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It's finally here!
I'm extremely excited to announce that my book "Iranian-Saudi Rivalry since 1979: In the Words of Kings & Clerics" has been published by @BloomsburyBooks @ibtauris.
Let me tell you a little bit about my book & my decade-long journey in this thread🧵1/25
This book is a revision of my DPhil Dissertation at @UniofOxford @StCrossCollege which covered Iranian & Saudi Mutual (mis)Representations 1979-2009 & subsequent work that covered this rivalry up to 2021 as an Academic Visitor at @StAntsCollege @OxfordMEC . 2/25
This publication builds on the work of great experts, scholars & academics including [in alpha. order]
#ShahramChubin @carnegienpp
#HennerFürtig @GIGA_Institute 3/25
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From July 13-16, @POTUS will travel to #Israel, #WestBank and #KSA, confirms the @WhiteHouse.
"While in Saudi Arabia, the President will discuss a range of bilateral, regional, and global issues," says @PressSec in a statement.
In the #KSA, @POTUS will meet with the Saudi de facto ruler -- Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Candidate @JoeBiden had vowed to make Saudi Arabia a "pariah" for its human rights abuses.
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BREAKING: #UAE President #KhalifabinZayed just died. Crown Prince of #AbuDhabi since 1969, and Abu Dhabi Ruler & President since his father Sheikh Zayed died in 2004. The #BurjKhalifa was initially named to honor him.

A few words on him + what happens now in a thread. 1/
After #KhalifabinZayed suffered a stroke in 2014, his younger brother Mohammad bin Zayed (#MbZ) became de facto leader of the #UAE. Now the Federal Supreme Council (including the rulers of the 7 Emirates) will ratify #MbZ as official President of the #UAE. Basically guaranteed 2/
The more interesting thing is who will be appointed #UAE Crown Prince. Options include #MbZ’s brother & #security czar #TahnoonBinZayed, another brother, or #MbZ’s son #KhalidBinZayed.

While #SaudiArabia moved to primogeniturial succession, the #UAE might do the opposite. 3/
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As was widely expected, the @federalreserve’s Federal Open Market Committee raised the target range for the Federal Funds #policy rate by 50 basis points (bps), to between 0.75% and 1.0%, and announced the start of #runoff of the central bank’s balance sheet.
As previously suggested by the #Fed’s March minutes, the pace of runoff was confirmed today as $95 billion/month ($60 billion in U.S. #Treasuries and $35 billion in Agency #MBS, with a three-month phase-in period.
Also as expected, the statement reiterated that the #FOMC “anticipates that ongoing increases in the target range will be appropriate,” underscoring the seriousness of #Fed policymakers in getting #inflation and inflation expectations under control.
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#BREAKING:Now investigative journalist Vicky Ward drops a MEGA bombshell on MSNBC, saying that #Kushner not only SOLD top secret U.S. intel to #MBS/Saudis, but that it was that very intel that made MBS the Crown Prince. WHOA!!…
.@VickyPJWard says the $2B Saudi investment to #Kushner's private equity firm is basically PAYBACK to Kushner for making MBS the Crown Prince.

Folks, how the hell is this BOMBSHELL not a BIGGER story than #HunterBiden?

To make matters worse, the secrets #Kushner allegedly leaked to #MBS, has led to the DISAPPEARANCE(since 2020) of MBS' cousin, who was the Crown Prince before him.

If he turns up DEAD, is Kushner comp...?
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Questions about the #Negev_Summit:
1. As a supporter of #AbrahamAccords, I would have loved nothing better for the Negev Summit to have been a meaningful opportunity for a constructive & frank exchange of ideas building on the foundation between participants.
2. Alas, once again, it appears to be nothing more than another hastily organized photo op. I don't see clear follow-ups that would indicate a substantive basis of support to the points raised to the summit.
3. #Morocco's FM Bourita, for instance, once again went around claiming credit for #Israel's allegedly growing support on the Kingdom's sovereignty over Sahara. But where's #Israel's consulate in #Dakhla? And why is Govrin still a liaison and not a full Ambassador to #Morocco?
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"Aí, maluco, #Biden achou mesmo que a gente aumentaria a produção de #petróleo em 2022, só para os #EUA pagarem menos de U$5 no galão de #gasolina... Viajou na maionese!".
#MBS e #MBZ não estão nem aí para o desespero dos EUA e #Europa. Não faz sentido algum para os dois déspotas aumentar a produção e reduzir o preço do barril para algo próximo a U$130.

Eles querem o barril a U$300. Bom para #ArábiaSaudita e #EmiradosÁrabesUnidos.
Bom para a #Rússia (que está prestes a dominar a #Ucrânia de #Zelenskyy e avançar). Bom para a #Venezuela e #Canadá. Ótimo para a #Noruega. E perfeito para a #China.

Nenhum dos esforços diplomáticos de Biden deu certo nessa seara em 03/2022.
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A list of protesters & activists executed today by the foreign-backed #Saudi #MBS & his Klan. 1-Hussain Ahmed Al-Ojami #Qatif #Ukraine @USAinKSA
2- Abdullah Jawad Al Nassif @WHNSC #Qatif #MBSExecutions
3- Abdullah Mohammed Al-Bandari #Qatif @WhiteHouseCNN #MBSExecutions
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Must note that #US has never called or asked #Saudi ruling #Klan to end politically motivated executions or help the dictatorship modernize its courts to ensure the minimum standards of legal fairness. US sold #Saudi trillions in arms & help improve its security @jakejsullivan
#US has so far refused to sanction a single #Saudi official involved in human rights crimes such as @pss_en @MhmdAlissa & others. #American policy has been clear & consisting for decades, support the ruling Klan & ignore its crimes. @WHNSC #Ukraine
#UK PM @BorisJohnson will meet mass executioner #MBS next week in spite of this massacre. This is the real #UK policy where #Arab victims of #UK -backed regimes are not seen or considered #bigotry
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#Angelina_Jolie's Reaction from her 1st Visit to the Yemeni Capital #Sanaa!
A photo is worth 1000 words..
#StandWithYemen #AngelinaJolie
@joliestweet #EndYemenSiege Image
To #Angelina_Jolie
It is as if you slipped into #Yemen and slipped out of it. The Arab and international media did not feel you, nor did they care about your highness of human goals or the shedding of your tears.

I will tell you the truth, my dear.
-The #WarOnYemen supported
the economies of large and small countries, international organizations and international media institutions.
The #WarOnYemen revived the arms factories from their stagnation.
The #WarOnYemen created jobs for the unemployed in all developed, developing and backward countries,
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A must read by @gcaw on #SaudiArabia and #MBS who has been hiding from public view for 2 yrs.
"He has.. created a climate of fear unprecedented in Saudi history... "When he’s King Mohammed, Crown Prince MBS is going to be remembered as an angel.”
Several layers to this story: the seeming inevitability of MbS accession to throne and the ruthlessness with which he rules=> how do saudis deal with it, how should the outside world deal with it?
The real changes MbS has ushered in KSA which we cannot deny and which have changed the lives of the young generation. => there is deep fear, many are in jail, tortured, but for thousands, if not millions, the new sense of freedom is welcome and long overdue. Is it a mirage?
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🔹 Sanction contre des élites russes proche de Poutine
🔸 Sanction contre la diffusion de désinformation (Porte-Parole, médias)
🔹 Couts substantiels contre 22 entreprises de défense russe…

🔸 Contrôles à l'exportation des équipements d'extraction de pétrole et de gaz qui soutiennent la capacité de raffinage de la #Russie
🔹 Restriction des visas contre certains oligarques russes et leurs proches.…


▪️Une victoire rapide pour Poutine, accompagnée de l'assassinat ou de la fuite de Zelensky
▪️Guerre prolongée (un 2eme🇦🇫)
▪️Exacerbation en une guerre paneuropéenne
▪️Peace talks
▪️Le renversement de Poutine.
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Key takeaways from #CrownPrince #MohammedBinSalman's interview with @TheAtlantic.

#MBS stressed the success of economic and social reforms:

#SaudiArabia is a @g20org country, you can see our position five years ago: It was almost 20. Today, we are almost 17”

1️⃣-🔟 ImageImage
To #MBS, the #Ritz operation was an elegant, nonviolent solution to the problem of vampires feasting on #SaudiArabia’s annual budget.

2️⃣-🔟 Image
The fight between #MBS and Sheikh #Tamim Al-Thani had been no big deal, “a fight between brothers.” The relationship between #SaudiArabia and #Qatar is now “better than ever in history.”

3️⃣-🔟 Image
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Disertare ora, disertare sempre.

Partiamo da un assioma non negoziabile:
Chi uccide un altro uomo, senza una strettissima ragione di difesa (della vita propria o altrui) o di liberazione dall’oppressione/schiavitù (come i nostri partigiani durante la WWII) è una merda umana.
> Image
Da questo possiamo derivarne un secondo:
Chiunque produca, venda, acquisti, utilizzi, in ogni dove e per qualsiasi ragione (esclusa la stretta difesa e liberazione) armi da guerra è indegno di risiedere nel consorzio umano.

Perché escludo dall’assioma la "legittima difesa"
personale e sociale e la “liberazione” dall’oppressione?

Il diritto alla difesa è universalmente riconosciuto, la liberazione è legittima difesa d'un popolo, quindi come tale lecita e "giusta”.

Basta leggere Gandhi, l'unico politico che si sia preso la briga
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1. In recent weeks, #Saudi opposition, linked to extremists & to #Qatar, including Lina Al-Hathloul have been trying to once again draw attention to Loujain Al Hathloul in an effort to renew the view of her as a victim a year after her release.…
2. As a reminder Loujain Al Hathloul once campaigned for women's rights to drive but once #MBS came to power and this form of lobbying & activism became irrelevant, switched to propaganda against #KSA on foreign channels in exchange for funding & fame.
3. Al Hathloul, after repeated warnings, was eventually tried & convicted for violations of relevant laws similar to the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (#FARA), which also carries criminal penalties depending on the extent of violations.
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Thread: Will #NSO countersue for defamation?

1. It looks like #NSO may have a colorable defamation argument against a number of parties who had accused the company's #Pegasus software of being used to hack mobile devices, knowingly causing baseless reputational damage.
2. The first on this list is none other than @JeffBezos who not only was not hacked by #MBS through Whatsapp (or by anyone at all) but COULD NOT Have been hacked by #Pegasus using that method, because that's not how Pegasus works.
3. While US prosecutors have discredited the entire premise of @JeffBezos claim, @AgnesCallamard, who, at the time was still the UN Special Rapporteur, never withdrew her report in support of her claim, relying on disinformation & refusing to retract these allegations.
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Thread: How #Qatar rigged the #AbrahamAccords to fail
1. In a previous thread, I raised questions about the stalemate & possible deterioration in #Morocco-#Israel-US relations after what seemed to be a promising start.
2. I posited that a group of greedy, corrupt, and incompetent executors from #Israel & the US and their #Moroccan cronies are trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In particular, I pointed to the dubious role of Jared Kushner's group & their counterparts.
3. But there's much more to the story than meets the eye. #AbrahamAccords was a great idea, but when left in the hands of crooks & unscrupulous pawns of foreign regimes, it was designed to fail and ended up being nothing more than a pricey scam attracting chiefly con artists.
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News of #GeorgeKordahi on Friday:The Lebanese, Arab media reported information about the intention of the Lebanese Minister of Information,George Kordahi,on Friday,to announce his resignation,in the context of resolving the Gulf crisis with Lebanon.1
And the Lebanese Al-Jadeed channel said that Qardahi is heading to announce his resignation from the government tomorrow, Friday, after his meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Wednesday.2
According to the press information, the request for Qardahi's resignation this time came from the French president directly before Macron's meeting with Saudi Crown Prince #MBS.3
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1. As to the first setback, the Justice Department is claiming that pursuing fraud and embezzlement case against #SaadAlJabri would reveal sensitive US security information.

1a) Al Jabri was a US intelligence asset who allegedly revealed information about #KSA-#Russia relations. USG has an incentive to protect such people from civil liability.
1b) #SaadAlJabri's #corruption involved many colleagues as well as intelligence counterparts in the US.
1b) (cont.) Needless to say, USG has no interest in uncovering "fruit of the poisonous tree" of the dirty deals between the #Islamist #MBN regime and the US.
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It’s out! 🎊
My new @ecfr paper on how #Europe can ride the #climate momentum in the #Gulf deploying its #GreenDeal to meet #NetZero & #geopolitical objectives in the region ➡️
Read b4 #COP26 #COP26Glasgow
Few take-aways 1/ Image
Good that #SaudiArabia & #UAE have pledged #NetZero but #GCC total domestic emissions are only 2.4% of world’s. The #EU needs to focus on the emissions they export, mostly to #China, I argue how: 2/
As shown by the #SaudiGreenInitiative & #MiddleEastGreenInitiative + #UAE willingness to host #COP 28, the #GCC leaders now see a political value in embracing the #climate agenda. This paper described what each #GCC country is actually *doing* about it: 3/
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A social media trend #BoycottIndianProducts was pushed by #MuslimBrotherhood, a radical Islamist front using multiple fake news. It was supported by Qatar-Turkey-Pak nexus.

Objective was to hit India’s image. But the bigger target was Saudi.

A thread:…
A trend #مقاطعة_المنتجات_الهندية started on Sept 23 protesting tragic event in Assam. It was also widely portrayed by many Arab media, claiming anger in Arab world about atrocities on Muslims in India.

However what Arab media did not tell:

The trend was artificially pushed by MB influencers form Cairo, Doha, and Istanbul.

That the ‘news media’ were also affiliated with MB
And that the main target was Saudi Arabia.

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I am not an economist, but this is what i feel is happening around us.

This is start of a rant.
Pandemic induced trade disruption is a reality.
It’s timing though is either miraculous or impeccable, based on which side of the conspiracy theory aisle you prefer.

Pre-pandemic, everything wasn’t really that rosy. And this is around the world.
3. Stuff like steel, oil, etc were already under some kind of pressure.
A lot of muck was getting stirred in China.

Global gdp growth data in pic. The last peak was the 4.3% in 2009. In 2019, it was a mere 2.3%. People were just hoping that 2020 would be better.
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1️⃣ #SaudiArabia's industries of the future : Saudis leading the future of technology and artificial intelligence in the Middle East and North Africa
What's #NextIsAmazing Image
2️⃣ with the direct support and guidance of His Highness The Crown Prince, @McitGovSa launched today 3 programs ( همة vim, قمة summit, Twaiq)
#LaunchKSA Image
3️⃣ The 3 initiatives launched today are inspired by the speech of His Highness Crown Prince #MBS , represent a clear message to confirm the intent of #SaudiArabia to be the Regional Center for technology & entrepreneurs, & a major global power in the field of technology by 2030
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