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“I tell the truth about Iraq. I say the war was a disaster. We spent $2TN. Lost 1000s of lives...We should have never been there” 1/
“It was a horrible mistake. We should have never been there...It's 1 of the worst decisions in the history of the country.” 2/
“We have totally destabilized the Middle East. I predicted that was going to happen. B/c when you knock down the 1 power, the other power 3/
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NEW - @WSJ confirms the @CIA & @DeptofDefense have a new "secret" missile - the R9X, or "flying Ginsu" - which kills a selected target with 6 blades, but no explosive payload.

-- "To the targeted person, it's as if a speeding anvil fell from the sky."…
@WSJ @CIA @DeptofDefense #pt: The R9X, or "flying Ginsu," is said to have been used only twice, globally.

One of those times was on Feb 26, 2017, when it killed al-Qaeda deputy leader Abu Al-Khayr al-Masri in #Idlib, #Syria.

See the image I tweeted from the scene, that day:

@WSJ @CIA @DeptofDefense #pts: The #R9X quite clearly causes no damage to the surrounding area, massively minimizing the risk to civilians.

Look at the targeted vehicle itself - the body of the Kia is entirely intact, save for the penetrated interior, right through the roof:

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Interesting, Christie interview with Mueller office was just two months ago, Feb. 2019.
Trump tries to get McFarland to create witness statement he did not direct Flynn to talk to Kislyak. Also she is fired & offered ambassador
no pressure on Sessions not to recuse. this is all just on one day, march 2, 2016
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Aboutaleb was duidelijk: "Ik word gevoed door signalen uit de samenleving, door signalen van de politie en de AIVD. Al die signalen bij elkaar opgeteld geven geen beeld dat er iets mis zou zijn met het informeel onderwijs in Rotterdam." - RTV Rijnmond…
Bovenstaand bericht is n.a.v. het agendapunt "Risico's radicalisme informeel onderwijs". Al vaker heb ik u gezegd dat de polarisatie in Rotterdam een halt is toegeroepen. Behalve dan bij #leefbaarRotterdam, die nog steeds in de groef van een gedachtengoed uit 2002 wandelt.
In dat verband legt @KvEikeren de vinger op de zere plek: hij hekelt de hypocriete aanpak van #leefbaarRotterdam de #AIVD deugt volgens hen niet als het gaat om extreem-rechtsradicalisering
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Breaking. SE. #Idlib struck tonight by incendiary bombardment, 1st time such weapon is used by pro-Assad forces since last Summer. #Syria.…
#Syria: video showing incendiary bombardment tonight on Tamanah (SE. #Idlib). 1st use of an incendiary weapon on Greater #Idlib since 7 months.
#Syria: video showing incendiary bombardment's direct hit on village of Tamanah in SE. #Idlib countryside. Apparently delivered by artillery.
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Aliança Libertadora Nacional #ALN➡️Grupo #terrorista de #guerrilha urbana de linha cubano-maoísta cujo objetivo era a implantação de “um governo popular revolucionário” ou seja, um regime #comunista no Brasil nos anos 1960. Dele fez parte #AloysioNunes.
Aliança Libertadora Nacional #ALN➡️ O grupo #terrorista foi criado em fins de 1967, com a saida de #Carlos #Marighella do Partido #Comunista Brasileiro #PCB, logo após sua viagem à Havana #Cuba para participar em conferência da Organização Latino-Americana de Solidariedade #OLAS
Aliança Libertadora Nacional #ALN➡️ De início, os dissidentes do Partido #Comunista do Brasil #PCB denominaram-se ‘Agrupamento Comunista de São Paulo ou "Ala #Marighella". Só em 1968 o grupo #terrorista passou a se chamar ALN.
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Jan 31, 19
Pay very close attention, because there is a lot more going on w/ their abortion agenda, than meets the eye. Who’s involved, where is this headed, & what atrocities have already occurred?…
Pt2 —Something very significant began back in 1993, leading up to this, and no one is reporting on it.

New York’s ‘Reproductive Health Act’ brought shock and awe to the entire country, by legalizing full-term abortions, and decriminalizing it.
Pt3 — As barbaric as this all is, no one seems to be focused on the nurses and midwives’ addition to this bill, who coincidentally have been trained by the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Partners in Health, Planned Parenthood, and the Ivy League schools, for over two decades.
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The single most deadliest act over the past 70 years by any Arab regime took place 30 years ago this week (February 1982) in the city of Hama, Syria.

The ‘incident’ as it is called, forever changed the psyche of the Syrian people.…
Actually, this week we commemorate the 37th Anniversary of the #Hama #82Massacre. An event that for 30 yrs was only whispered about in peoples homes.

Ordered by Hafez #Assad & carried out by his brother Rifaat, the people of #Hama were systematically massacred in response to uprising. Rifaat later bragged more than 38,0000 Hamwis (out of 150k ppl at the time) were slaughtered - whole family lines were ‘erased’. #82Massacre
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seen these before. but the timing of these is really striking after seeing the stone indictment
deleted tweet pointed to Stone Guccifer DMs from August 2016, key time period in Stone indictment, ~coordination btw Trump campaign/RU/WL.
#pt possible coordination
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World Bank president Jim Yong Kim abruptly resigns to join private equity firm, Global Infrastructure Partners.

Ivanka Trump (lol) under consideration to replace him.

GIP's chairman: Adebayo Ogunlesi, member of Trump's (defunct) Strategic & Policy Forum…
"Nepotism is just another form of corruption, so I am not surprised, but the level of absurdity is breathtaking.”

'Ridiculous': report that failed knockoff shoe designer Ivanka Trump could lead World Bank met with derision…
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Amid yesterday's big news, I had a new article published by @CGlobalPolicy, looking at another key emerging trend in #Syria:

- "The U.S.-EU Divergence on #Syria's Future"…
This is very good by @jbdacey & follows on neatly from my article (above) from Dec 2018:

- "No time to go wobbly on #Syria - #Assad needs #Europe’s recognition. Don’t give it away for free"…
In this by @anchalvohra, #Europe is presented as divided on #Syria by geography (i.e. south & east back re-engaging w. #Assad), but that's not quite accurate.

Though policies haven't yet changed, key states like #UK, #France & #Germany are all wavering.…
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#Syria: following unexpected move, Trump ordered withdrawal of US personnel & troops (~2,000) from #Syria. Pullout should be completed within 100 days.…
#Pt. Apparently Trump took decision to withdraw US troops from #Syria after phone call with Erdogan, de facto greenlighting in short term a Turkish-led Offensive vs #SDF & #YPG.
Following US decision to withdraw troops from #Syria:
- Regime reinforcements heading to Manbij & #DeirEzzor (deal w/ SDF-YPG likely)
- Maghaweer Thawra seeks evac of ppl from Rukban Camp (Al-Tanf) to N. Aleppo
- Turkey says it is working with US & also Russia + Iran.
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There is a possibility of an announcement today. That’s if the collective U.S. government is unable to push back against #Trump - as it did earlier in the year after his comments in #Ohio.

More than anything, this is an extraordinary insult to the recent efforts of Amb. Jeffrey.
#pt: #Trump told #Turkey’s #Erdogan of his intentions by phone on Friday last week.

Coming in the context of Turkish threats to intervene in NE #Syria, the message to the #YPG/#SDF couldn’t be any worse. The US will abandon “the Kurds” again, if #Trump gets his way here.
#pt: Worse still, this’ll be music to the ears of #ISIS, #Assad, #Russia & #Iran.

#Trump isn’t only doing what #Obama did in leaving #Iraq prematurely, he’s doing it in an environment in which #America’s adversaries will benefit: jihadis, #Iran and #Russia.

Unbelievable hubris.
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Italian foreign minister summons Egyptian ambassador over the 2016 murder of PhD student #GiulioRegeni in Cairo…
#pt Yesterday, Italian prosecutors named several members of Egypt’s national security agency as suspects in #GiulioRegeni's brutal murder…
According to Italian prosecutors, 28-year-old doctoral student #GiulioRegeni was beaten, burned, mutilated and killed because of his research on Egypt's independent trade unions.

NYT article from 2017 on this horrific story
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Cops worked to put sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein in prison for abusing over 100 underage girls.

Prosecutors – led by now-Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta – worked to cut him the ultimate break (h/t @MollyJongFast) #MeToo…
"Not only would Epstein serve just 13 months in the county jail, but the deal shut down an ongoing FBI probe into whether there were more victims and other powerful people who took part in Epstein’s sex crimes."

Among his lawyers: Dershowitz & Starr.
“I've known Jeff for 15 years. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side."

Acosta’s involvement in Epstein's sweetheart deal could be personally awkward for Trump…
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Yesterday WH said Trump appointing Safra Catz to Pres Intel Advisory Board. Today, it says appointing rather Jeremy Catz. Hm.
#pt rather, Jeremy *Katz with a k
who is however an entirely different person than Safra Catz. weird switcheroo…
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mass grave sites in Raqqa which were prepared by IS early in 2017 in advance to their loss of the province and the city to the SDF are visible on Google Earth
#PT i've tweeted about these mass graves previously and @_RichardHall has reported from Raqqa for @Independent just recently with images that show how these sites look from the ground…
from the article: "of the bodies exhumed to date [..] some 80 per cent have been civilians [..] all of those buried here died in the final fight for Raqqa [..] many died in the crossfire. «Isis prevented anyone from getting out of the city, and the coalition bombed everything»"
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Charles Ortel on March 17, 2018 show w/ Jerome Corsi, ~at minute 5:38, estimates he’s been to Ireland 200 times
Ortel says tonight on Twitter he has not left US since 2012.
Texts released today by Roger Stone suggest he told Credico he thought Ortel was in contact w Assange, & Credico disputed that on 10/3/2016
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Sept 26: Matthew Whitaker, a Trump Loyalist, Is Seen as Ascendant

"John Kelly has privately described Whitaker as the West Wing’s “eyes and ears” in the DOJ ..

He has frequently visited the Oval Office and is said to have an easy chemistry with Trump"…
The nation's top law enforcement official is a scam artist and a thug.

Just like the POTUS.
The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation of a company for which acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker served as paid advisory-board member.

Conveniently, Whitaker now oversees the FBI.…
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"James Stachowiak is a multiple felon who regularly posts online videos calling for black people to be shot on sight."

He & his comrades have also been harassing Stacey Abrams’ campaign, but please, tell us again about leftist mobs…
.@NYGovCuomo assigns NY State Police Hate Crimes Unit to assist NYPD in its investigation of the "Proud Boys" mob violence, calls for an FBI inquiry into the far-right attacks…
Under pressure after video showed "Proud Boys" thugs beating several protesters and responding officers not arresting anyone, the #NYPD now plans to charge at least 9 neo-fascists and 3 leftist protesters with riot and assault…
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Hello, everyone!

We're going to kickstart our weekly #GlobalEChats discussion thread. This week, we'll talk about #fitness #personal #trainer as #entrepreneurs and how #tech can change everything!

Ready? Let's go!
Let's first start with two possibilities in the future.

1. We no longer need humans as #PT personal trainers at the #gym or #field. All will be replaced by #tech and smart applications! 😲

2. Human PTs will still be demanded but will utilise #tech to improve their coaching!
Do you think #1 is truly possible? It seems a bit far-fetched, no?

Meet @ollinfit! Ollinfit is a set of three wearable sensors and smartphone app that work together as your personal trainer. Say what???

Using Ollinfit, you'll be able to workout without needing human coaching!
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Turkey has concluded that Jamal #Khashoggi, a prominent journalist from Saudi Arabia, was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul earlier this week by a 15-member Saudi team sent “specifically for the murder"…
"#Khashoggi visited the consulate to obtain documents related to his upcoming wedding.

The killing, if confirmed, would mark a stunning escalation of Saudi Arabia’s effort to silence dissent, rounding up clerics, business execs & women’s rights advocates"
"The initial assessment of the Turkish police is that Mr. #Khashoggi has been killed at the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. We believe that the murder was premeditated and the body was subsequently moved out of the consulate."…
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93% of his records withheld from the American people

43 witnesses barred from corroborating Ford's account & proving he perjured himself

2,400+ law professors oppose his confirmation, citing his partisan, conspiratorial rant which betrayed a clear "lack of judicial temperament"
Any one of these would be disqualifying for a Supreme Court nominee.

Taken together, they are evidence that Kavanaugh is unfit to serve on ANY bench.
American Bar Association reopens evaluation of #Kavanaugh's "well-qualified" rating, based on his unhinged performance during a Senate hearing last week…
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.@nycsouthpaw: When career prosecutor Rachel Mitchell asked #Kavanaugh about his drinking & the July 1 party where Judge and Smyth were in attendance – a key date that aligns with Ford's account – Republican senators then came to his rescue and benched her…
American Bar Association: delay #Kavanaugh confirmation vote until an FBI investigation is completed into the sexual assault allegations against him #KavanaughHearings…
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