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A quick update on the oil spill at #Aden in the south of #Yemen. Today's satellite imagery by @planet shows the ongoing oil on the surface while the salvage operation of the sunken oil vessel is ongoing. Image
#PT And here's radar image of the port of #Aden using @sentinel_hub Sentinel-1 SAR with an Oil Slick Custom script and Planet to show the spill. Note the image shows both water surface roughness and the spill itself, so it's not all oil in yellow.. Image
The Port of Aden has seen it's share of oil spills form ships, as can be seen on historic imagery via Google Earth Image
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A small oil tanker at the coast of #Yemen sank and leaked oil washed upon the shores of the Al Buriqah district, hosting its larger oil terminals. Frequents spills keep occurring on Yemen's coast, from bombed vessels to leaking pipelines, polluting its marine #environment Image
#PT An oil spoil is already visible on this @sentinel_hub image from early July 2021 at the Aden oil terminal, near two smaller vessels cc @TankerTrackers #OOTT Image
Using @planet labs imagery, we can see the spill at the small tanker more up close on July 11, 2021, as the ship is sinking. Image
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Elecciones: comparativo 2018 - 2021 a nivel federal.


2018: 25, 186,577

2021: 16, 136,841

Diferencia: - 9, 049,736

Porcentaje: - 35.93%


2018: 9, 996,514

2021: 8, 680,994

Diferencia: - 1, 315,520

Porcentaje: - 13.15%

#PAN Image

2018: 7, 677,180

2021: 8, 430,913

Diferencia: + 753,733

Porcentaje: + 9.81%

#PRI Image
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In the early 1960s, Arab governments made a serious effort, including using Arab Christian churches, to lobby against Vatican II's then-impending decision to lift the charge of deicide against the Jews - an issue unrelated to Israel, and indeed in violation of Qur'anic doctrine.
#pt: "Semites and Antisemites", p. 221
It seems the Arab states had some success in getting the final statement of the Second Vatican Council watered down on the issue of lifting from the Jews the charge that they were collectively guilty of the murder of God.

[p. 233]
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HILO | La nueva vieja guerra que cruza América Latina y el Caribe: ¿Qué es el Foro de Sao Paulo? El huevo de la serpiente que busca desde 1990 consolidar el socialismo en la región.

Más miseria, hambre y corrupción si el socialismo vuelve en Brasil🇧🇷:
El FSP fue la convocatoria que hicieron Lula🇧🇷 y Fidel Castro (que llevaba más de 30 años en🇨🇺) para reorganizar la Izquierda Internacional luego de la caída del Muro de Berlín y luego de que el mundo conociera las atrocidades cometidas en el estalinismo.
Todos los partidos que la componen son de izquierda y entre ellos están el Kirchnerismo 🇦🇷, el #PT 🇧🇷, Mov al Socialismo🇧🇴,Partido Comunista🇨🇱, Unión Patriótica🇨🇴(aliados de Petró en 2011), PC 🇨🇺 o Revolución Ciudadana 🇪🇨 (de donde salió Correa), entre otros.
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Yury #Maksimov
Founder & CEO
Positive Technologies

#Maximov Yury Vladimirovich

board member, founder, shareholder Positive Technologies company

“born in the city of Fryazino of the Moscow region. Graduated from physical faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) & a postgraduate study of MSU.”…
“…Together with Dmitry #Maximov and Evgeny #Kireev worked on creation of the first versions of the intelligent XSpider scanner, popular development of Positive Technologies company, was an initiator of creation and took active part in formation of a system of…MaxPatrol.”

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I'd be remiss if I didn't add that this move - described by @charlie_savage as "#Trump's secret rules" - was praised by several then-#ISIS-focused USG officials now serving as #Biden appointees.

This isn't an entirely partisan issue.
@charlie_savage #pt: Speaking at @MiddleEastInst
in July '17, @brett_mcgurk (now in @JoeBiden's NSC) said #Trump had introduced "key changes... that've made key differences..."

- "We've adopted a campaign of annihilation... a surround, constrict & annihilate strategy."

@charlie_savage @MiddleEastInst @brett_mcgurk @JoeBiden #pt: There's little/no debate across the partisan divide about the costs associated with "collateral damage" in CT strikes - BUT there *is* an active bipartisan debate about where to draw the line of risk under certain conditions.

The scale of the D-#ISIS campaign drew that out.
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J'ai raté le débat où l'on taxait de raciste la vaccination de populations concrètement plus touchées que d'autres par le COVID. Ceux qui reprochent aux autres des principes éloignés des réalités de terrain devraient de temps en temps poser un pied ou deux sur un vrai trottoir.
#PT Parce qu'il est là, le problème, et je m'en rends même compte à titre personnel. Avec à la fois un cerveau et des dizaines de milliers de kilomètres de terrain dans les semelles, on se fait taxer d'irréalisme par des blaireaux qu'on n'a jamais vus fouler un vrai trottoir.
*Où l’on t’axait de racisMMMMe 😑
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BREAKING - reports of explosions heard near #Jerusalem, #Beersheeba, #Dimona & multiple other locations amid rocket sirens in #Israel.

Security sources say #IAJ jets have been “scrambled.”
#pt: Some sources say a rocket or missile may have been intercepted near #Dimona, #Israel.

Others say residences near the area shook during the explosion.
Security sources in #Israel seem unanimous that no rockets crossed from #Gaza, so all eyes on the #Syria border.

Claims of a Patriot interception would suggest a larger-than-normal projectile, so suspicion may fall onto #Iran#Dimona is home to #Israel’s nuclear facility.
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#Mar25Coup #Internetshutdown

News of #Myanmar Junta’s violence and crimes on March 25, 2021


⚠️May contain graphic contents ⚠️

Note : ongoing internet blackouts in Myanmar. The atrocities may be more than what’s recorded here.
📍Taunggyi , Shan State 🆘
#myanmar military SAC group are treating the city like a battlefield
- shooting recklessly
- breaking into houses
- beating up and abducting civilians and students
- destroying private properties
#Mar25Coup #internetshutdown
⚠️Tw // wound
📍Mawlamyaing, Mon State
#Myanmar military SACs used lethal forces to disperse the protesters in Mawlamyaing today. One man and one woman are injured. About 20 civilians (mostly females) were abducted.
#Mar25Coup #internetshutdown
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geolocation of an alleged Russian Iskander missile strike on Azaz Hospital…
geolocation of a second Russian Iskander missile strike on buildings in Tabqa…
#PT these strikes were conducted Q1 2016
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Very, very interesting.

#HTS & its leader Abu Mohammed al-Jolani have just finished hosting @frontlinepbs's @Martin28Smith in #Idlib for 3 days.

How times change -- quite a difference from 2014/15.
@frontlinepbs @Martin28Smith #pt: It's no secret that #HTS has been pushing hard behind-the-scenes for opportunities to improve its image abroad -- first in outreach to researchers/institutes & more recently giving top access to highly-regarded media outlets.

And fwiw, PBS is one of several.
@frontlinepbs @Martin28Smith #pt: That #HTS is pushing this shouldn't come as a surprise -- the ingredients were put in place as far back as 2015, when a prolonged internal debate regarding the right path for Jabhat al-Nusra began. Clerical "lobby groups" got involved & then #JFS was created; then #HTS.
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#Syria's regime appears to be facing a sharp increase in public criticism from across its population - people are exasperated at rife corruption & incompetence.

In lieu of this, secret police have been behind a spate of arrests targeting prominent critics, many of them #Alawite.
#pt: While some observers in the West [inaccurately] attribute #Syria's deep economic crisis to sanctions, #Assad's "loyalist critics" don't appear to be convinced -- they've been laying the blame squarely at the regime & parliament's doorsteps.

i.e. the propaganda is faltering.
#pt: No matter where you look in #Assad-held areas, the regime is clearly unable to provide, govern, secure or stabilize.

For the many Syrians who've stood by the regime since '11, their sacrificed 'blood & treasure' appear to have been merely for Bashar -- no reciprocal award.
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@sunsopeningband want to credit you for bringing #MECFS to my attention a few weeks back. I did a deep dive in articles and filed it away in my brain. It paid off yesterday when I brought a patient post COVID to tears
I told her what I thought it was going on with her based on her complaints. She couldn’t even do the dishes or her laundry without having to lay in bed for the rest the week. She had a job that required a lot of mental strain and that would give her extreme brain fog & headaches
It was a great teaching moment for my student not only in the syndrome itself, but the importance of continued learning and challenging your own thought process.
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Un péché à gauche mais un déni ailleurs. Un roman, la promotion d’un ordre moral, l’opposition à l’injustice : les mouvements islamistes sont de nature révolutionnaire. Dans un monde où l’offre politique flétrit au profit de la com’, ils comblent un vide.…
#PT Là où ils sont influents sur le terrain, les mvts jihadistes appliquent des solutions qui impactent favorablement le quotidien des gens et l’économie locale. Ils en alimentent leur propagande jusqu’à chez nous. Une offre politique que la répression ne peut combattre seule.
#PT Notre pire erreur d’appréciation est de croire que ces mouvements ne promeuvent que le rigorisme religieux et la violence. Nous sous-estimons la séduction qu’ils exercent économiquement et politiquement. Au-delà de la gauche, ce problème affecte nos politiques au quotidien.
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So, it has come to this, the central question:

Are the Trumpists and Republicans (and not-a-few Democrats) right to doubt the polls that show #Biden winning an overwhelming victory over #Trump?

Keeping all musings on this momentous occasion in this thread.
Well, here we go
These early results are not entirely as it might have been wished they would be
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Wow -- This is an extraordinary piece of work by @OSFJustice & @syrian_archive.

*The* definitive guide to #Syria's Scientific Studies & Research Center (SSRC), responsible for #Assad's chemical weapons program:… Image
@OSFJustice @syrian_archive The @OSFJustice & @syrian_archive detail the #SSRC's structure & its evolution:

- Jamraya Center

- Branch 450 (for storing, mixing & loading warheads pre-attack), supervised by #Assad, with Units in Safira (416), Khan Abu Al-Shamat (417), Latakia (418) & #Aleppo (419) ImageImage
@OSFJustice @syrian_archive #pt: #Syria's #SSRC cont'd:

- Institute 1000 (Electronics Institute), to produce electronic & computerized systems in a tunnel complex in Jamraya.

- Institute 2000 (Mechanical Institute), whose engineers cooperate with #NorthKorea & #Iran / produced barrel bombs & IRAMs. ImageImageImageImage
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Frage: "Warum will ich nach jeder Diskussion mit NGOs über #schwarzgrün der Linken oder der SPD beitreten?"

Grüne & Union haben gemeinsam: sie sind dt. Bürgertum. #GrüKo = der 68ff. abgespaltene Teil des Klasse käme nach hause. Da wüchse zusammen, was zusammengehört.

Das ist aus mehreren Gründen ein strategisches (& oft emotionales) Problem:

a) *Fundamentaler* sozialer Wandel (z.B. #Klimagerechtigkeit) gelingt nie, wenn Elitenfraktionen geeint stehen. If elites are united, they can never (or hardly ever) be defeated. Das wäre die Rückkehr in
einen Zustand, den mein Kopf in ironischer Anlehnung an #Marx nicht aufhören kann, als "Diktatur der Bourgeoisie" zu bezeichnen. Das wäre ein fettes strategisches Problem.

b) Ich komme aus dem, was sich selbst als "gehobenes Bürgertum" bezeichnet (#selfhatingbourgeois), & es ist
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Iremos compartiendo algunos de los pequeños proyectos realizados por nuestros alumn@s en el Centro. Cualquier cosa :

(Gracias a @jljcolorado por su saber/inspiración). Image
1. Proyecto Ventilación :

-Diseño Pedagógico Preliminar
-Punto 0: Pregunta de Investigación…
Punto 0: Pregunta investigación… Image
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As the @IUPUISHHS #PT #PA #OT students study for the final #anatomy exam Mon, like @sattardi I wanted to reflect on 10 things I’ve learned (though as an online newbie) as we gear up to teach this fall based on my experience and some student feedback. #meded #anated
1) Be flexible. I planned to use a virtual dissection app & it was abandoned by students within the first 2 weeks. So we abandoned it too, instead of forcing it, & started to make more in-house images for students (which was what they said they wanted).
2) Regular, small, self-directed group sessions (keeping groups consistent) are important for learning & bonding. Students said they formed lasting relationships via Zoom, & would even forget they have never met. Have them work on a workbook or case studies.
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Talk by Hunt Alcott: Are High-Interest Loans Predatory? Theory and Evidence from Payday Lending

Evaluating consumer protection policies

Many policies motivated by concerns that consumers don’t act in their own best interest or are “exploited” by firms

Must develop tools for:
• Measurement of alleged mistakes
• Behavioral welfare evaluation of proposed policies
Should we restrict high-interest lending?
Are borrowers acting in their own best interest?

Two basic questions:
• Do people anticipate repeat borrowing?
• Do borrowers perceive themselves to be time consistent?
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This 100 yo ad for a Jewish-owned clothing shop forced to close in '38 only recently came to light in Gelsenkirchen, Germany when the building next door was torn down. Debate raging how best to preserve it with construction plans already approved h/t Weiße Rose Gesellschaft
City records show the Alexander family fled Nazi Germany in 1938 after they were stripped of their assets & ended up in Brazil & the US
Here's more about the Alexander family in German & English with photos. Correction of #pt: the family did not manage to flee Germany until April 1939…
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"Metro will reopen six Fairfax County stations and restore Silver Line service on August 16—weeks earlier than originally planned"

Remember that #wmata's original summer shutdown plan did not include closing any Silver Line stations other than EFC.…
Stations remaining closed:
* Vienna
* Dunn Loring
* East Falls Church

WFC, like in the original shutdown plan, will be the Orange Line western terminus. #wmata
"Customers at all Orange Line stations will notice ongoing construction activity at the stations, even after they reopen."

Just because trains are back doesn't mean #wmata is "finished" with its work.
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The intra-jihadi dynamic in #Idlib is rapidly intensifying, as #HTS is seeking to re-assert itself vis-a-vis (1) the opposition, (2) local civil society, (3) #Turkey & (4) increasingly exasperated #AlQaeda-leaning factions.

In doing so, it's revealing its multiple identities.
In recent weeks, we've seen escalatory events:

1. Khaled al-Aruri's death in a US drone strike

2. Formation of the #AlQaeda-leaning 'Stand Firm' ops room

3. #HTS arrest of:
- Sirajideen Makhtarov (Abu Saloh al-Uzbeki)
- Jamal Hassan Zayniya (Abu Malik al-Talli)
- Tauqir Sharif
Weeks ago, #HTS was attempting to [re-]build bridges with #Idlib civil society & now it's cracking down on divisive #AlQaeda loyalists & defecting critics.

Hard not to see the drivers involved here:

- Protect internal unity & regional primacy
- Undermine #AQ
- Message #Turkey
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