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#PrinceHarry & #MeghanMarkle were awarded with the prestigious @NAACP Image President's Awards. It was in recognition of their work to help a woman’s shelter in Texas, their promotion of Covid vaccine equity & a their community relief centres partnership. Thread as a reminder✨:
Through the Archewell Foundation, Meghan and Harry donated to the Genesis Women's Shelter & Support in Dallas, Texas funds to replace their roof and also other immediate needs. Shelter's roof was damaged during Winter Storm Uri ☔️#MeghanMarkle #PrinceHarry #HarryandMeghan
Meghan and Harry’s have convened meetings with CEOs encouraging them to do their part whether it’s social media giants like Facebook regarding #StopHateForProfit to pharmaceuticals. The Sussexes walk the talk! 🗣 This was praised back in July 2020 by @NAACP’s President👏
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A coordinated attack on Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. By @BotSentinel

single-purpose hate accounts have turned targeted harassment and coordinated
hate campaigns into a lucrative hate-for-profit enterprise. @YouTube


In 2018, Yankee Wally co-founded a private MeWe. Samantha Markle, was also a member of the group.
Members of the MeWe group would fabricate falsehoods about Harry and Meghan
and strategize about how to spread conspiracy theories on
social media.
three YouTube channels had a combined 70+ million views, and an estimated
$494,730 in total YouTube earnings.@YouTube
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Since my main account was suspended because racists hate being called out. Here is @PetronellaWyatt tweeting her hate for #MeghanMarkle , #princeharry , and #blm
@PetronellaWyatt is a so called journalist for @TheSun
#MeghanMarkle hate account
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#MeghanMarkle takes an international victory lap. The world tour starts with Norway…

“The British newspaper Mail on Sunday twisted like an eel in the net, but eventually surrendered - and apologized to #DuchessMegan.” #MeghanMarkleWon…
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#PrinceHarry “spoke with another set of [@DianaAward Legacy Award] winners from around the world in a virtual meeting held from his home in Montecito, California.”

“The princes' paid tribute to the young people from around the world who are #LegacyAward winners — the most prestigious accolade a young person can receive for their social action or humanitarian work that is handed out by @DianaAward every two years.”
“Among those Harry spoke w/ was a woman from the US Dian Chao, 23, from LA, who runs Letters to Strangers is receiving an award. Another American set for a #LegacyAward is Jahin Rahman, 18, from New York, who founded the non-profit Efforts in Youth Development of Bangladesh.”
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To mark #WorldAIDSDay, #PrinceHarry and @UNAIDS Executive Director @Winnie_Byanyima call on world leaders to learn from the mistakes of the HIV pandemic as the world struggles to stop #COVID19. #VaccinEquity
Join the conversation: How to end the inequality that still cripples the fight against AIDS some 40 years later. #WorldAIDSDay
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Reminder: Prince Harry Says Royal Family Turned On Meghan Markle After Australian Tour…
Duke of Sussex seemed to imply that his family became jealous of Meghan and Harry’s popularity after they toured Australia in 2018.
“It all changed after the Australia tour,” he said after confirming that Prince William and Kate Middleton were “really welcoming” to Markle in the beginning.

He continued: “It was the first time the family got to see how incredible she was at the job.
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#PrinceHarry 'deeply moved' by children's photographs after last UK visit The Duke of Sussex has been patron of WellChild since 2007
🅰️📩 Pdf link to - Hopes and Dreams: My Life Through A Lens…
Prince Harry has been involved in several high profile charities this year. Global Citizen Live generates $1.1 billion to fight poverty - ABC News via @ABC -
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Prince Harry: Protect the Okavango River Basin from corporate drilling

The Okavango is a force of life, providing the main source of water for nearly 1 million Indigenous and local people and some of the planet’s most majestic wildlife.
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A thread: #PrinceCharles w.r.t the cash for citizenship and knighthood scandal especially his affection for Michael Fawcett. (Start) Image
2.Disclaimer: All news and pictures used are in the public domain freely available via a simple google search.
"The pair were so close that the prince has said: “I can manage without just about anyone except Michael.”-Sunday Times
He will continue to work for Charles but on a freelance basis for his own event management business.

Charles today said: "I am enormously grateful to Mr Fawcett for all he has done over many years and I wish him well with his new business."…
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Gurkhas and the British

Men from the hillsides of Nepal began joining the British Army in 1815,right after the end of the 1st phase of the Anglo-Gurkha War of 1814-16.They have been serving the British Crown ever since.#Gurkha #Gurkhas #Nepal #ENGITA #Eng…
The Gurkhas played an essential role in establishing the British Raj in India and fought for the British in Afghanistan, what was then Burma, Tibet and in countless other conflicts.

#England #Britain #British #Army #BritishArmy #Eng #ENGITA #Euro2020Final #EuroFinal #EURO2020
In the first world war alone, tiny Nepal,with a population of around 5 million, sent over 200,000 Gurkhas to fight for the British. 1 in 10 never returned. In the second world war over 250,000 Gurkhas fought alongside the British and more than 33,000 never returned.

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The more things change, the more they say the same. This phrase sums up what I have learned from watching the 5 year smear campaign against #MeghanMarkle. Because I see how the people who regularly lie, abuse, & threaten her will use the same playbook slave owners used. How so?
1. Slave owners wanted to create an atmosphere of disunity among the enslaved. How it's used now? The rise of 'Digital Blackface' where a person is pretending to be Black (a person of African descent) by using the profile photos of Black people.…
These fake accounts will regularly post "I'm black or biracial" and I don't like Meghan. But will not be able to carry a conversation based on the ethnicity they have chosen. If you dislike Meghan based on her ethnicity, just be honest. No need to pretend to be another race.
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Meghan was overwhelmingly welcomed by the RF & Commonwealth

I would like to say I have compassion for Meghan's naïveté

I see in Meghan the loose character Princess Ann opposed prior to the wedding. Colour has nothing to do with my assessment. Lies do.
#OprahHarryMeghan So many lies.
Security for the RF is assessed & provided by London's Metropolitan Police & Scotland Yard.

Meghan, a long-time Royals groupie.

Securing Royals' passports didn't stop Meghan's travel.

They had a plan., MM got training & Charles paid their bills
Racist Dog Whistle
Prince Harry is the only Royal "repeatedly" called out to apologize for his racially charged behaviour.
So, biracial Meghan Markle marries him?
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"Prince" Harry, CIO of BetterUp, joins #VaxLive. BetterUp, partner of #Salesforce, valued at 1.73 billion, is premised on behavioral change via #AI & #data. Psychological resilience/support for chosen ones, which is recognized as an imperative, to transition to & endure #4IR. ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen model: nurturing of #celebrity worship as a "pop & policy" model to harvest/exploit targeted youth demographic.

#VaxLive #Gates #VaccineUptake #Biotech #India #PrinceHarry #Salesforce #4IR

Learning thread:

"Credible #celebrity endorsers can be deadly efficient in cutting into the toughest #markets & combating the fiercest consumer #resistance." —Celebrity Culture, 2006

#VaxLive #VaxLies #Gates #WorldBank #4IR #Biotech #VaccineUptake #Marketing ImageImageImageImage
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“Voicing concern about an "avalanche of misinformation" in the digital world, #PrinceHarry is joining the Aspen Institute's new Commission on Information Disorder as a commissioner. Harry, 14 other commissioners & 3 co-chairs will conduct a 6-month study”…
“Journo Katie Couric,Color of Change pres Rashad Robinson & Chris Krebs, the former dir of the US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency,are the co-chairs. "This info crisis undermines confidence in our democratic institutions & strikes right at the foundation of society”
“That's what Aspen,a leading nonprofit,wants to examine.The institute announced its Commission on Info Disorder in Jan w/ a mandate to develop "actionable public-private responses." The commission will begin to meet in April & will hold a series of briefings with outside experts”
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The Wikipedia edit history for #princeharry since dating Meghan. Paternity trolling, homophobia, personal attacks & of course, anti-Meghan trolling. Disclaimer: It took so long just to get back to 2016 so I wasn't able to see what the edits look like too far pre-Meghan. 1/
Re: Paternity. of course, for years there have been "rumours" about James Hewitt being Harry's father. He isn't. The math don't math. It's so disturbing also to see people who claim to love him pre-Meghan, in a blink of an eye troll him about his paternity 2/
Then we have the trolling of Harry via #meghanmarkle: racism, misogynoir, obsessive m*gxit-like behaviour appear. Once again, there are MANY. so this bit is split into parts. Part 1 (3/)
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Wikipedia edit history shows how malicious a lot of the #MeghanMarkle hate is, and how much of it is about trying to shape the narrative about her via trolling and misinformation. A thread:
Evidence of disruptive editing and vandalism which began in earnest when #harryandmeghan 's relationship was announced. Archie's page gets it too after he's born screenshot of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor's wikipediscreenshot of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's wikipedia page andscreenshot of Meghan Markle's wikipedia page before marriagescreenshot of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wikipedia page with
A LOT of back & forth over how to talk about Meghan's race. Didn't include all those b/c the majority didn't seem overtly malicious & the careless ones got smacked down quick by editors. These however, are clearly malicious, note the "I speak truth" in the first pic about Archie screenshot of a wikipedia edit in which a racist comment saya screenshot of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's wikipedia page e
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Everyone stop worshipping dead satanic worshippers. It doesn't matter how great and innocent you believe they are, and they are victims for wanting to speak out. No, they bought into it, and they got caught and wanted to sing. They were killed or chose to die vs life in Gitmo.
These people are NOT innocent: Anthony Bourdain, #RobinWilliams, #PrinceHarry #MeganMarkle #PrincessDiana (yes Diana). There are more, but these are the names I keep seeing over and over. Stop worshipping #pedovores. Y'all part of the problem if you do #SaveTheKids #CabalTakeDown
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👑 Finding Freedom, the unofficial biography of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is finally here 📖

⬇️ Follow live as we read all 24 chapters on the revealing new book…

#FindingFreedom #MeghanAndHarry #MeghanMarkle
The biography details how Meghan said "it didn't have to be this way" as she and Harry stepped down as senior members of the royal family - follow live…

#FindingFreedom #MeghanAndHarry
It opens with one of the most memorable moments of Meghan and Harry’s relationship, as the couple stepped out to the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace - follow live…
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EXCLUSIVE: Byline Investigates can reveal the #DuchessofSussex has filed her response to the #MailonSunday’s Defence in her legal action over its publication of a private letter she sent her father Thomas Markle before her wedding to #PrinceHarry 1/12
BREAKING: The 30-plus page, approx 9,000-word,document will take a wrecking ball to the newspaper’s publishers own 44-page case which seeks to justify allegations of misuse of #duchessmeghan's private information,breach of Data Protection Rights and infringement of copyright 2/12
The Duchess's filing will accuse Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL) of trying to “attack and intimidate” her in “the Defence and in print”, adding to distress of it publishing a “deeply private communication” that ANL itself called “a moving letter to her estranged father” 3/12
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At first glance this appears to be about a prince, but the real story of #HarryandMeghan is about our own reactions. Rarcism, sexism, modernity, equality...

We could have told this story a different way, and the outcomes would have been transformative. So why didn't we?

If someone wrote Cinderella’s tale today, her character might not wait around for a prince to come and save her. She would, instead, be given a career and aspire to financial independence.
In the #MeToo era if Sleeping Beauty woke up with a kiss that she did not consent to, we'd call it assault, not a fairytale. We've yet to reframe these stories for a modern era, because it's hard to escape the trap of outdated values if we keep telling ourselves obsolete stories.
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(1/4) #PrinceHarry e #MeghanMarkle ha translocat se a #Canada in un grand dom sur li Insul #Vancouver, u li tempe es ideal, mem in li hiverne. Ili hat fat un surprisant anuncie que ili vell partialmen renunciar su titules e deves quam reyal cuple, pos

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/4) quel li Reyessa #ElizabethII clarificat que on es u reyal, u ne, e que ili devet renunciar tot por esser líber de lor deves. Malgré to ili stat firm e translocat se. Ínfelicimen quelc #paparazzi ha sequet les mem til Canada, inter queles quelcs hat petit li capitan de un Image
(3/4) taxi aquatic aportar les al insul u vive li reyal cuple, ma il refusat, diente plu tard al presse que il "ne volet esser memorat quam li mann que aportat li paparazzi a lor dom". Li Palace #Buckingham clarificat que ili desde nu ne posse utilisar li titul "Reyal Altesse", Image
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