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Good morning from #Sundance! Here is a roundup of some of our film reviews from the festival.

"Cat Person" Review: Writer Michelle Ashford and director Susanna Fogel build out the #MeToo world of from the New Yorker novella…
"Bad Behaviour" Review: Alice Englert’s directorial debut comes in and out of focus…
"The Starling Girl" Review: Repressed young woman seeks freedom in an assured indie debut from writer-director Laurel Parmet…
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We are enjoying our time at the #SundanceFilmFestival, back in-person for the first time in 3 years. Here are reviews (thread) of some of the films we have taken in so far.

With "Magazine Dreams" Jonathan Majors delivers a powerhouse performance…
"Aliens Abducted My Parents" #Sundance Review: A charming cast elevates familiar sci-fi coming-of-age comedy…
"Earth Mama" #Sundance Review: A young, black mother fights an uncaring system for herself and her family…
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#Sundance Day 1. Shorts so far. A standout: Crystal Kayiza's "Rest Stop." Beautifully shot tender portrait a Ugandan-American mother and daughter traveling by bus from NY to OK to reunite with family. Will Ferrell is listed as exec producer. I assume it's him #AkorokoAtSundance Image
More shorts. Standout: Norwegian Inga E Marakatt's "Unborn Biru": pregnant widow steals cursed silver from dead body to care for daughter. Unnerving slow burn horror, especially considering the tundra on which it was shot. It's a feature film begging to happen #AkorokoAtSundance
Ended #Sundance Day 1 with my first feature film of the festival. But I can't talk about it yet because there's an embargo. I just had to say that for journaling continuity 😏. Overall, it was a solid day of film watching! Until tomorrow, here's some swag... #AkorokoAtSundance Image
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For little art-house films that dominate the scene at #Sundance, the theater-release model is no longer viable.…
Indie cinema has always been a casino. Festivals like #Sundance, which kicked off Thursday, are famous for whipping up hype for obscure movies that sell to distributors in the hope that they’ll become the next “Little Miss Sunshine” or “Brooklyn.”…
But for every hit, there’s a flop, and the chances of success at the multiplex are now slimmer than ever.…
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Critically acclaimed #Sundance documentary @CodedBias by @shalinikantayya is available to stream on @netflix April 5th! Meet the brilliant and badass women fighting for ethics in the technologies that will shape our future. #codedbias
Everyone should see this documentary!!! If you care about the about our future. Tune in!! Thank you @shalinikantayya and all others involved. 🤩😍
@jovialjoy @mathbabedotorg @safiyanoble @merbroussard @timnitGebru @silkiecarlo @PopTechWorks @rajiinio @zeynep @amywebb @shalinikantayya Are fantastic in this film!! Working hard to make sure biases in AI don’t define our future! Thank you. 🙏🙏🙏 Everyone please watch!
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ONE FOR THE ROAD: The director of Bad Genius and producer Wong Kar-wai team up for a sweet but soapy romantic cancer melodrama that's more The Bucket List than In the Mood for Love.

my #sundance review:…
HOMEROOM: Peter Nicks' vérité doc about Oakland High's 2020 senior class overcomes seemingly insurmountable hurdles to end his trilogy about the city's public institutions (The Waiting Room + The Force) on a powerful & personal note.

my #sundance review:…
I WAS A SIMPLE MAN: Constance Wu co-stars in a hushed and haunting Hawaiian ghost story that swirls Uncle Boonmee and late Ozu vibes into something all its own. easily my favorite #Sundance premiere so far this year.

my review:…
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who championed women’s rights, has died at her home in Washington D.C.…
A look back at her impact in entertainment through the years.

How RBG’s nephew helped Felicity Jones turn into his aunt in "On the Basis of Sex"…
"‘We the People’ now includes people who were left out from the start." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

On the “RBG” documentary at 2018's #Sundance:…
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Aprovechando que parece que estamos viendo la luz al final del túnel del #confinamiento, voy a recomendar PELÍCULAS que se desarrollan (casi) por completo en un #ÚnicoEscenario y dónde poder verlas. Abro #HILO.

Pd.: Hay más encerraditos de los que pensáis 👇 Image
#ÚltimaLlamada de Joel Schumacher.

Disponible en @MovistarPlus.

Infravalorada por muchos pese a ser de las últimas grandes de su director. Podéis aprender muchos detalles de ella en el @aquihaydragones #10 de la mano de @rodrigocortes 👇 Image
Hablando de @rodrigocortes, no puede faltar la obra maestra #Buried (#Enterrado).

Aplaudida en #Sundance, ganadora de 3 Goya y disponible en @MovistarPlus, quizá fuese la peli más valiente del 2010.

Os dejo un @Cinemascopazo, en la que la analizaron 👇

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Thinking back on my very first #Sundance experience, I was sick for most of it and I didn't see nearly as many movies as I probably should have. But there were a few valuable lessons I learned for 🤞next year🤞 that I'd like to share. (1/11)
1) GO OPENING WEEKEND. There were pros to just going that full 2nd week, like P&I lines being shorter. But you feel like you're missing out on premieres; worse still, it's v. hard to find roommates to help split the cost if you're going for an unconventional time frame.
2) DON'T OVERSCHEDULE. Unless you're 20 or a masochist, you're prob. not going to make five movies a day. Recognize when you're too old and tired to survive a midnight screening. You also need to set aside time to write; as someone who still has 3 reviews to write, I feel this.
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We’re live at the #Sundance 2020 Awards Show. Stay tuned for real-time announcements of this year’s winners, starting at 7:00 pm MT.
Viggo Mortensen—at #Sundance 2020 with his directorial debut (FALLING)—introduces @skatingpolly to kick us off right.
@SkatingPolly Fun Facts:
✔️@skatingpolly’s music is featured in FALLING
✔️Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse are step-siblings who formed Skating Polly in 2009 at the ages of 10 and 14.
✔️ The rest of the music featured in FALLING was composed by Viggo Mortensen himself.
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Hillary Clinton has a few things to say about Bernie Sanders.

In her 4-part Hulu docuseries premiering at #Sundance, she expresses her irritation with him, dismissing his track record as a senator and noting the “vitriol” of his supporters…
Clinton’s comments arrive on the heels of infighting between Sanders & Warren, who disagreed about whether he once said a woman couldn’t win the presidency.

Tensions came to a head during an exchange, recorded by a hot mic, at the end of a Dem Debate…
At one point, while backstage getting ready for a campaign appearance, Hillary Clinton asks, “Do you think anyone talks to Bernie Sanders about his goddamn shoes?” #Sundance…
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#Sundance is a key event on #Netflix's film calendar. This year between productions and buys they have 11 films in the festival (so far). This relationship has been crucial to Nflix's film plans going back to 2016 at least, though they were already buying docs before. (Thread)
In 2016 Nflix bought 7 films at the festival, though not all ended up being "originals". The most high profile of these at the time was The Fundamentals of Caring, a film that wasn't well received but did begin a longstanding relationship with Paul Rudd.
2017's #Sundance was a watershed moment for #Netflix film. To begin with an original won the Grand Jury prize, this was I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore. The film itself is terrible IMO, but few Jury prize winners are actually any good.
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Former Cambridge Analytica director of product Matt Oczkowski is running both Data Propria and Parscale Digital. Will Trump 2020 campaign be any different than 2016? Cc @issielapowsky…
Cambridge Analytica’s own investigation could not rule out the possibility that incorrect visas were used for SCL Elections Ltd employees embedded in Parscale’s Project Alamo team in San Antonio during the Summer of 2016.
Speaking of unreported CA scandals, the Netflix doc #TheGreakHack that premiered at #Sundance includes shockingly detailed evidence that the company developed sophisticated techniques to weaponize apathy to suppress votes for opponents of its clients.
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As the ICO announces audit over concerns that the Brexit campaign is tainted by data abuse, remember when Brittany Kaiser revealed Cambridge Analytica’s proposal to break UK data protection law?…
Reportedly the ICO received the passwords to seized CA/SCL servers recently. May help explain why “final” report seemed to exonerate LeaveEU. Evidence was not “found” then because they didn’t have all the passwords at that time. News of fines/audits today means they found stuff?
With news of ICO fines and audits, and now that we know ICO finally has CA/SCL passwords to seized servers, we can revisit Brittany Kaiser’s evidence given to @CommonsCMS —all relevant to #TheGreatHack at #Sundance…
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The booming tech-driven private intelligence industry continues to be unmasked as former spooks have become mercenaries for foreign regimes doing black ops on innocents. #ProjectRaven…
Mueller-probed Zamel had a Cyber-Mercenaries project that simulated the election interference of 2016 in 2015 with Wikistrat and Psy Group.…
The Trinidad Tapes revealed in #TheGreatHack at #Sundance expose CA/SCL as a diabolical voter suppression, election rigging, data harvesting PSYOPs shop. (CA also partnered with Psy Group per…)…
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At the premiere. It’s about to happen. #Sundance
It’s mind blowing. #TheGreatHack is incredible, an impossible film to make yet it’s been fully realized. General audiences and #CambridgeAnalytica obsessives alike will have so much to talk about when it’s released on Netflix. I’m so grateful to be a part of it. #Sundance
Seems to me that there are at least 3 previously unknown revelations in #TheGreatHack about #CambridgeAnalytica — but no spoilers here from me, for now. Let’s see what the reviewers pick up on over the next 4 screenings at #Sundance.
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The @Sundance Film Festival 2019 is officially kicking off. I'll be in Park City covering the VR/AR pieces in the #NewFrontier program & catching as many documentaries as I can.
Sundance serves as a public square for independent media (over 14k submissions) that's an antidote to shallow clickbait news. Art, culture, community are vital for making sense of what's happening in our world.
The Sundance theme is "Risk Independence." Some of the worst conditions for doing journalism today.
2 Syrian & Iranian filmmakers couldn't get visas because of the Muslim ban.
Sundance also expanded beyond white male critics with 63% of credentials to underrepresented minorities.
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1/ #CNP Members and Organizations
"The Council for National Policy (CNP) is a body that mixes large numbers of ostensibly mainstream conservatives with far-right and extremist ideologues, mostly from the far fringes of the religious right...…
2/ "What follows is a list of 18 of the hardest-line #CNP members and links to information about them and their groups, when available, published in the past by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Groups designated by the SPLC as hate groups are marked with an asterisk (*).."
Tony Perkins
*Family Research Council
Washington, D.C.
CNP Vice President

* Designated as hate group
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