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Have you seen the BREAKING NEWS about @OfficialAPCNg Chairmanship and @MBuhari declaring that Giadom is the Acting Chairman?

Ok, let me tell you what to do:

1. Calm down & make LESS comment.
2. Wait for 24 hours.
3. Analyse the worst case.
Don't resign your APC MEMBERSHIP or support YET, that's what finished @GovernorObaseki.....Just a little compromise in politics I spoke about.

Let me start this from where I ought to end the thread.
In the immediate, who do you think is the greatest loser of this game? OBASEKI
What did Buhari say EXACTLY?
I disagree with what @MBuhari said he received as a LEGAL ADVICE.

Having said that, let's analyse what we know FOR NOW:
Who is @OfficialAPCNg candidate in #EdoDecides2020 pls? Will NWC decision stand? What other game can Giadom play?
Calm down🤣🤣🤣
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Any ACE Pitcher Will Tell You, "Rely ALWAYS On Your (Best)Pitch In The Most Pivotal Moments Of #TheGame" ..

FAST(Ball) ....
Check This Out ...

Good Read.

🎶 @slipknot

Before I Forget !

p.S. ___---L

Game Over .

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Aprovechando que parece que estamos viendo la luz al final del túnel del #confinamiento, voy a recomendar PELÍCULAS que se desarrollan (casi) por completo en un #ÚnicoEscenario y dónde poder verlas. Abro #HILO.

Pd.: Hay más encerraditos de los que pensáis 👇 Image
#ÚltimaLlamada de Joel Schumacher.

Disponible en @MovistarPlus.

Infravalorada por muchos pese a ser de las últimas grandes de su director. Podéis aprender muchos detalles de ella en el @aquihaydragones #10 de la mano de @rodrigocortes 👇 Image
Hablando de @rodrigocortes, no puede faltar la obra maestra #Buried (#Enterrado).

Aplaudida en #Sundance, ganadora de 3 Goya y disponible en @MovistarPlus, quizá fuese la peli más valiente del 2010.

Os dejo un @Cinemascopazo, en la que la analizaron 👇

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Este es el señor @elonmusk , billonario💰, diseñador industrial🤓, fundador de Tesla y Space X. Y lo vamos a analizar junto a @VirCid pues en lo que a #TheGame y #ctxmedios2020 compete, es un millenial “híbrido” en comunicación digital en el contexto mediático cc @LadyAAmado Image
No tiene FB. Se expresa mayormente por TW.
Sus números en performance/social currency son impresionantes:
Se unió a TW en junio 2009 (early adopter)
A hoy supera los 10.500 tweets originales👨‍💻
Tiene 33.1 millones de followers (dentro de las 50 personas más seguidas del mundo)🤯 Image
En el último mes tuvo un promedio de 1 tuit original por día y 1 RT cada dos días. Pero si vamos a su columna de replies, la actividad más intensa está ahí.
Se engancha en conversaciones pero no a todas les echa luz en su timeline. Es un cuidadoso curador de su perfil tuitero.💅
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1. New 🧵 #MaxSpiersRIP 🙏🏼

Patriots, if you aren't familiar with him, meet #MaxSpiers 💥

I recommend you read through the thread then watch the entire interview. #KeepYourMindOpen 🧠

Ready for 🤯❓

Down the rabbit hole we go!🐇🕳
2. Here is the full video below. I will also post it at the end. You can view it here (there is also a part two which I'lll add later).

This thread will go over some of the highlights in the order in which they are discussed in the interview.

3. #MaxSpiers had a lot to tell us. Sadly, like #SethRich he's gone.

Here is an article about his end days. Then we will move on to the content of the video which is the topic of this thread.…
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On this first day of #WomensHistoryMonth I highlight Soror Barbara Jordan. She was the first African American to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. She also introduced the Presidential Records Act that eventually became a law in 1978.
On this second day of #WomensHistoryMonth I highlight Soror Wilma Rudolph. Despite being told as a child she would never walk again, she became the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field during the 1960 Summer Olympics.
On this third day of #WomensHistoryMonth I highlight Soror Dr. Jocelyn Elders. She was the first African American Surgeon General. While in that position she advocated for sexual health and reproductive rights — something which is still taboo to this day.
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Thread 👇👇👇
The Nation didn't really see it coming.
Well, let me say the law abiding Nigerians never saw it coming.
@OfficialAPCNg the ruling party & their supporters were SET to make a #LoudStatement..
In all of this, @OfficialPDPNig "CODED and OPEN" supporters already knew that something was cooking called postponement of their coming Waterloo.....
They tweeted about it..
They dragged
We stopped them from saying such...
Sorry, they knew our #LoudStatement would be postponed!
How did we get here?
It was a well orchestrated coup from the lawless party called @OfficialPDPNig
What was the excuse? LOGISTICS

Who is in charge of LOGISTIC? Professor Okechukwu Ibeano.
How did he get there? PDP pressured INEC to remove competent hand

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This should be my last view before #NigeriaDecides
A Thread 👇👇👇
Politics they say is a game. It is a game of number. A game of number that is determined by tactics, sentiments, perspectives and persuasions.
Politics also is a Science, something that can be studied.
Science is the intellectual & practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure & behaviour of the physical & natural world through observation & experiment.
Prospect of individual candidates and parties can be predicted with accuracy because it's a Science.
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@Olusegunverdict Good morning Sir,
I just saw your article titled averting a NEEDLESS Constitutional Crisis containing 20 paragraphs.
This you wrote to analyse how President @MBuhari is getting involved.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Please Sir let it be clear that #DebunkingYourVerdicts is simply my personal view as a Nigerian to look at your narrative from my own prism & also make my own views known.
Since there is no constitutional monopoly of narrative on any issue, we are all free to make narratives.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari I will try as much as possible to look at each paragraph to make my narrative easy to see, but let it be clear that every issue you raised has 3 components in my view:
1. Legal view
2. Political view
3. Moral view
I really don't think your views will stand on PMB on any platform!
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I insist that what you watched yesterday was pure #PollywoodScript (1st heard Pollywood from @Mr_JAGs POLLYTICS+NOLLYWOOD=Pollywood).
#TheScript was written by @bukolasaraki
Specially featuring his main man, Daura head of DSS..
Directed by Ben Bruce..
#PollywoodScript thread👇
I tuned in to @channelstv @sunrisedailynow yesterday morning, I noticed that @MaupeO was already grilling both APC & PDP guests in the studio. I was very curious as to why she was really pushing deeper on her logical questions to the guys...
Then a call from Linda from NASS came:
Will continue later, busy for now....
It's all #PollywoodScript 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
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I will do a thread later on all these deflection of lepers & #TheGame that will tame Saraki in 2019..
Let me give you a hint ahead of this thread:
Expect a very influential Senator from the South East like Akpabio to deflect to @OfficialAPCNg b4 #NigeriaDecides2019
#MyView 😂🤣
Let me go further to tell you #MyView that led to this:
In 2015, #TheGame was for Ngige from the South East to win election, & being part of the new ruling party (majority), he was supposed to become the #SenatePresident(from South Eats), PMB(North), PYO(South West)...#Politics
But since the South East folks in their politics of hatered towards Buhari thought voting for Ngige would mean they supported APC/PMB, the person that won couldn't have been the Senate President because she was not from the ruling party...As such, the seat was open to all...🤣😂
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