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OK - now at arraignment of Martin Handler, Menachem Lieberman, Harold Schwartz, Isidore Handler and Ben Werczberger, indicted in @sdnylive On Fraud Charges Inner CIty Press is covering the case with will live tweet, thread below
Five defendants, five lawyers: gallery full of supporters.
All rise!
One of the lawyers is not yet admitted pro hac vice, needs Florida certificate. She's still in the gallery. Now moving into well. It's arraignment time.
Martin Handler is first, pleads not guilty. So say they all.
Soon, on to search and seizure of their phones. First, AUSA Wolf describes the arrests, on 7 count, fraud with 3 companies, fake day care program, secret ownership, theft from a #Bronx program.
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OK - back in Mag court, 3 young defendants charged with armed robbery of a smoke shop in The #Bronx. Their parents are here - they don't seem like college professors, but they would sign to get sons released. Thread below
US Attorney's Office is seeking pre-trial detention of all three: their "trashing of the smokeshop" is cited. Hard not to compare this to agreed release today of Sam Bankman-Fried. What did #SBF trash? Discuss : )
Defendant Morgan's mother works for NY Housing: his stepfather works construction. Neither is a college professor. Morgan himself worked for FedEx and UPS - not for #FTX
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OK- now in #SDNY Mag Court for US v Lamor Whitehead for fraud, after covering him as robbery victim in #EDNY… Threadette below Image
Whitehead is in a white hooded sweatshirt, with a retained lawyer. AUSA says he was arrested today at 6 am.
Magistrate Judge Gorenstein describes wire fraud and threat of force to obtain money from a #Bronx business; also lie about not having a 2d cell phone.
US agrees to $500,000 unsecured bond, a week for 2 signatures. Jersey travel allowed.
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OK- now in Mag court, defendant Keita was air-lifted in from Arkansas, for trafficking guns to The #Bronx. AUSA links his guns to Bronx shooting, asks for detention. Threadette below, story later
Asst US Attorney: Keita got straw purchaser to buy 9mm and .380, cites high speed chase with stolen Dodge in Pine Bluff, Ark, then failure to appear in court.
AUSA adds that the stolen car was taken in a kidnapping - but no express link of that to Keita. Since the chase, Keita's been moving the guns by bus. AUSA says they recorded his jail calls, targeting co-defendants.
Judge: Do you have the transcript?
A: Not here.
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OK- now presentment of Valenzuela: US says he stole more than $800,000 worth of jewelry in the #Bronx while armed with a firearm, bear spray, and hammers. Inner City Press is the only media in the Mag court, thread below
AUSA: Six masked robbers went in. They got away on mopeds. He is on video, before and after he put on his blsck ski mask. His phone pinged on Sheridan Ave and in the jewelry store, where he bear-sprayed bystanders.
AUSA: Today in his apartment on Sheridan Ave we found bear spray and a bag of cash.
[Valenzuela stares down at table] He previously robbed a Good Will at gunpoint. He should be detained.
Federal Defender: His family is here and would co-sign. He has thyroid cysts.
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Now in Magistrates Court, awaiting defendant charged in #Bronx murder. But first, defendant whose apartment was a drug mill. He's shackled, in shorts and white T-shirt. His wife, a bus dispatcher, is here in gallery with Inner City Press. Threadette below
Judge: Mr Diaz Mata can be released, bot only after a home visit on Monday or [#UNGA] Tuesday. Detained until then. He is led out by US Marshals. Next up, 19-cr-686, man in dreadlocks and shower slippers.
Dreads was on supervised release when arrested with gun, also on meth and Oxy, AUSA says; case being Federalized. Defense says he's doing his best. Judge says he will be detained.
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Now at presser on gang murder indictment at @SDNYLIVE, hoping to get qurstion(s) in. Other than that, threadette below
Damian Williams, with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg at his side, says being safe is a civil right.
Now Alvin Bragg. Will there be questions about the bodega case? And where US the #Bronx DA?
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Back in Magistrates Court @sdnylive, 8 family members, 2 defendants both in yellow - Essex County jail again? 2 babies crying. All that's lacking is the judge. Thread below
Defendants surrendered to NYPD last night at 7: 30 pm. Drugs and guns. US wants both detained. First defendant consents; for 2d, Smith, there will be a bail argument.
AUSA: This is a presumption case.
Judge: Explain that to the defendant.
AUSA says defendant fired a gun on 184th Street in The #Bronx. Served a year, then arrested again. Cites "online persona, online loyalty to the group." Defense: Grandmother has a stock portfolio
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Back in @sdnylive Magistrates Court, US says defendant was released by the state, then suspect in June 28 homocide, ten shots into a car. Defendant talking loudly through mask
Magistrate Judge Cott orders defendant detained, explicitly not considering the homocide; defendant arrested in house with drugs and gun(s). Another case, a double, coming
Two defendants, both in bright yellow overalls from Essex County jail, were brought out. Now one goes back into holding cell. Charges are drugs and guns, in The #Bronx around Morris Ave & 184th Street
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A student at College of Mount Saint Vincent in The Bronx was suspended for an Instagram post questioning George Floyd protests. Now it is a Federal case and Inner City Press has been covering it since 2:30 pm, will not live tweet the end then public story - thread
After three hours of argument, the judge is asking why the plaintiff -- "Annie Doe" -- has not moved out of her dorm room. The College gave her a referral to a homeless shelter.
Here's the beginning of the story Inner City Press started drafting: "Annie Doe - not her real name - while a student at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale in the North Bronx posted on Instagram criticism of protests to the murder of George Floyd...
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@slowtotruth Its #1stAmendment right 2wear what they want in #America, b #Ready 4reply2 #Public speech #WildWest #HighNoon style. Guy streaming Is Wrong u can b an #American & wear #Naziflag c During #WW2 #Bund=#Nazi symps ala #Trumps Daddy=#Klan @NYPD & #MAGA Traitors…
@slowtotruth @NYPD 2/5 #1stAmendment #PublicSqare Speech #WildWest #HighNoon style. See #Trumps Daddy=#Klan 1000 beatup of 100 mainly irish @NYPD & stopped Catholic AlSmith from being @Potus 1927 .This #NightRiding is why #AntiFa arose c #Receipts c… &…
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Se hai la (s)fortuna di nascere con una vagina ti viene insegnato da subito che il mondo per te può essere più pericoloso. Quando sviluppi inizi a notare gli sguardi degli uomini che si soffermano su un seno florido o su un culo a mandolino, da qui inizi a cambiare.
Cambi modo di vestire "forse la minigonna o gli shorts meglio di no perché poi mi sento nuda e attiro sguardi, meglio mettere il reggiseno così non si vedono i capezzoli, le scollature meglio evitarle altrimenti non mi guardano negli occhi".
E comunque tutto questo non basta perché non importa se sei carina o meno, o se sei in tuta, ci sarà sempre lo stronzo che ti suonerà il clacson dalla macchina guardandoti con la faccia arrapata, ci sarà sempre il demente che ti urlerà "a fataaaa" mentre attraversi sulle strisce.
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While all attention is on #COVID19 our National School of Tropical Medicine @BCM_TropMed (work led by @Rojelio) found widespread toxocariasis in low-income areas of #NYC, led by the #Bronx.

Thank you @CathFlowers for introducing us to city leaders/reps…
A reason this is significant: Earlier in @JAMAPsych (my first paper in a psychiatric journal) I highlighted the role of toxocariasis for its role in developmental delays among socioeconomically disadvantaged kids (based on work from @sunydownstate)…
Finally with Profs. Robin Gasser @unimelb and Ali Rostami we estimated the seroprevalence of toxocariasis… Image
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1/Last night a Police station was taken over by protesters and demolished. The Police had to flee
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Deloitte, 2017: "Operations will cease to be delivered by humans."

Deloitte: The #Future of Operations, Deloitte Global Impact Report, Nov 13 2017


#Covid19 is the conduit to the #4IR now in full motion. As people come to terms w/ what is being forced upon humanity, we will soon regret that we did not unite to oppose to draconian lockdowns/expanding surveillance that will serve to protect/insulate ruling classes from revolt.
#UBI (universal basic income) is a tool designed by the rich to stave off #Molotov cocktails - while at the same time enriching themselves even further. The ruling class knows full well what they are unleashing - but the citizenry does not.

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While the other four boroughs take a welcome slight rightward turn, the #Bronx continues its trajectory of increased deaths in #NYC from #Covid19.

Now one person in 1,262 in the Bronx has lost their life to the pandemic

Data from…
Deaths are a lagging indicator, colleagues at @MontefioreNYC are seeing fewer new cases presenting, so hopefully the curve will decelerate in the #Bronx.

Now one in 1,154 in the borough has died from #COVID19.
@MontefioreNYC Turning the corner, literally. A long road ahead, but #NYC is getting on top of the #COVID19 pandemic.

Now one in 1,095 in the #Bronx has died from #COVID19.

Data from…
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#Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
Mar 11th 11PM EST
-126,135 =113 Countries & 🇨🇳
-4,630 have died🌎
-68,216 have recovered🌎
-80,932 Cases in 🇨🇳
-12,462 #Italy
-9,000 #Iran
-7,755 #SouthKorea
-2,284 #France
#COVID19seattle #NC #CA #MA #CT
1/11 #US #COVIDー19 Stats 👇🏾
2) #US #COVID19 Update
March 11th 11PM EST
1,311 #Coronavirus cases
373 in #Washington - most # of cases
36 states & DC have confirmed cases
339 new cases
38 have died: #WA #CA #FL #NJ #SD
👀 Community Prep Resources 👇🏾
#CoronavirusUSA #COVID19US
#NYC #Seattle #LosAngeles #OC
1) Welcome to #COVID19 Info!
Since the World Health Org has declared #COVID-19 a global pandemic, we thought it best to share some basic info starting with an infographic and our Personal Protection thread which includes a Pandemic Guide:
🔗 #Coronavirus
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And we're back in @SDNYLIVE Magistrates Court, where defendant Mr Mercado has now CJA Sabrina Shroff. He's asking to be bailed on charge of giving Gonzalez a (bb) gun to shoot at the owner of a parking lot at 2443 Poplar Ave in The #Bronx on June 20, 2018. Thread
Shroff asks why it took so long to arrest him, says the supposed witness is a cooperator. AUSA Gentile says he's been arrested 29 times, is an inveterate druggie.
Shroff: Inveterate?
Judge Freeman: (reading from laptop) Long established and unlikely to change.
Judge Freeman orders detention. No confidence he has another place to stay. Defendant is raising his hand. "I wanna speak to you, your Honor."

Third time this week (at least) in the Mag Court.
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Last case is #Bronx alleged sex trafficker Inner City Press wrote about (along with SDNY FOIA) earlier today… threadette
He gets Federal Defender Cabrera. Two law enforcement at table, two in gallery. Two AUSAs. 6 counts
Count 6 is kidnapping. Defendant consents to detention, without prejudice. Next is Jan 21
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Sean Stewart, twice convicted of insider trading (tipping off his father) is being sentenced. He has a guideline of 51 to 63 months. Judge Rakoff calls Guidelines useless - but asks about Judge Swain's 36 months in 1st, reversed case - thread
Judge Rakoff notes letter from Sean Stewart's ex-wife's letter - and that she got two orders of protection against him. She is in the courtroom.
Lawyer says Sean and son close at baseball game in Queens, not the #Bronx.
Judge Rakoff: Close even with inferior team.
AUSA tells Judge Rakoff that Sean Stewart's 4-year scheme was worse than Pinto-Thomaz, who got 14 months
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Now in #SDNY Magistrate Court multiple defendants from The #Bronx' Elliot Place between Walton & the #GrandConcourse- thread
AUSA and Judgr Parker have different rap sheets for one defenfant, whose CJA lawyer doesn't have *any* copy of the rap sheet
AUSA Balsamello has the narcotics conspiracy was centered around 105-07 Elliot Place, #BX NY. Qs turn to hit & run in #Miami
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Back in #SDNY Magistrates Court after 2 hour #Bronx gang bond hearing, Hayes was arrested at 5 am but only presented now
Next case: Cruz was arrested with 200 glassines of heroin, he's being charged with gun and shooting. He's requesting release
Federal Defender says Cruz is a barber who defended his wife. Judge Cott calls recess; Pre-Trial Sevices into robing room
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And we're back: #6ix9ine trial continues with #NYPD "Criminalist 3" on the stand @SDNYLIVE. Earlier today, Kristian Cruz disputed it was his Instagram account communicating with Nuke Mack. Thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @revolttv @XXL @Power106LA The NYPD lab tech is testifying about scales and grinders and confirming the presence of #fentanyl (yesterday we posted the photos of DHL envelope from Shenzhen, China to Kristian Cruz, the sometimes "IGotRich_" on Instagram)
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @revolttv @XXL @Power106LA Judge Engelmayer getting more and more frustrated. Tells NYPD tech, You're not here to read this document, just to say if it jogs you memory. Then to the lawyers: we're going off the rails here. It's not worth anyone times to explore this through this witness
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Now in #SDNY Magistrates Court, shackled defendant waits for Judge Wang - amid loud fire drill alarm. Story later @SDNYLIVE
Now at 7 pm final #SDNY case of the day: US v Perkins about to begin. Seems there will be a bail fight. @SDNYLIVE Threadette
They tried to arrest Perkins at #Bronx court appearance. He stepped back to call Legal Aid. Now called a risk of flight...
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