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It's been almost a month since our last episode of The More Than Seven Seals of #TheCryptocalypse listed way more than 7 really bad omens for the cryptocurrency "industry."

Well things have gotten a lot worse since then. #TheOracleOfTulips has more to reveal.

The contents of The Book of Fraudits were revealed by the prophet #Mazars in the form of number-free "attestations" about the financial state of #CryptoCom, #Binance, and #KuCoin.

Note that the #KuCoin attestation has never been seen by mortal eyes.
#Mazars LLP, one of the two quasi-legitimate accounting firms still auditing cryptocurrency exchanges not named @Coinbase or @Kraken, announced they would no longer audit crypto firms not named Coinbase or Kraken.
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So one thing I've learnt if you are a money launder or scammer stay away from #vatfraud. Ripping off citizen's is low risk but if you tax authorities they will hunt you down. check @nicolaborzi article.…
European #vatfraud appears to be such a small world. reading through the article I recognised the reference to a MTIC VAT fraud scheme.
As it was #vatfraud that brought down #dannybarrs
founder of #globaltransactionservices and his associated #onestopshop favoured by #ponzi promoters for almost a decade.
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2/交易所老板如果挂了,又没有密钥备份的话,所有用户资产立马纷飞湮灭(案例: #QuadrigaCX 交易所)
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1/ Just watched this documentary on Netflix about the Canadian crypto exchange #QuadrigaCX that collapsed in 2018.

The CEO basically ran a ponzi & gambled away $150 mil in user funds when he was making 2% in fees on transactions - out of over $1 bil in volume!

What an idiot. 👇
2/ Guy was addicted to gambling and his plan from the start was to create a crypto exchange and scam users.

Yet, his exchange became the most successful in Canada and he would have been rich on a legitimate business. My god!

Greed kills people and this guy literally died.
3/ Gerald (the CEO) basically moved all user funds to other exchanges and gambled them away while he credited users with "fake" crypto / CAD.

Once the 2018 crash happened, he could not process withdrawals as people exited crypto and the exchange collapsed.

Users money lost.
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1 - So, whoa! At the end of the day mr #Devasini and mr Daniele #Sestagalli, the Italian man behind Wonderland ($Time), Popsicle Finance ($ICE), and Abracadabra ($MIM) projects in #Switzerlandmistress are connected. During last drawdown Sestagalli cashed out 30 mln to #Bitfinex
2 - One of the #Wonderland #Sestagalli project managers is a well known name of #QuadrigaCX scandal, @0xSifu aka Michael #Patryn aka Omar #Dhanani, see

3 - there's plenty of "stolen money" in this story Image Image
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So was just thinking....I don't remember seeing a Reg Fowler. But then I do a search of the archives....and apparently I do.
#cryptocapital #fowler #yosef Image
Sometimes things are hiding in plain sight

#gts #valoris #magestic #bredersuasso Image
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Feels like a good time to remind everyone about #tcabank and #legacy dodgy shellco's #cryptocapital was peddling for #quadrigacx payouts... ImageImage
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#quadrigacx monitors counsel making a mash of flagging their concerns that they may be spending funds that someone may make claim to...
...and there it is.....the someone is.....the govt.
When you don't keep don't file your corporate don't pay your taxes. When you accumulate $9m in assets there's potentially a large outstanding tax bill....and the tax man doesn't generally like standing at the back of a queue as an unsecured creditor
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#QuadrigaCX I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. Lets stop throwing stones, giving sermons and end the angry retaliation. This is bigger than one or 10 people and right now there are alot of people motivated to contribute.
Before you post use someone else as sounding board, the more contentious sound out more peers. Some advice or direction back is better than throwing rocks.
none of us are perfect. I acknowledge that I've pulled the trigger on a couple of posts and not because they are factually incorrect but because it could have been far better utilised, engaging and useful.
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#quadrigacx E&Y budget Image
@dividebynine check out the number requested....$2m...... :) Image
out of $300k loan (that is secured by #quadriga assets) only $150k is left in the tin. $150k spent on advice pre CCCA -interesting to see the use of funds? wonder how much more has been spent on advice for protecting the estates assets (obviously separate to the $300k)
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@PleaseProtocol Blockchain has already been widely accepted by the Innovators & Early Adopters.


Next: North American Early Pragmatists (see CNBC video)…
@PleaseProtocol State vs. Bitcoin by @profwitiger

a single prophet is worth a million consultants
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