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@ParrotCapital @Cryptadamist @Annihil4tionGod @ThegreatLambiny @ImDrinknWyn Only just skimmed through the petition filing. What a dumpster.
Next to no info on N9 advisors. So likely a Delaware SPV setup solely for the purpose of facilitating the convertible note. Creditor list confirms Delaware entity
@ParrotCapital @Cryptadamist @Annihil4tionGod @ThegreatLambiny @ImDrinknWyn caveat: this is a skim thru illustrated with coupled together screenshots. when i have a chance I'll convert their financials into google sheets.
@ParrotCapital @Cryptadamist @Annihil4tionGod @ThegreatLambiny @ImDrinknWyn you can see the N9 con note on the balance sheet quarter ending Sep 2021. Image
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1/ I'VE BEEN THINKING abt #crypto & banking, which is in the news these days (& I'm living it too). I've spent yrs thinking abt the issues. Yes it *IS* possible for trad banks to safely bank #crytpo industry: simply back demand deposits 100% w/ cash held in a Fed master acct.💡
2/ But that's NOT what the US banks banking #crypto generally are doing. Pls see for yourselves by reviewing their financial statements--you'll see, eg, >10yr securities backing demand deposits that customers cld withdraw in minutes🤦‍♀️. That's a prob but isn't inherent to #crypto!
3/ I just finished updating a balance sheet analysis of the banks that bank #crypto & something jumped out at me--8x, which is a number I've seen before. When any bank puts 8x its shareholders' equity at risk in anything & that thing goes haywire, the outcome is predictable.🔮💡
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//🧵 How did I miss $12,000 for project abuse?

// In this thread, I'll share tips on how to avoid having your project funds flagged for suspicious activity on your account.

// Read it to avoid my mistakes and save money 👇
// All your wallets must be crystal clear to receive airdrop.

// In this thread I’ll cover:

1. How to check your wallets
2. How to cover your tracks
3. The parameters by which projects filter out wallets
4. Examples of project dropouts
//1 How to check your wallets 👝

// To do this, we will need, сhoosing the ETH network. Enter your wallet, which we want to check and the site will show us a graphical representation of how and where you sent and received funds. Bad example 👇
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🚨How Scammers Helped Create Monero🚨
Here is an exposé about the dark history of the beloved cryptocurrency Monero. Get ready for a wild ride that all starts with Monero's White Paper 📝. #monero #xmr #crytpo #privacy @monero

1/15 Image
But a fun fact about Monero is that it doesn't have an OFFICIAL white paper, because Monero was cloned from Bytecoin. Bytecoin launched in 2014 and is based on the CryptoNote protocol. It was heralded as fixing all the privacy issues that plague bitcoin and it SEEMED legit.

2/15 Image
Even prominent Bitcoin core devs were impressed with the privacy created by Bytecoin and the Cryptonote protocol:

“The privacy achieved by Bytecoin is better than any existing-in-production privacy tools " - Gregory Maxwell - Bitcoin Core Dev - 2014

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So one thing I've learnt if you are a money launder or scammer stay away from #vatfraud. Ripping off citizen's is low risk but if you tax authorities they will hunt you down. check @nicolaborzi article.…
European #vatfraud appears to be such a small world. reading through the article I recognised the reference to a MTIC VAT fraud scheme.
As it was #vatfraud that brought down #dannybarrs
founder of #globaltransactionservices and his associated #onestopshop favoured by #ponzi promoters for almost a decade.
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Short summary of today's @INATBA_org meeting on #TFR in #Brussels:
@Europarl_EN repeated its concerns and intentions, but did not give in to the objections and counter examples of the #crytpo proponents (and bystanders such as @SofwareAG).

#Crypto proponents were arguing
▪️lack of proportionality (e.g., vis-á-vis cash TX)
▪️undue burden of proof for trivial amounts (no de minimis threshold)
▪️privacy issues for consumers (especially for unhosted wallets

.@EvaKaili (who did a great job of moderating all of this) summarized everything as
▪️excellent discussion today
▪️there certainly is room to maneuver
▪️the two sides have not met today, but...
▪️we will repeat such an discussion meeting at the end of May

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#VLRM This is a 5-10x from here imo,hence I'm holding a six figure sum here!The GSX currently hosted 2500 debt bonds to the value of £5bn. From some research the #GSX posted revenue figure of $12.8m dollars in last quarter of 21.
When this gets purchased with a PE x ratio of 5-10 then you can value it a minimum 60m minimum as it is. The problem you have is the conversion to a digital trading platform accessing multiple trillion dollar markets will greatly inflate this to something that can’t be measured.
A bloody nice problem to have indeed! The value going through the exchange 24/7 could be eyewatering.. 500m 800m, 2bn who knows? That's the beauty of this! It has the full backing of the GFSC & will key to the strategic global growth of the #crytpo & #blockchain sector in #GIB!
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After reviewing this document from the Presidents Working Group on financial markets discussing StableCoins future regulatory framework, I’ve got some opinions on how this all will probably play out. #cryptocrash #crytpo #sec #cftc #fomc $mstr…
Firstly regulation is coming even though the crypto believers don’t want to accept that it will.

@GaryGensler has clearly (ominously for the crypto world) stated that throughout history there have been attempts for private banks and currencies to operate outside of public regulations and all have failed. Basically saying crypto and exchanges will be regulated or destroyed
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I had the most amazing conversation with my grandmother today! Born in 1930, I knew she would be amazing source about historical economic information. She told me of how they had their own animals that they raised and the gardens they grew. How they had 7 people/3 generations…
Under one roof! They biggest thing she said when I asked what my great-grand parents said about the time of the Great Depression was “Nothing, they didn’t tell us anything…” THIS is where we make a difference TODAY! We need to be talking about what is going on!
She agreed to basically an AMA where I can relay her information! Mind you, she’s 91 but sharper than most 30 years olds! I will try to do this within the week! If you have people raised during the Great Depression, ask them what they know!
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Common sense- if an individual thinks they'll need money in the next 12 months, due to economic uncertainty(COVID,lockdowns,SEC) they should convert to USD or their national currency to pay their predefined debt (mortgage, car pmts, etc...) Don't use #Crytpo as a bank account.1/6
I fully expect 2021 to be a more crazy year than 2020 for the markets and local economys.Biden Tax increases are coming at a time when they will do the most damage to individuals. Unemployment is very high in USA (even for the rigged metrics). Increase to corporate taxes only 2/6
Hurts the little guys (start ups, mom and pops) who reap their sole wellbeing from their own labor. Minimum wage increases further ruins their ability since they lack the economy of scale granted to large corps/franchises. They will be priced out of the market due to gov. 3/6
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1/ More and more I seem to get added to twitter lists called “#bitcoin skeptics” or similar. Perhaps I should explain a bit.

So for the record, I’d like to state a few things about #crypto, #altcoins, #tehter & $BTC from my POV:
2/ I am not a #bitcoin skeptic. I recognize the potential of a decentralized, immutable (by current tools and disregarding miner centralization) database. I am enthusiastic about seeing what it will do for us, such as preventing identity theft or authenticating assets.
3/ I detest easy answers to problems of today’s political & financial systems and have a strong impulse to mistrust consensus opinion & “religious” zeal. More than anything, I truly hate when people are taken advantage of due to levels of understanding or education.
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