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➡️ #30milliards sur 5 ans alliant capitaux privés & publics (à la mode #PIA)
➡️3 à 4 Mds d'argent public dans #PLF2022
➡️promesse : technologies et innovation vont nous sauver
➡️ex : nucléaire + hydrogène d'un côté ; automobile & aéronautique verts de l'autre
Les grands oubliés du plan #France2030 :
➡️les services publics
➡️les métiers du CARE (et généralement les métiers féminins)
➡️la sobriété
➡️la définition et la transformation de nos besoins individuels et collectifs
➡️les #LowTechs
➡️l'innovation sociale et écologique
Bref, le plan #France2030 de @EmmanuelMacron refuse d'ouvrir toute discussion politique et citoyenne sur le contenu des innovations technologiques et des politiques industrielles à suivre
Le triptyque Techs / innovation / marché est son horizon indépassable.
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#PIA to Add Four New Planes to Its Fleet

#Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aims to induct new aircraft into its fleet. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PIA, Air Marshal Arshad Malik, said this while addressing a live session on the airline’s Facebook page on Tuesday. Image
He added that PIA aims to induct narrow-body aircraft in its fleet and is in the process of returning the ATR-72 aircraft that had been acquired by the previous administrations on an expensive lease..
He noted that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) was formulating the flag carrier’s business plan that would be completed within three months.

When asked about in-flight entertainment, Air Marshal Arshad Malik maintained that
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#PIA states that he had told Debretesion of #TPLF when they met in Umhajer January 7, 2019 that it was not in the best interest of #TPLF to prepare for war. Debretsion’s reply was “ኣይትኸውንን ኢያ"
Every war is the result of a miscalculation and #TPLF’s war on #ENDF and after that hope to march to Addis and Asmara was a big miscalculation
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#PIA Will Fight To Protect The #Roosevelt Hotel as Its Property

#Pakistan International Airlines has announced that it will fight to save its property, Roosevelt Hotel in #Manhattan #NewYork which is being evaluated by British Virgin Islands court for settlement of Reko Diq case ImageImage
The national flag carrier has hired its own lawyer and is seeking the assistance of high court lawyers as it prepares to fight the case via its subsidiary established in the BVI, Pakistan International Airlines Investment Limited (PIAIL).
The Reko Diq case is ongoing international litigation between the Government of Pakistan and the Tethyan Copper Company (TCC) that was filed by the latter over the cancellation of its mining license in Balochistan.
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#Eritrea has been a pariah state for its conflict with all its neighbors and went through more than a decade long sanction that have started in #IGAD #AU & by #UNSC for its role of destabilizing the region; direct involvement in arms and contraband trading; &supporting #Al-Shabab
.@AbiyAhmedAli, nominated and subsequently appointed as PM by the “late” ruling coalition EPRDF, on 2 April 2018; following the four years of street protests, that multiple report had been indicating the involvement of foreign forces, including #Eritrea.
Immediately Abiy initiated rapprochement with #Eritrea. To the surprise of everyone, despite Eritrea’s consistent position of handing over the disputed territories before initiating any normalization for almost 2 decades, agreed to the normalization without any pre-condition.
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#IATA team expresses satisfaction after #PIA’s safety audit

A team of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has completed the operational safety audit of the #Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), expressing satisfaction over the procedures. Image
According to the PIA spokesman, the operational safety audit team of the IATA has completed a major part of its scrutinization process and expressed satisfaction over the procedures adopted by the national flag career.
“The audit team will soon apprise PIA regarding its observations and results,” he said and that the national flag career believes in improving its standard with each passing day. He said that the PIA would completely implement the results conveyed by the audit team.
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#PIA Reduces Fares For Domestic Flights

#Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced a reduction in fares for its flights from #Karachi to #Islamabad & #Lahore. Motive behind the reduction in fares is to attract domestic travelers to travel via the national flag carrier Image
Airfare for passengers for a one-way flight between the above-mentioned cities is set at Rs. 7,400 while the return flight would cost Rs. 13,500. The luggage weight limit is set at 20 kilograms for these fares.
Passengers traveling with luggage weighing 35 kilograms would be charged Rs. 8,400 for a one-way flight. Fare for a return flight between Karachi and Lahore and Karachi and Islamabad will be Rs. 15,000
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#PIA Will Appeal to #European Flight Safety Agency to Lift The Ban

#Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to lodge an appeal with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) against the ban on its flight operations. Image
EASA had suspended PIA flights for all European countries for 6 months following dubious pilot license scandal nearly 2 months ago

National flag carrier has prepared draft of appeal which will be shared with Aviation Division before submitting it to Europe’s flight safety agency
Following the suspension, EASA had Pakistani authorities clarify 11 points with a safety management system (SMS) being the most important one
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...she halted in the middle of the street at about 1:45 a.m. She stood calmly, a surreal image of human vulnerability in the face of an overpowering force that has been criticized nationally by civil rights advocates...…
Before it was over, she struck ballet poses and reclined on the street. She also sat on the asphalt in a yoga-like position, facing officers, before they left...
Portland has long been loved, or mocked, for its streak of earnest but quirky organic earthiness, as portrayed in the “Portlandia” television comedy series. Sometimes the envelope-pushing forms of expression involve nudity.
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Six #Pakistani pilots spoke to @AlJazeera about allegations of fraud and improper flight certification practices.

@Official_PIA #CAA where art thou?

#MarshalMalik #ArCmdrHamdani firing pilots without show cause notice. Unheard off!…
Government's list had a number of errors such as including the names of deceased pilots, confusing pilots with similar names, and classifying pilots as belonging to airlines they had never flown with or taking exams they never attempted.

#CAA @Official_PIA @PALPA2020
Pilot A said that he had been approached by colleagues with an offer to help him cheat, with the aid of #PCAA officials, in exchange for payment when he had been attempting his commercial pilot's licence (CPL) written exams in 2009.

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7 aides to #PMImranKhan hold dual nationalities Special assistants, advisers own properties worth billions of rupees at home & abroad (19 July 2020 Dawn) USA has hired an American Ambassador @husainhaqqani for USA in USA (Courtest : Dunya TV 30 Oct 2011)
وزیراعظم #عمران_خان صاحب کے 7 معاونین خصوصی دوہری شہریت کے حامل (19 جولائ ۲۰۲۰ ڈان)

امریکہ میں ایک ایسا پاکستانی @husainhaqqani
ہے جو ہے تو پاکستانی مگر سفیر امریکہ کا ہے(بشکریہ دنیا ٹی وی ۳۰ اکتوبر ۲۰۱۱)

کوئ امریکی شہری کیسے وفادار ہوسکتا ہے
Seven aides to #PMImranKhan hold dual nationalities Special assistants, advisers own properties worth billions of rupees at home & abroad (19 July 2020 Dawn)
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#PIA is Getting Advanced Flight Control System from #Turkey

After recent crash of unfortunate #Airbus A320 that martyred at least 97 people including entire plane crew Pakistan International Airlines has decided to overhaul flight operation control system to avoid such happening Image
PIA’s ill-fated domestic flight PK-8303 from #Lahore to #Karachi, which crashed just a few kilometers away from the destination, reportedly developed a technical fault before the accident.
Initial investigations have revealed that its landing gear failed to open in time that caused plane to land on its bottom during botched landing attempt, dragging both engines on runway. The incident caused both engines to catch fire, which resultantly translated into fatal crash
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allez je refais une petite lecture commentée de l'avis @CNIL #StopCovid
pour rappel, le précédent avis portait sur les principes et le protocole ( #protocoleROBERT), celui-ci porte sur l'app et le décret accompagné d'une analyse d'impact (#AIPD #PIA #DPIA)
Rappel d'abord que "l’objectif à valeur constitutionnelle de protection de la santé constitue un impératif majeur de nature à justifier dans certaines conditions, des atteintes transitoires au droit à la protection de la vie privée et des données à caractère personnel".
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I lost both my parents in this tragic & horrific crash. I submit to Allah’s will. However the ordeal we are suffering at the hands of #PIA is inexcusable. Callous, Insensitive, incompetent.... #PIAPlaneCrash
@Official_PIA it has been 4 days, how hard is it to organize a communication protocol that is both accurate and compassionate. Why are we getting multiple phone calls at every shift change asking extremely crudely, “aap ko bodies mil gai hain?”
@Official_PIA isn’t this your job? Don’t you have any capable crisis management personnel? Why are you so heartless? You wake up the grieving family at 2:30am to ask the same asinine questions, aap ka naam keya hai? Aap ka rishta kya hai? Bodies mil gai hain?
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HRCP shares the grief of all those who have lost loved ones in the crash of #PIA 8303 in #Karachi earlier today. It is imperative for both PIA and the Civil Aviation Authority to investigate the incident transparently and ascertain the causes of the crash.
PIA and the CAA need to ensure that all aircraft are properly maintained and flight safety precautions implemented. All those who were affected at the crash site - a residential neighborhood - should be compensated. There must also be more investment in rescue operation brigades.
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This is aftermath of the accident for Airbus A320-214 of #Pakistan International Airlines (#PIA) with AP-BLD resgister in #Karachi today. It crashed in approach in residential area located near Jinnah International Airport resulting death of its 99 passengers & 8 flight crew.
One of the passenger doors of the airplane can be seen in this footage. It has been said that initially two of the passengers survived, but unfortunately, they passed away as well in the way of hospital.
This video is claimed to be showing wreckage of a CFM56-5B4/P Turbofan engine belonging to the Airbus A320-214 of #Pakistan International Airlines (#PIA) with AP-BLD civil register which crashed in #Karachi today.
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#PIA relocating its headquarters to #Islamabad

National flag carrier #Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), is shifting its head office to Islamabad from Karachi as relocation process is currently in full swing.

) Image
Sources in the Aviation Division said the framework plan in this regard had been sent to Prime Minister Imran Khan for final approval, while details regarding relocation of the head office from Karachi to the federal capital had been finalized.
The PIA head office would be set up in the terminal building of the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, while its car parking area would be brought to commercial use by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
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Long Rant of a traveling Pakistani:
Booked flight 2 months in advance through #PIA out of patriotism (and owing to my cheap nature). The return flight was from Copenhagen to Karachi through Islamabad and Oslo. First shock: automatic luggage transfer is too revolutionary an idea..
.. for #PIA and Civil Aviation Authority. So one has to collect all the luggage, get out of the airport, re-enter and go through check-in and security (2 times) for each domestic transfer plus 4 (yes 4) immigration/passport control checks for international transfers in addition..
.. to FIA checks. If you’ve been through airports in Pakistan, it is exhausting both physically and mentally because your experience is often reliant on the mood of the staff that you interact with. Shock number 2: #PIA changes my flight times WITHOUT INFORMING ME. Consequently..
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warum ist die reform des psychotherapeuten-gesetzes wichtig & richtig? ein thread zum #PsychThG

@BMG_Bund @jensspahn @Karl_Lauterbach @Erwin_Rueddel @Sabine_Baetzing @DHeidenblut

[1] #PsychThG muss dringend her, um prekäre situation der jetzigen psychotherapeutInnen in ausbildung (#PiA) zu beenden. durchschnitts“lohn“ einer PiA (mit abgeschlossenem studium) in der psychiatrie: 500€ pro monat.
[2] außerdem will das @BMG_Bund eine angleichung der systematik der akademischen heilberufe. richtig: ende des merkwürdigen sonderwegs der PP/KJP, der zu prekären bedingungen führte.
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