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*Chemistry 2019 Nobel - Li-ion battery development.
*Mamallapuram TN-WHS Rock cut,Pallava
*GEMINI, a portable receiverlinked to ISRO satellites warn fishermen of danger.
*Section  *313 of the Codedeals with 
the power of thecourt to examine the accused. (CrPC)
Kopili hydroelectricproject (kopli river / Dam , Assam )
Issues -
Data localisation - आरबीआर्इ ने फिनटेक फर्म्स काे निर्देश दिया था कि ये कंपनियां भारतीय लोगों से संबंधित सभी डेटा को देश में ही स्टोर करें।…
global competitiveness index (by WEF) 68th rank <=
Physics Nobel 2019 - universe evolution from Big Bang (cosmology) and Earth's place within it.
1st Exoplanet -51 Pegasi b, is a gaseous ball about 150 times more massive than Earth and has a scorching surface temperature of about 1,000C.
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1. #Yemen #UN Group of Eminent Experts just released second annual report.

GEE recommend states strengthen their mandate at #UN Human Rights Council this month, incl. to collect + preserve evidence of abuse and report directly to HRC.

Thread below.…
2. After release of first report, #Yemen #UAE #Saudi #Egypt refused to cooperate with group.

Despite restrictions, GEE conducted >600 interviews w/ victims, witnesses and other sources, and examined a large volume of documentary and open-source material.
3. Legal context: non-international armed conflict between Houthis and GoY, with coalition as parties (tbd how UAE/Yemen battles impact in future).

Also note other non-international armed conflicts, incl between AQAP and GoY, with IHL applying to US actions against AQAP.
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This is an excerpt from #SerendipitysTrace, a book I wrote two years ago, a collection of poems and reflections. Read this as a thread.

History’s Malevolence

The middle ground is treacherous
Preaching unity to all sides dangerous
Creating consensus out of chaos
Is often laden with insults—profoundly onerous
It’s easier rebuilding the tower of Babel
But lend me an ear brethren and sisters
What if I told you history was malevolent
Facts rewritten by victors and conquerors
In order to split the masses into opponents
Propagating propaganda to prolong injustice
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~~Our master Bilal (ra) struggled with Arabic/Tajwid/Makharij?!

Debunking a folklore based on a fabrication (not reliable hadith!)~~

#Sahaba #Habasha #Habesha #Eritrea #Ethiopia
For those who want to watch me explaining it:

Here the two Rafidi clowns, the Park Runner and his brother the Tweezer using the same folklore belief (biLaL strUgGLed wiTh aRaBic/pRonuNciaTioN) and my response:

A famous (yet unauthentic) narration that is widely circulated (especially championed by Rafidah and Qadyanis to justify the failure of their leaders who haven't mastered basic Tajwid) is:

"The 'sin' (س) of Bilal is 'shin' (ش) in the hearing of God."
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Thread: As a refugee advocate & doing my radio program 'Voices of Eritrean Refugees' since 2008, I have met many refugees whose stories has given me many sleepless nights and had me often question humanity. I will try to share as many stories as I can.
1, Keshi Okbay (Priest Okbay) was a 36 years old man, comes from a very rural area in #Eritrea. After serving in the military service for many years he decided to leave the country and made it to #Sudan, he was then kidnapped at the border by a group of Rashida
1/1, they took him to a house and there he met 28 other kidnapped Eritrean refugees in they chained all 29 together and put them in a pick up truck and covered them with blankets and started driving. After 13 days they arrived in Sinai and sold the group at an auction.
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Dawit Habtemichael

Physics teacher at UOA, & Co-founder + editor of Meqalih newspaper.

A jovial, hard working individual who organised literary clubs, coached volleyball, & a sharp critical mind who scrutinised issues in #Eritrea|n society/govt in his column.

Abducted 2001
Amanuel Asrat

Zemen editor-in-chief, award-winning poet & songwriter.

Largely credited for #Eritrea|n poetry resurgence early 2000s. Most popular art critic of his time.

Unlike much Eritrean wartime poetry, he portrayed the ugly side of conflict.

Abducted 2001.
Idris Abu’Are

Author & journalist

Respected critical thinker known for his public readings & seminars on history of #Eritrea|n independence struggle.

Vocal in criticism of Govt conduct, he was abducted from his home in Oct 2001 after openly denouncing arrest of the G-15.
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18 yrs. It took EPLF 18 yrs from inception to liberation. 1973 - 91, EPLF - birthed from 3 splinter ELF groups - moulded into a highly progressive, egalitarian front that revolutionized #Eritrea. Plus an exceptionally disciplined, creative & invincible fighting force.

But most of all, EPLF was a Logistical Phenomenon. Mastering a detailed, complex & coordinated operation involving 10000s of #Eritrea|ns, facilities & supplies over decades.

Strategy, Ownership, Partners, Comms, Org, Inventory, Info, Plan, Mgmnt, Coordination, Execution.
Inhospitable mountains & deserts were carved into under unrelenting assaults behind trenches stretching 320km.:

Building underground homes; factories; schools, garages, halls, laboratories, hosiptal (7km long - worlds longest) etc for 10000s of #Eritrea|ns.
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Current 2018 members of UN Human Rights Council include:
•DR Congo
•Saudi Arabia
•United Arab Emirates
New members to be elected on Oct. 12 to UN Human Rights Council include:
• Eritrea
• Bahrain
• Somalia
• Cameroon
• Philippines
• Bangladesh
“Countries with poor human rights records like Saudi Arabia will never have a seat on the council again.”
—Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch, 2006
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#Ethiopia-#Eritrea:PM #AbiyAhmed makes unannounced visit to Port #Massawa & #Assab today, ETV & FanaBc said. It follows last night's announcement that an Ethiopian commercial ship was scheduled to dock in in port Massawa after 20 yrs. PM Abiy was welcomed by Pres. Isaias Afwerki.
Update: PM #AbiyAhmed visited port #Assab & the 71km long road which stretches from #Ethiopian border to the port. He is also expected to visit port of Massawa this afternoon

⏩Ethiopian commercial ship will dock today at #Massawa Port from #SaudiArabia…
Update: PM #AbiyAhmed will have two days of official visit to #Eritrea during which he will also travel to the capital #Asmara and "will hold extensive discussions with President Isaias Afwerki to assess and expedite implementation of the agreement of 9 July," @hawelti said.
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#Ethiopia -#Eritrea: Community leaders, elders, women and the youth from #Ethiopia's #Zalambessa city & its environs have crossed to #Senafe, a market city in the southern #Eritrea, as part of people-to-people diplomacy following recent rapprochement between the two countries.
Update: Watch a joyous reunion as the communities from #Zalamessa and #Senafe met. The 1998 - 2000 border war between #Eritrea & #Ethiopia resulted in border closure and heavy militarization on both sides. Both countries are now normalizing their relations. Vid. Senait Mebrahtu
በትግራይ ምስራቃዊ ዞን የጎሎመኻዳ ወረዳ የልዑካን ቡድን ኤርትራ ገባ…
ገብተዋል። ቡድኑ ወደ ሰርሓ ሲገባም የኤርትራ ወታደሮች አቀባበል እንዳደረጉላቸው የትግራይ ክልል ምስራቃዊ ዞን አስተዳደር ጽህፈት ቤት አስታውቋል።
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Thread: Updates and discussion on you know what region. #Ethiopia ...
With the downfall of former President Abdi Illey, numerous exiled members of the #Somali activism community are returning home to participate in the transition period debates and discussion. Crucial times these are.
Most have heard of Jawar's homecoming, but this man, Mustafa Omer, a renowned outspoken Somali democracy activist has returned to #Ethiopia after 11 years. He paid a steep price, the Abdi regime murdered his brother amd badly tortured his father in 2016 to silence him.
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This is my son and our first guest. J was 2 when he moved in- now, at nearly 5, he feels he has a big, Syrian brother. The love between the two of them is wonderful.
And this is my boy with one of our current guests, Y. Y and his wife and baby girl are from #Eritrea, so we have learned about East African politics, food, music and dancing.
Guests at @RefugeesAtHome come from 55 different countries- well, 54 and stateless. People often think of young, Muslim males from the Middle East; but people can seek safety from anywhere. They just need a reasonable fear of persecution, for a defined reason (race, sex etc)
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