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🔴 Le plan américain pour contrer la #Chine et l'#Iran en Asie occidentale

📍Un article de Mohamad Hasan Sweidan pour la publication The Cradle

Les #USA reconnaissent l'influence de la #Chine et la domination de l'Iran en Asie occidentale, mais leurs réponses lentes et…… Image
La sonnette d'alarme a été tirée de l'autre côté de l'Atlantique. Non seulement ces pays ont rejeté l'appel aux sanctions, mais ils ont renforcé leurs relations respectives avec la Chine et la #Russie, poursuivant des objectifs différents tout en tirant parti de la concurrence…… Image
Début mai, M. Sullivan s'est rendu à #Riyad, où il a rencontré le prince héritier saoudien Mohammed bin Salman (#MbS), le conseiller à la sécurité nationale des Émirats arabes unis, Tahnoun bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, et le conseiller à la sécurité nationale de l'Inde, Ajit Duval.……
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My latest op-ed @NEWSMAX

#SaudiArabia Leading the Mideast Into a New Era 🇸🇦
The kingdom that a @washingtonpost reporter recently described as being known for "notorious for painstakingly slow diplomacy" now looks to set the agenda, not be held hostage by one.

Clearly, this is not your father’s Saudi Arabia.…
Given its declining influence, Washington must better understand the dynamic changes occurring in the Mideast, where the majority of the population is now made up of young people. “ I believe the new Europe is the Middle East," #MBS said in 2018.…
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The thing is,

Elon Musk is being financed to destroy this platform.

They don't have to answer to Shareholders. They can destroy the brand if they want to.

Media Execs will sink all the money they want into this; because they're losing customers to Twitter users.
There are Autocrats around the world who would pay hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to spike a global communications platform that's bringing democracy to the far reaches of the planet.

This platform is all about engagement.

Corporate Media offers the opposite. #BigData
I've been kicked off this platform more times than I can count.

I probably deserved it once, I'll give them one. But, seriously...

No liberal has ever censored a view. Ever. We judge folks for their views, and conservatives take THAT as a personal attack.

Human nature.
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This is the start of Drip Drops Knowledge!

Remember to hit that follow button if you like the content.

#SPY #SPX $ES_F #QQQ #futurestrading #OptionsTrading #options Image
The first official Knowledge Drop. $GME reported earnings last night and is up over 50% this morning. A short float of 24% (as reported by #Ortex) might have something to do with that. Breakdown in slide, follow me for weekly Knowledge Drops!

#GME #ShortSqueeze Image
Last week, I discussed the concept of a “short squeeze.” This week let’s look at the dynamics of dealer hedging and the concept of a “gamma squeeze.”

#ShortSqueeze #GammaSqueeze #SPY #SPX $ES Image
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L'international 🇨🇵 des nuits pédo satanico orgiaques aristocratiques

Pêle-mêle de noms & lieux liés par leur activité noctambule 🦇
#SangBleu #Sexpionnage

Baron Alexis Von Rosenberg De Redé #BaronDeRedé, si intime des Rothschild & bien d'autres Image
Le #BaronDeRedé en pension 🇨🇭au collège "Le Rosey" avec le futur roi de Monaco & Shah d'Iran

Malheur famillial, de 22 ans son aîné, il est pris sous l'aile financière protectrice d'#ArturoLopezWillshaw avec qui il dit avoir perdu sa virginité #55thStreet, NY ImageImage
Le trouple #ArturoLopezWillshaw & Patricia possèdent l'#HotelLambert, #ÎleSaintLouis, Paris, où vit #BaronDeRedé et racheté par Rothschild

>#HotelRodocanachi à Neuilly-sur-Seine 92
>#ChateaudeVosves 77
>Villa La Lopeziana, Saint-Tropez 83
>Yacht Gaviota

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In meiner TL heute: Statement der #MuslimWorldLeague 👇

Verkürzt übersetzt: dem befreundeten deutschen Volk und den Opfern des Anschlags in Hamburg unser herzliches Beileid.

Als jemand, der d @MWLOrg von früher kennt, wurde ich neugierig

#Zeugen_Jehovas #HamburgAttack
Wer im Nahen Osten der 1980-er aufgewachsen ist, erinnert sich an den Wahabismus-Export d saudischen Regimes. Kulturell war er wenig attraktiv.

Jordanische Jugendliche haben lieber „Dallas“ (gerne auch im israelischen TV) als Koran TV aus Saudi Arabien verfolgt.

Die saudische „Soft Power“ Projektion war in Afrika und Europa subtiler & effektiver. Milliarden an Petrodollars wurden in Entwicklungsprojekte, aber auch in Moscheen und Medrasas gepumpt. Ein Träger war die @MWLOrg . „Bestenfalls“ wurde d puritanische Ideologie verbreitet 3/x
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🚩NEW: In our report released today, @HRW finds that #SaudiArabia’s 1st codified personal status law formally enshrines male guardianship over women & contains discriminatory provisions against women on marriage, divorce & children⬇️ #IWD23…
While #MBS and other #Saudi government officials have touted the law as “progressive" and “comprehensive,” the law instead codifies discriminatory practices & includes provisions that facilitate domestic violence & sexual abuse in marriage.
The law also uses vague language that gives judges wide discretion when adjudicating cases, increasing the likelihood of inconsistent interpretations.
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Now Mason Rothschild on witness stand, about "this new #NFT #Web3 space." Inner City Press is covering the Hermes / #MetaBirkin case and will live tweet, thread below
Jury is shown #NFT of "floatees" as VIP ticket in Miami. Describes designing F-1 helmet for race in #AbuDhabi, says the Empty Quarter is there.
Wag: What NFT would #MBS use?Bonesaw in partnership with UN @AntonioGuterres, brothers in censorship
Now Mason brags about Weirdo 4100, sold 10,000 at .08 ETH on OpenSea - "it's like Mister Potatohead."
Note: Corporate lawyers staring at video monitors. Somehow reminiscent of Tekashi #6ix9ine, also @SDNYLIVE
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⚖ Justice for Jamal Khashoggi ⚖ 🙏🕊 #Khashoggi
@HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @POTUS @FBI
2018: CIA concludes Saudi crown prince #MBS ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination…
Senator Lindsey Graham's reaction after #Khashoggi murder
🇸🇦 2018: Saudi Arabia paid $100 Million when Mike #Pompeo visited Riyadh to discuss Jamal #Khashoggi's disappearance…
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Saudi Arabia May Be Netanyahu’s Political Lifeline… A Phenomenally Good piece in @TheNatlInterest by my pal Leon Hadar & the forces that @netanyahu is arrayed against & how his #Mideast policy may be saved by an unlikely ally: #MBS of #SaudiArabia
2/ Recognizing that President Joe Biden and his aides will not give him a green light to attack Iran’s nuclear sites, and may even try to revive the nuclear deal with Iran
3/ Netanyahu believes that the only way to change the status quo and force the Americans and the West to confront the Islamic Republic before it is too late is to form a diplomatic and military front with Saudi Arabia and its Arab-Sunni allies
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[Enquête d'@a_hmissi sur le #softpower Saoudien🇸🇦 en France🇫🇷]

Que cache les rumeurs sur la #VenteOM🟦 à l’#ArabieSaoudite ?

Le rachat du club le plus populaire de France pourrait être un grand coup dans le cadre d'une stratégie d'influence plus globale.

L’actualité fait régulièrement écho des dérives de la monarchie en matière de droits humains : Assassinat de #Khashoggi, kidnapping du 1er ministre libanais Saad Hariri, guerre au Yémen, arrestation des militants saoudiens #RaifBadawi et @LoujainHathloul
Pour redorer l’image de son pays, le prince héritier d’Arabie Saoudite, Mohamed Ben Salmane, mise sur une stratégie d’influence non coercitive : le soft power.
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What’s the AMA’s position on #Medicare use & misuse (aka health care resource stewardship)?

It’s a lengthy position statement, but relevant to the current #MBS debate.

#MBS 🧵
1.1 Health care resources need to be appropriately managed so that all patients can continue to receive the best quality care, now and in the future.
1.2 Individual doctors (medical practitioners) affect health care expenditure through their clinical
recommendations and decisions regarding patient treatment. As such, doctors have an important role as stewards of health care resources.
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Thread: 14 October 2022: Day 233 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update covers the Bakhmut front in the Donetsk Oblast, where #Russia is trying to make advances and making little progress against #Ukraine.
#Russia: Sergey Kandybin, rector of an Orthodox church in the Telma in the Irkutsk area of Siberia, reported local politician Sergey Uglyanitsa to the FSB after Uglyanitsa said in confession he had lit a candle on Red Square hoping for #Ukraine's victory.…
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The regime of #Iran, like virtually all in the #MiddleEast, is vile and we hope one day it’s citizens will be free. But what the international #msm is doing right now with its coverage is essentially trying to aid the US government in another regime change attempt.
1/ #Iran was a democracy in 1953, but unfortunately its Socialist-leaning government nationalized its oil industry which was a no-no for the Imperialist #USA and #UK so the #CIA & #MI6 collaborated as they often do to overthrow its government and install a bloody dictator. #Shah
2/ the US plays lip-service to wanting democracy in the #MiddleEast, but what it demands is FIELTY to the US Empire. Egyptian people bravely and at great cost overthrew a bloody dictator and established the Arab World’s biggest democracy. The new govt wasn’t pro-US and in 2013…
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On #Egypt’s Sisi visit to #Qatar:
This visit signals a start of an era of pragmatism— a post Muslim Brotherhood era 1/
Unlike 2017, the #Muslim #Brotherhood as a group, is severely weakened, and becomes irrelevant to the relations between Qatar and Egypt.
Its fans can mock Sisi’s visit to Doha but their barks mean nothing on the ground 2/
What’s on the agenda in Doha is not just economic relations as Islamists claim, but there are several political topics on the agenda, like #Gaza, #Sudan, and most importantly #Libya 3/
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1/5 🧵

Is the #Fed still lagging behind its announced portfolio reduction plan?

Although it was announced that the balance sheet would be reduced by $47.5B monthly, in 12 weeks, the portfolio decreased by only $51.7B. U.S Treasury debt growth; Buying securities by Fed; SpendingDeposits with the Fed, $30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Average in the USUS Government Bonds Rates (10Y, 5Y, 2Y)
2/5 🧵

During this time, the #MBS portfolio even grew by $18.5B. If the Fed can't reduce the #portfolio even by half, how they will reduce it from September 2022 is a big question. Generally, before, the #Fed didn't allow itself such a hack.
3/5 🧵

The #US Treasury has again reduced its #holdings on deposits with the #Fed; now, $530B remains in the #accounts of the US Treasury, compared to $650B planned for the end of the #quarter.
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Arabie Saoudite : L’étudiante en doctorat qui vivait en Angleterre a été arrêtée en janv 2021 lors de vacances dans son pays et condamnée à 34 ans de prison pour avoir partagé des tweets de militants féministes et pro démocratie.…
Doctorante à l’université Leeds, au Royaume-Uni, et mère de 2 enfants, Salma Al-Chehab a été arrêtée et condamnée à 34 ans de prison pour avoir rt des militants saoudiens pro-démocratie.
Répression exercée par #MBS et de son pouvoir sur le réseau social 🇺🇸…
L'affaire marque égalt le dernier exemple de la façon dt le prince héritier #MBS a ciblé les utilisateurs Twitter ds sa répression, tout en contrôlant une participation indirecte majeure dans la société 🇺🇸 de médias sociaux par son fonds souverain 🇸🇦 #PIF.…
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@tyillc @AlastairWinter @MikeH_001 @PaulGambles2 @Halsrethink 1. My problem with the FED and other #CB'S is they get their monetary policy settings wrong a lot of the time. I have respect for their intelligence but their policy settings often send the wrong signals. >
@tyillc @AlastairWinter @MikeH_001 @PaulGambles2 @Halsrethink 2. When you get monetary policy settings wrong that encourages Main Street and Wall Street to get it wrong. When Main Street gets it wrong there can be serious pain for the Public. When Wall Street or equivalent get it wrong someone else pays. >
@tyillc @AlastairWinter @MikeH_001 @PaulGambles2 @Halsrethink 3. Post the 2000 Tech Bubble Bust the #FED dropped interest rates too low for too long. Wall Street securitized a lot of dodgy #MBS off the back of this. Main Street bought up Property to ridiculous levels leading to an RE Bust, An MBS Bust and the GFC.>
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#Biden prometió tratar a Arabia Saudí como «paria» y ahora visita a #BinSalman como "socio" 🤮

El príncipe heredero de #ArabiaSaudita recibió al presidente estadounidense en el Palacio Real Al-Salam en #Jeddah.

#MBS #Putin #Israel #Iran #USA
Tras la publicación del informe que demostró que Mohammed bin Salman estuvo involucrado en el asesinato de Jamal #Khashoggi, .@POTUS había prometido convertir a Arabia Saudita en un gobierno rechazado. 😏
#SaudiArabia #Rusia #Palestina Image
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Significant statement from caretaker PM @yairlapid: "Two-state solution is a strong guarantee for a democratic state of #Israel with a #Jewish majority."
Interesting moment during the @JoeBiden-@yairlapid presser in #Jerusalem when #Saudi news outlet @AlArabiya correspondent asked @POTUS what the #US is offering #Gulf states on #Iran's malign activity in region, and Lapid on where #Israel disagreed with Washington on Iran policy.
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It's finally here!
I'm extremely excited to announce that my book "Iranian-Saudi Rivalry since 1979: In the Words of Kings & Clerics" has been published by @BloomsburyBooks @ibtauris.
Let me tell you a little bit about my book & my decade-long journey in this thread🧵1/25
This book is a revision of my DPhil Dissertation at @UniofOxford @StCrossCollege which covered Iranian & Saudi Mutual (mis)Representations 1979-2009 & subsequent work that covered this rivalry up to 2021 as an Academic Visitor at @StAntsCollege @OxfordMEC . 2/25
This publication builds on the work of great experts, scholars & academics including [in alpha. order]
#ShahramChubin @carnegienpp
#HennerFürtig @GIGA_Institute 3/25
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BREAKING: #UAE President #KhalifabinZayed just died. Crown Prince of #AbuDhabi since 1969, and Abu Dhabi Ruler & President since his father Sheikh Zayed died in 2004. The #BurjKhalifa was initially named to honor him.

A few words on him + what happens now in a thread. 1/
After #KhalifabinZayed suffered a stroke in 2014, his younger brother Mohammad bin Zayed (#MbZ) became de facto leader of the #UAE. Now the Federal Supreme Council (including the rulers of the 7 Emirates) will ratify #MbZ as official President of the #UAE. Basically guaranteed 2/
The more interesting thing is who will be appointed #UAE Crown Prince. Options include #MbZ’s brother & #security czar #TahnoonBinZayed, another brother, or #MbZ’s son #KhalidBinZayed.

While #SaudiArabia moved to primogeniturial succession, the #UAE might do the opposite. 3/
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As was widely expected, the @federalreserve’s Federal Open Market Committee raised the target range for the Federal Funds #policy rate by 50 basis points (bps), to between 0.75% and 1.0%, and announced the start of #runoff of the central bank’s balance sheet.
As previously suggested by the #Fed’s March minutes, the pace of runoff was confirmed today as $95 billion/month ($60 billion in U.S. #Treasuries and $35 billion in Agency #MBS, with a three-month phase-in period.
Also as expected, the statement reiterated that the #FOMC “anticipates that ongoing increases in the target range will be appropriate,” underscoring the seriousness of #Fed policymakers in getting #inflation and inflation expectations under control.
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"Aí, maluco, #Biden achou mesmo que a gente aumentaria a produção de #petróleo em 2022, só para os #EUA pagarem menos de U$5 no galão de #gasolina... Viajou na maionese!".
#MBS e #MBZ não estão nem aí para o desespero dos EUA e #Europa. Não faz sentido algum para os dois déspotas aumentar a produção e reduzir o preço do barril para algo próximo a U$130.

Eles querem o barril a U$300. Bom para #ArábiaSaudita e #EmiradosÁrabesUnidos.
Bom para a #Rússia (que está prestes a dominar a #Ucrânia de #Zelenskyy e avançar). Bom para a #Venezuela e #Canadá. Ótimo para a #Noruega. E perfeito para a #China.

Nenhum dos esforços diplomáticos de Biden deu certo nessa seara em 03/2022.
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