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Mormuns love genealogy.

I found #JosephGoebbels hanging out in Cuba, c. 1959. He brought 7 children. Are they in positions of power?

Is 2nd from left Dr. Josef Mengele? Could be.

#wellhellzbellz #NazisInAmerica #ProjectPaperClip #Haiti #SatanicRituals
Similar thread. #JosephGoebbels #NazisInAmerica

Guess what ... they didn't all head to Argentina. Hollywood propaganda to hide the truth.
2nd from left, seated next to Joseph Goebbels, looks to be Josef Mengele, aka Angel of Death.

Born in 1911, would've been 48 yo in pic c. 1959 in Haiti.

#JosefMengele #ProjectPaperClip #NazisInAmerica #Haiti #wellhellzbellz #AngelofDeath #satanicrituals
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I've been trying to find this Q post for a long time.

3 min video:
Retired US Admiral James #Lyons explains how Military was constantly sabotaged by highest levels.

Falls on deaf ears.
Not w/ this administration.
R.I.P. Admiral James Lyons…

"Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion, we must identify the enemy! Turkish dictator Erdogan says 'Islam is #Islam. There are no modifiers.'”

Secy DoD, Casper Weinberger, Jewish grandparents from Bohemia.😲Died in Bangor, Maine.…

Secy DoD #WilliamCohen, born Bangor, Maine to Russian Jewish immigrants. Accused pedophile.…

#NazisInAmerica 😱#CIA #PoppyBush #wellhellzbellz
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#wellhellzbellz Close, not close enuf.

♦️Man at satanic ceremony with #Goebbles c.1959 Haiti
♦️Heinrich #Himmler, b.1900—May 11,1945 #fakesuicide

For reference:
♦️Joseph Goebbles, b.1897—May 1,1945 #fakesuicide
♦️Adolph Hitler, b.1889—April 30,1945 #fakesuicide

The Nazis didn't go to Argentina. That was another lie. They came here. Who are their children?

#ProjectPaperClip was tip of the iceberg.…
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Jimmy Carter's closest advisor, Mika's daddy,
National Security Advisor, Trilateral Commission's own

Z-Biggie #Brzezinski

#NazisInAmerica #wellhellzbellz

#JimmyCarter was a willing cabal player with the blood of millions on his hands.…
The women of Iran would like to thank Jimmy Carter.

Photo B4 Carter & his CIA/DeepState buddies destroyed Iran, turning it into a black ops site.

1953 CIA/M16 coup for oil, at least ppl had more freedom before Carter's regime came in.

1953 coup against PM Mosaddegh…

#Iran #FuckJimmyCarter #WellHellzBellz
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Heinrich Himmler, b. 1900.

💩💩Committed suicide, buried in unknown grave.

The doctor attempted to examine the inside of Himmler's mouth, but the prisoner was reluctant to open it and jerked his head away. Himmler then bit into a ...

#NazisInAmerica #Himmler #wellhellzbellz…

..hidden potassium cyanide pill & collapsed onto floor. Shortly afterward, his body was buried in unmarked grave near Lüneburg. The grave's location remains unknown. 💩💩

#AndyMcCabe👉🏽NO background.🧐

#WellHellzBellz #NaziSpawn…
We're all familiar with this Rosenstein meme.

From Philadelphia suburb, (dig by Mind Furor
aka @ FurorRises) on Lower Moreland Township, PA.…
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#MormunMafia Richard Bretzing, Head of FBI Los Angeles office: 1982 - March 1988.
Heather O'Rourke - died Feb. 1988.

Reason Michael Jackson's FBI probe was dropped after 1985 sexual abuse claims…
Richard Bretzing named head of LDS Church security.

*Son, Greg Bretzing, moved to Oregon just weeks before calculated murder of LaVoy Finicum by FBI agents.…
Holy SHIT!

😲Bretzing moved to Detroit DAY BEFORE Jimmy Hoffa went missing. "We never found him." - Bretzing.

🧐Headed investigation removing Spiro Agnew as VP under Nixon. *pinned thread.

🤨Bretzing's parents were German immigrants.

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At the risk of being called a party pooper, I'd like to remind #TheResistance that: 1. #TaxScamBill if anything GOP may now try to shove faster now, suppository style; 2. #NetNeutrality & #NationalMonuments are still in danger; 3. #infrastructure spending & many state services
have been cut to the bone; 4.#CorruptionMustDie & so does #nepotism, but both alive & well; 5. #NazisInAmerica & other hate group rampant, & there is no #GunControlNow or even serious discussion of it; 6. #StateDepartment is being decimated & deserted by many career ppl & that is
one of USA ramparts against isolation & a means to avoid wars; 7. worldwide US credibility, relevance & trustworthiness, even by staunch traditional allies, is at an all time low; 8. ppl whose only credentials are closeness to 45 are still in key positions & some have made wrong
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