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The German Federal Minister @starkwatzinger's amendment proposals to the Academic Fixed-Term Contract Act are an absolute slap in the face to everyone who's been invested in calling out current issues with German #academia and suggesting genuine solutions. #WissZeitVG 1/ Slogan from the ministry's webpage "Gute Arbeitsbedingu
For a start, much of the proposed "reform" is just hot air. E.g., Encouraging universities to give #PhD candidates an initial 3-year contract: Thankfully, most already do this and those that don't aren't going to be won over by a new "it would be nice if you could..." clause. 2/ Qualifizierungsphase vor der Promotion (R1): Ziel: Wir schaf
Nothing about changing the fact that the 6-year cap on #PhD contracts applies regardless of whether the contract is 50%, 75% or 100% FTE. Thus effectively confirming that doctoral researchers on part-time contract are expected to complete their PhDs in their free time or quit. 3/
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Weekly Update - Happy 4/20!

Hope you all enjoyed your brownies yesterday. Per usual, here's our weekly thread for the data that came in. Some good, some ugly, no rugs <-- that's always a win. Here we go, enjoy!

2/ First for @tombfinance. $Tomb has seen some prints in the last week, so slowly adding my $Tshare and letting it sit. I really miss using @Reaper_Farm to grow my LP position, but ultimately I want to accumulate $Tomb and then add it to the $Tomb / $MAI LP Pool. Image
3/ Next we have @HectorDAO_HEC, where $Hec is seeing healthy and steady growth. The protocol has it's legs under it after rebranding and now starting to see life. APY is still pretty decent considering, as long as the price holds/grows. Image
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Just finished @banklesshq video of @zemariamacedo (Founding Partner of Delphi)and @gametheorizing (CIO of Selini), debating the bull and bear case of @terra_money

(thanks to @thedefiedge's news letter)

See below a 🧵 for summary $luna $ust



Bull by Jose:
- Stablecoin is a multi-trillion dollar market and is a network effect business

- Centralized stablecoins will become irrelevant ultimately, and $UST is the largest and fastest growing decentralized stable - you want to bet on the winner

- None of the algorithmic stablecoins have ever achieved the track record of stability and sustainability like UST

- Main thing that's backing an algo stablecoin is demand rather than the mechanism - and Terra has built an ecosystem around use cases for $UST

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1/ Just watched this documentary on Netflix about the Canadian crypto exchange #QuadrigaCX that collapsed in 2018.

The CEO basically ran a ponzi & gambled away $150 mil in user funds when he was making 2% in fees on transactions - out of over $1 bil in volume!

What an idiot. 👇
2/ Guy was addicted to gambling and his plan from the start was to create a crypto exchange and scam users.

Yet, his exchange became the most successful in Canada and he would have been rich on a legitimate business. My god!

Greed kills people and this guy literally died.
3/ Gerald (the CEO) basically moved all user funds to other exchanges and gambled them away while he credited users with "fake" crypto / CAD.

Once the 2018 crash happened, he could not process withdrawals as people exited crypto and the exchange collapsed.

Users money lost.
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1/ Terra CEO is buying billions in #Bitcoin with free money. How?

Is the end game to create a Terra “ecosystem” or to accumulate BTC, the best asset in the world?

This is happening right under your nose as I post this. Possibly at your expense! Best to prepare.

A thread. 👇 Image
2/ Terra’s CEO is buying #BTC with UST & Luna


Why not buy and hold Luna instead?

Because he knows Luna is a poor long term investment.

He’s so smart he is buying billions in BTC with free money! Got to give him credit for that.

Here is how 👇 Image
3/ How do they create free money to buy BTC?

By using smart tokenomics!

They burn Luna to mint UST.

Instead of the dollar value transferring from Luna’s market cap (mc) to UST mc, the dollar value is retained in both market caps!

WOW I just doubled my money! Better yet 👇 Image
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My 3 months experience of investing in OHM Forks...!!!

A Thread 🧵

A Youtube Video too

#ohm #OHMfork #Wonderland #klima
Project Name: @MetaverseProDAO
$Meta, $sMETA, $wsMETA
Chain: Binance Smart Chain #BSC
Investment: 100 $
Value Today: 13 $

Positives: Pivot to @CongruentFi, Development of P2E game @MetaAshGameFi
Negatives: Superfast inflation by DHC
Project Name: @nemesis_dao
$NMS, $sNMS, $wsNMS
Chain: Binance Smart Chain #BSC
Investment: 50 $ Plus 100$ Airdrop
Value Today: 27 $

Positives: Pivot to @AngelNodes, Still maintaining high APY
Negatives: Team is a bit introvert on the discord.

@drexn3t @ArwandMadison
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Tal y como habéis pedido voy a explicar lo que ha pasado con #Wonderland, una de tantas CAO (a ver quién lo pilla) que acaba estafando a todos sus participantes.
Pillad palomitas🍿
Antes de comenzar a hablar de Wonderland hay que hablar de QuadrigaCX y de su co-fundador, Michael Patryn.
QuadrigaCX era una empresa fundada por Gerry Gotten y Michael Patryn en 2013 que posteriormente creó su propio exchange de criptomonedas.
En 2018 Gerry fue hallado muerto en la India. Coincidiendo con esto, muchos usuarios de Quadriga reportaban que no podían retirar su dinero del exchange. Tras una investigación se descubrió que los wallets estaban a 0, desapareciendo así 120 millones de euros de los clientes.
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1/ Dear Frogs,
We want to put forward a proposal for the benefit of long term Frogs not whales by establishing a TWA weighitng system on the payout or voting mechanism, to reward the people who have held wMEMO the longest by adjusting their vote weight, or final distribution
2/ This is not the same as quadratic voting, however we believe that this would be a fairer way to allocate the votes or distribute the treasury. Props to @dramuirhamid for the help drafting this up

@nikilauren @DeFimagick
3/ by weighting memo by a f(x) where x is the factor according to the upper and lower bounds of days the assets were held. Every wMEMO balance accumulation is an addition to the factor whereas every decrease in wMEMO balance causes a substraction of the factor
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@danielesesta @Wonderland_fi @squirrelcrypto

On the AMA we discussed quadratic voting to stop manipulation from whales. Graphs show difference between number of individual votes vs the the value of the votes.

Frogs dont want Wonderland to die

Cred to @lyxaa27
Moreover, only 3 major wallets on time represent the Majority of the time voting to wind down the treasury
Better charts below.

The vast majority of Hodlers dont want this to end. Dont let the frogs down @danielesesta

#SaveWonderland $TIME $wMEMO

@squirrelcrypto @crypto_condom @AVAXDaily @Cointelegraph
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Ppl fundamentally don't understand what is #crypto #defi #nfts, what's revolutionary about them, and why they exist.

Elaborating on @Wonderland_fi @danielesesta @0xSifu Scandal.

#Wonderland #FrogNation $FTM $ICE $TIME $MIM $SPELL

Thread (0/17) 🧵👇👇👇
1/ Now, I understand that you're scared, cuz that's your money & it's totally normal to be emotional.

But emotions and money don't work well together, if they work together at all.

A 99% of the rich are emotionless shits, &never care about anyone and anything except themselves
2/ That's exactly why we built all these #dApps, #DAOs, protocols, blockchains, communities, and networks. That's why we fight for #privacy & #security, for end-to-end #encryption. That's why we build on top of #mathematics and #cryptography. That's why multi-sig exist.
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1 - So, whoa! At the end of the day mr #Devasini and mr Daniele #Sestagalli, the Italian man behind Wonderland ($Time), Popsicle Finance ($ICE), and Abracadabra ($MIM) projects in #Switzerlandmistress are connected. During last drawdown Sestagalli cashed out 30 mln to #Bitfinex
2 - One of the #Wonderland #Sestagalli project managers is a well known name of #QuadrigaCX scandal, @0xSifu aka Michael #Patryn aka Omar #Dhanani, see

3 - there's plenty of "stolen money" in this story Image Image
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1) How to profit from the current uncertainties of MEMO’s future rebase rewards, a thread

#wonderland #FrogNation #pendle #memo
2) With the recent tweets from @danielesesta, there are a lot of uncertainties in the MEMO’s rebase rewards in the coming weeks. Will the rebase rewards end? Will it be significantly reduced? When will these happen?
3) Uncertainties create opportunities. If you have an opinion on the future of MEMO’s rebase rewards in the coming weeks, here’s how you can bet on it (and get good returns if it turns out to be correct) by following Peepo or Wojak
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1/ @danielesesta today announced that it's possible to mint $WMEMO on $FTM Chain. How can this be useful for us?
2/ If you invested a long $TIME ago like me and as a good frog you never sold a single $MEMO you probably now have some $MEMO/ $WMEMO on your wallet ready to be used.
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If you're wondering why @Wonderland_fi investing in the seed of makes any sense, or you have questions about what happens to $Time / #Wonderland when we transition to a rev share model in the future, come with me down the rabbit hole!
After weeks of leaked alpha, on January 6 it was formally announced that #Wonderland would be acquiring a large portion of @BetswapGG with treasury funds, effectively making Wonderland a seed round VC.…
In this article the seed purchase was outlined. In all, the treasury invested $18.377 Million for just over 2 Billion tokens. About 25% of that is reserved for airdrop and staking distributions to $Time keepers and wMemo holders.
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I spent all night swimming in shit so many of you won't have to, fellow $Time keepers. The #Wonderland Discord was a real stinky place up until brother Sifu rolled up to drop some hot alpha.

Tldr: #wagmi 🧵
To paraphrase: only problem is fear spiralling ding dongs that hold $400 of Memo freaking everyone out with some baloney they heard on YouTube.
Airdrop soon (tm) and future profit share will be proportional to $Memo, $wMemo or $Time holdings. Avax wallets only.
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How I am getting a guaranteed* fixed yield of 112000% on my MEMO, a thread

#wonderland #FrogNation #pendle #memo

*assuming no contract risks
Before that, what do I mean by a guaranteed fixed yield? It means that no matter what happens (to Wonderland’s rebase APY, or to Wonderland's treasury,...), assuming no smart contract risks, I am guaranteed to get that yield rate.
So how did I do it?

1st step: I visited Pendle app at to check the Implied discount of OT-wMEMO

When I was doing this yesterday, the Implied discount was shown at ~112000%
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How I'm getting 240000% APY on my MEMO, instead of the usual 80000%, a thread

#wonderland #FrogNation #pendle #memo @pendle_fi
1st step: starting with 0.56 MEMO, I wrapped it to wMEMO on Wonderland:…
2nd step: using Pendle, I converted the wMEMO into 0.56 YT-wMEMO and 0.56 OT-wMEMO…
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1/ Dans des précèdents poste je vous avez parlé d'une série de thread sur la #DeFi 2.0

@MIM_Spell, @OlympusDAO et @Wonderland_fi sont les projets qui sont en tête de ce narratif.

Je vous avez déjà parlé du $spell, $MIM et $OHM en détail, maintenant il est temps de parler $TIME.
2/ Wonderland : $TIME ?

@Wonderland_fi est le premier protocole de monnaie de réserve décentralisé sur le réseau #Avalanche.

Il est basé sur le token $TIME.

Chaque token est adossé à un panier d'actifs (par exemple, des tokens $MIM, TIME-AVAX LP, etc.)
3/ Le problème que $TIME résout 1/2 :

Les stables coins sont un élément essentiel de la crypto du fait de leur caractère stable par rapport à l' $USD.

Mais être stable par rapport au dollar ne signifie en aucun cas garder le même pouvoir d'achat. c'est une erreur.
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Remember this?

Among the dozens arrested were eleven senior princes, several current or former ministers, the owners of three major television stations, the head of the most important military branch, and one of the wealthiest men in the world,…
“It’s the equivalent of waking up to find Warren Buffett and the heads of ABC, CBS and NBC have been arrested,” a former U.S. official told me.
Both critics and supporters believe that the purge’s mastermind is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has had a meteoric rise since he was appointed by his father to be defense minister, at the age of twenty-nine, in 2015.
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You must remember that the secret to all of this is not to be afraid of fear. When you can really allow yourself to be afraid, and you don't resist the experience of fear, you are truly beginning to master fear.
The stage is set
Actors are a running to the dark corners like roaches in the light
The ones that are the loudest are the main characters as no one can be that deceived
It's raining #TheRainMakers
Here comes the PAIN! #PatriotsFight
God's in Control
#WWG1WGA #KAG #GreatAwakening
Thread by @_VachelLindsay_
1. I have no doubt that Obama will be indicted and found guilty of at least THREE major felonies, just from his central involvement in the framing of Donald J Trump
@threadreaderapp #ObamaGate #MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #LockThemUp…
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