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Coastal Gaslink has bulldozed through the Kweese war trail - one of the best known Wet’suwet’en cultural heritage sites and an area likely containing gravesites and artifacts thousands of years old. #unistoten #wetsuwetenstrong
Trees marked nearly a decade ago by the Office of Wet'suwet'en with “cultural heritage resource” ribbons were felled right across the trail, ribbons intact. CGL marked off parts of the area as a "heritage trail" and bulldozed through regardless.
The Office of Wet’suwet’en described the disturbance of this trail as “an act of cultural genocide on the Wet'suwet'en” that “has eliminated Wet'suwet'en history” in a letter written to the provincial environmental assessment office.
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Today, Freda Huson of the #Unistoten is in New York at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, to address the ongoing human rights violations against the Wet’suwet’en people.

This thread is her statement in full. Visit our FB page for the video. #wetsuwetenstrong
"Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

I am Freda Huson of Unist’ot’en –Wet’suwet’en People of Canada.

I am here to express concerns with Human Rights Violations happening to my people. Since time immemorial, my people have lived in a balanced relationship with our lands.
We depend on the land to survive, and we are responsible for protecting it. Since Canada began settling on our territories, we have been forced onto reservations and away from our traditional land base.
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my name is zaagasige giizis and I came to wet'suwet'en territory in early december as an ojibwe land defender in solidarity w #unistoten. I was one of fourteen arrestees during the violent RCMP raid of the gitdimt'en checkpoint.
our time at the gitdimt'en 44km checkpoint was great until the fucking pigs showed up. we ate moose eyes, tongue, and cheeks. drank water from the wedzinkwa. and shared so many laughs and memories together.
one of my favorite memories was the night we had a fireworks show off the bridge checkpoint during the last day of the gregorian calendar. so many wows! and oohs! lol.
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To recap: meeting here is to talk about the interim injunction Coastal GasLink has received from the BC Supreme Court to go do pre-construction activities in the #Wetsuweten traditional territory. Hereditary chiefs are in ongoing convos with RCMP about enforcement
Now today Coastal GasLink is here to talk about next steps. Today could result in some kind of agreement for CGL to access the territory. Though none of this could be considered a permanent outcome
The injunction application isn't resolved in the courts. This is just an interim injunction. CGL said it needed access as soon as possible for pre-construction/so it could hit construction deadlines
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ok, I'm going to say it. Western culture, philosophy & science is basically crap, because at no point did it occur to anyone to emphasize "not fucking up our living environment" as a possible priority of thinking and life. 1/
I'm sure this has occurred to others before, but it's really been brought home to me in past couple of days of watching the #Wetsuweten & #Unistoten defend their land and water. They see their role as protecting each other and the environment they depend on. Absolute clarity. 2/
Why was this perspective totally absent from my (loooooong & diverse) education? We had individual fulfillment, advancement of scientific knowledge, various kinds of social liberation and progress, even some art: nothing at all about our role vis-a-vis our world. So. Much. Fail.
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1. It seems this tweet is hitting a nerve. I'm having a hard time keeping up with up the comments, questions, + threats. Now that the #Unistoten solidarity actions have finished for today, I wanted to take just a few moments to reflect +offer some further thoughts as a historian.
2. My tweet was one of solidarity; I originally intended it as an intervention into the emerging discussion by Canadians about the RCMP’s action against the #UnistotenCamp that was treating this kind of operation against Indigenous peoples as an anomaly, a one-off. It is not.
3. As a historian, I can tell you it is part of a longer pattern going back to the North-West Mounted Police's formation (later the Royal NWMP, later RCMP). Indeed, the origins of the "Mounties" are very much connected to colonization, sent out by John A. Macdonald no less.
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Meanwhile in Canada: Check out #Unistoten #Gidimten #Wetsuweten for RCMP dismantling First Nations pipeline blockade, complete with mass arrests & limited media because we do so love hiding it when we silence protests.

#bcpoli, but also indigenous rights & climate change.
Add on #ShutDownCanada #TheTimeIsNow to hashtags to explore on the conflict going on in Canada right now, especially as it’s expanding beyond the pipeline blockade arrests.

I don’t think I can fairly summarize, but I do think we need eyes on this. #bcpoli #canpoli
Q: ...uh, I’m going to need at least some context.
A: This doesn’t get at any historical context, but does solidly cover current events. CBC’s @pieglue is on-site.…
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Violent police action against #Unistoten & #Gitdumten is imminent. If you care about the future, the time to act is now. If you don't know what we're talking about watch this short video about these brave folks who've been stopping pipelines since before #StandingRock
An international day of action is planned for Tuesday January 8th.
Deets here -…
Donate to @UnistotenCamp -…
Donate to #Gidumten -…
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So... @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman @scottfraserndp et al. @bcndp just going to turn a blind eye to #Unistoten situation or are you going to step up and act like leaders on this? #BCpoli #CdnPoli #Deescalate #UNDRIP #NoConsent #NoPipelines
...there's an aching silence right now that for #BCNDP folks in particular should smell a lot like the days leading up to August 18, 1995. #BCpoli
also - I think @jjhorgan @SohiAmarjeet @DonaldsonDoug @GeorgeHeyman @michellemungall @lanapopham & @BruceRalston should withdraw from the @BCNRF #BCNRF19 until the conflict is resolved in order to show respect. #BCpoli #UNDRIP
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