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SOON AT #CARINGWELL: Longtime and outspoken survivor advocate, lawyer, Liberty University professor and Billy Graham grandson @BozT

#SBCtoo #ChurchToo
@BozT BOZ BEGINS with prayer for Jesus to have mercy on his churches.

Says he was hesitant to speak at a conference held by the SBC "for such a time as this." #SBCtoo #ChurchToo #CaringWell
@BozT "There are so many survivors that cant afford $200 to come to a conference. They're just trying to make it through another day... “This organization that is responsible for decimating so many lives."

#SBCtoo #ChurchToo #CaringWell
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“This is normally the time at a conference when I’d say how happy we are to have you all here. But the key emotion we’re feeling right now is not gladness but grief.” @pbethancourt @ERLC #caringwell
After reading John 9, @drmoore tells the story of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing and the shards of shattered glass that had once been a stained glass window of Jesus’ face. People asked where was God. And people ask that now—where is the face of Jesus in the abuse crisis?
. @drmoore mentions abuse in movie companies, Roman Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, ending with an emphasis on the Houston Chronicle report (by @RobDownenChron et. al) exposing 700 cases of sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches. #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo @ERLC
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*NEW* Ex-Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson has for years downplayed his role in a sex scandal that some say is emblematic of the SBCs broader abuse problem #SBCtoo #ChurchToo @_PPatterson_

A newly unearthed trove of videos/letters gives new details:…
@_PPatterson_ Darrell Gilyard was accused of sexual misconduct at churches in Texas, Oklahoma & Florida but was still mentored by Patterson until he confessed/resigned his Southern Baptist church in July 1991.

Gilyard was convicted of sex crimes with children in '08. #SBCtoo #ChurchToo
@_PPatterson_ For decades, Patterson has maintained that he did everything in his power to investigate the myriad claims his protege faced.

But letters + video show that Patterson downplayed many allegations and suggested others remain quiet about them #SBCtoo #ChurchToo
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Of all the things I’ll remember from #SBC19, what just happened at an airport bar will stand out the most. #SBCtoo #ChurchToo

A brief story about the prevalence of sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention, and just how much work is ahead:
Our flight was full of Southern Baptists, including two guys who spent most of their flight talking about #SBC19 and what they felt was a slow but important shift in the SBC’s broader culture.

I occasionally took breaks from reading, as the subject absolutely fascinates me.
After the flight, I waited outside the gate to see if they’d be up for talking to me a bit more.

Both were, and one had a 2-hour layover, so we sat down at a nearby bar table. He knew of and appreciated our work, and had clearly thought a lot about the issues #SBCtoo #Churchtoo
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A mom told @villagechurchtx that her daughter was sexually molested at their camp. She expected support, an apology, one conversation with @MattChandler74, for her church to take responsibility. None of that never came. #sbc19 My investigation -->…
Evangelical churches have long distanced themselves from the sexual abuse crisis that has consumed the Catholic Church. But at reckoning has arrived. #SBC19…
“No one was looking out for our daughter’s best interest,” said Christi Bragg, speaking publicly for the first time, of the Village. “She matters. Jesus says she matters. We say she matters.”…
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I'm gonna pray for #SBC19 that the Spirit brings a kind of #Pentecost to them that breaks off their arrogance, factionalism, authoritarianism. They only know how to tantrum, power up, and purge. Their deep work is to heal their love of power. #SBC
It's a love of power that uses Baptist distinctives to avoid real solutions to #SBCtoo it's a love of power for @albertmohler to say that the real crisis in #SBC is women preaching.
It's love of power that ignores Baptist distinctives to punish churches over adiaphora.
It's love of power that turns women preaching into a litmus test on orthodoxy. It's love of power that seeks to punish @drmoore for speaking truth to power. It's love of power to constantly need men to be warrior-kings, and to hold heresy about the Trinity to justify it. #SBC19
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I visited an #SBC church this morning. The sermon focused heavily on tithing/giving, with a bunch of biblical references, & how the congregation is disobeying God bc they aren’t giving nearly enough to the work of the Lord at this particular location. /1


Your entire denomination is under fire for the exposure of massive abuse scandals taking place in unfathomable numbers at local #SBC churches just like yours, & you do a sermon on tithing so that the “work of the Lord” can continue? /2

#SBCtoo #SBC19 #AbuseOfFaith #AbusebyClergy
Surely there is at least a basic understanding -I’m not even asking for granular level- that perhaps the decline in your weekly budget actuals has something to do with the fact that people are hesitant to give to an org that has yet to begin handling abuse on a systemic scale? /3
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Coming next... a long, personal thread about a pedophile #SBCtoo 1/
Years and years ago, someone I care about very deeply was sexually molested by Allen Kelsey, a deacon in a local Southern Baptist church. An investigation revealed that this was not the first time he had violated a child. 2/
Apparently, he had been asked to quietly leave other churches after being accused of the same thing. None of those churches protected their children, or the future children Kelsey would come in contact with. 3/
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This thread lists links to notes, news reports, documents. Thanks & hat tip to Phillip Bethancourt for many of these links plus helpful introductions that frame the articles posted. @pbethancourt #SBCToo
#1. THREAD. Robert Downen, live tweeting notes from SBC President J.D. Greear's presentation Feb 18. Including this link so you can check responses to Mr Downen. #2 = unrolled version of just his tweets. @HoustonChron @RobDownenChron @jdgreear #SBCToo

#2. UNROLLED THREAD from Robert Downen, live tweeting notes from SBC President J.D. Greear's presentation, Feb 18. Supplied by Thread Reader App. Thank you @RobDownenChron & @threadreaderapp. @jdgreear #SBCToo…
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Just arrived at Southern Baptist HQ, where president @jdgreear will unveil reforms re: sexual abuse. #SBCtoo #churchtoo

Stay tuned... gotta feeling there’s a few newsworthy things coming 😬😬
Here’s a teaser of 3 of 10 reforms that I wrote this morning. We will update this link after Greear speaks #SBCtoo #Churchtoo…
.@acwhit leading prayer.

"we come before you tonight with heavy hearts, letting so much sink in particularly from the past week" but from before as well #SBCtoo #churchtoo
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An exhausting week, between @HoustonChron series & other stmts, apologies, denials. But there’s 1 paragraph in Dr. Mohler’s stmt on Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s website we need to note, as several on Twitter have done, the first I saw being @JJ_Denhollander--thanks! 1
"Some will question whether the force of public pressure explains the timing of my statement and its public nature. In all candor, this pressure is no doubt part of that explanation. That fact should serve to encourage survivors and their advocates to maintain such pressure." 2…

Keep this going, survivors, advocates, bloggers! 3
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THREAD: RESTORATIVE JUSTICE NO!. There's been an flurry of tweets this evening, related to Dr. Albert Mohler's apology on his past general support for CJ Mahaney/Sovereign Grace and for several specific situations that prolonged traumatizing of related victims & their families. 1
Some are responding w/ gratitude for his apology; some w/ thanks plus wait-and-see-actions skepticism; & some w/ too-little-too-late. This range of reactions is understandable, & looks like a large contingent will continue watching for concrete follow-up actions by SBC leaders. 2
I believe the Truth and Reconciliation Commission after apartheid ended offers us a historical example that can help our communities navigate this situation constructively. Case Study #3 overviews 3 key points from my studies & reflections on the TRC. 3…
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1/ In the past 20 years, a disturbing number of Southern Baptists with formal church roles have engaged in sexual misconduct, according to an investigation by @HoustonChron and @ExpressNews:
@ExpressNews 2/ We analyzed thousands of pages of news reports and court docs to find sexual abuse/misconduct allegations against Southern Baptist church leaders/volunteers. We interviewed hundreds of victims, church leaders, offenders & law enforcement officials.

Here’s what we found:
@ExpressNews 3/ Since 2008, when leaders rejected reforms meant to curb sexual abuse, 250+ people who worked or volunteered in Southern Baptist churches have been charged with sex crimes. Nearly all were convicted, took plea deals or have pending cases. #churchtoo
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