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#Turkey-#Russia: Is the Marriage of Convenience Nearing the End?” with #SibelEdmonds via #Newsbud
The Litmus Test on #Russia-#Turkey Relations: From #Syria & #Libya to Ukraine & #Crimea. Watch the exclusive program with Sibel Edmonds via #Newsbud Only (Full Episode):
To Join My Community and Tune into All My Videos-Analyses-Articles Subscribe to #Newsbud Here:
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#Amnesty raising Alarm & Says #Turkey sending #Syrian #Refugees back to #Syria #SafeZone. Amnesty should also reminded the world that: #Europe does Not want & is NOT accepting any of these refugees. - - -…
The Ludicrous Hypocrisy is so obvious & transparent: #Turkey has been hosting-housing-feeding 3+ Mil Syrian Refugees for YEARS (including healthcare & is education!) While #EU doing everything they can to avoid them entry. How is that for “Human Rights” Motto??! Enough already!
Do you know how much #Turkey has spent on #Syria refugees In the last 6 years? Over $40 Billion. Do you know how much the entire European nations in #EU contributed to this? Less than $5 Billion. Don’t let the #MSM misinform & fool you on this topic!
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Exclusive Report- “Turkish Colonel Exposes it All- From #Syria War to Plans for New #ISIS Terror Attacks in #EU!” with Sibel Edmonds via #Newsbud. Newsbud Members Watch Here:
@obasibuyuk90 This is the #YouTube preview video for the explosive expose by Colonel Basibuyuk via Newsbud’s Sibel Edmonds. For full episode subscribe to and watch at #Newsbud:
@obasibuyuk90 Highly-probable #ISIS #FalseFlag attacks in #EU being concocted by “certain” nations’ intel op to drag #USA back into #Syria. Find out Who-What-How & Why here at #Newsbud:
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Here’s a serious warning from Col. Başıbüyük @obasibuyuk90: Expect Major #ISIS Attacks in Europe #EU following #Turkey #Syria Op & Ceasefire. I consider the Colonel a solid source with implacable record & expertise. Think: Who wants to score geopolitical points with #ISIS Attacks
Let me give you a hint here (not that majority of my followers need any hints😉): Which globalist Factions have been so very alarmed & unhappy with #USA & #Russia cooperating on #MiddleEast issues? And remember: #MSM has been on this faction’s side. Okay?!
Here’s a bonus hint: That faction has been the loudest in opposing #Trump #Syria deal, and been warning (fear-mongering) on the peace efforts by #Russia-#Trump-#Assad by playing “This will revive #ISIS” card. Just saying!
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A Very Dangerous Gamble by #Kurdish Factions In #Syria to Free #ISIS Prisoners In Hope Of Countering #Turkey Op & Garner International PR-Support. Bad for #Syria- Bad for All!- - - “Syria: IS fighters escape from jail as 130,000 people flee Turkish forces”…
Meanwhile, as world #MSM churns misinfo & propaganda, media in #Turkey curls into a ball-inept & paralyzed. Maybe instead of spending billions of dollars investing in #S400 they should have poured that money to clone RT-USA like English international media power? Just asking!
After all this is the era of information warfare (obviously)- While #Turkey remains in Yester-Gone Era
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#Gulen-#FETO Network Exposed! - All Things #CIA-Gulen in One Place” with Sibel Edmonds via #Newsbud
Exposing #Gulen Network for Nearly 2 Decades- From #CIA OpGladioB to #GeneralFlynn & #FBI’s #Mueller My Reports-Podcast & Videos since 2008 All in 1 Place here at #Newsbud
Now Available- My Decade+ Long Information Portal on #Gulen #FETO: From #CIA/s Fuller & #BostonBombing to #TurkeyCoup & #USACharterSchools
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Coming Up Today: #Gulen-#FETO Post & A Brief Video. Putting together a portal with dozens of links- My #Gulen Exposes Since 2008! Over a decade ago when no one in the West had heard of this #CIA network worth $20,000,000,000 (billion). Articles-Videos-Podcast ...Stay Tuned.
From #Mueller to #GeneralFlynn Case, from #CIA’s #Fuller & #BostonBombing to #Turkey #AttemptedCoup; From #CharterSchools to #GulenLobby ... All Things #Gulen #FETO In 1 Place!
I will also go on record with my answer to 100s of inquiries I’ve received from you, from all over the world, in the last few weeks, on Why I did NOT participate in the latest documentary on #Gulen produced by #TRT. Than you for your inquiries and patience🙏
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#Turkey: President #Erdogan has made new pledges, including sweeping #reforms and some changes in the cabinet. I hope the coming #Reforms include the #Media in #Turkey- especially the new highly-budgeted #TRTWorld. I can only hope.
A strong, journalistically ethical, and effective multi-language #media is greatly needed for not only #Turkey, but for the rest of the world to obtain multi-sided information and news on Turkey. This is the age of #InformationWarfare and so far Turkey is light years behind.
Well, my message to #Turkey #President is here on the record; currently Pinned- should Read all in Bold.- - - “After Istanbul loss, Turkey's Erdogan vows to listen to people's 'messages' | The Japan Times”…
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#Istanbul #Reelection Today- ~6 hrs left to polls closing. High stakes. Hoping for a smooth, Democratic & peaceful process. It will be an intense evening count. I’ll report updates periodically. Reporting on the ground from #Turkey @sibeledmonds
#IstanbulReelection- 39 Districts, 10,560,963 Votes. That’s a lot of votes to count! Down to 2 Mayoral candidates: Ruling Party #AKP candidate Yıldırım vs Main Opposition Party #CHP Candidate İmamoğlu. Polls will close at 5:00 pm here (in ~6 hours).
Over 1/3 of #Turkey’s population lives in #Istanbul. A good chunk of national GDP & many many billion dollars District budget for the elected #Mayor. #AKP lost in mayoral elections of biggest cities: #Ankara, #Izmir & #Antalya, with #Istanbul as the “hottest tamale” TBD today.
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A lei prevê que empresas com 100 ou mais empregados preencham cotas de contratação de pessoas com deficiência ou beneficiários reabilitados da Previdência Social. A legislação também prevê que a dispensa sem justa causa de trabalhador com deficiência só deve ocorrer... (continua) Arte sobre fotografia de busto de pessoa com camisa azul clara e estetoscópio pendurado no pescoço. Logomarca Entendendo os números. Texto: #DecisãoJudicial. Lei de Cotas: 8ª Turma considera nula despedida de enfermeira com deficiência sem contratação de trabalhador na mesma condição. a empresa contratar trabalhador em igual condição para a vaga aberta.

Um hospital da Região Noroeste do estado despediu uma enfermeira com deficiência e não contratou outro empregado na mesma condição. Por causa disso, a 8ª Turma do TRT-RS anulou a despedida (...)
...e condenou a mantenedora do hospital, uma associação beneficente, a pagar os salários que seriam recebidos pela enfermeira durante o período compreendido entre o ato da despedida até a data em que o hospital admitisse outra pessoa com deficiência.
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This may be a new era for #Turkey? #imamoğlu for the end to censorship & oppression gives a passionate speech. I am still in disbelief: #AKP shed all it’s positives & good advisors and turned into the worst governance since the 1980’s military despot regime era in #Turkey
If I were to list the worst steps/moves by #Turkey #AKP gov to date: 1- Bringing in corrupt & incompetent advisors in Since the 2016 coup attempt; 2- Destroying the Media; 3- Collaborating with #USA on #Syria & #ISIS creation; 4- Assault on Free Speech
If I were to list some of #Turkey #AKP best moves/steps of the “past”: 1- Improving Infrastructure (Including roads & transportation);2- Improving Healthcare (it is excellent in Turkey);3- Giving importance to rural Turkey; l4- Going outside #USA sphere 4 international relations
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Media in #Turkey? What Media? Where? None Exists. Unfortunately None “Allowed” To Exist. I’ve been in Turkey now for 8 months: Have Seen “Zero” Venue for Real Journalism. - - - “Why did pro-government media fail Erdogan?” via @AlMonitor
A lot has changed, unfortunately for “worse”, when it comes to #AKP in #Turkey Since the Attempted Coup. The admin has been penetrated & coopted by some very bad “snakes.” They have destroyed & eliminated media- completely. But they are digging their own grave(s).
One good example: #TRTWorld eating up hundreds of millions of dollars from #Turkey taxpayers a year: To be 1000000 X Worse than Soviet’s #Pravda during communism. All this in the last 2 years escalating.
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Neden Çöküş Yaşıyoruz Bilgiseli
1- Arkadaşlar ben kırk üç yaşındayım. Dünyanın hızla değiştiği bir döneme denk geldim, hala da inanılmaz hızla dönüştüğünü görüyorum.
Biraz uzatıp da anlatacağım, aslında bugünü değil, dünyanın yakın geçmişini konuşmak istiyorum sizinle.
2- Sizden ricam sorularınızı, cevaplarınıxı, eleştirilerinizi ilk tweet'e cevap olarak yazmanız. Bu şekilde bütünlüğü bozmamış oluruz.
Şimdi izninizle başlayalım:
Ben doksanları hatırlıyorum (93 lise çıkışlıyım), öncesini de çok okudum, çok dinledim ve araştırdım.
3- Doksanlarda Türkiye, gelişmiş bir ülke değildi. Bununla beraber toplumda zenginlik anlamında büyük farklılıklar da yoktu. Lakin okuyan, üreten ve emeğiyle çalışanın saygınlığı büyüktü.
Bugüne göre en büyük fark, toplumun ve basının, tv'ler dahil medyanın "düzgün olmayı"
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