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We have E Team members sharing the ClA case livestream update moderated by Trevor Fitzgibbon. Which is great, until you remember that the same people along with #TheErrantFriend slandered @TrevorFitzgibb1 just recently. ImageImage
Here are @TheErrantFriend & @VickiO96064997 (as noted in her public sharing of her Twitter handle) smearing Assange supporters @TrevorFitzgibb1, Jason Sullivan, and Lara Logan as #Mossad. ImageImageImageImage
More slander and unfounded falsehoods from #TheErrantFriend. ImageImage
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✱ Bill Gates' UK chief served on NSPCC Full Stop Appeal's Board and its Steering Group

✱ This was a vehicle by which Mandelson groomed Prince Andrew for the Epstein/Ghislaine honeytrap

❗❓ Svendsen ABRUPTLY quit Microsoft in 2000 due to age concerns .. age 51 Image
Bill Gates' mysterious Microsoft/NSPCC chief DAVID SVENDSEN

"Microsoft's UK chief is quitting because he says he is too old for the job.

At 51, David Svendsen is stepping down from the post of UK chair just as it launches its flagship operating system."… Image
Bill Gates' Microsoft/NSPCC chief:

"SVENDSEN—Microsoft UK chair for 20 months & before that UK MD for 10 yrs—will continue as chair of corporate development on the NSPCC board"

Can you see what it is yet?

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The Rothschilds (who helped Epstein & Ghislaine for Kissinger & Mega) have a son: David

David Rothschild produced PLAYGROUND about Child Abuse

Ghislaine's sex partner #GeorgeClooney was Executive Producer

#ICMEC's Ernie Allen took part


DAVID ROTHSCHILD, Ghislaine's pal & son of her patrons Lynn & Evelyn; TerraMar backer

Exec Producer:
GEORGE CLOONEY, Ghislaine's sex partner

ERNIE ALLEN of #ICMEC linked to TerraMar's Richard Branson, Clintons, McCanns… ImageImageImageImage
This Child Abuse film = Cartel Signaling

Tear it apart for clues

Producer DAVID ROTHSCHILD, Ghislaine's pal & son of her patrons Lynn & Evelyn. Exec Producer: CLOONEY, Ghislaine's sex partner. Interview: ERNIE ALLEN of #ICMEC linked to TerraMar's Rich Branson, Clintons, McCanns Image
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1. #Mossad

My abuser's father, Meshulam Riklis, and Ted Arison founded Carnival Cruise. Their maiden voyage in 1972 was on a ship they named 'Mardi Gras'. Image
When Meshulam Riklis was hand-picked to run the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas (for CIA, Mossad, Mafia) he was told by Stanley Sporkin that he needed to rid himself of CARNIVAL.

Stanley Sporkin/CIA/SEC. At the time Sporkin served with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Image
Meshulam Riklis paid Ted Arison (father of Micky Arison (Miami Heat, Carnival) & (father of Shari Arison, Bank Hapoalim) $1.

The online info has been changed to $1 million, but this is not true. My abuser, Riklis's son, told me what happened.

Source: The Billionaire's Woman Image
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26/2/23 - U.S. Energy Department has concluded that the Covid pandemic most likely arose from a laboratory leak, according to a classified intelligence report recently provided to the White House and key members of Congress. En nu @MarionKoopmans?…
26/2/23 - COVID19 likely originated in Chinese lab leak, US Energy Dept. says report. Einde zoönose fabeltje @MarionKoopmans 🤡@mkeulemans 🤡
27/2/22 - COVID19 and Illegal US Bioweapons Activity, an Insider's revelations #Mossad…
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Après #Pegasus

#TeamJorge société 🇮🇱 passant contrat pour déstabiliser des élections n'importe où dans le monde usant divers moyens dont le renseignement, opérations spéciales (?) ou les réseaux sociaux

Jorge dit avoir déjà opéré dans 33 élections dont 27 auraient fonctionné… Image
#TalHanan #DemomanInternational validé par la défense 🇮🇱 est aussi spécialisé en renseignement (espionnage) & contre-narcoterrorisme

influence campagnes électorales via AIMS logiciel capable de donner vie à des dizaines de milliers d'internautes factices

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#BREAKING: Three massive explosions heard in #Isfahan 30 minutes ago. A building belonging to #Iran's Ministry of Defence was targeted by three explosive laden quadcopters of #Israel Intelligence Organization (#Mossad).
#BREAKING: #Israel Intelligence Organization (#Mossad) just targeted another facility belonging to #Iran's Ministry of Defence in #Karaj, west of #Tehran. New footage from the attack in #Isfahan 👇
All the roads to the targeted building of #Iran's Ministry of Defence in #Isfahan are blocked by security forces.
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To kill #Iranian dissidents overseas, #IRGC & #Iranian Intelligence recruit criminals from #Azerbaijan Republic. One of them was #PoladOmarov who was involved in failed assassination attempt of #MasihAlinejad in NY, #US. This is moment of his arrest in #Prague, #Czech on 08/01/23
In 2021, #IRGC Quds Force hired an assassin from #Azerbaijan Republic to assassinate several #Israeli businessmen in #Cyprus. Cypriot Police arrested him after #Mossad tipped them. Many ex-members of Azerbaijan Intelligence are involved in crimes & they often get hired by #IRGC.
To avoid any harm to its image, #Azerbaijan government does its best to hide the fact that ex-members of its intelligence organization are being recruited by #Iranian Ministry of Intelligence to kill #Iranian dissidents & #Israeli citizens overseas.
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Siloed development of AI by nation-states as National Security threat mitigation as well as the weaponizing of AI to infiltrate, and affect policy & population sentiment in adversary nations is a significant malignant threat to peace & exponentially increases the risk of conflict
AI algos harness volumes of macro & micro-data to influence decisions affecting people in a range of scenarios, from benign movie recommendations to less benign black-box creditworthiness tests, to malignant use by Alphabet Agencies for regime change…
Artificial intelligence extends the reach of national security threats that can target individuals and whole societies with precision, speed, and scale

#NatSec #NSA #CIA #DIA #FSB #MIT #Mossad……
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Iran dismantles four Mossad-affiliated operational teams

#Iran’s security forces have identified & arrested members of four #Mossad-affiliated operational teams, according to a statement disclosed by Tehran’s Intelligence Ministry on 22 December.…
The statement elaborated on how the Israeli intelligence agency planned to exploit Iran’s current instability in recent weeks,…
The Intelligence Ministry further added that it obtained “clues” about a Mossad ringleader based in Europe, disclosing that information regarding the investigation will be revealed upon completion.…
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MİT ve Emniyet Teşkilatı yabancı istihbaratlara göz açtırmıyor.

İsrail Gizli Servisi #MOSSAD adına çalıştığı tespit edilen ve aralarında Özel Dedektifler Derneği Kurucu Başkanının da bulunduğu 44 şüpheli "Askeri ve Siyasi Casusluk Operasyonu" kapsamında gözaltına alındı. Image
Emniyette sorguya alınan kişiler arasında Özel Dedektifler Derneği Kurucu Başkanı İsmail Yetimoğlu'nun da bulunduğu bildirildi. Image
2007'de kurulan Özel Dedektifler Derneği'nin Kurucu Başkanı ve Maviay Özel Dedektiflik şirketinin kurucusu olan İsmail Yetimoğlu, 23 yıllık devlet memurluğundan emekli olup 2003'te özel dedektiflik yemini ettiğini söyledi. Image
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The highest goal of all human beings, as far as they have not been damaged in soul and spirit, is a life in peace, in community and in love.
In contrast, there are numerous conflicts in all areas ...
The class struggle/overcoming the domination of huge fortunes according to Karl

If we follow Karl Marx, the central conflict of modern man is the overcoming of the rule of men with the huge, illegitimate fortunes and the associated alienation and impoverishment of the majority of people through the rule of money, of capital.
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Das höchste Ziel aller Menschen, soweit sie in der Seele und im Geist keinen Schaden genommen haben, ist ein Leben im Frieden, in der Gemeinschaft und in der Liebe.
Demgegenüber stehen zahlreiche Konflikte in allen Bereichen ...
Was läuft falsch in der westlichen Werte-/Staatengemeinschaft, wenn aufrechte Menschen mit Zivilcourage wie Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden ... von "unseren" Regierungen verfolgt werden als Staatsfeinde? Image
Warum gibt es eigentlich auch 2022 immer noch Kriege auf der Welt? Image
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#IRGC and Ministry of Intelligence have released a joint statement- containing explicit details of American and other foreign alleged intervention in recent riots/Protest;

#French nationals, Cecile Kohler, 37, and her husband Jacques Paris, 69 alleged #DGSE assets were arrested on the charges of instigating dissent and creating, organizing and coordinating channels to provoke unionists into violent expansion of their activities; Image
According to Iran, both were in the cover of French teachers' union officials; Cecile Kohler and her partner, Jacques Paris, were arrested in early May in #Tehran reportedly while on vacation;
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A new cache of leaked Labour documents shows how Israel lobby operatives worked against former leader Jeremy Corbyn from within the UK’s main opposition party…
Israel lobbyist Luke Akehurst intervened to help save suspended right-wing Labour activist Luke Stanger from expulsion – despite a series of complaints of harassment & intimidation.
The leaked files also detail how Palestine solidarity activists & left-wingers were investigated
leaked files also detail how Palestine solidarity activists/left-wingers were investigated/suspended /expelled frm the party, while right-wing pro-Israel members were protected by senior party figures.
The documents were revealed on Thursday in the 1st episode of #TheLabourFiles
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We’ve spent 3 years in #Swat monitoring the movement & activities of the #TTP here.

Keep in mind, I am a resident of Swat & have access to places & people who others don’t.

There are 3 types of #TTP operational in Swat currently.
Type 1: The Criminal Element

There is a criminal element operating in #Swat for many years since the #TTP was defeated in 2009. This element follows the same physical attributes of the TTP, but are involved in kidnappings & murders.
Type 2: The Original #TTP Swat

When the TTP was an occupying force in #Swat from 2007-09, they were brutal in their punishments & torture, to the extent that the TTP Swat chapter was expelled from the overall structure.
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Dear PM @narendramodi & HM @AmitShah,

I know my plea is gonna fall on deaf ears & blind eyes but are

many other innocent #Hindus mere statistic in your political power lust?
Am afraid this will stop only with beheading (Shiv-Krishna forbid) of #NaveenJindal &/or #NupurSharma or may be not. #SarTanSeJuda gang has tasted blood.

Naveen actually is in greater danger.

#Jehadis don't Forget or Forgive. They can bid their time.

Sadly #Hindus won’t know what to do?

Do Hindus know how to avenge such killings? Hindus are not conditioned that way.

Not that it can't be done but Hindus are stuck in a self-inflicted quagmire.

#Modi on one side, #LeLis on other & #TINA in middle.

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El uso político que están haciendo sobre la nota del NYTimes amerita aclarar algunas cosas respecto al terrorismo, su forma de operar, las fuentes de inteligencia y el atentado a la #AMIA de 1994.

¿El Kirchnerismo sigue buscando desligar a Irán del tema?

Abro #hilo
En las últimas horas impactó en distintos medios internacionales una nota publicada por Ronen Bergman que es un gran analista internacional y con destacada trayectoria en Tel Aviv. En este tuit va el artículo original para que puedan leerlo.…
Lo primero que me parece importante diferenciar son las fuentes. Cualquier información puede venir de fuentes abiertas (como por ejemplo un artículo científico, redes sociales, otros medios de comunicación, etc). En inteligencia son llamadas OSINT "Open Source Intelligence".
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Fransız felsefeci ve liberal olarak bilinen, kimine göre de #MOSSAD ajanı olarak tanımlanan Bernard-Henri Lévy…

İlk olarak 2003’te Gürcistan’daki Gül Devrimi’nin destekçisi olarak tanıdığımız Lévy,
2008’de Rusya’nın Güney Osetya müdahalesine karşı çıkarak Batılı ülkeleri Ruslara karşı harekete geçmeye çağırdı. Gürcistan’ın Batı yörüngesinde olması gerektiğine dair makaleler yazdı. İç savaşlardan önce de sonra da hep o bölgelerde bulundu.
Ya doğrudan sahada ya da gizli kapılar ardında.

2011’de Suriye’deki iç savaş başladığında Esad rejimine karşı Özgür Suriye Ordusu’nu destekledi. O dönem Cannes’daki filminin gösterimine ÖSO bayrağını yüzüne sarmış iki kişiyle birlikte katılmıştı.
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Megalopolis x #Russia: Total War by Pepe Escobar…

After careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.

Operation Z is the first salvo of a titanic struggle: three decades after the fall of the USSR, and 77 years after the end of WWII, after careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.
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"Angelina Jolie Teams with Microsoft to Launch Children's News Show for BBC World"

That's not the first time Microsoft and Angelina Jolie got together..🧐
Her charity > Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) 👀
"Microsoft and Angelina Jolie Galvanize Legal Community in New Initiative to Protect Unaccompanied Children"…

"Wendy Young, president of Kids in Need of Defense, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that represents unaccompanied minors in deportation proceedings, said smuggling “is a big business.."
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1. I reported on the first Russo-Ukrainian war starting with the Maidan Jan 2014. After Merkel & Macron's Minsk I and II, I focused on Syria in a belief that ISIS was a Russian and Iranian operation to destroy Syrian Sunnis political unity. I worked to arm and assist the Kurds.
2. The force grew and establishment of the #SDF brought #Sunni #Arabs, #Christians & #Turkmen to join a single umbrella force with US airpower taking back large parts of #Syria. They still hold it much of it but #Putin gave large parts to #Erdogan who folded in ISIS & Al-#Qaeda
3. and along with #Russia, #Turkey, #Iran and #Assad act as a sort of overwatch. With US SOF and Bradleys from the 4th ID there as democracy's last hope.

When the Battle for Raqqa started in 2017, I observed ISIS military leadership made up of mostly Chechens started to leave.
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