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#GuerreEnUkraine D+314 (03/01) PdS1 - Théâtre du

La météo va geler et, peut-être, débloquer la situation figée sur le front de #Luhansk

Sur le front de #Donetsk, ce n'est pas la météo qui fige les sections d'assaut légères russes, mais la culmination précoce
1/#Svatove, saillant dormant

#AFU ont peu progressé (fête, météo) dans la résolution de 3 problèmes tactiques
(i) contenir la menace russe pesant sur le flanc nord
(ii) forcer le verrou nord-ouest par la P66 à hauteur de #novoselivske

carte dynamique de #Svatove flanc sud👇

(iii) se maintenir rive gauche de la Krasna (#stelmakhivka)

destruction d'un dépôt de munitions à #Svatove👇
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A Russian source has issued this video showing advancing Ukrainian troops getting targeted by artillery (looks like they missed).

What’s more interesting, however, is the position. It is near Ploshchanka and I might have already geolocated it. #Ukraine #Luhansk #Ploshchanka
It is hard to geolocate it, but this is my best take (85% sure), but there are many coinciding lines where I'm fairly certain to have a match.
Bringing us to where those troops are now exactly as well as the overflying Russian drone. The coordinates of the troops are:

49°12'8.42"N, 38° 5'6.76"E

The drone is fairly far and not above Ploshchanka:

49°12'57.01"N, 38° 5'16.21"E
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1/ Confirmed tonight by "warmongo" channel... so imagine the situation!
the situation is going desperate for Ru in the area!
also several Ukr channels confirms the steady advance i was reported yesterday.
Soil is frozen & Hayday also confirms tonight same. #Kreminna Image
2/ Also excellent news in south west of #Chervonopopivka #Червонопопівка
Louhansk 92924
as much as in #Ploshchanka

it could last another week or so like in Lyman surroundings or in matters of couple days like said, this all Ru defense zone can crumble and fall down! Image
3/ quick reminder as what Ukr forces #ZSU #UAarmy is about to accomplish there (or try to)
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SitRep - 18/11 - Muddy waters

An overview of the daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Today a general overview, without too detailed frontline information. We do look briefly at Bakhmut and Kreminna/Kupyansk.

As usual we start with Russian losses, reported by the Ukrainian General Staff. Also we show damaged or captured equipment.

+350 men personnel
+1 tank
+4 APCs
A Russian supply vehicle presumably hit by HIMARS
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1/ quick update regarding the Operational situation / #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on November 15, 2022
about the #Luhansk situation. Precisely regarding
#Ploshchanka #Площанка 92916
Apparently lots of informations coming in that Ukr forces are close to seize the village.
2/ we shall see how this goes from today but BOTH Ru seems depressed now and UKr communicates (rarely both); if it goes ok, #UAarmy will be only 2 clicks from #Krasna river and blocked P66 which would be a great tactical advantage.
Still lot to do as Ru will fight hard to keep it
3/ it would establish UA forces on a new good defensive line and also give them opportunity to be ready to attack from higher ground. dominant position.
So this is actually a really important small "nod" to seize. also if really want to go to #Kreminna. because right now it's too
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SitRep - 06/11 - "Mud season has started"

Daily overview of events in the war between #Russia and #Ukraine. With also a brief look at the front lines in the east and south of the country.

As usual we start with daily losses and captured or destroyed equipment.
Today was a day with relatively a lot trophy footage but let's start with some destruction. A #T80 tank hit by a Javelin

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SitRep - 05/11 - "The night is dark and full of terror"

An overview of the daily events of the war between #Russia and #Ukraine. In addition, a look at the front lines of #Kherson, #Bakhmut, #Kreminna and more.

1/X Image
As usual, we start with daily losses and captured Russian material.

+600 personnel
+8 tanks
+21 APCs
+12 UAVs

These are most noticable. Image
General Staff reported that two Ka-52 were shot down today, as well an Merlin UAV which has already been factored into the overall numbers in the previous tweet.
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SitRep - 04/11 - "RIP Jonathan Tseng"

An overview of the daily events of the war in #Ukraine. Today a new aid package from America was announced and more news came about additional aid packages from Western countries.

RIP Jonathan Tseng, volunteer who died at the front.

We start the day with #Russian losses and destroyed/captured equipment.

+840 men losses
+16 Tanks
+28 APCs
+17 Artillery systems
+8 drones
Yesterday, late evening 9 Shahed-136 drones were shot down.

8 over #Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
1 over #Lviv Oblast
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