23 months from Aug 2019. It was because he met all the KPIs that he was made @CMofKarnataka
2️⃣ @BSBommai was home minister when school children in #Bidar were charged with sedition, for a line in a play that “insulted” @narendramodi during the anti-CAA protests. Bommai had the temerity to say: “It is a very serious and sensitive case.”

3️⃣ @BSBommai is an “educated” politician, an engineer. In #Bidar, the school children charged with sedition were between 9 and 12 years of age. Najumunissa, 35, a single mother, spent a week in jail because police under Bommai’s watch charged her Class V daughter. @IndianExpress
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Chattisgarh: Congress Govt has arrested Kalicharan Maharaj for alleged derogatory comments against MK Gandhi.

The same Congress organized an event for alleged comedian #MunawarFaruqui who mocked & abused Hindu Gods.
#ReleaseKalicharanMaharaj is the No.1 trend in India now.

People are once again clearly stating @INCIndia is Anti Hindu.
So @WamanCMeshram can openly state he will destroy MK Gandhi samadhi and walk free? How is this justice?

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Hours after this story was published, detailing how #MunawarFaruqui and #NalinYadav have been hounded, Yadav was detained for an hour by the MP Police at 2am outside his house in Pithampur, MP last night.

Short thread. @Article14live
Yadav was stepping out of his home when 6-7 police officials from the Pithampur sector 1 police station accosted him.

Yadav says they were drunk and were accompanied by members of local Hindu right-wing groups who have, often, targeted him after his arrest.
After an hour of being questioned, jeered at by the cops and the vigilantes, amidst phone calls to senior cops by reporters known to Yadav, he was finally let go at 3am.

But Yadav says this harassment has now become a pattern.
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Inside the Hindutva campaign to derail #MunawarFaruqui ‘s career:

Coordinated online campaigns pushed by handles linked to BJP leaders, threats to organisers & police + asking portals to stop selling his show tickets.

Latest for @Article14live…
Emboldened by six cancellations of #MunawarFaruqui shows in the last one month, Hindu right-wing groups tell me they won’t allow his shows anywhere in the country.

Next on their radar are upcoming shows in Mumbai and asking #BookMyShow to stop selling his tickets.
But the collateral damage of such targeting has been on the careers of other comics arrested with Faruqui, namely #NalinYadav.

11 months after the arrest, his shows frequently get cancelled, Hindu vigilantes even accosted him, and he struggles to make a living.
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of State violence in India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of State violence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more:
#AllIndiaRadio Has Downgraded National Languages to Regional Ones: The decision to shut down the central news units of #AIR in several Indian languages in Delhi & shift them to their state capitals is in line with the hegemony of Hindi. @thewire_in…
Following Assault on Muslim Boy Outside UP Temple, Hindutva Groups Harden Communal Rhetoric: Emboldened by Police not opposing bail to prime accused, right-wing groups are using the situation to fuel hatred. @thewire_in…
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The #MunawarFaruqui case highlights how colonial era blasphemy laws (295-A) connect India and Pakistan in ways that no simplistic narrative of secular India vs. Islamic Pakistan adequately captures.…
Postcolonial reforms of Pakistan's laws of course make them much harsher, but what is common in both cases is the link between religion and nationalism. It is nationalism that allows two different religious traditions, Hinduism and Islam, to create the same forms of violence.
A great summary of the history of anti-blasphemy laws in Pakistan by anthropologist Asad Ahmed:
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Justice RF Nariman led bench of #SupremeCourt to shortly hear an appeal & writ petition by comedian #MunawarFaruqui seeking bail in a case filed against him for allegedly "insulting Hindu Gods and Goddesses" during a show. #MadhyaPradeshHC had earlier rejected his bail plea
Madhya Pradesh High Court had denied bail to Munawar Faruqui
stating State must ensure society's coexistence is not polluted by "negative forces"

Advocate Saurabh Kirpal: I am appearing in this matter

Judges discuss among themselves

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Tata Trusts launches 2nd edition of the "India Justice Report"

Justice Madan Lokur, former Supreme Court Judge to give a special address.

#IndiaJusticeReport2020: Srinath N, Tata Trusts renders opening remarks.

Chief Editor of the Report, Maya Daruwala gives an overview of the report.

Druwala says the aim of the report was to assess the capacity of each State to deliver Justice.

#IndiaJusticeReport2020: The launch event is also being streamed live on YouTube:

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Our species will go extinct because we didn't understand or value the concept of a Republic (where public is above the rulers) as much as the concept of a Democracy (where elections choose rulers).

India is still a Democracy. I don't think it's a Republic anymore.
Being a functioning democracy does not ensure individual freedom or rights. Being a functioning republic at least aspires to.
A Republic says the public is the main thing and yes we have a government, but the government better not cross these these these these lines. You can't just arrest someone without explaining why. You can't just kill someone! Etc.

Does not sound like today's India.
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I've done this before and I'll keep doing it every time a #MunawarFaruqui type case happens. Because other than just being blatantly bigoted and fascist, it also seems bizarrely self-destructive. So here's a paraphrasing of one of Shakespeare's best. /1
He is a Muslim. Hath not a Muslim eyes? Hath not a Muslim hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Hindu is?
If we prick them, do they not bleed? If we tickle them, do they not laugh? If we poison them, do they not die? And if we wrong them, shall they not revenge? If they are like us in the rest, they will resemble us in that.
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I spent half the weekend ranting about that case to friends. Basically it was "A man is in jail for weeks for a joke he neither told nor was intending to tell and has been denied bail repeatedly by the judge, just because of his name. Kafka couldn't dream this up." On loop.
With an "of course, no one should be arrested for jokes but we crossed that line in India years ago."
The world call now stop citing Minority Report as the reference for arresting people for crimes before they happen. #MunawarFaruqui case is even more dystopian. He is ostensibly under arrest because the local police think he might tell "insulting" jokes and threaten public order
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Sadly there are bound to be more #MunawarFaruqui and UP conversion type cases. MoSha have kinda started a "So You Think You Can Fascist?" contest among regional BJP leaders to show who can showcase the most newsworthy anti-Muslim thing they can do. They're incentivized.
In the last 30 years, every single BJP leader who went all-in on hating or persecuting Muslims has had a thriving political career. Some went from obscurity to the parliament on the steam of their local anti muslim activities. With the media and courts complicit, don't see an end
On paper, Shivraj Chouhan did a better "development" job in once ramshackle MP than Modi in always-rich Gujarat. But he lost out to Modi internally for the PMship. This time around, Chouhan is way more focused on these kinds of anti muslim cases and stories and legislations.
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Why don't we stop describing the violent arrest of #MunawarFaruqui as a case of free speech vs religious sentiments. That's already false.

It's a case-study of the new political entrepreneurship: find ways to criminalise Muslims... advance in The Party. Zero sentiments involved.
(2) Just consider the bare facts: After he's beaten, arrested and denied bail, police say there is "no evidence against him".
But the vigilante who went for him, the son of an MLA (classic), is being paraded on @zeenews shows tagged "हिंदू का अपमान सबसे आसान
(3) And even been graciously, patiently interviewed by @BDUTT on @themojostory and given space to flaunt his wounded 'religious sentiments'. Recognition and a platform from a central figure of the liberal press.
That interview is now his pinned tweet, of course.
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I know we have been receiving lot of articles regarding yesterday's issue.
Which are all fake .
Look at this , how munawar tried to gracefully handle the situation.
Here is the 2nd part , plzz share this
Here is the 3rd part , plzz look at this and believe on fake articles , plzz share this .
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