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Wrapping Up #Turkey #IstanbulReElection & Moving On: The Democratic Process Went Smoothly This Time- No Incident Peaceful Voting-Counting Process. Now Back to Geopolitics & Economy: #S400 #Syria #Russia #EastMedDrill #F35 #NATO #USA
1 interesting observation here on the ground in #Turkey post #IstanbulReElection?- Seeing (rearing,Watching) how the coward, spineless, two-faced incompetent #Turkey #MSM Pundits so quickly switched side, & all of a sudden started criticizing #AKP. Little cowards with no spine.
There are those of us (a minute minority) in media who remain true to the facts- thrive for objectivity no matter who is up, who’s down; no matter which party or figure. Then, there are those (Majority) who suck up & follow whichever way the wind blows. The little cowards.😉😉😉
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#Istanbul #Reelection Today- ~6 hrs left to polls closing. High stakes. Hoping for a smooth, Democratic & peaceful process. It will be an intense evening count. I’ll report updates periodically. Reporting on the ground from #Turkey @sibeledmonds
#IstanbulReelection- 39 Districts, 10,560,963 Votes. That’s a lot of votes to count! Down to 2 Mayoral candidates: Ruling Party #AKP candidate Yıldırım vs Main Opposition Party #CHP Candidate İmamoğlu. Polls will close at 5:00 pm here (in ~6 hours).
Over 1/3 of #Turkey’s population lives in #Istanbul. A good chunk of national GDP & many many billion dollars District budget for the elected #Mayor. #AKP lost in mayoral elections of biggest cities: #Ankara, #Izmir & #Antalya, with #Istanbul as the “hottest tamale” TBD today.
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Less than 48 hrs to #IstanbulElection: Tension High.Last Minute Rash #AKP #PKK Move. No major changes in #Turkey #Currency in the last 2-week period. The “Real” Deals & Moves On #Russia #S400 after the elections (around end of June- Early July.Reporting from Turkey @sibeledmonds
Kurdish militant leader tells Kurds to stay neutral in #Istanbul #election… via @Yahoo
Via @ragipsoylu on #AKP efforts to galvanise Kurds in #Istanbul #election:

• Permitting Ocalan 2 meet his lawyers
• Candidate’s visit 2 Diyarbakir
• Describing parts of #Turkey as Kurdistan
• Leaking Ocalan note that calls neutrality in election
• Barzani invited 4 a visit
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Tarihin en kapsamlı, en açık, en özgür, en tarafsız bilgi kaynağı; tarihte ilk kez tüm dünyadan yazarların katkılarıyla oluşmuş; dünyanın en çok okuduğu; tamamen bedava ve canlı ansiklopedi #Wikipedia'nın tamamını, tarihin en gülünç sansürüyle halkına yasaklayan ilk ülke Türkiye+
+Her maddesi ayrı bir sayfa/adres iken tamamı yasaklandı. Yasak bahanesi #15Temmuz ve #Suriye konulu maddelere AkP'nin görüşleri de eklendiği halde 2 yıldır TR nezdinde tüm girişimleri boşa çıkan #Wikipedia, şimdi Avrupa İnsan Hakları Mahkemesine başvurdu.…
+Yasaklamak yerine mesela o 2 maddede halkın parasıyla beslenen #SETA şaklabanlarına #AkP görüşleri yazdırılsaydı ne olurdu? Şimdi tüm dünya, #Suriye iç savaşında terörizme destek olduğunu yazdı diye #Wikipedia'nın tamamını yasaklayan TR'nin AİHM yargılanışını konuşuyor olmazdı.+
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This may be a new era for #Turkey? #imamoğlu for the end to censorship & oppression gives a passionate speech. I am still in disbelief: #AKP shed all it’s positives & good advisors and turned into the worst governance since the 1980’s military despot regime era in #Turkey
If I were to list the worst steps/moves by #Turkey #AKP gov to date: 1- Bringing in corrupt & incompetent advisors in Since the 2016 coup attempt; 2- Destroying the Media; 3- Collaborating with #USA on #Syria & #ISIS creation; 4- Assault on Free Speech
If I were to list some of #Turkey #AKP best moves/steps of the “past”: 1- Improving Infrastructure (Including roads & transportation);2- Improving Healthcare (it is excellent in Turkey);3- Giving importance to rural Turkey; l4- Going outside #USA sphere 4 international relations
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#Breaking: Just in - Election authorities in #Turkey have ordered a new mayoral election in the city of #Istanbul, says they will have to vote again after the party #AKP of Turkish president #Erdogan lost the mayoral election in that city.
#Breaking: The people in #Istanbul are protesting the decision of the supreme court nullifying the mayoral election in the city. Banging pots turning on and off the light switches. #Turkey
#Update: Just in - The people in #Istanbul are now also gathering on the streets, after eating at night in fasting and their energy level back up at 100%.
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Media in #Turkey? What Media? Where? None Exists. Unfortunately None “Allowed” To Exist. I’ve been in Turkey now for 8 months: Have Seen “Zero” Venue for Real Journalism. - - - “Why did pro-government media fail Erdogan?” via @AlMonitor
A lot has changed, unfortunately for “worse”, when it comes to #AKP in #Turkey Since the Attempted Coup. The admin has been penetrated & coopted by some very bad “snakes.” They have destroyed & eliminated media- completely. But they are digging their own grave(s).
One good example: #TRTWorld eating up hundreds of millions of dollars from #Turkey taxpayers a year: To be 1000000 X Worse than Soviet’s #Pravda during communism. All this in the last 2 years escalating.
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How is “Organized Irregularities” Defined, actually? I still think this is neither good or wise. Not good at all.
#TurkeyElections: I have said it, and will say it again. This is WRONG. This will backfire. Especially during this critical period this is the last thing #Turkey needs. - - - “Erdogan's party to demand total recount Istanbul ballots@
Turkish ruling party seeks total recount of Istanbul votes… via @nationalpost
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#Breaking: Just in - Turkish president Erdogan's party the #AKP has lost in #Istanbul! And The party leader of #CHP, Kemal #Kılıçdaroğlu has declared his victory. #TurkeyVotes

The CHP party has won in major key cities in Turkey.

#Update: To give a perspective the #AKP party has won every mayoral election in over 45 years in #Istanbul in #Turkey... This is a huge blow to Turkish president Erdogan's party.
#Update: Ekrem İmamoğlu the new Mayor of the party #CHP in #Istanbul, is considered to be an major victory according to LGBT groups and feminists in #Turkey for equality and freedoms. #TurkeyVotes
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Preliminary observations on #TurkeyElections:
1) The opposition (#Nation bloc) making major gains, including the capital Ankara & Antalya.
2) HDP proved to be kingmakers - swayed votes to the #Nation bloc.
3) AKP losing significant votes & mayors to its #Peoples bloc partner MHP.
Preliminary prediction on #TurkeyElections: AKP cadres have seen that #Erdoğan's strategy of framing the elections around the theme "existential threat" has backfired, and will start complaining of losing votes, municipalities, & spoils to their ultranationalist partner #MHP.
Of #Turkey's 12 largest cities, the opposition is winning at least 7: #Ankara, #İzmir, #Adana, #Antalya, #Mersin, #Eskişehir, & #Diyarbakır. The largest city #Istanbul is a toss-up! #Bursa, too, is too close to call. AKP is losing Turkey's economic power houses. #TurkeyElections
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Aujourd'hui, jour d'élection municipale importante en #Turquie.

Vu la propagande négative dans les médias envers ce pays, voici un thread sur cet élection, ses enjeux et les éventuels conséquences de ses résultats.
1- Cet élection municipale est la première après la réforme de la constitution et le passage vers le régime présidentielle et vient après les élections présidentielles en juin 2018 qui a vu la victoire de #Erdogan avec 52% des voix
2- Pour ces élections:

- 57 millions d'électeurs appelés aux urnes
- 194 000 bureau de vote
- des bureaux de vote en prison
- des bureaux mobiles pour malades, vieux
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Living through first local elections in #Turkey After 32 years!!! The dynamics & methods are so different than US- In some ways cute & funny. Every 15 min Painted vans blasting music for each different party passing by my house!!! My dog’s been going nuts for the past 14 days!!!
The District Head showed up at my door this morning (at 8!)- gave me all the documentations and location for info for the voting boots. I am so Not used to this. Very interesting. Very different!!!
When compared with USA the cost of running for office is sooooo much lower. TV spots not in the equation. Volunteers, a few painted-postered vans making rounds, and yes: music, music, music.
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from reports from several accounts i hear that 4 people are wounded and possibly 3 dead in a shooting in suruç (urfa province). alleged perpetrators: #akp candidate mp and his assistents campaigning. victims: owners of small business who didn't want akp in their shop. #turkey
latest: 2 dead (the father and son who owned the shop and refused campaigning #akp candidate mp inside) and 8 wounded. @OzgurrGundem reports the campaigning akp man was ibrahim halil yıldız. pics via same account.
death toll reportedly up to 5. #suruç
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Der türkische Wiener Moscheeverein "Viyana Alperen Ocaklari" hat auf Facebook ein Video veröffentlicht, in dem Kinder darauf schwören, "bis auf den letzten Blutstropfen" für die Türkei und "gegen Kapitalismus, Kommunismus und Zionismus" zu kämpfen
Der türkische Wiener Moscheeverein "Viyana Alperen Ocaklari" lässt Kinder darauf schwören, "bis auf den letzten Blutstropfen" für Allah, Koran und die Türkei und "gegen Kapitalismus, Kommunismus, Zionismus und Imperialismus“ zu kämpfen:
Mitten in einem Wiener Moscheeverein im 10. Bezirk werden Kinder darauf gedrillt, als Märtyrer für die Türkei und Allah zu sterben. Hier züchtet man sich eine gewalttätige Generation heran:
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#SRO| ANALYSIS - Now years ago, #SRO was the first to warn how #Turkey was creating a new "Northern #Cyprus" in N-#Syria. All facts now confirming it : many roads and buildings in #Bab pocket now linked to #Kilis province (1).
#SRO | ANALYSIS - The #Turkey army, under military diktat or under #AKP full powers, is applying exactly the same steps : "protecting" a population (turks in #Cyprus, reinstalling turkmensin N-#Syria) and installing military bases (2).
#SRO | ANALYSIS - Next step, as in #Cyprus in early 80', is now beginning in #Bab pocket : turning the area into a full protectorate, erasing former evidences of previous #state (#Syria in #Bab pocket, #Cyprus in N-#Cyprus) (3).
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