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🆘🐾🆘 30 #dogs in danger of euthanasia at Downey #California ACC! 😲 Most available for adoption, walk in 2-5 p.m. daily (Wed 2-7)
Plz see thread for more 🙏
#DowneyDogs #AdoptDontShop #dogsoftwitter
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An excellent article about the overcrowding at SEAACA - the "other" shelter in Downey #California . Article includes video, contact info & link to the website. 27 #dogs in danger & over a dozen #bunnies 🐇Please read & help if you can 🆘🙏
#AdoptDontShop #dogsoftwitter
The shelter in Downey I normally share is the #LosAngeles County ACC. It's miles ahead of SEAACA in terms of the quality of the staff & care given - SEAACA is considered one of the worst shelters in #SoCal .
I have shared some of their #dogs previously, but it's just too much.
We used to have a SEAACA advocate on Twitter, but she is rescuing cats now. SEAACA does have an excellent advocate network - they work almost exclusively on Face Book.
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🙏🆘🙏 #SoCal #doglovers , please visit Downey #California ACC this weekend 🙏 Over 70 homeless #dogs you can take home today! 1 yo brindle LOCKE #A5504660 & 5 yo #gsd WALTER #A5504525 are at the top of the euth-list and need you SO much. Info ⬇
#AdoptDontShop #dogsoftwitter ImageImage
Just took a look at the website - there are 80 dogs a year or over who are "Ready to go Home" plus 21 of the most adorable #Puppies you will ever see. All available for adoption at Downey CA ACC today. Walk-in 2-5 p.m.🐾🙏🐾…
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Hey #Twitter .
Je vais vous conter l'histroier de nejma.
Nejma c'est une border de 1 an qui sait faite violemment renversée par une voiture.
Le conducteur responsable roulait vite dans une zone limitée à 30. Il nie sa vitesse et refuse toutes participations.
L'impact était choquant ! Nejma s'est fait renverser sous les yeux de son frère et sa mère.
Ils sont une petite famille de trois chiens !
Elle a tout juste 1 an ! C'est une Border collie.

Elle souffre d'une côte cassée, d'un poumon et d'une vessie perforées. les frais pour la soigner sont très coûteux !
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Hello furriends, happy #Caturday!

I hope everyone has been having the bestest weekend!

We've got beef stroganoff, buttered noodles, salad & crusty bread at the dining tipi along w/too many drinks to mention - stop by the #ChillTent now😺💖
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
heri here... mmm stroganoffs!! wif noodles!! thanks wuggie!! *makes plate an digs in* #chilltent
Mew are welcome, Heri - mew can go back for seconds, too; I made plenty! (((hugs)))🐾💖🐾

Here's a tea for mew
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It’s almost 12 months since I adopted Waffle the dog, which means it is nearly a year since Izzy my Border Terrier died.
There’s no schedule or timetable for grieving the loss of loved ones, and no difference for me between those who have 4 legs and 2.
1/ Border Terrier licking an i...ImageImage
The photo of Izzy licking an ice cream was the last photo my father-in-law ever saw.
My partner was called to the hospital where his Dad was dying.
Izzy and I stayed at home, waiting for the inevitable news.
A few weeks later we went out to sea to scatter some of his ashes.
2/ Border Terrier wearing blue...
This was how I chose to remember my father-in-law, a former naval officer who spent most of his life landlocked in suburbia.
His old cine films had lots of shots where he stood gazing out to sea.
We watched as his ashes tumbled down into the dark swirling depths of the waves.
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dj heri here.. is #CaturdayEve an #HeavyMetalCats gonna pawty.. im hopes mew is ready to jam.. we gots lots to covers tonite in ours rehearsal room! so if mew is tuned up all im has left to does is says.. are mew ready to rawk?🤘😸🎸
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #HeavyMetal
dj heri here.. tonite we starts wif mine fave.. #BlackSabbath for #HeavyMetalCats 🤘🎸💜

@17castiel @CaptainChaos5 @KandHarpo @MrsSchabacker

dj heri here.. this weeks we is back in da old band room.. im needed to get back to basics.. cause its an long ways to da tops
#HeavyMetalCats 🤘🎸💜

@17castiel @CaptainChaos5 @KandHarpo @MrsSchabacker @spookybear615 @Fritzcat2016 @LolaJakeTheKiw1

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Hello furriends, happy #Purrsday!

It's an emotional world today as we contemplate the departure of a great soul from this earthly plane.

A trip to the spa will do me good. I'll leave in an hour, mew are welcome to come along💖🌺
#ChillTent #CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals Image
Is everyone ready?

Hop in - we'll be there in about 15minutes.....let me crank some tunes for us!😺🐾💖🐾🚐
#ChillTent #CatsOfTwitter #CatsOnTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals

heri here.. *sings* magic bus! magic buuuuss!!... im wants it im wants it im wants it...
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#Pittsburgh: See thread & stop "rehoming" #cats #kittens rabbits #dogs & other animals, including farm animals, online. See RT & report dogfighters:
#DogsOnTwitter #dogsoftwitter #CatsOfTwitter #CatBoxSunday #PittsburghSteelers
#Pittsburgh: See thread & RTs. Crime Stoppers & the Humane Society of the United States both offer reward #MONEY for tips leading to the arrest of dogfighters.
#DogsOnTwitter #dogsoftwitter #CatsOfTwitter #CatBoxSunday #PittsburghSteelers #weekend
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dj heri here.. #CaturdayEve an we cranks ours motors to head out on da hiways for #HeavyMetalCats wif hard rawk pawty funz! im hopes mew is all buckled up for #HeavyMetal cause its times for me to asks.. is mew ready to rawk?
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #HeavyMetal
dj heri here.. tonite ours themes should be easy to picks up.. mew can hear it comings an miles away!
@17castiel @CaptainChaos5 @cat_carmela @SirLongpaw
#HeavyMetalCats #chilltent #bein
dj heri here.. this uncensored vid is da ones im knows! rawk hard but dont get trashed an drives!!😺🤘🚗

@17castiel @CaptainChaos5 @cat_carmela @Angie390460 @MrsSchabacker @ml8905 @KandHarpo

#HeavyMetalCats #chilltent #beIn
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Hello furriends, Wuggums here...

It is with great purrleasure that I stand here before mew today at Xanawu to invite mew all to the most incredible experience of love & community.

The #BeIn for #WuggieLove at the #ChillTent starts NOW!☮️💖
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
Woohoo! The Chuck Wagon is finally open, yes!!

We've oodles of delights sure to purrlease!
Take a look at the menu & order when ready!

@Angie390460 has all your candy & catnip needs in the wagon to the right😺
#BeIn #WuggieLove #ChillTent #CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
The Mexican feast is going on and the movie will be starting in about 30 minutes...why not stop by the Candy Wagon and Catnip Dispensary to load up on treats for the cinema? I promise mew will not regret it!😻🌿
#BeIn #WuggieLove #ChillTent #CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
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dj heri here.. beep! beep! what can im get mews? im parkings mine barmobile at da #carterslide for an afternoons of #ChillTent funz! get mews floaties an mews waterwings on an joins me in da pool.. da waters fine!😺🫧🍸🍹
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #anipals #PoolParty
dj heri here.. bringin da sounds of summer to da #chilltent this afternoons.. im hopes mew havings an great times.. these are da days!😺💜

dj heri here.. in da summertime.. ch..chcchch.. what an classic! #chilltent 😺💜
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Story Time! It's Story Time!📖

Grab some breakfast from the #ChillTent, kick back on some chillows & listen while I relate to mew the next chapter from my adventures!

When we last left off, a coup had been thwarted - what's next?

#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals Image
Chapter TwentyTwo: PSYCHOPATHY

Mew have probably read about & seen it in movies.

The psychopath holds his victim hostage, abusing them, terrorizing them, playing mind games in a constant ebb & flow of weakening, paralyzing horror.

#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
When the victim is at their wits' end, near death & desperate, the psychopath makes them an offer.

They say they've had a change of heart or some story & offer a bargain for the victims' freedom from the unending hellish nightmare.
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
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dj heri here.. hemlo mew #HeavyMetalCats is times to sings da songs of ours peoples!.. we gets some rare stuffs tonite.. an some new tunes too! we is tuned up an ready so im asks mew.. are mew ready to rawk?
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #FridayNight
dj heri here.. im opens wif an fave of mines.. an im been accused of havings an..

dj heri here.. im always likes to rawk hard on #CaturdayEve.. so im brings da gooder stuffs early!
@17castiel @CaptainChaos5

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Hello, furriends of the Xanawu Summer of Rubs Wellness Series at the #ChillTent!

Chesty has the day off & I missed yesterday's spa trip....I'll be taking my sweet ride over to the Day Spa in an with me, flower children!😺🌀🌺
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals ImageImage
Is everyone ready? I sure am - let's go to the spa!

I've got the motor runnin', I'm here just outside the #ChillTent and dining your step getting on!

We'll be there in about 15minutes😺, it's not too far from Xanawu🌺

#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals ImageImageImageImage
Yay! We're here!

That didn't take too long, did it?

Let's go inside!

The spa has two relaxation areas - a classic indoor area and an "outdoor" catio room, complete with whirlpools!
#ChillTent #CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals ImageImage
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I got this beautiful scarf donated by @a_dippelappes. It should be auctioned for my project "Dogs united with Ukraine". (Details about the scarf in the comments)

Auction start: Now!
Auction end: 08/14/2022 8pm!

#UkraineWar #AnimalAid #auction #dogsoftwitter
Please place your bids in the comments.
The person with the highest bid on 08/14/2022 8pm will win this multifunctional scarf.
The highest bidder will be contacted by my can opener @theRealWattwurm or me after the auction to work out the details.

With the money we buy urgently needed items for starving and injured animals in Ukraine.
The winner can choose whether to send the items from the wish list or the money. Both are fine with us.
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Story Time! It's Story Time!📖

Pick up some donuts from the #ChillTent, kick back on some chillows & listen while I relate to mew the next chapter from my adventures!

Chapter Twenty: The Evidence, the Invasion, the Exodus.

#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals Image
On March 19 I sent an plea for help to #TheAviators. They've always been very outspoken about anti-bullying: Olly & Murphy are members. I thought if I provided evidence of Olly's doxxing & Murphy's twitter violations they might help.
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
#TheAviators said they would only repeat their stance on anti-bullying. They would not help. Seems they also told Murphy, as he made a nifty new graphic about how pals should report bullying. And @EdibleCatsClub blocked my account.
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
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Story Time! It's Story Time!📖

Grab a Polynesian breakfast at the #ChillTent, kick back on some chillows & listen to tonight's tale recounting my adventures of June 2021!

Chapter Nine - Trolls, Pins and A Vintage Plum Whine.
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals Image
CHAPTER NINE: Enter The Trolls
Manny came home from the hospital around June 6. It was a severe infection. The antibiotic cocktail administered orally/IV did the trick. All of Xanawu was 🙏. Now he needed to recover & get good ✅s.

#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals Image
It only made sense for us to block accounts at that time which were negative or toxic to us.

Because we'd already blocked @Tonithecat32 & her crew, Olly the Cat @AlanSla90124663 was first in our minds & he did not like it one bit.

#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
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It's time for Wuggsday karaoke at the #ChillTent!🎤

All Beautiful Souls are welcome to stop by and sing the songs of their people!

Purrlease submit your song to @cat_carmela and I'll introduce mew on stage! Hungry? Ask @BuntyMayflower!😺
#CatsOfTwitter #dogsoftwitter #Anipals
Our first act up tonight is a pal everyone knows and loves, it's @Staffieluv !😻

She may be a pup, but she knows at the #ChillTent, everybody wants to be a cat - take it away, SweetCakes!

What a great opening act - I don't know where she found that big band to back her, but I know there's always room in the #ChillTent for every musician to sit in when they want!

Next up we've got @CartertheD with this fab Abba tune! Go Carter!😻
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Today my can opener @theRealWattwurm surprisingly received 2 original #Amalei bracelets as a gift from the donor of the cuddly toys. He wants to keep one. But I can do what I want with the other bracelets. 🙂
I thought of giving you the opportunity to support Ukraine and at the
same time get a unique piece. I would like to start an auction with one of the bracelets (which one, the winner may choose). Whoever bids the most until 8pm CET next Sunday (26/06/2022) will win the bracelet. With the revenues, my can opener buys medicine, first aid kits and
other things that animals in Ukraine desperately need. We have already received a list of different things for cats and dogs and would buy some of them with the money from the auction.
Minimum bid is 20 euros. Please bid diligently and share this tweet.
🐶Your Boomer🐶
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Wuggie here, thanking mew all for your love, support & prayers for Myself, Heri & Xanawu during some of our darkest hours - we're so grateful & appreciate mew all so much!

We've been part of the #Anipals/#CatsOfTwitter for almost 2 1/2yrs now - a lot of things have happened.
1/x Image
Many of mew may have seen my interview when I was on #OTLFP.

I described our family, our world and why we came to Twitter, what we try to contribute to the community and how much we love being here.

But there were things I did not mention. Things not suitable for the show.
2/x Image
I did not talk about the struggles & adversities we've faced ever since we joined #CatsOfTwitter - struggles created & perpetuated by accounts in our community of #Anipals.

Bullying, scamming & emotional abuse are very real threats here - not just to Xanawu but to all of us.
3/x Image
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🐱🐶Everyone wants warmth and care and animals are no exception🙌🏻❤️

There will be a place for everyone, because together they have gone through so much…

30 separate mechanized brigade ned after Prince Constantine of Ostroh
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My @EdmontonOilers are playing the @Canes today. I'm predicting a 4-3 #Oilers win. I get a treat every time my team scores and today grade A Alberta beef pieces are on the line. A lot riding on this game. But I have faith in Connor McDavid. He called me cute.

#LetsGoOilers A black cat tan rottweiler ...
The #Hurricanes score and it's now 1-0 over my #Oilers. Zero goaltreats for me so far. And our Captain has taken a stick to the face and has left the ice! Hopefully he'll be back!
It's still early in the game.

#NHLPups A black-and-tan rottweiler ...
Dogdamnit! The #Canes score again. It's now 2-0 over my #Oilers.
We've had a ruff start but there's 2 full periods left.
Lots of time to catch up. But we need to stay out of the penalty kennel.

#NHLPups A black and tin rottweiler ...
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CROONICLE: Can Dogs Eat Cooked Mushrooms… #dogs #pet #responsiblepetowners
CROONICLE: Can Dogs Have Avocados… #dog #Avocados
CROONICLE: Can Dogs Have Apple Juice… #dogs #applejuice
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