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9 facts people tend to forget about the operation in #Tigray:
TPLF had rejected many calls for dialogue w/ the gov't, mocked efforts of #Ethiopia's respected elders & PM @AbiyAhmedAli. But some still think talks w/ the defunct group would be a magic wand to pacify Tigray. (1/9)
#TPLF launched several rockets to cities of the #Amhara Regional State & #Eritrea’s capital city-#Asmara. And yet misguided media narratives pictured both forces as belligerents. (2/9)
The #Ethiopia|n gov't has been busy rebuilding destroyed infrastructures by the #TPLF but the remnants of the group have continued to destroying infrastructures with renewed zeal as a major strategy of their “struggle” for the people of Tigray. (3/9)
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My response to #USA Senate, if I were #Ethiopia 😂
The Senate says
1) calls for the immediate cessation of hostilities in the Tigray Region of #Ethiopia;

Me: Good idea: Tell #TPLF to disarm

(2) condemns in the strongest terms all violence against civilians;

Me: everyone agres
(3) calls on the Govt of #Eritrea to immediately & fully withdraw its military forces from #Ethiopia,

Me: They already said they are withdrawing, but has to be done carefully.
(3 cont) condemns in the strongest terms any human rights violations, murder, looting, rape, & other crimes committed by the Eritrean military or any other forces in the Tigray Region or elsewhere in #Ethiopia;

Me: incidents should be investigated, but this is #TPLF propaganda.
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@nimaelbagir's latest report on Tigray is a total lie & against the principle of verification and journalism.
Here's why:
1. She blamed the Ethiopian govt for guarding its citizens in its own territory by saying "the government is visibly flexing control". 1/10
The Ethiopian govt has every right to ensure the well-being of its citizens in every corner of Ethiopia let alone in a war zone.
#CNNisFakeNews #Ethiopia
2. @nimaelbagir said the aim of CNN's trip is to verify the availability of "unimpeded aid access" in Tigray. We saw there is access even in her footage but she hesitated to say a thing about it.
She was totally into fault finding. 3/
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As of May 3 #AxumCriminalInvestigation led by Federal Attorney General @FAGEthiopia has collected testimonies of 95 witnesses and documentary evidence. Discovered #TPLF trained and deployed about 2,500 para-military personnel in major cities of the region. 1/6
#AxumCriminalInvestigation found that #TPFL “trained” 1,500 youth to shoot guns during the period from 10 to 18 November 2020 to confront #ENDF. 2/6
#AxumCriminalInvestigation recorded testimonies of 116 victims of #rape and identified members of the #FederalPolice and EENDF involved in the crime. Cases with #FederalPolice transferred to the Regional Prosecution Office, members of #ENDF transferred to military court. 3/6
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I hv a fairly interesting story of a taxi ride I had a couple nights back. I rode it from Washington National Airport to my home because I didn’t want to wait for Lyft. Upon entering the vehicle I’m usually the first to greet & engage w/ the driver.
This time I was met by an individual who was equally acknowledging and willing to converse. We exchanged small talk for a few abt how business was now tht an ease on lockdown started & ppl were flying more.
He explained how he knew of several cab drivers who contracted COVID & were no longer alive. Pleasantries continued to be exchanged between us; expressing ideas of gratefulness for life, not taking things for granted, etc...
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We must remind the wrld how #TPLF forced a discontent #Ethiopian army during the ‘98 border war to invade, occupy, rape, pillage & kill #Eritreans w/ our sovereign borders. The same actions used against Eritreans by Tigrayan’s then, are the same tactics applied upon their ppl.
How can the wrld gloss over the fact tht these savages who raped their ppl in #Tigray for decades, disgustingly committed the same violent crimes against humanity upon elderly, young #Eritrean women. Meanwhile, int’l wrld sat idle & hushed while USAID operated illegally in Badme.
The deceit, & repugnant character of these ppl hv painstakingly been obvious for generations to #Eritreans, #Ethiopians & #Somali ppl, instead adored, protected & supported by the same self-interested, bloodsucking imperialists nations who’ve deliberately shielded #TPLF.
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This 2019 article, written a year before the ethnofascist #TPLF launched war on #Ethiopia, exposes the rampant #rape &sexual violence that #women of #Tigray suffered from the rapist TPLF gang. The defeated criminal TPLF "men" are continuing their rape now!…
2) In this video clip from 2018 brodacast of #Tigray's DW-TV, a #Tigrayan woman recounts the horrible mysogynistic culture in Tigray under #TPLF, where #rape & sexual violence against Tigray's #women is a commonplace occurence, & 60% of Tigrayan womem are victims of rape.
3) #Tigrayan feminist @meazaG_, speaking to #TigrayMediaHouse in 2019, over a year before the war, explained the horrific level of #rape in #Tigray's society. She said men regularly kick & oppress women every night.Tigray ppl were victims of #TPLF. #TPLFcrimes
#Eritrea #Ethiopia
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#Primer on #Ethiopian Politics

#Unitarist Vs #Federlaist

- Has little to do with level of #decentralisation of power ordinarily associated with these notions

A critical mass of Ethiopians support #federalism-incl most, if not all, forces within ruling party - incl Abiy - 1
For #ethnonationalists, I believe, any politics based on individual #equality (citizenship or republican politics) is #Unitarist - so #Nigeria, #Kenya (which ban ethnic parties), #Germany and #UnitedStates are Unitary, regardless of their robust federal/devolved structures - 2
What ethnonatioanlists consider #federalist is actually politics based on #ethnicity - (which goes beyond ethnic federalism) - much like Arend Lijphart's prototypical #consociational system - so soemthing like #Belgium and #BosniaHerzegovina, but for 80+ ethnic groups – 3
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I remember the worried faces of my parents that day. My dad digging a pit in the garden in the backyard and covering it with banana leaves. I can still hear the chants of the mob as they came down from the village past the cemetery. Kuyera 29 yrs ago. I was a child./1
My mum huddled in the closet with my youngest sister who was barely 2 and dad hid the rest of us in the pit he dug. Some of the young men that came demanding “settlers leave” with machetes were his own students. I never saw it but I can imagine the fear and utter helplessness/2
as my dad stood by the front door with his axe that we use to chop firewood with and stood his ground. We got spared but not the father of my friends, another teacher from Wolaita.

I did not understand it then but in retrospect, the events leading to that fateful day become/3
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It’s #FatuousFriday: just back from Planet NNNN, with its alternative facts, and I am here to share with my compats. Since everything Isaias touches turns to ashes, the promising political career of @AbiyAhmedAli is facing the abyss too. But, hey: war is peace and peace is war Image
More “War Is Peace, Peace Is War”: According to the “Abiy Is Our Leader #Eritrea Is Our Country”mob from #Ethiopia, joined by Isaiaists, when 🇺🇸 and EU call for end to war, it is warmongering! Image
Walking is the new #Eritrea|n accomplishment, according to the #PFDJ. Plus it’s good for the environment in a country with the most expensive fuel in the world. Pass it on. Image
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Happy Friday: #Ethiopia|ns & “fellow #Eritreans across the border”! After 4 months of lies & denials, and less than a week after @ChrisCoons delivered the @POTUS msg that #Ethiopia is committing “systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing” in #Tigray, @PMEthiopia folds like a card: Image
The move came less than a week after @AbiyAhmedAli chose the parliament as his venue to admit what the whole world, except a few in #Eritrea|s NNNN Party #PFDJ and #Ethiopia|s Abiy Cult, knew: #Eritrean|s have been fighting inside #Tigray with knowledge & approval of @PMEthiopia Image
Now, there is only one country in the world whose media has not shared the news that #Eritrean|s are fighting in #Ethiopia and its leader has agreed to withdraw its troops. The country? Hint: its state media slogan is “serving the truth.” Image
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Short @AbiyAhmedAli: We defeated #TPLF (june tah) completely & #Eritrea is in #Ethiopia only because we are at war with TPLF whom we have defeated completely 4 month ago. Mayyybe our soldiers & Isaias did a little raping here and there but TPLF ATTACKED NORTHERN COMMAND!
(2) #Eritrea|ns have made a very strong argument as to why they cannot withdraw from sovereign #Ethiopia|n territories, because they fear being attacked by #TPLF (who I have totally annihilated) and I must say I find their arguments compelling. The war is to catch 12 people.
(3) The call for us to withdraw #Amhara Special Forces from #Tigray is like me telling the US: Colorado National Guard cannot be dispatched to California in a state of emergency. Everybody knows Colorado ethnics & California ethnics are analogous to Tigray-Amhara ethnies.
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In 1943, Raya Peasants (Qadamay Woyane) revolted against the re-establishment of the Imperial Rule after the Italian occupation. The rebellions were ruthlessly defeated with the support of aircraft from the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force (1/8)
This is believed to have sown the seed of regional identity among Rayas & Tigrays. In the 1960/70s Tigray students had established student association in Addis Ababa university & that later left for Dedebit to start guerrilla fight. They also named themselves the 2nd Woyane (2/8)
Even with a dedicated help from EPLF & other forces, politicization of famine & use of food aid for purchasing massive weapons, it still took the weak TPLF 16 years & organizing multiple other forces to rise power in Addis Ababa (3/8).
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Self-determination or #Ethiopia's Decimation? [Thread]:

An Austrian Nazi named Baron Roman Prochazka wrote a book called "Abyssinia: The Powder Barrel" (1935) before Fascist Italy's invasion of Ethiopia.

[Available for Free via @JSTOR & @tsehai:]

[1/8] Image
➡️ Prochazka frames Emperor Haile Selassie I & the Ethiopian empire as a threat to the colonial powers through collusion w/ Japan.

➡️ He proposes tribalization of #Ethiopia & pioneers the term "self-determination" in the Ethiopian context to weaken & fragment the country.

[2/8] ImageImage
➡️ He undermines the "unitary state" & names denominations: "Abyssinians proper (occupying the central part of the country), the Gallas, the Gojjams, & the Kushites of Tigré".

➡️ Colonial rule is proposed as desired to liberate people from "Tyranny of the #Amhara".

[3/8] ImageImage
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‼️‼️ A Think-Tank misleading the @EU_Commission ‼️‼️
@EEPA_be is a Think -Tank from Brussels and a source of almost all #FakeNews about Tigray (#AxumMassacre, #HumeraMassacre... ). The person behind the situation reports is @martinplaut , a #TPLF Lobbyist. (1/8)
The 'Situation Reports', published everyday, are being used as references in most reports (Wikipedia, Media...). Is the @EU_Commission knowingly financing this organization? Are there no rules and regulations before they are registered as a #ThinkTank? (2/8)
The Situation reports being published every day since nearly 3 months are available here: (save all of them on your PC 🙏). We will be back to them and solve the issue legally. Why? (👇) (3/8)

@NeaminZeleke @iyoba4u
#UnityForEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails
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This piece by @JDevermont of @CSIS is a prime example of the arrogant, misinformed, & condescending foreign policy thinking that seems to be guiding @JoeBiden's team on #Ethiopia and its law-enforcement operations in #Tigray.

Some Thoughts:…
The author remarks that "US regional security interests" have been threatened. His reasons?

(1) #Ethiopia's redeployment of its peacekeeping troops from Somalia & South Sudan to #Tigray

(2) The border conflict caused by #Sudan's incursion into disputed territory.
#Ethiopia undertook its military offensive in November because *its own* domestic security interests were compromised by the #TPLF, an ethnic-extremist militant group which attacked a federal army base & massacred hundreds of national army soldiers in the dead of night.
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Thread on the bipartisan resolution
Can those of you that are rallying against the bipartisan resolution please explain your reason? I am going to break this down, and I need a point by point response for these.
My reminder for all of you is that this is democracy in action, 1/
While the executive side (Department of State) partially passed judgement regarding the situation in Ethiopia. The legislative wing has looked into the situation even more. So they pressed for cessation of hostilities as expected of any friendly country who doesn't want war 2/
When asking 4 cessation they asked for Eth Gov. +TPLF + other forces to all stop.They didn't just make it on one side, because in reality war happens between 2 or more groups. You can't ask just one side to stop. They mentioned all the back and forth for the 2 years b4 the war 3/
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1/ Sad to see @HabenGirma, an otherwise intelligent young woman whom I have had the honor of meeting at the #Eritrea|n Festival in Oakland in 2015, fall for the anti-#Eritrea #TPLFlies by @amnesty. There's no "#AxumMassacre". There's #MaiKadraMassacre. Learn the facts. #Ethiopia ImageImage
2/ Western #MSM #media & @amnesty hide the real facts about #Tigray, #Ethiopia. They constantly hype up non-existent involvement of #Eritrea in the non-existent #AxumMassacre. And they hide the real #genocide & #warcrimes committed by #TPLF-organized "Samré" thugs at #MaiKadra.
3/ As #TPLF was routed by the #Ethiopia|n army, retreating in defeat back in November 2020, it released 13k criminals from the prisons in cities of #Tigray, including Mekelle. Many of these released criminals were imprisoned for #rape. TPLF deliberately released these rapists.
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Africans have a far better chance of grabbing the attention of western academics, NGOs, & government institutions, if they’re crying famine, rape, genocide etc & pointing their finger on their fellow Africans. Black on Black crime is always marketable, whether it’s true or not. 1
There’s centuries old dystopian image of #Africa deeply seated in the minds of westerners. Any news that reinforces this enduring negative narrative is readily acceptable. That’s what makes countering #TPLF vilification campaign against Eritrea and Ethiopia an uphill battle. 2/6
For instance, it’s infinitely more easier for westerners to accept that “The Ethiopian government is deliberately starving its own people in the north,” than for them to believe the government is doing everything in its power to feed its own people and restore law and order. 3/6
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I wonder how many of us have read the full PDF report of @AmnestyEARO's 'investigation' re #Axum and tried to connect the dots?

It is disingenuous that those that rejected #MaiKadraMassacre as biased now accept this & visa versa. I for one believe that the tragedies unfolding/1
in our nation, ironically, have given us opportunities to empathize with each other no matter our politics. I hope we seize the opportunity to reach out to those that hurt.

Nonetheless, I love #Ethiopia and I am not going to sit around and watch as @amnesty and the West/2
spreads their viscous disinformation re Ethiopia.

@AmnestyEARO begins their report by asserting that there were no #TPLF forces in #Axum on Nov 19. This is an OUTRIGHT AND BLATANT LIE. News coming out at the time was that Axum saw fighting Nov 19-20./3…
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@Liya_bsi @LanderMiddle @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO We don’t know for sure, even the so called researcher has not disclosed his methodology & @amnesty admitted that they are not on the ground. A representative stated that it is based on extensive witness account. So we can safely assume that they interviewed some TPLFites in 🇸🇩
@Liya_bsi @LanderMiddle @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO You can also see that TPLFites had a role in crafting and framing the report as you could understand from the below exchange. They had access to the report before it is officially released, with opportunity to comment and modify!
@Liya_bsi @LanderMiddle @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO Not only that, the timing of the release of the report is carefully coordinated with the ‘new movie’ release day coincidentally 🤔 framed around the same incident!

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#PIA states that he had told Debretesion of #TPLF when they met in Umhajer January 7, 2019 that it was not in the best interest of #TPLF to prepare for war. Debretsion’s reply was “ኣይትኸውንን ኢያ"
Every war is the result of a miscalculation and #TPLF’s war on #ENDF and after that hope to march to Addis and Asmara was a big miscalculation
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1/10 #HornOfAfrica-TV Editorial: #US & #EU, keep your #HandsOffEritrea—Give #Peace A Chance!
#Eritrea #Ethiopia #Somalia #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Djibouti #Africa
To listen to the editorial in its entirety, go to:
2/10 #HornOfAfrica-TV Editorial: #US & #EU, #HandsOffEritrea—Give #Peace A Chance!
#Tigray is part & parcel of sovereign Ethiopia
#Eritrea #Ethiopia #Somalia #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Djibouti #Africa
To listen to the editorial in its entirety, go to:
3/10 #HornOfAfrica-TV Editorial: #US & #EU, #HandsOffEritrea—Give #Peace A Chance!
What are the FACTS on the ground in #Tigray?
#Eritrea #Ethiopia #Somalia #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Djibouti #Africa
To listen to the editorial in its entirety, go to:
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