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Last week, hundreds of students whose parents fought, were injured or died in war were told NC Dept of Military & Veterans Affairs would cut room & board allowance in half. It still hasn't paid any scholarship $, despite promises to do so #ncpol #ncgov…
As a result of the cut--which wasn't announced until last week--schools are now demanding students re-pay money that had already been credited towards their account. Students/parents are dealing with this uncertainty during finals and as the holidays approach #ncpol #ncgov
In October, @NC4VETS Sec. Larry Hall told me the scholarships would get paid. They still haven't. Since then, I've heard from parents across the state who say they've been financially impacted by the scholarship money not being paid #ncpol #ncgov…
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It's time for the #NC #Redistricting round up!🤠

In recent weeks, the NC legislature has redrawn NC’s voting district maps for:

✴️NC House (final)

✴️NC Senate (final)

✴️US House (subject to court challenge)

#NCGA #NCPol #gerrymandering #FairMaps 1/
How did we get here?

Usually, #Redistricting happens every 10 years as part of reapportionment to adjust voting districts due to population changes.

Each state draws its own district lines. In #NC, the state legislature draws the maps & Governor cannot veto. 2/
Since 2011, #NC's voting district maps have been repeatedly struck down for #Gerrymandering, which is intentionally manipulating voting maps to create an advantage for a political party or group.

#FairMaps 3/
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Speaking of the ECU / Dan Gerlach / Tom Fetzer situation, I just got a press release from the Fraternal Order of Police chapter in Greenville
#unc #ncpol
Idk if I dislike the whining or the typos more 😂 But they ended up being proven right so I guess I have to let it slide
I'll throw the PDF on Dropbox when I'm back at a computer, in court at the moment
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Re. news that @MarkRJohnsonNC is running for Lt Gov: I’m delighted to hear that there's no chance that Johnson will serve another term as state superintendent. His tenure has been devastating for DPI, and it’s past time for us to rebuild. #nced #ncpol #ncga
@MarkRJohnsonNC This announcement is bound to renew speculation that Union County Representative @dcraighorn may run for superintendent. It's really hard to find someone less qualified to run our state's entire school system than Mark Johnson...#nced #ncpol #ncga
...but Horn would be it. The 0 years working in schools is disqualifying enough, but Horn also brings the highly relevant baggage of having voted for or hatched some of the legislative changes most damaging to public education in our state. #nced #ncga #ncpol
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1/ A court blocked North Carolina's 10-3 GOP-majority congressional germander, & GOP legislators are redrawing the map & could pass one next week. The GOP suspiciously hasn't shared any of their draft maps online, but Dems have, so I'll post those maps in this thread #NCGA #NCpol
2/ This North Carolina draft congressional map was drawn by Democratic state Sen. Ben Clark on Wednesday. Here are the partisan and demographic summary stats for it #NCGA #NCpol
3/ This North Carolina draft congressional map was drawn by Democratic state Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield on Friday. Here are the partisan and demographic summary stats for it #NCGA #NCpol
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Last week, a state court blocked North Carolina from using its Republican-gerrymandered congressional map for 2020, so the GOP-controlled legislature is doing this tomorrow. Background:… #NCpol #NCGA
North Carolina Republicans frequently have legislated by ambush since they took control of the legislature in 2010 & gerrymandered it to guarantee GOP majorities. Same NC GOP that's trying to hold a sneak attack budget override vote when Dems are absent
North Carolina Republicans will hold legislative proceedings tomorrow on drawing a new congressional map after their current gerrymander was blocked in court last week. Here are 4 maps I'd propose as nonpartisan remedies. Background coverage:… #NCpol #NCGA
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NEW (thread): North Carolina GOP recently passed new gerrymandered legislative districts. We filed an amicus brief you can read here proposing alternate nonpartisan districts for the court. These maps show the state Senate (GOP's map on left)… #NCpol #NCGA
These maps show the North Carolina GOP's new state House gerrymander (first map) & the two nonpartisan maps we proposed instead (our two are very similar to each other)… #NCpol #NCGA
Although the court barred using partisan data when drawing new maps, they didn't bar using it to assess the maps afterward, which we've done using 3 common measures of bias. New GOP remedial maps still have sizable bias. Our maps have a smaller GOP bias & are fairer #NCpol #NCGA
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📺NEWS Thread📰
#ncga #ncpol #ERA

NC may just become the 38th state to ratify the #ERA this year!

NC State Senator @EricaforUSSen20 made NC history Thursday filing a discharge petition to free ERA bill S184 from committee to force a floor vote this session! 1/

@EricaforUSSen20 @ratifyeraOrg @EricaforUSSen20 employed the same Discharge Petition process first used by US Rep. Martha Griffiths in 1970 to force Congress to vote on the #ERA. Introduced in 1923, the #ERA bill was ignored for 47 years! That is 'til Rep. Griffith got fed up! 2/
@EricaforUSSen20 @ratifyeraOrg US Rep. Griffiths initiated a Discharge Petition, a method lawmakers use to free a bill intentionally buried in committee. By gathering enough petition signatures, Griffiths' #ERA DP forced a floor vote and accountability on her colleagues. in 1972, Congress passed #ERA and..3/
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I've done an apples-to-apples comparison of the #NCGA remedial legislative maps to the old maps & to the simulated plans created by expert witness @jcmattingly & you know what guys?

They're not perfect, but they're a big improvement.

I'm as shocked as you are. #ncpol #fairmaps
Mattingly used a set of 17 statewide elections from 2008-2016 to evaluate the former enacted plan against his simulated plans in his report. I calculated the Dem vote share from these same elections for the new maps so I could compare them directly to the data in the report.
This is only possible because Mattingly shared the report on his blog:…

I am gratuitously copying and pasting figures from this pdf and plopping dots onto the figure -- it's not fancy at all, but it gets the job done, esp since I don't have the raw data.
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Unreal. Half of North Carolina Senate Dems largely voted for the GOP's new modestly-less-gerrymandered map, likely in part because some Dems got favorable seats to protect neighboring GOP incumbents. This happened in MO, OH, & PA after 2010, now it's happening again #NCpol #NCGA
Dem NC Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue is helping Republicans with statements like this. I showed yesterday how an alternate High Point map could be less unfavorable to Dem Sen. Michael Garrett in District 27 while still following the court's order
The real message coming from North Carolina's Democratic state Senate leader is that they'd rather prefer their own seats remain safe even if it means the entire map still has gerrymandering to favor Republicans. Putting themselves before their party & voters #NCpol #NCGA
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Good evening from the North Carolina Senate, where they’re planning to vote on new maps to replace the ones rules unconstitutional earlier this month

The maps passed committee nearly unanimously but this larger vote might be more controversial; we shall see in a few #ncpol #ncga
In case you were doing something last Friday night *other* than following the redistricting process like us cool kids, here's my article from when the House passed their own maps #ncpol #ncga…
Republican @RalphHise says the map/process "meets all the criteria the court has laid out and, quite frankly, should be a national model"

Democrat @DanBlueNC agrees: "I think it was a remarkable experience especially when you consider the current political climate" #ncpol #ncga
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Here's how the remedial plan voted out of the NC House Redistricting Committee last night looks compared to Chen's simulations. All scores are for the statewide plan.... #ncpol #ncgq #fairmaps #commoncausevlewis

Many apologies for the low-tech figures!
Here's how compactness faires... Better than the 2017 but still way worse than all of Chen's plans for both Set 1 and Set 2.
In terms of split VTDs, the remedial plan splits 33 VTDs, which is better than the 2017 plan but still worse than all of Chen's plans in both Set 1 and Set 2.
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@NCHouseSpeaker just stated in session that today’s Redistricting Committee Meeting (which was supposed to start at 9 am) is the only opportunity for in person public comment on the final NC House maps. However, the maps have not been posted yet & no one knew this until now. 🤷‍♀️
@RepDavidRLewis states 2 minutes per Speaker & new maps are just now being distributed. As you can see, not many members of the public are here.
@CommonCauseNC @LWVofWake @LWVNCarolina @democracync
The hearing is starting and no one has signed up. #ncpol
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.@CommonCauseNC accuses Senate redistricting Committee of violating court order. Hise did kick the public and media out of the area where members were drawing maps yesterday evening- it could be seen on the live feed #ncga #ncpol
With the main live video feed- you can only hear audio from one of the computer stations, but you can’t see the computer screen at the same time as you’re hearing folks talk- just a broad large take of the room as a whole #ncga #ncpol
There are video streams of the computer screens, but no audio accompanying them at the same time. So, essentially, you have to choose between seeing or hearing when it comes to the feeds #ncga #ncpol
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Just as I'm ready to publish the demographic & electoral result calculations for their first proposal ... Well, I'll have the calculations for their newest map as soon as I get a shapefile or block equivalency file
While the GOP is devising their latest map to fix their illegal gerrymander of North Carolina's state Senate, here's my latest working draft of what I'd draw:
Although the court didn't strike down District 24 in Guilford County, here's why I think it should be slightly redrawn anyway: Doing so enables me to put the entire city of High Point in District 27, eliminating another split municipality, which is one of the court's criteria
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BREAKING: In an absolute stunner, @NCHouseGOP calls surprise vote on morning of #9/11, override @NC_Governor veto to pass budget with barely half of members present. @ABC11_WTVD @ABCPolitics @NCGOP @NCDemParty @JTHVerhovek @rickklein #ncpol #ncga
MORE: Surprise move by @NCHouseGOP & @NCHouseSpeaker brings dramatic - if not chaotic - to budget standoff with @NC_Governor & @NCDemParty who broke supermajorities in 2018 election. @ABC11_WTVD @rickklein @JTHVerhovek @ABCPolitics #ncpol #ncga
EVEN MORE: Latest @NCHouseGOP move caps remarkable week for @NCGOP, including @realDonaldTrump visit to push @jdanbishop to #NC09 win; Republicans also conceded defeat in state court on #gerrymandering & began work on new maps. @ABC11_WTVD @ABCPolitics @JTHVerhovek #ncga #ncpol
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Had a conversation this morning about how to draw NC's remedial House and Senate districts from scratch and thought I should share my thoughts here... a thread (with data). #ncpol #ncga #fairmaps #commoncausevlewis
Yesterday, GOP redistricting committee members said that they wanted to start with one of Chen's maps as a starting point because it would just be too hard for legislative staff to draw a base map from scratch. I disagree.
For starters, there is no reason to start with census blocks in order to get population deviance within the acceptable range of ideal plus or minus 5%. With that large of a range, we can work with VTD's (or "precincts" as sometimes they are called). There are a lot fewer of them.
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URGENT: anyone in North Carolina who can canvass over the weekend, please hit me up in the replies!

We have a PERFECT STORM of need for canvassers ASAP. #ncpol #nc09
Thanks to Dorian we have emergency voting hours tomorrow. It's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to have maximum canvassing coverage during the time! For reasons I'll explain in this thread
1. NC lets you do one-stop voting (can register & vote at the same time) during early vote, but NOT on election day.

AKA for students, new move-ins, & others who aren't already registered, it's too late to vote on election day already. But they CAN do early voting.
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@rickhasen's thoughts on possible #NCGOP angle:

1). They know they will lose in the Democratic-dominated state supreme court, and there is no viable path to federal court review.

#ELB #Gerrymandering #FairMaps #NCPol 1/4
2) They would rather NOT get a holding from the state Supreme Court (this was a three-judge trial court ruling), which would have greater precedential value.
3) They hope they would have a better chance to have their “nonpartisan” map accepted by the Supreme Court if they throw in the towel (that is, they are trying to avoid a worse court-drawn map).
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So, some aspects/thoughts of the 356-page opinion (with screenshots) regarding the NC redistricting/partisan gerrymandering case that was handed down this afternoon & holding the state legislative maps unconstitutional. #ncpol

Official copy found here:…
First, the court (after giving a history of this case for 291 pages) gives the constitutional reasoning for striking down the state legislative maps, first basing it on NC Constitution's 'Free Elections Clause" found in the Declaration of Rights:… #ncpol
As noted, the court finds that the Free Election Clause has had very little judicial interpretation, but that "all acts" related to elections should allow for "fair and honest elections." #ncpol
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BREAKING: State court holds that North Carolina legislative maps are partisan gerrymanders in violation of state constitution. Opinion here:… #ncpol #fairmaps
The 357-page opinion by the three-judge panel is unanimous. #ncpol #fairmaps 2/
Court's ruling gives the North Carolina General Assembly until September 18 to redraw both the state house and state senate maps for the 2020 election. #ncpol #fairmaps 3/
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BREAKING: North Carolina's GOP-gerrymandered state legislative districts have been struck down in state court for violating NC's constitution. NC's 6-1 Dem Supreme Court may uphold it & require fairer districts for 2020 that could see Dems win back power…
This is a major victory against Republican gerrymandering. Democratic candidates won more votes than Republicans in 2018 but fell short of majorities thanks to the unfair maps. That could change in 2020 & see Dems win total control of state govt again
Most crucially, this case was argued solely under the state constitution. Just like when Pennsylvania's Dem-majority Supreme Court struck down the GOP's congressional gerrymander in 2018, an NC state court ruling would likely be insulated from the US Supreme Court via federalism
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Today's #NC09 early voting (accepted absentee in-person/one-stop & mail-in) thread for 9/10 general election (data at…):

As of 9-3: 46,351 absentee ballots have been accepted.

A reminder: Labor Day saw several counties without voting.

#ncpol #ncvotes
Among #NC09's 8 counties, Mecklenburg (40%) & Union (32%) continue to lead in early votes. Voter party registration %s within each of the #NC09 eight counties and district-wide for accepted absentee (in-person & mail-in) ballots so far:

#ncpol #ncvotes
Comparing #NC09 2018’s early votes (accepted absentee one-stop/in-person & mail-in) daily cumulative totals to 2019 #s so far.

Due to Labor Day & several counties closed, the district's early voting is 47% of where it was on the same day of early voting in 2018. #ncpol #ncvotes
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Over the past several weeks, we sent reporters and photographers to some of the places in North Carolina where political lines are said to disenfranchise voters the most. Here's what they found 👇(1/10)

#ncpol #ncga…
Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing district boundary lines to benefit a political party or group. Politicians decide the lines. And the lines decide who gets to vote for which politicians. (2/10)
Many of the places where gerrymandering is most apparent in 2019 are also places with a history of racial strife: From Wilmington and a bloody white supremacist coup in 1898 to Greensboro and the Woolworth's sit-ins during the Civil Rights Movement. #ncpol (3/10)
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