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Since so many of you don't know about Tulsi, here's a quick introduction:

Tulsi is part of the progressive wing of the party and has fought to #RaiseTheWage, #LegalizeIt, and for #M4A & #C4A

Tulsi is a Major in the USARNG and loves our country & people dearly.

Last year on Easter Sunday, Tulsi and an army of volunteers helped to pass out food to those who needed it in Manchester, NH.
Tulsi has been fighting for our veterans in Congress. And I mean ALL of our veterans.
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@mickstackle @FredTJoseph Joe Biden has a score of F- on climate while Bernie Sanders has a score of A. We are in #ClimateEmergency. We have 10 years to transform our ecological relationships & partner with the world in the same. Please think of our biosphere and vote for #Bernie2020. 1/
@mickstackle @FredTJoseph 2/ Add Big Polluters to the last one.
@mickstackle @FredTJoseph 3/ Please see the growing list of climate scientists supporting Bernie Sanders knowing all they do about the urgent high stakes.
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October 13, 2016: Five Senators sign a letter to Obama urging him to halt #DAPL construction which is headed towards Native American land:
Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Ed Markey, Ben Cardin.

No signature from Elizabeth Warren.…
October 28, 2016: Bernie Sanders sends a letter to Obama urging him to send Justice Dept observers to #StandingRock to protect the #DAPL protesters. "There are disturbing reports of officers using sound cannons, pepper spray and rubber bullets."… #NoDAPL
December 4, 2016: Elizabeth Warren finally puts out a statement on #DAPL. She refers to the police brutality in the passive voice.…
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Remember when Warren stood up to fossil fuel and government over reach going on record fighting for indigenous rights, clean water and Standing Rock?

Ya. Me either.

What I do remember is when she exploited Standing Rock though.…
Warren sure likes to exploit the indigenous when she can use it to get a leg up for her expediency.

Just the facts.
Elizabeth Warren's DEAFENING Silence On #StandingRock.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for @emmavigeland
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1/ I have a degree in Astrophysics and two degrees in physics. I am Indigenous and Chicana. As an indigenous scientist absolutely in love with space and our ways of studying it, it has been very difficult watching what is happening to #MaunaKea and #TMTShutdown #ProtectMaunaKea
2/ Indigenous scientists walk in many worlds and understand the challenges of bringing our culture with us into colonial structured spaces. Our people have always been scientists. Our people have always studied the stars. This is not science vs culture. #ProtectMaunaKea
3/ our sacred spaces should hold just as much value as the Vatican or the Western Wall. It would never even be a question to think of desecrating that space in the pursuit of science and yet Hawaiian elders are forced to put their bodies in the path of trucks to #ProtectMaunaKea
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Official Campaign Kickoff Edition: June 19, 2019

On June 18, 2019 we saw the official kickoff to @realDonaldTrump campaign for a 2nd term as President Of the United States Of America in Orlando Florida. #MAGA2020Orlando #KAGA2020 #KAGARally

Before we begin on yesterday’s event I must touch on my previous thread being deleted once again. This is not the first nor probably the last time this will occur by @Twitter however this needs to stop. Cencerorship is unacceptable on this or any other platform.

I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve seen the censorship the whole time. Remember #ArabSpring #StandingRock #OccupyWallSt? Now you can add #QAnon & Conservatives to the growing list. Time for @POTUS and others like @DevinNunes to do something about this.
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Violent police action against #Unistoten & #Gitdumten is imminent. If you care about the future, the time to act is now. If you don't know what we're talking about watch this short video about these brave folks who've been stopping pipelines since before #StandingRock
An international day of action is planned for Tuesday January 8th.
Deets here -…
Donate to @UnistotenCamp -…
Donate to #Gidumten -…
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Say you live on #StandingRock on the ND side. You have kids, a job, you're a busy, functional, modern day Native American — but where you live doesn't have a street address, & you've never needed one as you have PO box.

Now, North Dakota says you can't vote.
But surely, you think, there's a way around it, right? There is. You first have to call your district's coordinator (but remember, not all districts are the same). You may have to call around. You finally get ahold of someone. You describe, in detail, where your house is.
The coordinator assigns you an address that you can use on your voter registration. But they need to give you a confirmation letter for the address (we don't know if they mail it or give it to you right away, that is unclear). You then can use the address on your documents.
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