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They Want Power & the Narrative & Will Do Whatever it Takes to Get & Keep That Power

Their organization ‘National Security Action’ even holds meetings with a Presidential Seal above the head chair. It’s not a secret (except when planning in Obama/Jarrett’s D.C. basement)

@POTUS ImageImage
These are the “leaders” of the shadow government trying to undermine America by undermining the Trump Presidency & Administration:

Wally Adeyemo, Jeremy Bash, Rand Beers, Jenna Ben-Yehuda, Howard Berman, Barbara Boxer, Mike Breen, Reuben Brigety II, Rosa Brooks, Nicholas Burns ImageImageImageImage
Bill Burns, Kurt Campbell, Joe Cirincione, Thomas Daschle, Brian Deese, Tom Donilon, Mieke Eoyang, Katie Fallon, Dan Feldman, Michelle Fluornoy, Mark Gallogly, Phil Gordon, Nina Hachigian, Kathleen Hicks, Valerie Jarrett, Colin Kahl ImageImageImageImage
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I don't know if the ShadowNet Enterprise Edition deployed Nationwide is my #ShadowNet, or if it was, which direction the "barrel" was even pointed?
If it is, what I do know for certain is the finger on the trigger (Jim Jones👇) will place company before country! ImageImageImage
The same 'Jim' mentioned in the email as being updated, is the son of Obama's National Security Advisor, & president of - A company responsible for predictive social media behavioral modeling designed to PROTECT NATIONAL SECURITY/Augment LAW ENFORCEMENT!
To me, that seems like a problem! Image
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This is what the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act was for. It gave PSYOP the "Keys to the Kingdom."
Prior to Smith-Mundt mod, how can you have Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) if there was a possibility an American could see/hear & be influenced?
For those potato-heads (was asked not to say mentally challenged) that will inevitably say this video is fake, I've included a DoD memo signed by the IIA chief complimenting me for my work on a classified IIA project; for my unclassified resume.
#WheresGillianTurner @FoxNews? Image
When we lost Iraq contract, we took what we built w/us, & sold it commercially as #ShadowNet.

Program was expanded in Tampa, so it must have worked?

Many say IIA helped reduce violence in Iraq to leave!

Question: Did taking "ShadowNet" allow for rise of Isis?
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Short thread: Do Black lives really matter?
1. At least 6 black children were shot by other blacks over the 4th of July weekend alone. No trends n no protests! This is how via #ShadowNet techniques, Social Media/MSM play a huge role in creating chaos n division in our country! Image
2. CNN barely covered it with 1 article.…
3. 13 children were shot in one month in St. Louis. I never knew/heard about it until I researched this.…
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If you, like many others,
feel that things in the news and
social media just don't add up,
take the time to understand how and
why you have these feelings.

You're in the middle of dozens of
military-grade I.I.A. reality hacks.
A prescient current example case study....
Reality hacks?
All our major political parties, "big Govt", "foreign Govt", "lobby group" & MSM media are doing this to us, 24x7, often in whats called a "lockstep" of narrative twisting.
Replace "fireworks factory" or "fertiliser storage" with "Iranian rocket facility" etc
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We MUST demand answers from states where #ShadowNet Enterprise edition is deployed for "training."
If this is the same ShadowNet I built for Obama's National Security Advisor & they use same modus operandi as Iraq, it will be run from Dynology's private servers!
...and nobody would ever know a second, UNSANCTIONED operation was running, using all the capabilities of this weapon TO INFLUENCE AMERICA!
All of that power, if setup same as before w/million'$ in taxpayer appropriated hardware/licensing & classified access to data - FOR FREE!
I've heard names of many retired Generals/politicians as archetypal deep-state figures.

ONLY 1 has the physical infrastructure capable of orchestrating WWIII cyber-war using battlefield tested, non-attributional IIA/PSYOP weapons that could alter elections & politics worldwide!
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Tore Says' Twitter was killed the day after she discovered several IIA account persona's we determined were likely Gen. Jones, his son & other assets.

I believe Twitter maliciously conspired to shut Tore down & cover-up their own involvement.

Witness tampering in federal case?
I've documented everything and will continue to do so. You've been warned.

Twitter, if you suppress my account I will file a motion to include you as co-conspirators and have you investigated for witness tampering in a federal case!

#ShadowNet #ShadowGate Image
Twitter can block anything or anyone they want for content reasons, they're a private company.

However, you can't act maliciously to cover-up a crime or federal whistleblower.
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In 04' I ran for Election Supervisor w/NO political affiliation.

I fought for election integrity/against touch screen voting.

I had bipartisan support, but Dem's overwhelmingly supported me.

I don't recognize Democrats today at all. They sacrificed all their values, it seems. Image
In fairness, we got touch screens banned & I lost; but w/almost 18% (outstanding for running NPA)

I then enlisted in Army at 39 & later helped in pioneering #ShadowNet, a DoD, taxpayer funded social media weapon which may have bestroyed election integrity.

I'm complicated ;-) ImageImage
I've been both a White-Hat & Black-Hat.

I prefer the White-Hat; you sleep better...
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@Millie__Weaver just premiered teaser for #ShadowGate.

In 3-months a man possibly involved in theft of #ShadowNet could be our next president!

I want answers from @JoeBiden! Did Gen. Jones/@BarackObama use ShadowNet in 08' campaign?

You should too!
What Millennial Millie and her team discovered following my interview is beyond even what I thought was possible. So much more coming out!

It's past time America has this conversation!

NOBODY I speak with, Democrat or Republican, is OK with this.
I would love to know what Hillary knew about #ShadowGate?

FYSA, I'm actually enjoying life w/ZERO thoughts of suicide! @HillaryClinton @BillClinton

Oh, I'm no Seth Rich, either. Hit a raccoon at 50+ meters w/911 380ACP! No video but do have witnesses @GavinWince ;-) Image
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"LIEUTENANT GENERAL H.R. MCMASTER:  Thank you so much.  Thank you, General Jones.
And it’s really – it’s really me who owes all of you a debt of gratitude, General Jones in particular.  He was so gracious to me when I took over this position."
So, to understand correctly. The guy I've been saying that owns #ShadowNet/setup @POTUS fabricated Russia Dossier, was McMaster's confidant upon replacing @GenFlynn

Nothing to see here people, move along... Nothing to see...?
Gen. Jones, "During his tenure as national security adviser, President Trump has attended the Three Seas Summit in Warsaw and pledged support for U.S. energy exports to Europe, committed greater funds to the European Defense Initiative"
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Did @JoeBiden @BarackObama know about #ShadowNet being stolen from our troops & used against Americans?

IIA can stop someone from strapping on a suicide vest. How many troops died from a bomber that would be alive today had Gen. Jones' company not stolen it from 4th POG in Iraq? Image
I hate seeing people OK w/this in media constantly saying they, "support the troops."

My forthcoming book lists HUNDREDS of "journalists" that knew & did nothing.

A Journalist that knew & did nothing, spits in the face of EVERYONE that sacrificed for their Freedom of the Press!
Pat Tillman was a large inspiration for my enlistment in 05' at the age of 39, but I'm NO Pat Tillman.
At basic, my PT was so bad they sent a truck to get me on 1st run.

But, I'm a Patriot! At 40, my IT was stronger than any of my Battles!

Silence dishonor's HIS sacrifice!
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Yesterday, @RepMattGaetz left out asking Zuckerberg why he partnered w/Gen. Jones, Obama's National Security Advisor, to "restore election integrity worldwide. Do you think America deserves an answer?

Gaetz doesn't think you do. He's holding sworn statement in his hand IN 18'👇
Sure is a big coincidence a FRESHMAN Congressman getting seat on Judiciary, same committee @DevinNunes is on.

Nunes has known since Dec 18'/Feb 19' when my congressman & @JudgeJeanine spoke w/him.

Are they protecting Obama's NSA because they used #ShadowNet themselves to win?
Did @RepMattGaetz trade @DevinNunes his silence for Judiciary seat? Evidence shows EXACTLY that.

I spoke to Matt personally at his inaugural ball & he promised to help. Since then 2 others met him on my behalf.

An Afghanistan Vet whistleblower was this POS 13 pieces of silver
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Gillian Turner, VP of Jones Group, (Owners of #SHADOWNET, a TAXPAYER FUNDED DOD INFORMATION WARFARE WEAPON) is pictured here HOSTING the MOST POLITICALLY INFLUENTIAL news show on @FoxNews
This, my friends; textbook IIA!
If YOU don't care enough to share this, I can't help you! ImageImageImageImage
Gillian Turner is an IIA ASSET of Gen. James Jones.
Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) is what taxpayers funded me to build while I was working for Dynology. Turner was being recruited by Obama's NSA, Jones, at the same time I was building Jones the ShadowNet & YOU PAID FOR IT ImageImageImageImage
It would be so easy to root out these people that are using YOUR taxpayer funded weapons ON YOU!!!

I need legal/financial help w/qui tam whistleblower lawsuit I filed in DC last January. That opens up DISCOVERY on all those connected!… to HELP fix this! Image
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This screenshot is easily verifiable on my FB page. It's 1 week after Obama & my boss/his NSA, Gen. Jones swore their oath of office.

The other image is a signed DoD memo stating my work on classified IIA program. Neither are classified, but go to credibility of my claims! ImageImage
I don't think history will record those in our government, MSM & others that knew my verifiable story & did nothing, will be judged well by their followers/constituents.

Imagine; 2x months before midterm elections America talking about Obama/Biden #ShadowNet; NOT impeachment?
This lying POS threat-actor knew 2x before midterms, shook my hand & promised to help.
All evidence suggests he either covered his own involvement, or wanted to Democrats to win.
Had he help this Obama whistleblower, I truly believe Republicans would have the Congress today! Image
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Most don't know Obama 1st tapped Gen. Jones, NOT Hillary, for SoS.

Without explanation to Jones, Obama turned around and gave Hillary SoS job? STONE/MANAFORT was Jones' #1 partner!!!

It wasn't Stone/Trump, it was Stone/Jones! Payback for fucking Jones out of SoS job!
QUESTION: What did Hillary have on Obama that would make him give a job to Hillary, that he'd already offered to 4-Star Gen Jones; & had accepted?

Jones' company, Dynology, was MCCAIN'S IT SECURITY COMPANY during primary!

Did Hillary know Obama/Jones cheated McCain?
@POTUS isn't responsible for Hillary getting cheated in 16' - Hillary is responsible!

Fuck a 4-star Gen. out of his Secretary of State job, which he'd already accepted, & tell me you're not making a serious enemy?

Stone, Manafort... All partners of Gen. Jones/ #ShadowNet!
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@JohnMatzeJr My name is Patrick Bergy & I helped pioneer social media psychological warfare weapons for Obama's NSA, Gen. James Jones.
Most people you associate you social media app w/have obstructed my attempts to expose the use of my app, #ShadowNet, on U.S.
Please explain! ImageImageImage
My work in IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) for Gen. Jones's company, Dynology, makes me very suspicious of your social media app that's supposed to "protect" conservatives from IIA influence operations.
Most notable is Parler relationship w/Dan Bongino, @EpochTimes @FoxNews
If you are serious about Parler being free from social media psychological warfare weapons targeting your users, you will answer my questions.
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I was told Bongino recently hired security & won't give out speaking dates because of an incident that happened in February at one of his events?
"Incident" was February 13th in Boca. I shook his hand & gave him a copy of my DC qui tam lawsuit. Security threat? I had a cane. LMAO Image
The supporter I was with, @SMathisenCPA noticed Bogino sent security to take pictures of ONLY us sitting at his $400/plate event. Susan will verify this. We went there for his help. I was a follwer of Dan's & DoD whistleblower, not a threat. Dumbass! ImageImageImage
What kind of man talks about how strong he is, training daily in martial arts, then hires additional security because he was approached by veteran with a cane on a trip funded entirely by his conservative Patreon supporters?
Bongino is NOT honorable, IMO! #MAGA #DTS #FakeNews
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@TheRickWilson can you please ask Bongino why he threw an Afghanistan veteran/whistleblower under the bus?
Ask him if his stake in Parlor, a social media app, was payment for keeping quiet about #ShadowNet, the social media weapon he's protecting the subject of my lawsuit from? ImageImageImage
Correction, @parler_app not Parlor.
I'll be reaching out to Parler in the next few days asking why a "conservative" social media site allowed the man protecting Obama's #ShadowNet have an ownership stake? Is the Parler app an Obama MIC IIA opp on Americans?
That's jacked-up...
I've met Bongino, shook his hand & looked him in the eyes while I told him my story pioneering the #ShadowNet for Obama's National Security Advisor, Gen. Jones.
IMO, Bongino is a snake after your data, & I can only assume his relationship with @parler_app is malevolent!
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@sarahlee9 @JonHuntsman I built #ShadowNet for Obama's National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones.
Huntsman tapped Jones as interim Atlantic Council Chairman in 2018. Jones (owner of ShadowNet) then partnered w/Facebook to "restore election integrity worldwide."
Also inserting assets in @FoxNews /MSM!
@sarahlee9 @JonHuntsman @FoxNews They're using the taxpayer funded DoD psychological warfare weapons I developed for DoD working for company Gen. Jones owned WHILE HE WAS SERVING AS OBAMA'S NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR & making millions in DoD contracts.
Jones kept IP and sold ShadowNet to influence U.S. elections
@sarahlee9 @JonHuntsman @FoxNews That same taxpayer funded weapon is being used by Obama's National Security Advisor & CIA director Hayden to determine if you get a job or lose your job. uses AI to scan your social media, financial, medical.. to create predictive behavioral report on you!
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@laralogan is breaking news about McChrystal using taxpayer funded PSYOP weapons on Americans. Yet, she's working w/Gillian Turner; VP of JGI, McChrystal's COMPETITOR & owner of the #ShadowNet that I built for Turner's boss, Gen. Jones; Obama's NSA!!!
Be careful @laralogan. IMO, knowing the things I know, that I'm pretty sure you know, they may pay well, but they don't play nice. Just ask your former colleagues...
Prove me wrong, Lara...
Or maybe help, if it's not too late?
Have you ever wondered why "Obama-Phones" with high-speed data plans were provided FREE to low-income communities, right after the Smith-Mundt Act was modified in 12', freeing-up our government to influence Americans?
I wonder if Hastings knew? #ShadowNet…
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There WILL be a post-pandemic AAR [After Action Review.]
I hope this includes what role social networks played in response/recovery. Censorship, IMO, will be its greatest stain.

Privacy will fail as well due to relaxing cyber-security protocols that protect personal privacy.
History is filled w/examples of the malevolent exploiting chaos; pandemics are the definition of chaos.
Predictive data analytics contracts are being massively funded worldwide. will surely exploit for YOUR data; worth billion$ more than the contract...
Predictive analytics is being massively funded because it fundamentally sees the future.
Combined w/AI "neutral nets" & quantum computing, project management/anonymity weapons like #ShadowNet could reflexively control humanity.
Not sci-fi, it's happening now. I helped pioneer it!
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HT @PeopleWe2

@cain_nate @RedPill78 Discussing metadata manipulation to avoid FOIA. Hmmmm, sounding like this thread wasn't too far off the mark...
This cat has a story to tell...


Can you please check the thread above and let me know your thoughts on what I found and the blatant manipulation of search results to skirt FOIA requests 🙏🏽

@_Luke_Slytalker @SpaceNinja15

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