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Please, #TRUST !

Yes, I know Trust is an arrogant thing sometimes & Remembering is just A Game but in times like these it’s needed for me to SHOW what bad has done in the world because it’s doing A lot of good. .

It’s waking A lot of People up to how the world around them
Has been created …

Now imagine showing what bad did in the world to misdirect 1 BUCK, Then imagine what I have not shown yet that is the counter moves to all the bad that has been done to try misleading me—It’s all seen crystal clearly by those whose minds are now trained to
See as I have always seen ..

There is A reason why you Know who was the lead character in the movie “Marry Me” …

We’re Going Black & White, Which makes Grey & once the Gray Chapter concludes it’s time for ‘Color On Grey’ …

I’m #RED/SANTA & Trinity is on the Right, she
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#Sundance Day 1. Shorts so far. A standout: Crystal Kayiza's "Rest Stop." Beautifully shot tender portrait a Ugandan-American mother and daughter traveling by bus from NY to OK to reunite with family. Will Ferrell is listed as exec producer. I assume it's him #AkorokoAtSundance Image
More shorts. Standout: Norwegian Inga E Marakatt's "Unborn Biru": pregnant widow steals cursed silver from dead body to care for daughter. Unnerving slow burn horror, especially considering the tundra on which it was shot. It's a feature film begging to happen #AkorokoAtSundance
Ended #Sundance Day 1 with my first feature film of the festival. But I can't talk about it yet because there's an embargo. I just had to say that for journaling continuity 😏. Overall, it was a solid day of film watching! Until tomorrow, here's some swag... #AkorokoAtSundance Image
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#childabuse: A Nine-Year-Old Girl Set To Give Birth In #Zimbabwe 😭
Recall the painful death of 14-year-old Anna Machaya (in the pix) while giving birth in a #church shrine in July 2021, a 9-year-old #girl (Grade 3 Pupil) has been admitted to the United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH) as Image
she is 33 weeks pregnant and expected to give birth by caesarean section this November.
She was just 8 when she fell pregnant, and is being monitored by a team of specialist doctors and nurses owing to the delicate nature of the pregnancy.
She has refused to give police the name
of her abuser though shockingly, her 29-year-old father claimed that the goblins🤷🏾 visited the 9-year-old #girl on the nights only when her mother was away from home and inserted things into her privates. The police believe she's being threatened!
There are only 6 known cases in ImageImage
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"I Was Circumcised Twice Before The Age Of 16!"
Teliwel Diallo Recalls Hers:
"When I was eight years old, my mother told me that it was time for me to become a woman. She took me somewhere. I met other #Girls, some friends and girls from the neighboring village.
It was a big #day. I didn’t know anything about excision. I was feeling happy inside. I did not know the consequences and pain of excision.
We were maybe one hundred girls. Everyone was waiting her turn. I could hear the cries of the #girl before me. I was frozen. I could not run
because it would be a dishonor for my #family. I was wondering whether I should run away or stay, but I didn’t have the choice.
I heard the #Girls crying. My turn came. It was atrocious. Four #women caught me, put me down, opened my sex and cut me. I cried out loudly. I feel that
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Let's #Endvirginitytest 🙏🏽
#SouthAfrica: A South church has carried out virginity tests on their single female worshippers and issued certificates of virginity to those that passed the test.
According to the church, the test is said to be an effort to encourage chastity among the
ladies in the society.
The church identified as Nazareth Baptist Church is located at Ebuhleni, northern part of Durban in South Africa.
It was gathered that the church carried out a free virginity test on ladies who attend their church and are 18 years and above.
It is an annual
event carried out by the church and at the end of the test, a Certificate of Virginity is awarded to the successful ones.
Also, a white mark of purity is placed on the forehead of the virgins.
The test is usually conducted in the middle of every year and the certificate issued
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Scholarship Alert, 🥳!!!

WiDA is excited to announce a partnership with Footright!

Footright will be providing 200 WiDA community members with full scholarships for their Data Science/ AI bootcamps (valued at N300,000)!

The bootcamp is scheduled to run for 3 months online.
What you can be sure to get from this bootcamps:
- Expert Training
- 48-hour class content
- Trainings in Statistics
- Trainings in Python for Data Science
- Trainings in Data Visualization
- Trainings in SQL
Interested candidates should hurry and apply. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

Apply here:

Application deadline: 13th, June 2022.

#womanindata #womanintech #techopportunities #womanindataafrica #data #datascience #girl #girlintech #girlindatascience
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My #FGM Heartbreak💔
"I Watched My Daughter Suffer!"
Mrs Amburo Recalls It:
"Jamilah was 7 years old when my husband's mom said it was time for her to be infibulated.
I tried to buy time for her to have it done when she was older but my mother-in-law refused.
I knew how torturous
it was to be infibulated because I had mine when I was 6 years old. I can't forget how I almost died from pain when my husband broke me up after I was wedded to him age 14.
I wept through the night before the day of my daughter's infibulation because I knew the pain she will face
and the poor me that couldn't save her.
The next day, I watched as her little hands and legs were pinned down by two women while the cutter began to cut.
Her first scream broke my heart and I ran out in tears as she looked at me and started crying, "Mummy, come! Mummy help me..."
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The Blackouts That will be taking place ARE NOT because of the sun, they are but because of THE SON demand PEACE ..

The War Of All Wars is over.

R econcile N ot R evenge ! …

I choose life & I chose to forgive, I choose MERCY. .

I #CHOOSE to forgive ALL evil with my own FREE WILL because I #WANT too & NOT because of where I come from that I “Have Too “ ..

#BREAK free from the same ol’ Hell Loops humanity has been trapped within all because forgiveness was never an option. Vengeance
Was always more important, not caring how it was affecting the future for all..

The FUTURE, THE CHILDREN are the FUTURE & Forgiveness brings A BRIGHT future for ALL children all around the world for THOUSANDS of years !

1 Simple SELFLESS #ACT of Kindness, Can Save A world !
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In 1995 State Pension Age for #50sWomen was increased from 60 to 66 in one fell swoop

It was decided that those women were NOT entitled to be informed of such a life-changing decision

Resulting in:
💥Retirement Annihilated
💥Stress / Illness
💥Heat Or Eat
💥No Dignity Image
💥No Respect
💥No Independence
💥No Rights
💥No Dignity
💥No Security
💥Women Now Being Kept By Partner After Lifetime Of Independence
💥Women Having To Sell Their Home or Run Up Massive Debt
💥Women At Risk Having To Work In A Pandemic
💥Early Deaths Image
At the very time that #50sWomen were having 6 years SP stolen; from 1983 to 2018 almost 9.4m MEN were awarded 5 years' NI contributions enabling them to retire 'EARLY'

HOW is this #EQUALITY? WHY is it acceptable?

👇 👇 👇 👇 ImageImage
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A #story of an #afternoon of 1971 #Bengal.
A beautiful,fair glowing skinned,#generalclass, #traditional, #Hinduwoman used to live with her #husband (who used to work in railways) and her 15yrs old #son & 4 years old #Daughter.
She was also a prime worshipper of Maa Durga...
Some years ago, when her #son was of 13 yrs, he started showing his interest in #Politics and started being with #hinduextremists.
He also started going to #akharas,for #gym work and #shastravidya.
Onto which he was #punished by not given #food for a #day by...
his mother, as she wanted him to be an #Engineer and become #rich.
The son left his interest, and started #studying in guidence of his #mother.
It was the time of #Bangladeshliberation #war, when he went to a nearby #Temple with his mother and #sister one #evening ...
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"India is the most dangerous country for Women & Minorities in the World"
19 year old girl was brutally beaten by their family members for talking to the male cousins on the phone. This incident took place in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh India.
A 21 year old tribal women was assaulted with sticks by her family members in Madhya Pardesh #India for allegedly eloping with a Dalit man.
In Uttar Pradesh #India, a man is beating her wife on order of village panchayat for allegedly having an affair and eloping with her lover.
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1 - #Taliban won’t allow #TTP to use Afghan soil against Pakistan, hopes Sheikh Rasheed (17 Aug 2021 The News)

#Pakistan , particularly the KP / FATA under #Talibans Rule

#Afghanistan #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans #CPEC #OBOR #China #HaqqaniNetwork
2 - Propaganda against #Taliban proving false, says FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi (19 Aug 2021 Dawn)

#Pakistan the KP / FATA under #Talibans Rule


#Afghanistan #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans #CPEC #OBOR #China #HaqqaniNetwork #TTP
3 - TTP maintains ties with #Afghan Taliban, says UN report (27 July 2021 Dawn)

#Pakistan the KP / FATA under #Talibans Rule


#Afghanistan #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans #CPEC #OBOR #China #HaqqaniNetwork #TTP
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1| I try to focus on a single story in every post, but I want us to have proportions. So let's compare and contrast #Israel's response to @benandjerrys's not wanting to be complicit in its #WarCrimes, to Israel's actual war crimes.…
2| The beautiful soul in this picture is 11 year-old Mohammad ‘Allami, who was executed by Israel's army, when he was convincing his daddy to go back to a shop to by him something. Mohammad's sister was also in the car, she wasn't physically injured.
3| Mohammad 'Allami is the 312th indigenous #Palestinian to be killed by Israel's army since the beginning of 2021, the 52nd to be executed in the #WestBank, the 76th #child executed in total, the11th child to be executed in the West Bank.
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Breaking NEWS🙌🏽
USA: It's OFFICIAL - Gov. Charlie Baker’s signing of the law on Thursday has made Massachusetts one of the 39 States in the U.S. that have criminalised #FGM.
Under the new law, anyone who knowingly commits FGM on a minor — or transports them within Massachusetts👇🏽 Image
or outside the state for these purposes - will face up to 5 years in state prison, or a fine of up to $10,000 and up to two and a half years in a county jail.
The law also tasks the public health commissioner with setting up an educational FGM/C prevention program, working with👇🏽
other government and non-governmental organizations to protect and assist victims, and developing recommendations for training health providers to recognize risk factors and warning signs linked to FGM/C.

#EndFGM #Massachusetts #nofgm #USA #usatoday #WomensMonth #women #girl
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@Urban_Idealist_ The case was retried in 2012 & lest we forget the murder victim was a black #girl/ child. In the Bay Area I was alarmed when a black #woman was set on fire in Oakland tied to a chair alive...I was sad no one seemed to care, barely made the news. Maybe Sunny can discuss why?🤷🏻‍♀️
@Urban_Idealist_ Tyesha Edwards was a Black little girl. Retrial 👉🏼Still proclaiming his innocence, Myon Burrell was sentenced this morning to more than 50 years in prison for the killing of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards in South Minneapolis.
@TheView 1/…
@Urban_Idealist_ @TheView “Her mother told Hennepin County District Judge Charles Porter that the gunshots, the gang violence and the killings throughout the black community had to stop. “ 2/
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Sex is not simply a hunger to be satisfied. It is important that from adolescence onwards, a more mature attitude to see and experience sexuality should be nurtured.
C.c - @arpita_pedia
#sex #gay #Lgbtq #men2men #girl2girl #pleasure #desire #samesex
Sex should be experienced as a vital, dynamic aspect of human interplay, rather than just a physical act or episode in our own lives
#sex #gay #Lgbtq #men2men #girl2girl #pleasure #desire #samesex
The school of thought to be encouraged in this process should involve acknowledging, accepting and displaying confident masculine and feminine characteristics, without either provoking or submitting to erotic temptation. #sex #gay #Lgbtq #men2men #girl #pleasure #desire #samesex
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What effort is society putting in place for the welfare of the #BoyChild?
I love, appreciate and support the drive for the welfare of the #GirlChild.

But how on earth can the welfare of the #GirlChild be guaranteed when the #BoyChild, in whose 'world' she'll exist is not well equipped to be a worthy caretaker?
Our culture, our religions - be it Christianity, Islam or ATR all places the men as head and women, subordinates.

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1.) Prof. Barbara Oakley of Oakland University and the author of a book on learning writes that contrary to the new movement to make #STEM subjects of which #maths is the sine qua non a fun to learn.

All learning isn't-and shouldn't be "fun".
Even though the following 👇👇👇Rhymes were developed to make learning #maths fun!

She state in firm terms to "Make Your Daughter Practice Maths. She'll Thank You later".…
Boys and girls have on average similar abilities in #maths

But girls in addition have a consistent advantage than boys in #reading and #writing.

The consequence?👇👇👇
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