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THREAD: Had a truly depressing conversation about 2020 with my 12 yr old daughter. We were talking about Elizabeth Warren v. Kamala Harris (both of whom we like) and my daughter said "It doesn't matter though, we'll never have a woman president."
I told her that I understood her feeling but that we should remember that HRC won the popular vote and that more women and POC won in 2018 than ever before. I told her trump is historically unpopular.
But she was unconvinced.
She said trump is running and he will cheat.
I replied that I had my fears as well, but that we need to prepare on 2 tracks- One in which we work like hell to elect a democrat (preferably a woman) and the other in which we prepare to help others if trump stays in office (by cheating, winning, or a refusing to leave) .
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@AshaRangappa_ Barr like every other trump appointment is a theocrat @AshaRangappa_ & @waltshaub. This was part of a #FarRightGlobalCoup. They want to turn the U.S. into a christofascist theocracy with biblical law rule. Our foreign policy is being run w a biblical view.
@AshaRangappa_ @waltshaub
#Exvangelicals like myself have been screaming this on social media for over 3 years & been ignored. I call them the #ChristianTaliban. They think they're doing God's work & trump is letting them 4 greed. Match made in hell w Russia.
@AshaRangappa_ @waltshaub
Please pay attention to the things I'm sharing with you. The #AbortionBan laws are part of these biblical laws & encroaching theocracy. We ignore these religious zealots at our country's peril.
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When I wrote, I did so knowing the brutal truth that we've entered a new phase in American politics, one where the far right has taken control of the GOP and is seizing more power by the day. The book explains the lay of the battlefield and what we can do.
As blue Americans, we are in a struggle for political survival. The usual Beltway strategies don't work. Within lawful and non-violent means, we need to join forces, be leaders, and defend our rights and our democracy.

The #abortion battle is a central part of that fight.
As @KristenClarkeJD said: "A coordinated attack on Roe v Wade and womenโ€™s reproductive freedom is well underway."

To the males who follow me, THIS IS OUR FIGHT TOO. The frontal assault on women's health and freedom affects ALL of us.

#AbortionBan #Choice #RoeVWade
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