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1/ THREAD: Body Language and Behavior Analysis No. 4664: Ted Cruz with Parents of child murdered during Uvalde School Shooting
#BodyLanguage #BehaviorAnalysis #LexiRubio #EmotionalIntelligence #TedCruz #Uvalde #GunControl
2/ In the above picture, Kimberly and Felix Rubio are pictured with Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX).
3/ Kimberly and Felix Rubio are the parents of Lexi, who was murdered along with 18 other students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School on 25 May 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. There were also 18 others wounded.
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An “assault weapons” ban could see a vote as early as 9AM Friday morning.

The only way to stop these unconstitutional actions is call your Representatives NOW!

.@TomColeOK04 argues that @HouseDemocrats used to call this tactic “martial law” in the House of Representatives (until they seized power).

Now @SpeakerPelosi is more than happy to use this “martial law” to ban guns!
Hypocrisy thy name is @RepMcGovern.

Did you forget how much you opposed this "martial law" rule? Don't worry. We found a clip to remind you. 👇
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🧵Gun Owners of America will be scoring any votes in favor of Steve Dettelbach’s confirmation to the role of ATF Director as anti-gun votes. Here's why ⤵️
At his confirmation hearing, Steve Dettelbach claimed that “politics can play no role in law enforcement.” However, Dettelbach’s past actions give this statement no credibility, and indeed suggest the opposite.
As a US Attorney, Dettelbach wrote an op-ed calling for gun control. At his hearing, he defended such behavior as ethical and indicated he would do it again if confirmed.
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One bloodstained toddler found orphaned; another thrust into a garbage bin for safety by his father. By now it's clear those opposing assault weapon & large magazine bans are explicitly choosing to accept such horrors on a regular basis so that gun ownership won't be restricted
People wondering if such tragedies will mobilize public opinion are asking the wrong question. Majorities already support assault weapons & high capacity magazine bans; such ideas have broad support-even from most non-Republicans who own guns & most Rs who don't own guns
The one major group opposed to these actions are GOP gun owners (per @pewresearch & @maristpoll) But they have a veto inside the GOP & the Senate filibuster gives the GOP a veto over national action. So a distinct minority imposes its will on the majority-an increasing US dynamic
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I've only been to Copenhagen once, a long layover in 2016. I had 6 hours to walk the city, which is really all I did. I did have time to have lunch in a college/hipster-y part of town. While eating at a restaurant, the bartender and I talked #guncontrol.
You see, the year before, Copenhagen had had one of the worst shootings in its modern history. A man killed 2 people and wounded 5 cops. The bartender (who spoke flawless English naturally) explained that pretty much everyone in the country agreed on gun control.
He said that people in Denmark didn't understand the US's obsession with guns (a sentiment I've heard often since then from people in other countries). For the Danes, a shooting happened and they were glad they had strong gun control. They'd have accepted even stricter laws.
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🇺🇸 1/10
Notizia importante: 10 senatori Democratici e 10 senatori Repubblicani hanno annunciato di aver trovato un accordo preliminare su un quadro legislativo, basato sul controllo delle armi, finalizzato a ridurre le sparatorie di massa in America.

Il piano prevede che vi siano controlli più stringenti sugli acquisti di armi, soprattutto per le persone sotto i 21 anni, fondi aggiuntivi per rafforzare la sicurezza nelle scuole e per sostenere gli istituti di salute mentale.
L'intesa, si legge in una nota, incoraggia anche gli Stati USA ad adottare le leggi "red flag", ovvero norme che permettano alla polizia e alle famiglie di rivolgersi ad un tribunale dello stato affinché confischi temporaneamente le armi a qualcuno che potrebbe rappresentare
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Gun owners usually know that #GunControl laws have their roots firmly planted in #racism. Every last law from the French Black Codes in LA to Saturday Night Special laws to efforts afoot today - ALL are racist and #sexist. What follows is a brief history of Gun Control laws.
Racist gun laws predate the founding of the nation. Those laws were openly stated as a way to keep blacks, free men & slaves, and other POC “in their place.” They were instilled to quiet down the racial fears of whites, especially whites in slave states.
In 1751, the Black Codes in Louisiana allowed whites to stop black people & beat them if they were carrying anything that might be a weapon. If blacks refused to stop on demand, they were authorized to “shoot to kill.” Laws were passed prohibiting blacks from gun possession.
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The face when they ask “How is #guncontrol racist?”

And you ready to pull a gang of facts and history out your @EtroOfficial bag.


Here’s a bit of history… (thread)
Before the Civil War ended, State "Slave Codes" prohibited slaves from owning guns. After President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, and after the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishing slavery was adopted and the Civil War ended (cont.)
in 1865, States persisted in prohibiting blacks, now freemen, from owning guns under laws renamed "Black Codes." They did so on the basis that blacks were not citizens, and thus did not have the same rights, including the right to keep and bear arms (cont)
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The United States is an incredible statistical outlier among economically developed countries re guns per capita. 1/
#gunviolence #guncontrol #facts #congress #senate
This translates directly to another statistical achievement for our country compared to the rest of the developed world - a several fold higher chance of gun death. 2/
#GunViolence #guncontrol #publichealth #facts #congress #Senate
Your baby or young child now has a 1/100 chance of being killed by a firearm as he/she grows up, and that chance is increasing year-over-year. 3/
#GunViolence #guncontrol #children #facts #congress #senate
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GUN CONTROL REPORT: About to take a deep dive into the #ProtectOurKidsAct. Bill H.R.7910.
This will probably be a long post. If you'd like to really know what's in it stay tuned. #guns #guncontrol #2AShallNotBeInfringed
So they banned any type of gun for under 18 and under 21. It was done in a very odd way. First they ban all sub autos then follow it up with banning anything that is not a sub auto. It's like banning bananas and then banning everything that's not a banana. This is bananas. 🍌🍌
On the bright side they'll let 18 year olds weild weapons for the government. They made sure to include that.
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Following the tragedy in Uvalde, Utah Sen. @derekkitchen announced plans to open a bill aiming to raise firearm-purchasing age to 21. Optics aside, the red state's political system will ensure it doesn't happen #utpol #utleg…
Yes, the time for comprehensive gun reform is now, and it shouldn't take yet another violent event to bring the subject to the table. There are, however, other floor-level factors to consider before considering the headline-grabbing nature of Kitchen’s bill ideation.
Factors like, as @GiffordsCourage points out, include a pressing need for universal background checks, adequate waiting periods before purchasing a firearm (in Utah, it’s none) and the implementation of extreme risk protection orders:…
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"Hinckley, 67, sings and plays guitar and hopes to pursue a music career."
The @AP story fails to mention that in addition to seriously wounding Reagan, the attempted presidential assassin also shot the @WhiteHouse press secretary, a @SecretService agent and a @DCPoliceDept officer.
Press secretary James Brady (for whom the @WhiteHouse briefing room is now named) suffered brain damage and was permanently disabled. His death in 2014 was considered a homicide because of the gunshot wounds he suffered.
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America's gun culture - in seven charts


#EndGunViolence #GunReform #GunControl Image
/2 How gun related deaths break down in the US Image
/3 International comparison of gun-related killings as a % of all homicides Image
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2020-Liberal Federal government banned over 1500 Assault style weapons which included AR-15’s
2022-capping the market - buying, selling, transferring, importing handguns within Canada

This is how it’s done. #GunControl #GunReform #Canada
/2 These new measures include:
•Implementing a national freeze on handguns to prevent individuals from bringing newly acquired handguns into Canada and from buying, selling, and transferring handguns within the country.
•Taking away the firearms licenses of those involved
/3 •in acts of domestic violence or criminal harassment, such as stalking.
•Fighting gun smuggling and trafficking by increasing criminal penalties, providing more tools for law enforcement to investigate firearms crimes, and strengthening border security measures.
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For everyone claiming that 𝘥𝘰𝘰𝘳𝘴 are the problem and/or solution. My sons school was very secure. You have to be buzzed in the front door, which has a lobby with a camera and speaker and you state why you are there. All of the other doors only opened from the inside.
You need that, in case of fire. Which is probably less likely at this point than a shooting, but that’s a whole different post.
The thing about these big heavy doors is sometimes they don’t close all the way. They don’t engage properly. OR, because people are human and therefore imperfect, someone may prop it open.
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Been working 12 hour shifts for 26 days so I've had plenty of offline time to do some thinking:
32% of Americans admit they own a gun.
31% of Americans are registered as Democrats.
Instead of #GunControlNow we need to #LockUpDemocrats!
There are over 400 million guns in Americas. How will they confiscate them all? They ROUTINELY tell us we can't round up 20 to 30 million illegal aliens. But they'll have no trouble getting all of the 5 to 10 million AR-15s? And that's just ONE style of firearm.
Once we #LockUpDemocrats we can place them in #GunFreeZone they crave, ensure no #HateSpeech among them, and finally take the time to find out why Democrats tend to become such murderous savages, as exhibited in Democrat concentrated and run cities like Chicago, New York & LA.
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A list of #GunControl bills Democrats introduced after shootings, which Republicans blocked:

#SandyHook, 2012. 21 killed.

Congress proposed bipartisan bill expanding background checks, a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.

Blocked by Republicans.
Charleston, South Carolina, Dylan Roof kills 9 people in a Black church.

Democrats tried to eliminate what became known as the "Charleston loophole," which allows people with incomplete background checks to purchase guns after three days.

Blocked by Republicans.
#SANBERNARDINO, 2015: 14 killed, 22 injured.

One day after the shooting, Senate Republicans blocked two gun control proposals introduced by Democrats on background checks.
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So, some people oppose legalizing weed - even though it doesn't kill, helps some people, and, people get it anyway.

Yet, some of the same people oppose #GunControl, while guns kill. Claiming "bad people will get guns anyway" - something proven inaccurate* across the globe.
* proven inaccurate, as in, countries with strict gun control have far far less mass shootings, and gun violence.
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It's important to note that as President, Biden's role in forcing legislative action on #GunControl is pretty limited
With a have a hyper-partisan 50/50 Senate
Last night Schumer took a procedural step to move the Background Check & the Enhanced Background Checks acts fwd
They are HR8 & HR 1446
Both passed the House in March '21
Placing them on the legislative calendar means Schumer can file cloture & move for a vote asap
He can force 50 GOP Senators on the record
But don't hold your breath
Instead of these bills it appears the GOP Senate are beginning to make noise about various other legislative "deals" about "gun safety" & "red flag" laws
This could very well be more obfuscation
Dems are working their asses off on this
But no one is encouraged
#Uvalde #GunControl
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As a reminder we have zero proof—ZERO—gun laws work. You know, if you don’t include Japan, U.K., Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Romania, Norway, Austria, Argentina, Netherlands, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Chile, France, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Portugal, Israel, Czechia, Denmark,
Taiwan, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Australia, Estonia, Croatia, New Zealand, Ireland, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco, Lithuania…ignore all those obv not applicable examples & how, oh how, do we ever figure out this complex puzzle???
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My timeline (and my heart) is FULL OF GRIEF.

We need God to intervene and His people to stand against gun violence by pressing for stricter gun control measures.

This is out of hand.

#GunViolence #GunControl
If you care about the victims of gun violence like we have seen in #Uvalde, #Buffalo, #LagunaWoods, #Dallas, etc. then you need to push for policy change. The fact that this many people have access to guns (there are more guns than people in the US) tells a lot about who we are.
The standard responses people give about how guns aren’t the problem & how individual rights will be threatened is tragic.

My heart breaks for the families that will be left without their loved ones because we continue to fail to keep deadly weapons away from deadly people.
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‼️OMG 14 elementary school students—children— and 1 teacher are dead after a mass shooting by an 19yo gunman in Texas.

Damn you @GovAbbott and every Republican who with the gun lobby have perverted our laws & society into this daily hellscape of massacres, trauma and grief.
@GovAbbott The 18yo (or 19yo) gunman is dead. He drove to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed 14 children & 1 teacher with 2 guns. Kids were 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders.

It's an 80% Hispanic school district, with large immigrant community. So could be a Buffalo style hate crime. Image
@GovAbbott Senator @ChrisMurphyCT: WHAT ARE WE DOING?? Why are you here? I'm begging my Republican colleagues, DO SOMETHING. It will not solve everything. But by doing something, we at least stop sending the quiet message of endorsement of gun massacres.

#StopGuns #GunControl #DoSomething Image
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Two students are reported to have been killed and 13 others injured in a shooting that apparently began close to an elementary school in Uvalde, #Texas.…
More on the mass shooting between San Antonio and Del Rio, #Texas:…
A 10-year-old girl is among the dead, reports @KENS5. #GunViolence #Texas
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Dolly Parton is trending

because #GuardianHatesTrump

Here she adapts one of her songs

to shill for #PigPharma

Dolly Parton Rejects Medal Of Freedom From Donald Trump Twice…

"“I couldn’t accept it (from Trump) because my husband was ill and then they asked me again about it and I wouldn’t travel because of the COVID,” she recalled."

Sensed he was spotlighting her?
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