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🚀🤖 The future of AI is here! Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, recently spoke at Google I/O about how AI can be more helpful for people, businesses, and communities. Let's explore some highlights from his speech! #FutureofAI @sundarpichai @GoogleAI

A quick recap🍿👇 Image
📈🌍 With generative AI, Google is reimagining all its core products, including search. Pichai gave examples of how generative AI is already helping evolve products like Gmail and Maps. #AIadvancements #GoogleMaps #Gmail
📧🗺️ In Gmail, Help Me Write uses AI to draft emails for users, and in Maps, Immersive View for Routes allows users to see their whole trip in advance. These advancements in AI will continue to improve and make our lives easier. #HelpMeWrite #ImmersiveView Image
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#Pisces #Virgo #Cancer #Aries #leo #Libra #Gemini SMRV 🔮

Seperation No-Contact situation 💌💕

• In the past there was a lady involved in doing some kind of witchcraft, spell work or dark magic on you and your person as well. Just to keep you stuck and delay you success.
• Whatever she was trying to send towards you, any kind of negativity or Negative energy was sent back to the sender. Major Karmic Lessons learned. You have to worry about absolutely nothing. You are well protected and Guided.

• Right now your person is afraid of the fact
That you won't be able to forgive them when they approach you, they fear that you may abuse or even misbehave with them or will just treat them bad. But that's their thoughts . I know you are humble and grateful from the inside. Just keep being you.
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#Gemini #Libra #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Taurus #Aquarius SMRV 🔮

Seperation No-Contact situation 💕💌

• In the past you felt like you were the one carrying this relationship alone on your shoulders, only you were giving your best and felt tired and drained in doing so.
• So finally you let go to focus on self and Clear your energy, but till Today you still feel the pull. They are still holding and occupying a lot of space in your head.

• This is happening because your person is still holding on to you, they are not letting you go.
• No matter how the situation looks on the outside, this person is holding on to you ( can look like a toxic/ narcissistic relationship as well). But all you have to do is keep protecting your energy anyhow. Don't Chase, and keep the focus on you. Trust your intuition more.
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#Astrology : #Moon In #Sign -Your emotional need
Moon in #Aries :Emotional need for Independence
Moon in #Taurus :Emotional need for safety and security
Moon in #Gemini :Emotional need for interaction/ communication
Moon in #Cancer :Emotional need to nurture others
Moon in #Leo :Emotional need for admiration and attention
Moon in #Virgo :Emotional need for helping others
Moon in #Libra :Emotional need for equality and fairness
Moon in #Scorpio :Emotional need for intimacy or bonding
Moon in #Sagittarius :Emotional need for freedom and space
Moon in #Capricorn :Emotional need to succeed
Moon in #Aquarius :Emotional need to do something for society
Moon in #Pisces :Emotional need for isolation and spiritual
In which sign your moon is placed in the birth
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Gemini ascendant attributes
Gemini ascendant individuals are known for their curious, inquisitive, and communicative nature. They are charming, sociable, and possess a great sense of humor, which makes them quite popular among their peers.
Here are some of the typical attributes associated with Gemini ascendant:
Intellectual and curious: Gemini ascendants have a great thirst for knowledge, and they love to learn new things. They are very analytical and enjoy exploring different ideas and perspectives.
Chatty and communicative: With their ruling planet Mercury, they are gifted with excellent communication skills and are always ready to engage in a conversation. They are witty and enjoy intellectual debates.
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Market microstructure is so important in trading.

Here’s some brilliant analysis from Kaiko that I’ve summarised.

A must read thread for crypto traders. 👇🏼
Volumes - Amid last weeks broad market rally, #Crypto trade volumes reached their highest level since the FTX collapse.
On 14 March, trade volumes on the 18 most liquid centralised exchanges rose to $51bn, hitting 4-month highs.
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#Aries #Sagittarius #Aquarius #Leo #Gemini #Cancer SMRV 🔮

What's happening (No contact) 💕

• You disconnected from them and it caused them to wake up to this connection and Step into their power.

• In the past they were running & hiding.
• But Now Divine is pushing them to work on themselves, they can't hide no more. They can't Just stay with the karmic around them Like that.

• The more they stay there, the more painful it gets for them. And they are very well aware of this fact. Balance.
• They feels like you embody a powerful gift that has the potential to take you on the top.

• Your person is intrigued by your mystery.

• You are becoming the Best version of you but your person is still healing and learning their spiritual lessons. Just Surrender.
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#Scorpio #Aquarius #Libra #Sagittarius #Gemini #Capricorn (SMRV 🔮)

• 𝙉𝙤 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙖𝙘𝙩 𝙨𝙞𝙩𝙪𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 💕

• Your person knows that you were the first person in their life who stood up to them when they were doing wrong, and Never supported them in their wrongs.
• The moment ur person sit in silence , their thoughts come back to u , ur memories. Unforgettable

• They way you used to talk to them, softly and cutely. The way u used to tease them. The way u healed their wounded heart, but in return they gave u the pain u never deserved
• This person still have ur photos saved in their phone. If u feel Upset and sad out of the Blue, without any reason. Yes , its ur person's energy. Trying to connect with u. Missing energy

• They r also scared of the fact that how will u respond to them, once they approach u.
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#Aquarius #Cancer #Sagittarius #Leo
#Gemini #Capricorn SMRV 🔮✨

𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗰𝘂𝗿𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗴𝘆 💕

• You know your worth and won't settle for anything less than you deserve. Your person can sense this now & They r trying to obtain balance like u did.
• Your person admires your serious as well as bubbly side. They have never trusted anyone like they trust you. But at the same time they also know how badly they broke your trust & Heart in the past . Feeling sorry ( This time Its genuine) .

• Your loyalty is unforgettable
• They way you were honest & loyal to them, and the way they treated you in return is something that is giving them hard time sleeping recently. They are not at peace. Health issues.

• For many ur person now feels more confident about a new start with you.
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#Aquarius #Libra #Sagittarius #Gemini #Scorpio #Capricorn (SMRV 🔮)

• 𝙉𝙤 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙖𝙘𝙩 𝙨𝙞𝙩𝙪𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 💕

• You are Growing Spiritually and what you want for yourself is love, Care & Respect. Reciprocal of your efforts. Balance and Peace in your life.
• You are not responding to them the way you used to in the past, because of which they are feeling more drawn to you. No matter how strong they try to block this connection but their feelings for u returns on a more deeper level. Divine Pull. Divinely Guided.
• Your person is being guided to do the shadow work and there is no turning back or running this time.

• This person can now feel your strength. When it comes to Love , relationship and Self respect.

• Regret for taking you for granted & Not investing the way u invested
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Herkese Günaydın 🤗, dün #ABD'de açıklanan #enflasyon verisi, #Bitcoin'in yukarı yönlü fiyatlanmasına neden oldu. Rapora göre, tüketici fiyatları endeksi (#CPI) ocak ayında %6,4 arttıktan sonra şubatta %6 artarak piyasa beklentileriyle uyumlu gerçekleşti.
Gıda ve enerji hariç tüm kalemleri kapsayan çekirdek #CPI endeksi, ocak ayına göre %0.5 artış gösterdi ve bu artış piyasa beklentilerinin üzerinde oldu. (daha ayrıntılı bilgi için 👉…)
#enflasyon verisinin beklenti halinde gelmesi #bitcoin tarafında olumlu karşılandı ama unutulmaması gereken birşey var "#enflasyon halen daha %2 hedeften uzak" ve önümüzdeki süreçte #FED atacağı adımlar önemli.
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#Sagittarius #Gemini #Libra #Pisces #Scorpio #Aquarius (SMRV) 🔮

• 𝙉𝙤 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙖𝙘𝙩 𝙨𝙞𝙩𝙪𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 💕

•This person is having dreams about you , Sexual energy is High. They are trying to distract themselves, but everything kinda seems to bring them back to u.
• This is a Divinely protected connection, you need not to worry about anything. Divine Timing is at play. Surrender.

• Someone needs to Stop stalking, You both are heavily stalking each other, Obsessive energy is present. Instead, use this energy to heal yourself.
• Seeing - 555, 222, 11:11, 111, 8,888, 444.

• For Many, Job & Financial situation was the main problem in this relationship, but its getting Healed. Especially for you. You are attracting Abundance & opportunities in your life at this very moment. Be open, stay grateful.
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♥️Love messages for #Pisces #Capricorn #Virgo #gemini #Leo #Aries (S,M,R,V) “I FEEL LIKE I’M OBSESSING OVER YOU” this person is spying you! For some, you cut off communication/ blocked this person (for the most part an ex) and they can’t get you out of their mind! They are
continuously thinking about you, desperately wanting to communicate. Which they will, but you need to assess this situation for yourself, because for the most part, this looks like it has always been complicate between the two of you, and this time won’t be any different! This
could be a classic love vs lust situation! THE INTIMACY AND THE PASSION IS/ WAS OFF THE CHARTS. they could’ve been too toxic in the past, but this is changing! There could be some special moments you shared/ some special conversations that you both shared the last time you got
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$USDC trading between $0.88 and $0.95 on exchanges like #Kraken, #ByBit, #Gemini, et al. (it doesn't trade on #Coinbase who have merged USD and USDC)

USDC redemptions closed til Monday.

Yr money is trapped in a burning building anon.

To the rekt & those about to rek: 🫡
sound: ON 👆
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♥️Love messages for #Pisces #Capricorn #Virgo #gemini #Leo #Aries (S,M,R,V) "I fear that you will never look at me the same way. Its too hard for me to look at myself in the mirror” there have been multiple failed attempts to work this relationship out. There used to be
unrequited love, they knew it back then that you were the one who was giving more and they were the one who was taking more. Seems like you set boundaries, and you offended them! There are still a lot of things that are unsaid from their end. Picking up on intense emotions but
they’re wearing a mast of being unapproachable so that they aren’t vulnerable! I see this could be the Divine Timing that you were waiting on. They’re finally opening up and accepting their emotions that they have for you! They will reach out and play safe, but not accept their
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♥️Love messages for #Aries #Capricorn #Cancer #Scorpio #Gemini #Aquarius “My Love for you scares me" THIS IS JUST NOT OVER. Although you could be in no communication for a very long time now, you both will get back to each other! This could be a toxic make up, break up kinda
situation for some of you which is why you guys have started to take each other for granted and this connection got more complicated and it could've been an on and off connection for the most part. I see they will reach out and make a tempting offer to you. An earth sign -
Taurus, Virgo or a Capricorn placement could be of significance. Try not to be flattered and by the flowery words that will be coming your way, instead, check if there is any weight to their promises or this is them whispering sweet nothings in your ear once again. This will
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#Astrology : #Mercury In #Sign-How they communicate, their style.
Mercury in #Aries : Person communicate assertively , they get straight to the point and they are always honest.
Mercury in #Taurus : Person communicate in a down to earth way, they speak slowly and steadily.
Mercury in #Gemini :Person communicate effectively , they are engaging , inquisitive , quick witted and sharp minded.
Mercury in #Cancer :Person communicate in a nurturing way , they speak and have no trouble expressing their emotions.
Mercury in #Leo : Person communicate ina theatrical way, they are confident speakers and cane be rather loud.
Mercury in #Virgo :Person communicate in a precise and detailed way, they are intelligent and have dry sense of humor.
Mercury in #Libra :Person communicate in
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#Astrology : #Mars In #Signs
What type of energy Person possess and how they take action:
Mars in #Aries : Assertive energy- They impulsively jump into action and they are competitively driven.
Mars in #Taurus : Preserving energy- They take slow and steadily action,
they are driven by their material needs.
Mars in #Gemini :Expressive energy : They take action in versatile way and they are curiosity driven,
Mars in #Cancer : Maternal energy: They take actions instinctively and they are emotionally driven.
Mars in #Leo :Theatrical energy : They take action confidently and they are driven by courage.
Mars in #Virgo : Cautious energy : They think before taking action and follow a plan, they are driven by perfection.
Mars in #Libra : Charming energy :They can be
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Herkese hayırlı günler 🤗 #pazartesi gününe #bitcoin teknik ve on chain analiziyle başlıyoruz 🚩Öncelikle dün 23.800k kadar olan shortlardan bahsetmiştik.Dün o bölgeler temizlendi 🤷

+++🧵 Image
Şimdi teknik tarafta dün bahsettiğimiz düşen kama kırılamadı 🤷ama günlük bazda #Elliot 5 dalga modeline göre "A" dalgasından tepkime aldık ve "B" dalgasına doğru bir ilerleme var oda 23.900k denk geliyor.

Teknik tarafta kısa ve uzun vadede "SAT" yönlü bir ilerleme söz konusu. Şimdi on-chain tarafına geçelim. Spot tarafına 24 ve 144 saatlik bazda stablecoin girişleri yetersiz kalıyor. Bu durumda, piyasa hacimsizliğinden en çok zarar gören taraf türev piyasaları oluyor.
+++🧵 24-144(MA) Hours Inflow Sta...Image
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2023 will be the year of layoffs…
20/1/2023 - #Google's parent #Alphabet to lay off 12,000
18/1/2023 - #Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

#layoffs #layoffs2023
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I'll tell you the whole #Gemini & #Genesis story & what the #SEC did to protect people in short bullet points to save you time.

Here's what every #crypto trader/investor should know!

A thread 🧵
• Cameron Winklevoss a founder of Gemini, an American regulated exchange send a public letter to Barry Silbert the CEO of DCG one of the biggest crypto investment companies, it owns Grayscale, Genesis, coindesk & more
•Gemini lent to Genesis over $900 million in funds as a part of its earning program.

•Genesis lost billions in the FTX collapse, so they didn't return the money to Gemini.
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Fud này có hợp thức hóa việc MM kill market thêm 1 lần nữa trước thềm Shanghai?

Thread đọc phần dưới

#BTC #BNB #ETH #Shanghai #Altcoin #CZ #Futures #Fud #Gemini #Geminiearn #DCG #Greyscale
1, Gemini earn ( GE ) => users tham gia để earn với APY 8% => Gemini đem cho Genesistrading vay 1.7B => Đem cho DCG => Greyscale vay => Buy the dip BTC, 3AC => Khoản nợ chưa thể thu hồi => GUSD ( Gemini USD) => Gemini ngừng nạp rút => Yêu cầu Genesistrading trả nợ
2, Genesis cắt giảm nhân sự lên đến 30%, và đang có nguy cơ phá sản cao. Việc nguy cơ phá sản sẽ công bố sau vụ kiện. Nếu không đủ khả năng chi trả thì sẽ có đệ đơn phá sản Chappter 11
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#Gemini Exchange on-chain analysis in the context of Genesis-
@Gemini Liquidity Issues 🧵👇
From an on-chain perspective, Gemini has been experiencing declining exchange activity:

1- Cryptocurrency reserves (BTC, ETH, and stablecoins reserves are at multi-year lows),
2- BTC deposits from other exchanges into Gemini (a sign of users avoiding sending their money to Gemini)
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🚨.@GenesisTrading laid off 30% of its employees and is "considering" filing for bankruptcy according to @WSJ.…

1. How did genesis end up here?
2. How does this gonna affect the market and why should you care?

A explain thread.
Now, Who is #Genesis?

Genesis "was" a leading CeFi platform that provides mainly lending services for institutions.

A lending platform usually borrows money from one side and lends the borrowed money to the other side to profit from the interest gap.

That's what CeFi does.
But #Genesis is not independent, it is under the control of @DCGco and @BarrySilbert.

#GrayScale is also part of the group.

That's why you see @cameron battling Barry on CT with an open letter.
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