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OK - #OneCoin trial Week 3, Day 2 is on, with information going in about how Mark Scott took scheme money to buy 130 Sunset Lane in Barnstable, MA with City National Bank of Florida. Defense case today… & Thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @FinanceWatchOrg @Svrakata @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @ezCoinAccess Witness Rosalind October of Manhattan DA's Office dissected the payments of victim Linda Cohen through HSBC to TD Bank to United Overseas Bank to DMS Cayman. Mark Scott sitting impassive looking at the chart, two half finished bottles of soda beside him
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @FinanceWatchOrg @Svrakata @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @ezCoinAccess Now Ms October of Manhattan DA's Office is explaining how Mark Scott, using scheme funds in Northern Trust, bought himself a $35,000 watch. Jurors look interested.
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Allen Lawrence is charged with distributing child porn but the #SDNY proposal is to release him tonight. No docket number
Just checked PACER - no Allen Lawrence listed, no docket number read out during his presentment. Story soon @SDNYLIVE
Update: Allen Lawrence will spend the night in detention; Magistrate Judge Netburn cites Pre-Trial Services policy to FD
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Right now before #SDNY Judge Andrew Carter defendant named King is pleading guilty but can barely speak. No one calls it off
King is asked about probation report, says he doesn't understand. Sentencing guidellines? King says 7.. or 5.. or 20 to life
Judge Carter has taken a break. AUSA waits at table. Only Inner City Press in gallery. Where is Kanye? Kagan?
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Last case of day in #SDNY Mag court: Bakoyoko (& Dukuray) charged with stealing HRA checks
Bakayoko has retained CJA lawyer Kluber. Dukuray has interpreter.
It was at 7:30 pm that both Bakayoko and Dukuray were bailed out for $40,000 bond, no contact with co-defendants without the presence of counsel.

Then as they closed up the SDNY Mag court there were still warrants being signed. Stories soon
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Now in #SDNY Magistrate Court multiple defendants from The #Bronx' Elliot Place between Walton & the #GrandConcourse- thread
AUSA and Judgr Parker have different rap sheets for one defenfant, whose CJA lawyer doesn't have *any* copy of the rap sheet
AUSA Balsamello has the narcotics conspiracy was centered around 105-07 Elliot Place, #BX NY. Qs turn to hit & run in #Miami
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1. In the Parnas el al. case in #SDNY, the USA submitted an agreed protective order. No CIPA language so to me it looks like this crew was not discovered via any FISA authority.
2. The Protective order is starkly contrasted by the Natalie Edwards order that was chock full of CIPA language. Plain vanilla protective order.
3. The case is moving at a pretty fair speed. You have to wonder if there are plea discussions
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Now family of former Park Avenue Bank director Mendel Zilberberg fill #SDNY Mag Court, & defense lawyer Ben Brafman- thread
As described, Aron Fried & Zilberberg was a straw borrower to get $1.4M, ostensibly for a home health care business
So where were the bank regulators? And why aren't they here in the @SDNYLIVE Mag Court?
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OK - in #OneCoin trial in #SDNY court of US v. Scott, opening arguments this morning at 9:30, any lawyers' arguments before Judge Ramos first. Yesterday's Inner City Press story… & more on Below, today's thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @TheACFE @CoinUp24 @Svrakata @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @ezCoinAccess @Jackiejourno @JenMcAdamUK Assistant US Attorney Demase says government has a witness today who is 75 years old & that he might ask leading questions.
Scott's lawyer Devlin-Brown says given the testimony of this witness, he'll tell the jury Scott is charged with the money laundering side
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @TheACFE @CoinUp24 @Svrakata @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @ezCoinAccess @Jackiejourno @JenMcAdamUK Judge Ramos says all of the #OneCoin jurors have arrived on or before, so they'll enter and arguments begin right at 9:30 am. And now he thanks them.
Government to start its opening statement: "The OneCoin crypto currency was absolutely fake and worthless."
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Back in #SDNY Magistrates Court, just starting after new Mag Judge Sarah Cave sworn in… threadette
Case: Defendant in Federal court for .22 gun while felon, arrested Friday night for public urination, then warrant check.
US agrees to $75,000 bond, home incarceration. Pending charge in NDNY. So US wants satisfaction of conditions before release
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In #SDNY Giuliani associate Fruman's lawyer is arguing to end electronic monitoring and detention to home in Florida- thread
Fruman's requests are denied. His Kiev bar, Congressional subpoena and uncontested 1-way ticket to Vienna cited @SDNYLIVE
Also, request to deem brother Steve Fruman a bond co-signer denied. AUSA says he may be connected to the charged conduct
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OK - now in #SDNY, Doe v. ICE case about arrests of non-citizens in courthouses, before Judge Alison Nathan. Inner City Press curtain raiser story last night:… Live tweeting it here - thread
@MatthewLeeICP @nhregister @DavidMcGuireEsq @CatskillDM @bethfertig @ThePortlandTrib @bscottnewskona Judge Nathan: I think there's some difference between the schedule Judge Rakoff has you on than here... And there are different claims in that case.
@MatthewLeeICP @nhregister @DavidMcGuireEsq @CatskillDM @bethfertig @ThePortlandTrib @bscottnewskona Doe's lawyer: We think we have quite a good chance of defeating the motion to dismiss.
Judge Nathan: You have not yet moved for preliminary injunctive relief. Do you intend to?
Doe's lawyer: It depends on the timing. It's mostly a legal issue
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Back in #SDNY Magistrates Court after 2 hour #Bronx gang bond hearing, Hayes was arrested at 5 am but only presented now
Next case: Cruz was arrested with 200 glassines of heroin, he's being charged with gun and shooting. He's requesting release
Federal Defender says Cruz is a barber who defended his wife. Judge Cott calls recess; Pre-Trial Sevices into robing room
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In #SDNY fraudster Burback says he's trying to get millions of dinars back from Iraq. But he's up for sentencing now- thread
Burbank says his bank in Iraq "flagged" since ISIS moves, got $5k / mo through Western Union. Now bank trades on pik sheets
...on pink sheets. Now AUSA Magdo asks why the $5k/mo not in his Pre-Sentencing Report. Defense lawyer backpedaling
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Now UNSG @AntonioGuterres is pontificating about protests, after refusing for a week to answer on Honduras protests after @SDNYLIVE verdict President JOH's brother Tony trafficked drugs and paid bribes, with the UN is familiar. No answers to 8 today -thread
@antonioguterres @sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @AntiBotsHN @Jorge41Reyes @robertoizaguir9 @sandraruiz34311 @TheGZzz Banned Inner City Press asked: provide the #Honduras report of Marcie Mersky, Ana Catalina Soberanis, Mirna Cuenta and Javier Cabreja about which Inner City Press asked at the 8 Feb 2018 noon briefing before it was roughed up and banned from the UN, 479 days
@antonioguterres @sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @AntiBotsHN @Jorge41Reyes @robertoizaguir9 @sandraruiz34311 @TheGZzz Note: @AntonioGuterres has already left the scripted Q&A with Turkey state media (no answer to banned Inner City Press' written question on #Halkbank as scofflaw like the UN in Haiti) - 11 minutes tops, canceling noon briefing, no answers on UN rapes, corrupt
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#SDNY Judge Marrero gives Johnson, found with gun & ski mask, 18 months in halfway house, only on weekends ok - threadette
Now after Supreme Court decision in Rehaif v US, Judge Marrero re-allocutes Sosa if he knew he was a felon when had gun. Yes
Judge Marrero gives Sosa, ssid to threaten prior CJA lawyer & had a stolen gun, 40 months after Rehaif re-plead. Story soon.
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Americans should not let a Turkish jihadist defile our @Whitehouse. One million peaceful US patriots should march on Washington if Trump does not cancel Erdogan's trip in 48 hours. After that the march should go forward even it he cancels. @SecretService @DCPoliceDept
@WhiteHouse @SecretService @DCPoliceDept US prosecutors should arrest Erdogan if he comes here. Genocide and other war crimes have no immunity. And #SDNY is on to him.
@WhiteHouse @SecretService @DCPoliceDept Reported Berman sought Erdogan's bank records in Switzerland, Qatar, Malaysia, Italy, Singapore, China and Hungary. I hunt hidden money. They got him. Any other account will likely pop in those banks. The nations could lose their ability to use US banks. They'll give him up.
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In #SDNY lawyer for BNP is arguing that to his client's banking-for'Bashir it's Sudanese law that should be applied - thread
BNP lawyer says, Transactions with Sudan don't mean aiding human rights abuses, & that "ghost houses" pre-dated BNP's deals
Now BNP's Ms Lynch says her client had no duty to non customers in Darfur. ugh
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In #SDNY trial of emo rapper Jones, defense summation now. Apparently Inner City Press is prohibited from live tweeting it
AUSA mocked defense doctor as a dinosaur. But that's what these restrictions on live tweeting are.…
Defense lawyer Bonus accused gov of tunnel vision, manipulative questioning, only video kept was of Michael Jones. Back in
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Starting now @SDNYLIVE: arraignment of Giuliani's associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman before #SDNY Judge Oetken. Here was co-defendant Correia's and Kukushkin's last week:… Inner City Press will live tweet this one: thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @MaddowBlog @scottadamsshow @TomArnold Judge Oetken's deputy tells the lawyers, The room is cavernous, please speak up. Now Judge Oekten says, we're hear for arraignment on a four count indictment. Asks for time of arrest and about presentment
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @MaddowBlog @scottadamsshow @TomArnold AUSA: Parnas will be released on a $1 million bond. Pre-trial supervision out of Southern District of Florida. Home detention with GPS monitoring; DC for legal visits. Surrender passport, no contact with co-defendants outside presence of counsel (Correia disputes)
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In #SDNY Magistrates court hearing, AUSA Longyear consented to confidential, non transcribed sidebar. Judge Aaron tried but
Judge Aaron to his credit summarized topic, but not substance. No court reporter. Story soon @SDNYLIVE
@sdnylive Ran back to Press Room to report: Judge Aaron, who to his credit said he had to say *something* about taking into information while excluding the public - but there was no recording of the sidebar - issued back conditions for the defendant, Gustavo Llevano-Rivera
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1. I reported on #Zarrab case starting with his Miami arrest in 2015. Based on knowledge of the way the new indictments are handled on line, I conclude there are more coming and from the one released by #SDNY re Turkey’s state owned Halkbank, and references to Erdogan and
2. his son-in-law plus the disclosure of apparent super top-secret #702FISA intercepts of Erdogan going back to 2013, I predict the sealed #SDNY indictments include ones for Erdogan and his family. And I think that @vp @WHNSC @SecPompeo are
3. going to Turkey to make @trpresidency @RTErdogan an offer he can’t refuse. 😎 ✌️@cia @NSAGov @DefenseIntel @ODNIgov @RepAdamSchiff @MarkWarner @EsperDoD
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With #Honduras trial done for the day, back in #SDNY Magistrates Court. It is a drug case. DEA agent in "Boston PD" shirt
Mr Rodriguez was arrested 8 pm yesterday. Charged with drugs, gin, felon in possession. Federal Defender wants bail. Thread
AUSA Nessim says he was arrested with 20 kilos of narcotics and a loaded gun stolen in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not a citizen
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Both @RudyGiuliani and the #SDNY US Attorney Geoffrey Berman worked for #Turkey’s foreign agent firm Greenberg Trauig. Both should be considered Turkish agents for times relevant to current cases.…
@RudyGiuliani 2. If GreenbergTraurig LLP @GT_Law was fined by @treasury for charged for working for ISIS/Turkey during time @SDNYnews Berman & @rudlyGiuliani were there, would Rudy and Berman still be liable under the terms of the LLP agreement? I think they would. If so Berman has to recuse
3. from anything Turkey related but he didn't recuse with Atilla. Doesn't he have a potential economic interest in the Giulian case that will involve Turkey via Mehmet Ali Yalçında? Right @IvankaTrump? 😎 @NewYorkStateAG @NewYorkFBI @FBIWFO @maddow @Lawrence @MSNBC
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In #SDNY Magistrates Court, Bklyn judge Ash has arrived; & AUSA Eli Mark. Last night's story:… Thread
Judge Ash is represented by Mr Archibald of Court Street, Bklyn. Mag Judge Wang reads fellow judge Ash her rights @SDNYLIVE
3 counts against Ash: obstruction of justice. AUSA Mark: $500,000 bond, no contact MCU board members, officials or witnesses
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