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Concall transcript Q3fy21
Rev 93.9 cr ,Ebidta 20.3 cr & PAT 8.5 cr
9mfy21 Rev 275.9 cr up 6% yoy
Interim dividend of 10%
Moved into new corporate office in Bengaluru
In IoT focus on mftng sector,secured 4 new customers in Q3
ID central (identity analytics solution) launched in Indonesia, 1st customer onboard

NGP platform, next gen platform to revolutionize way telcos operate in OSS & BSS system ,cloud native API based application

Expect more 5g contracts in APAC & ME in coming quarters
Vision to emerge as a leader in digital trust solutions in multi vertical environment

Closed about $28.5mn deals in 9mfy21 ,Q4 to exceed Q3 in deal wins

Tech mahindra partnership around Block chain area

New product offering for Telcos- Augmented Analytics platform
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#galaxysurfactants #Q3investorpresentations

:Q2 momentum spilled into Q3
:Speciality segment double digit growth
:Domestic mkt double digit growth
:Interim dividend Rs 14

Vols Q3fy21/20
Performance surfactants 36618/34978
Speciality 21620/19295
Total 58238/54273
Revenue HLs
Q3fy21/20 in crs
Performance surfactants 401/387
Speciality 277/242
Total 678/629
PAT 85/48

9mnths fy21 vols
India mkt up 13.3%
Africa & ME Up 6.3%
ROW down -10.1%

9mnth FHs in cr
PS 1292/1187
Speciality 717/759
Total 2009/1946
PAT 223/168
Truly Indian MNC
:Leading mftr of ingredients for home & personal care industry
:preferred supplier for MNC,Regional & local Fmcg
:205+ product grades
: 7 strategic facilities (5 India,1Egypt ,1 US)
: Extensive R&D capacity
: intellectual property- 78 approved,1e applied
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#sequentScientific #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations

Strong 🏋️‍♀️
Q3fy21/20 in cr
Rev 361/317
PAT 37.2/20
EPS 1.52/0.83

9mnth fy21/20
Rev 1014/878
PAT 87.8 /53.1
EPS 3.24/2.18

API Business up 17.2%
Formulations 15.0%

Alivira award best Company in AH India/ME/Africa
EU subdued due operational challenges of Covid
Spain & Germany impacted while Benelux & Sweden reported strong growth
Growth to accelerate with recent launches of CitramoxLA & Halofusol. Tulathromycin launch to reflect from the current quarter
Brazil & Turkey grow strongly driven by mkt share gain existing portfolio & new launches
India business doubled last 9 months
Integration Zoetis portfolio completed

API Business
Highest quarterly sales 1,297Mn, growth 20%
1/3rd sales from global Top-10 AH players in 9M
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#Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations

Best Ever Quarterly Revenue, EBITDA & PAT
Rev 4,350 mn, up 24% yoy & 8% qoq Q3’21 EBITDA 1,085 Mn, up 32% yoy & 8% qoq
PAT 658 Mn, up 59% yoy & 16% qoq
Basic EPS 18.47
API Business
Regulated mkt rev 3110 mn, up 12% yoy
,contributed 72% of Q3’21 rev, decline from Q2 result of robust growth in other mkts
Other mkts rev 1240 mn, up 71% yoy
Rev growth 24% yoy (37% yoy ex-ranitidine) driven by growth in vol, scale up Vizag
New products 9% Q3’21rev
Tracking well to plan ,addition of new customers, solid growth order book

R&D & Ops
Vizag onstream, commercialized as planned in Q3
Filed 3 new DMFs US mkt ,2 EU mkt during Q3’21
Market extensions 6 of existing products across 7 different geographies
R&D 138 mn 3.2% Rev
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#subex #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations
9mnths fy21
Revenue up 6% ,2758 mn
Ebidta margin 27.3% ,753 mn
PAT (exc exp items) up 101% ,332.5 mn

Products :
Revenue assurance
IOT security
Fraud manag
Identity analytics
Anomaly detection
Network analytics
3 horizon strategy

1 - enhance core areas ( fraud mang,Rev assurance ,Network analytics, partner ecosystem mang)

2 - immediate growth ( IOT security, Analytics center of trust)

3 - long term growth , invest in emerging areas ( Multi-Vertical SaaS)
Crunch metric
Investment rationale

Leader in Digital Trust space

Making strong inroads in the multi vertical IoT Security space; IoT Security Market to touch $4.5 bn by 2022

Incubating virtual startups within the orgztn

Sticky Revenue Model ,60% annuity/ recurring, >98% customer retentn
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#emamiltd #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations
Concall highlights

Rural demand remained strong, urban showed pickup
Healthcare portfolio showed good response due to covid
Product penetration of 4% for Boroplus,Balms,Kesh king,etc
Double digit vol growth guidance for Q4
Manag confident of new launches Boroplus,Emasol
Honey controversy appears to settle down, mkt changing from seasonal to perennial
Fair & Handsome sales showing uptick post rebranding, relaunch
Sanitiser sales witnessing slowdown
Hair oils seeing demand in domestic & ME mkts
Q3 sales Zandu segment
Honey up 2.5% ,Chyawanprash 24%
International business up 26% yoy led by growth in ME & SAARC ,new launches contributed 4% to sales in Q3 ,creme21 grew 82%
30+ new product launches Fy21
E comm sales up 3.5x in Q3 ,up 210 bps
MT channel growth 51% in Q3
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@LaurusLabs #lauruslabs #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations
Q3fy21/20 in crs
Rev 1288/730 ,up 76%
Ebidta 433/150
PAT 273/73 ,up 274%
EPS 5.1/1.4

Generic API growth 103% yoy
ARVs up 175% yoy
Generic FDF up 47%
Custom synthesis up 63% yoy
Onco API growth 36% Image
Generic APIs
Commercialized 60+ products
61 DMFs filed

Generic FDF
Filed 26 ANDAs with USFDA
9 final & 8 tentative approvals
Filed 12 dossiers in Canada, 9 in EU ,8 with WHO,2 in S.Africa, 2 in India
Laurus Synthesis
CDMO services for Global pharma
Steroids,hormone mftg
Speciality ingredients in Nutraceuticals,dietary,cosmetics

Commercial scale mfg,clinical phase supplies,Analytics & research

API validation plannd in Unit 5
Optalmic initiated
LSPL-API validatn planned Image
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@GranulesIndia #granulesindia #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations

Q3Fy21 Highlights Revenue from ops up 20% yoy driven by 4 new launches in Q3 & increase in mkt share existing products across the three segments – API, PFI and FD
EBITDA up 29.7% yoy, +190 bps margin expansion yoy on changing product mix with higher contribution from FD and PFI , improved operational efficiencies from higher capacity utilization
PAT 147 cr up 129.4% yoy
Net Debt down 22% yoy
Net debt to EBITDA 0.7x vs. 1.4x as of Q3fy20
ROCE 32.4%, up on account of higher capacity utilization via addition of new modules & equipment with limited capital expenditure
Q3fy21 launched Ramelteon, Dexmethylphenidate HCI and Potassium Chloride ER tablets (Klor-Con), from GPI and Guaifenesin ER tablets from GIL
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#Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations

Apollo tricoat - 3 steps ahead
Q3fy21/20 in crs
Rev 503/229
PAT 38/18
EPS 12.46/5.93

9m fy21/20
Rev 1006/434
PAT 70/31
EPS 23.24/10.35

Full on ahead not only 3 steps
50 % mkt share in structural steel tubes 9mfy21,sales vol CAGR 27% fy11-20

Most products with 1500+ SKUs (shapes & sizes)
Highest scale with 10 plants - 2.5 mn ton capacity
Largest sales network 800+ distributors
Lowest cost producer
Premium pricing to peers
50000+ retailers
Existing product portfolio
Door solution - Chaukhat (Indias 1st closed steel door frame ) ,monthly sales reached 4000 ton ,2 lakh/month chaukhats ,UP,HP,Rajsthn,Punjab

Home beautification - Elegant ,Signature, Plank
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@PolycabIndia #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations

Q3 earnings presentation
Revenue Q3 27988 mn ,up 12% yoy
9m 58891 mn ,up 12% yoy
PAT 2636mn ,up 19% yoy
9m 6027 mn,up 9% yoy
Net cash Q3 - 1335 mn
6% yoy growth
Distribution channel double digit growth
Institutional businesses continues 2 face headwinds
Wires > cables
Housing wires strong momentum
Export 2.9 bn,10.5% overall sales,down 33% yoy due higher Dangote base
Exc Dangote, Aus,Asia,UK 29% yoy growth
Fast moving electrical goods
Strong 41% yoy growth in total Rev back of consumer demand,distribution, product mix
FMEG mix to sales up 215bps, up 10.8% yoy
Fans took leadership in few geographies
Segment Ebit margin 5.9% in Q3 & 4.7% in 9mnths
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#Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations
Good show inr in mn
Rev 8945 /6712
PAT 2041 /1540
EPS 12.83 /9.95

9 months fy21 /20
Rev 26626 /20909
PAT 7365 /5780
EPS 47.12 / 37.31

Mkt wise
US 6021 /4853
India 1495 /1193
ROW 1078/413
R&D expenses INR Mn
Q3 fy21 434
Q3fy20 312
9M Fy21 916
9m Fy20 749

Net worth INR Mn
Mar 20 36462
Dec 20 56221

Net cash INR Mn
Mar 20 13202
Dec 20 28128

Capital expenditure
9M Fy20 1342
9M Fy21 1826

9M Fy20 4244
9M fy21 4056
New launches
9months fy21 - 31 product SKUs (4 mols)
US mkt - Dec 20 ,with partners filed 282 ANDAs, 226 approved, 56 pending

Core mkts (US,EU,Canada,Australia)
9M fy21 17415 mn
Growth 20%
Q3 fy21 6021 mn
Growth 24%

Domestic MKT
9M fy2110 product SKUs
Started Remdesivir mftg
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@HDFCLIFE #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations

Mkt share up 214 bps to 16.4%
NBM at 25.6%
8% Individual WRP growth compared to private industry de-growth of 6%
25.6% New Business Margin on the back of growth, balanced product mix
17% growth in Protection (Indl) and 42% growth in Annuity in APE terms
22% growth in renewal premium with stable persistency
PAT of Rs 1,042 Cr, with growth of 6%
Solvency healthy at 202%
Pvt mkt share rank up to 2,gain 214 bps 14.3 to 16.4%
Balanced product mix %
Savings 35
Non participating savings 30
Ulips 23
Protection 7
Annuity 5

Distribution 300+ partners

AUM 31Dec 20
1.7 lkh cr
Debt:equity mix 64:36
98% debt in Gsecs & AAA

Renewal premium growth 22%
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@SyngeneIntl #Syngene #Q3marketupdates
Q3fy21/20 in mn
Rev 5845 /5191
Ebidta 1933 /1735
PAT 1022 /918

9months fy21 /20
Rev 15257/14046
Ebidta 5026/4749
PAT 2443 /2460
Q3fy20 had exceptional gain of 459 mn leading to higher PAT

Good show
High conviction bet
Doubler for me

Collaborated Deerfield discovery & development 3DC to advance integrated drug discovery projects, early target validation to preclinical evaluation

Expanded research facility Genome valley Hyderabad, +90 scientist

Accreditatn NABL fr medical devices
Setup new RT-PCR testing facility approved by NABL & ICMR

20395 mn Rev Fy20
8 Collaborations with top 10 pharma companies
4200 + scientists
3662 mn PAT fy20
400+ patents ( held with clients )
31541 mn capex Mar 20

Integrated services- drug discovery,development,mfg
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Q3 & 9 months investor presentation

Leading pvt non life insurer since 2004
12 yr GDPI CAGR 12.3%
Mkt share 9 mns 7.2%
Agents 55615
Increasing share tier 3,4 cities
Virtual offices 840
Solvency Dec 20 - 2.76x ( req1.5x)
In rs billion 9 mfy20 /21
Gross written premium 103.6 / 107.6
GDPI 101.32 /105.25
PAT 9.12 /11.27
ROE 21.8 /22.4%
Solvency ratio 2.18 /2.76x
BV 128.76/159.86
EPS 20.07/24.81

Product mix in %
Motor OD & TP 50/49

Motor GDPI Mix
Pvt car 55.9/57.4
2 wheeler 29.6/27.3
CV 14.5/15.3
Advanced premium Dec 31st 20 - 31.97 bn / Sep 20 - 31.6 bn

Health ,travel & PA GDPI Mix 9 mon fy20/21
Individual 22.5 /24.9%
Group others 40 /23.2%
Group employer-employee 37.4 /51.9

Individual health indemnity grew 25.7% for 9 month from 17 at Sep 20
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