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@DevinCow @mohndo00 @PhilArballo2020 @verified @LizMair @NunesAlt @RyanLizza @Hearst @CNN Here's the full list

1. Cowlifornia suit against several of his own cownstituents for calling him a #FakeFarmer. He called himself a farmer on the ballot description+ they pointed out he didn't have a farm.

Suit withdrawn by Devin, probably due to strong CA anti-SLAPP laws

@DevinCow @mohndo00 @PhilArballo2020 @verified @LizMair @NunesAlt @RyanLizza @Hearst @CNN 2. Suit against @Twitter, @DevinCow, @NunesAlt + @LizMair, filed in VA.

Twitter removed from suit, Devin attempted to re-add them, judge told him to cut it out. Now says he'll appeal Twitter's removal. Suit still exists against other 3 but he can't identify Cow + Mom.

@DevinCow @mohndo00 @PhilArballo2020 @verified @LizMair @NunesAlt @RyanLizza @Hearst @CNN @Twitter 3. Suit against @mcclatchy @FresnoBee + @LizMair (again), filed in VA (different county). The #YachtCocaineProstitutes case. Devin sued CA corp owning CA newspaper for story about CA winery hiring CA yacht w/CA hos, CA employee of winery sued in CA over treatment on yacht.

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🚨Trump TOLD Breitbart👇🏽 #DHSterrorism #PoliceState🚫
"I can tell you I have the support of the police, support of the military, Bikers for Trump-I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough until they go to a certain point & then it would be very bad, very bad."
🚨 America stands w you❗
We MUST STOP Trump & #DHSPortlandORInvasion
They PLAN to take this illegal #terrorism of our citizens NATIONWIDE🚨


GOP LOSING-desperate ❗

🔊 Think of this, America:
What do wounded, hurt animals, trapped in a corner do❓🔊


#GOP are "wounded animals" complicit in #TrumpDeathToll140K &
Trump KNOWS SDNY owns him when he loses Nov. 3 election.
Barr TRYING to tear apart #SDNY cont..
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Francesca von Habsburg - a Campbell, as was Baron of Rachane Michael Aquino

Lunch to "honor" Abramovic at Chateau Marmont, owned by Andre Balasz who dated Epstein girl Katherine Keating… ImageImageImageImage
2. One of my previous threads on Epstein went for a year and got up to #203. Rather than continuing that I am starting a fresh one. What more twists and turns can this story take? I have a feeling it's not over yet.

Previous thread on #JeffreyEpstein

3. @JasonBermas goes through the Maxwellhill Reddit account in this. This message indicates they are posting under their own name, not a pseudonym.

Ghislaine Maxwell grew up in Headington Hill Hall, and went to Headington school.

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🚨 Jeffrey Epstein's pimp, Grislaine Maxwell has been arrested & charged with 6 counts of sexual abuse ~ she conspired with Epstein to sexually abuse minors, grooming girls as young as 14 and as far back as 1994…
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The breaking news of Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest points to a number of #QPosts which may connect.
Let's take a look in this thread.
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide…
#QPost #3716 points to the "first indictment", which will trigger a mass awakening.

Is Ghislaine the first arrest which will "verify action and confirm future direction."?
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
Note "Marker [9]."
Today is 02/07/20.
2 + 7 = 9.
Is today 'Marker [9]' ?

Q has mentioned Ghislaine a number of times. Here's #3431 from 1 year 12 days ago -
"Think LdR.
Think Gloria V.
Think Epstein."

#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
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Here is the bizarre sequence of events over who is in charge of the Southern District of New York and battle between AG Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman.

Trump to replace SDNY prosecutor with lawyer who defended Deutsche Bank from money laundering charges: report
#SDNY (1/17)…
Experts shocked by ‘insane’ Friday night announcement US Attorney is ‘stepping down’: SDNY ‘has been breached’
#SDNY (2/17)…
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And before the libs meltdown,
28 U.S. Code sec. 541(c)
Each United States Attorney is subject to removal by the President. Image
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Interesting developments overnight in the SDNY. Not our place to speculate on these developments. I will weigh in though that while we did share our #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower materials with a number of US Attorneys including @USAttyHuber, we did not share them with
the SDNY. Why you might ask especially given that the CF has a major presence in NYC? On January 5, 2018, US Attorney Berman named Robert Khuzami as Deputy US Attorney in the SDNY. I learned all I needed/wanted to know about Robert Khuzami while writing
my book, In Bed with Wall Street, and more specifically the interaction that Khuzami had while serving as SEC Enforcement Director with then SDNY US Attorney Preet Bharara. In short, Khuzami and Bharara protected Wall Street more than holding them accountable for the frauds
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THREAD (re-do after 3rd fat-finger delete)

1/ **Below quotes by Alexander Hamilton, unless indicated otherwise.
“A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.”
2/ “…When a man unprincipled in private life desperate in his fortune, bold in his temper…—despotic in his ordinary demeanour—known to have scoffed in private at the principles of liberty—when such a man is seen to mount the hobby horse of popularity…
3/ …—to join in the cry of danger to liberty—to take every opportunity of embarrassing the General Government & bringing it under suspicion—to flatter and fall in with all the non sense of the zealots of the day…
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1. Was obvious to me early November 9, 2016, this was coming. Actually for me it was obvious when Comey broke the rules and spoke right before the election. I study propaganda and knew there was no time to push back. It's why I filed Comey's Hatch Act complaint before election.
2. I think Comey did it for the Kochs. He's what my mother would call a "left hander" and that's the tell. Kochs love former Catholics. He now knows Koch's crew were working with GRU. Barr is hiding it in #SDNY.

This violence was always the Putin plan.
3. The Kremlin de facto runs DC and the Pentagon uses language of war directed at American citizens. Wake up!

We must declassify everything. Make it all public. Anyone who hides Trump's connection to Russia should know that they will face 20 years in prison for sedition.
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153. @TLAVagabond presents part 1 (first half) of the full 3 hour interview between @_whitneywebb and #JeffreyEpstein victim Maria Farmer

"No one in the media is willing to talk about it"

154. Connection between Bill Gates' buddy #JeffreyEpstein and Dr Fauci
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Whatever Trump was trying to hide in the Doe vs Trump Corp #SDNY the court just ordered it unsealed. Still not open on the site.

Case Name: Doe et al v. The Trump Corporation et al
Case Number:1:18-cv-09936-LGS
Document Number:253
Docket Text:
ORDER denying [247] Letter Motion to Seal. It is hereby ORDERED that letter motion at Dkt. No. 247 is DENIED. See Lugosch v. Pyramid Co. of Onondaga, 435 F.3d 110, 120 (2d Cir. 2006) ("[D]ocuments may be sealed if specific, on the record findings are made
demonstrating that closure is essential to preserve higher values and is narrowly tailored to serve that interest."). The Clerk of Court is respectfully requested to unseal the document at Dkt. No. 249. (As further set forth in this Order.) (Signed by Judge Lorna G. Schofield
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1. #SDNY has denied without prejudice Trump attempt to seal documents.

Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered on 4/6/2020 at 12:21 PM EDT and filed on 4/6/2020
Case Name: Doe et al v. The Trump Corporation et al
Case Number:1:18-cv-09936-LGS
2. Docket Text:
MEMO ENDORSEMENT on re: [223] Response in Support of Motion, filed by Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., The Trump Corporation, Eric Trump, Donald J. Trump. ENDORSEMENT: "The parties are advised that the mere existence of a confidentiality agreement covering
3. judicial documents is insufficient to overcome the First Amendment presumption of access." Bowling v. Johnson & Johnson, No. 17 Civ. 3982, 2019 WL 1760162, at *8 (S.D.N.Y. Apr. 22, 2019). Per the requirements of this Circuit, all prior orders granting motions to seal have been
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1/ Given we know that @NaveedAJamali was @LouiseMensch's source for her November 7, 2016 @heatstreet article that disclosed the existence of the @carterwpage FISA warrant, a better question for John is, who was Jamali's source?…
2/ Recall that Jamali admitted himself that he was Mensch's source for the Heat Street article, claiming that it was a "mistake" and the existence of the FISA warrant was just a "rumor".
3/ Mensch pushed back on the "rumor" claim, given she was correct about the FISA warrant being granted in October, so Jamali was clearly engaged in a CYA operation, but who was his source?
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Awaiting presentment of Larry Ray in @SDNYLIVE Magistrates Court. US Attorney Berman held a presser 11 am. But first: release of drug suspect on dialysis on $50,000 bond. Now Ms de Jesus, also with Federal Defender. Thread
#SDNY Mag Court gallery more full than usual. Several generations of NYC journalists here. Report (of pre-trial services) for Larry Ray still not ready. Upstairs, Judge Marrero's Rollin' 30s Crips trial must be ending for the day…
OK, next is Larry Ray, accused Sarah Lawrence College sex slaver and Bernie Kerkik crony. He enters in plaid shirt, chrome dome. He has a Federal Defender, versus AUSA Sassoon. Mag Judge Lehrburger presiding. "All rise."
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Back in #SDNY Magistrates Court, there are four Court Security Officers and only one media. Inner City Press was asked by a source at 2:50 pm, You know about the cops being brought in, right? Now in gallery next to one defendant's parents. Thread
Both defendants are in white space-like suits. They are charged with armed robbery and drugs (pot).
Judge: "Let's begin with Mr Latimer."
AUSA: We seek detention. The robbery was in a lobby, in the afternoon, as a police officer
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Adidas prosecution cooperator Marty Blazer is here being sentenced by #SDNY Judge Ramos. AUSA says Blazer's recordings helped convict 10 in #Adidas scandal.
Inner City Press, in back row: Where are the #Nike prosecutions? Bol Bol, Deandre Ayton...
AUSA Boone says there will be an @HBO show sbout the #Adidas prosecutions.
Inner City Press has learned there will be a visual production about #OneCoin still-Missing Crypto Queen. In both,who will play Judge Ramos?
Adidas prosecution cooperator Marty Blazer is sobbing. Judge Ramos grants US motion under 5K1.1, sentences Blazer to time served, 1 year of Supervised Release. Restitution of $1,560,000, forfeiture of $2.35 million.
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OK - US v. Avenatti / Nike extortion trial Day 4, Boies Schiller's Scott Wilson still on the stand being cross examined by Howard Srebnick about Avenatti's "draft settlement agreement." Inner City Press will continue to live tweet: threat
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @businessinsider @KTVZ @dcexaminer @newsobserver @nakednews @PDXBIZJournal @WashTimes Howard Srebnick is questioning Nike's outside counsel Scott Wilson about the draft agreement:… and video. Inner City Press published Jan 31:
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @businessinsider @KTVZ @dcexaminer @newsobserver @nakednews @PDXBIZJournal @WashTimes Howard Srebnick: When parties are negotiating settlement of claims, the lawyers can negotiate either a specific release or a general release, right?
Wilson: I ever had any experience with this type of thing. This draft didn't address any particular claim.
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Meanwhile elsewhere in #SDNY, Robert De Niro is being sued by former employee Graham Chase Robinson for gender discrimination, not paying overtime - and retaliating. It's before a Magistrate Judge...
De Niro's lawyers complaint to SDNY Magistrate Judge Parker that the plaintiff won't say to whose salary she's comparing what she was paid.
Turns it was "Mr. De Niro's personal trainer," who was paid more than the plaintiff, a director of production.
Now the government is offering Exhibit 3, recording of a March 20 phone call. They will give jurors binders with transcripts. Judge Gardephe tells them the transcripts are only an aid - but that the audio itself is the evidence.
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Sentencing of ex-Rep Chris Collins about to begin in #SDNY court, we will live-tweet here. On way into 40 Foley Square, was told that Collins demanded to but was rejected from entering through side / staff entrance on Pearl Street. Waiting for "All Rise." Thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @EdDrantch @politvidchannel @WBFO @kylegriffin1 @jilevin @axios @DanTelvock @NewsChannel9 While still waiting at 2:54 for 2:30 sentencing of Collins to begin, there's certainly video of Collins approaching that side entrance. But trusted source tells Inner City Press that because of elevator outrage, only swipe pass holders in through that door, so...
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @EdDrantch @politvidchannel @WBFO @kylegriffin1 @jilevin @axios @DanTelvock @NewsChannel9 OK - we've begun. Judge Broderick: "This matter is on for sentencing today. If any point Mr Collins you don't understand anything I've said, just tell me." Says he's read pre-sentencing report of Nov 22/Dec 23. And defendant's 180 pages of letters from supporters.
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Now in #SDNY Magistrates Court, a shackled defendant is presented on a sealed indictment. Federal Defender says he has the right to see names of his co-defendants. Judge Parker asks AUSA Wright to email her, she'll print out for defendant to see. Threadette
If the purpose of blacking out the names of co-defendants is so they're not put on notice the law is looking for them, what's the rationale for keeping it sealed after this defendant is shown all names, without restrictions? @SDNYLIVE
Here in the Mag Court gallery, where Inner City Press is the only media, a woman is leaning forward and praying. US is requesting detention of defendant, saying he came from Cuba in 1996, was arrested in 1998 and not deported because of nationality
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In #SDNY, case of Joel Davis, who started an organization "to end sexual violence" - then solicited sex with 9 year old and toddler. He's just been brought in shackled and is signing an agreement. Threadette
AUSA tells Judge Daniels that Joel Davis is pleading guillty to lesser (pediphilia) charges. Davis tells judge he's under psychotherapy, taking anti psychotic medication. He's waiving indictment and pleading to 3 counts
Joel Davis is pleading guilty to child enticement, still waiting to learn of plea agreement. Judge Daniels says there's a mandatory $5000 fine. Federal Defender points out, Unless he's indigent.
He went through senior year of college.
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In #SDNY, now Natalie Edwards is pleading guilty after denying leaking Suspicious Activity Reports about Richard Gates, Maria Butina and Paul Manafort - whose lender Stephen Calk is still denying everything… threadette
During scripted allocution, we note tatted arms, male relative with braided pony tail. Judge Woods says, Do you understand possible sentence and restitution to victims, Doctor Edwards?" No, Sir.
Judge Woods turns to Jan 3 plea agreement co-signed by AUSA Maurene Comey. It's for 0 to six months, fine of $9,500
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Mag court madness: a client of part--time #Donziger prosecutor Rita Glavin is loudly pleading with #SDNY Judge Freeman to not be detained. Fill in CJA is trying to call Glavin
Judge Freeman has left "so I don't hear things that are off the record." AUSA and Probation officer lwft too.
Now CJA defense lawyer Ambrosio and AUSA have done into Judge Freeman's ribing room, where defendant, and Press and public, can't hear
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