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Fakten von @netzpolitik_org:

Etat des #Verfassungsschutz'es von 2015 bis heute beinahe verdoppelt – von 230 Millionen Euro auf 421 Millionen Euro.…
Das #Bundeskriminalamt erhielt 2015 noch 430 Millionen Euro, während es in diesem Jahr bereits 792 Millionen sind.
#BND erhielt 2015 noch 615 Millionen Euro, während im Haushalt für 2020 stattliche 967 Millionen Euro vorgesehen sind.
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Hello #Ekitistate, Hello #NIGERIA! Have you Heard about #FACEOFEKITICOUNTDOWNFIESTA ?
Are you a #model MALE & FEMALE? are you a lover of #art and your #culture, come be a part of this exclusive #photocontest totally concentrated on deep African concepts.

#ECF #Ekiti
2. A Male and a Female winner: both takes home a Cash Prize of #20,000.00 each alongside other benefits & awarding contents.
And also selection of 10 #ECFAmbassadors to be chosen.
#Contestants can come in from in and out of Ekiti #FaceofECF #ECF
3. You can #Purchase your form online for a sum of #1,000.00 only Via the #websiteAddress below.

For more Info or Enquiries
#Whatsapp :
☎ +234 (7014611166)
☎ +234 (8164629565)
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Why was #ShahFaesal fleeing to #Turkey?

For Jamat-e-Liberal folks/peacefuls, Faesal is a legend

First #Kashmiri IAS topper & an #Harvard alumni

He quit everything to bring peace, prosperity & dev to #Kashmir by starting a political party!
Shah Faesal went to attend Mason program in Harvard Kennedy School (HKS)

Prestigious program attended by many politicians from around the world

Half of class becomes PMs, Prez, ministers after they go bk

US senators come there

Top NGOs, UN positions are given to HKS fellows
Why govt sponsored him to Harvard if they knew his allegiance and spent 1crore+?

Claimed he got Fullbright scholarship, but that only pays for travel/boarding

Tuition fees of $80000 is very expensive & fully-paid leave from job with no agreement to work after coming back
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Stop spreading lies: The #WhatsApp E2E encryption is enable for everyone whatever your ROM or if your device is rooted or not.

The wording here is weird but technical I guarantee that E2E encryption is enable for everyone
ffs, I know we are in 2019 but before saying something you should verify your claims.

For now:
- There is no backdoor in WhatsApp
- E2E encryption is enable for everyone

Always check your claims folks!
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*An Empty Boat* ⛵ A monk decides to meditate alone, away from his monastery. He takes his boat out to the middle of the lake, moors it there, closes his eyes and begins his meditation.
After a few hours of undisturbed silence, he suddenly feels the bump of another boat colliding with his own. With his eyes still closed, he senses his anger rising, and by the time he opens his eyes, he is ready to scream at the boatman who dared disturb his meditation.
But when he opens his eyes, he sees it’s an empty boat that had probably got untethered & floated to the middle of the lake. At that moment, monk achieves self-realization, understands that the anger is within him; it merely needs the bump of an external object to provoke it out.
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#HappeningNow: Roundtable: The role of #WhatsApp in Nigerian elections, #NigeriaDecides2019.

Research: The use and abuse of @WhatsApp in an African #election: #Nigeria2019.

WhatsApp both strengthens and undermines Nigerian democracy, says UK-Nigeria research team.

@WhatsApp @jchitchen @africanews @allafrica @thecableng @PremiumTimesng @MobilePunch @THISDAYLIVE @KogiFacts @factcheckdotorg @FactCheck @facebook @SituationRoomNg @Afrikareport @SaharaReporters @HEDAgenda @ReutersAfrica @julietkego @DrJoeAbah @JibrinIbrahim17 @EiENigeria Drawing on citizen surveys & interviews with political campaigns, the report underlines the ways in which WhatsApp has promoted the spread of “#fakenews” around elections, but has also strengthened accountability and promoted inclusion in other areas.
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मैं भी शौक से इस्लाम कबूल कर लूँ

मैं भी शौक से खुशी खुशी लोगों को रमजान मुबारक कहूँ

मै भी शौक से रोजे रखूं

मै भी शौक से दिन मे पाँच बार नमाज पढूं,

लेकिन शर्ते यह है कि -
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
1)-अल्लाह के नाम का लिखा पत्थर पानी मे तैर जाये ।

2)-उनका मौला एक उंगली पर पर्वत उठाकर लोगो को भयंकर बरसात से बचा ले ।

3)-उनका रब अपने एक हाथ से पूरा पर्वत हवा में उठाकर किसी की जान बचा ले।

4)-इनका पैगम्बर शिवजी की तरह जहर पीकर संसार को बचा ले।
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
5)- इनका मोहम्मद श्रीरामजी की तरह एक पत्थर को महिला बना दे ।

6)-इनका ख्वाजा बाल अवस्था मे आग उगलते सूरज को खा जाये।

7)-इनका नबी करोडों की रफ्तार से बहने वाली गंगा मैया को अपने बालो मे समेट ले ।
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
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#Fear is the #WeaponOfTyranny.
When slave owners in America wanted to control any desire their black slaves might have to escape or rebel they did not need to break every slave's legs. That would have been to lose an asset. They #lynched the odd slave to send a chilling message.
When the Taliban in #Afghanistan wanted girls out of school, and women in #burqa, they did not beat up or terrorise all women. They merely brutalised - in public - the odd woman to send a chilling message.
When #India's #RightWing fascists wanted to keep the minorities (muslims, dalits, women) in their place in the heirarchy they merely had to send out the #LynchMobs on the odd occasion, video the atrocity and share it on #WhatsApp to send a chilling message
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There was this tweet from @GreatGameIndia about tests done on samples of table and cooking salt from 2 Indian companies / brands - Tata Salt and Sambhar Salt. Apparently they contained 'high' levels of Potassium Ferrocyanide. (#OMG, ferrocyanide? why arent we all dying?!!?)
The report in GGINews, an online newspaper, quoted a certain Shiv Shankar Gupta, Chairman of Godhum Grains & Farms Products, that the test by America West Analytical Laboratories (AWAL) showed 4.71 mg/kg in Sambhar Salt and 1.85 mg/kg in Tata's product.
Apparently the story was picked up by IANS and carried by several outlets. I saw it retweeted by @PragyaTiwari I had previously received a #WhatsApp forward in family group rife with fake news.
I smelled something fake about it and decided to look into it.
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Pionnières de l’utilisation de #Whatsapp pour l’#infolocale, les équipes de @20Minutes continuent de bâtir des communautés en ligne en testant d’autres plateformes, comme Instagram ou Snapchat cc @d_blanchard42… #MédiasLocaux #InfoLocale #FIL #Nantes
La conférence commence maintenant !! Avec @20Minutes
#FIL #Infolocale
1/3 de l'audience de @20Minutes apportée par les réseaux sociaux.
#FIL #Infolocale
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Massive #ChildPorn bust - Toronto Canada Web host charged in bust of 'horrific' #YesApp Site; 800 Child Porn Files, 60K Registered Uses from 116 countries, 20K of whom Paid a Premium? 😖 #ChildSexTrafficking #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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[Thread lungo]
Un po' di info interessanti su #Libra, la nuova criptovaluta di #Facebook

Prima cosa da sapere: è una cosa ENORME, e tra un anno la userà chiunque in occidente. C'è dentro Mastercard e VISA, ma pure Uber, PayPal, Spotify, eBay. C'è di mezzo pure Coinbase, società finanziaria che finora era stata famosa soprattuto perché vendeva #Bitcoin facilmente.
Il video con cui viene presentata #Libra è particolarmente interessante per la narrazione: viene presentata come la *valuta globale*, che permetterà di superare i limiti delle attuali monete e permettere a tutti (a prescindere dal luogo) di partecipare al mercato globale.
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The Chainlink / Facebook Connection
Thread including all things Facebook blockchain, GlobalCoin / Project Libra / stablecoin, and key employees (incl. dates & references) + Chainlink breadcrumbs.
#GlobalCoin #ProjectLibra #Libra #Blockchain #Crypto #Chainlink #4IR #Facebook $LINK
January 4, 2018
Mark Zuckerberg on "fixing" @Facebook and working towards decentralization…

#GlobalCoin #ProjectLibra #Libra #Blockchain #Crypto #Chainlink #4IR $FB $LINK #Facebook #Decentralization
May 8, 2018
After four years at the helm of @messenger , @davidmarcus will be leaving the team to lead a small group of @Facebook employees to explore what blockchain technologies can do for the social media giant.…

#Facebook #Blockchain #GlobalCoin
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Einmal #Neuwahl bitte.
Denn langsam dreht #NieMehrCDU echt durch.

• (Whatsapp-)Chats sollen lesbar werden.
• Regulierung der #Meinungsfreiheit
• Nun auch Smart Home Auswertung.
Ich meine, da muss man nicht mal mehr Wanzen im Haus versteckenverstecken.
Dafür hat man ja jetzt #Alexa.

Jetzt noch so ein Ding im Auto und wan weiß wann wer wo ist.
Die Gewohnheiten oder wofür man sich interessiert kann man auch aufgrund dieser Daten ganz einfach ermitteln.
Mit wem ich wann und wo geschrieben habe ist auch ganz einfach herauszufinden wenn #Whatsapp & Co. ihre Daten lesbar an Behörden übergeben müssen.

Und meine Möglichkeit mich anonym zu informieren oder mich auszutauschen ist mir der #Klarnamenspflicht vorbei.
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In March, the House Oversight Committee reported that it had evidence Trump’s daughter and son-in-law used personal email accounts and messaging applications like #WhatsApp to conduct official White House business.…
“Pretty much the entire suite of apps that ‘talk’ over the internet could be vulnerable.”…

"Jared Kushner on his personal phone using a free commercial service that is connected to a company with huge security breaches is a recipe for disaster,"…
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Depois dessa última treta do WhatsApp -… - não convém adiar mais a thread sobre Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp, dados, publicidade e geopolítica. Segue...
Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp são desenvolvidos para aprender com nosso comportamento. Todo engajamento é um dado. Por ex., as variações de reações no face (like, <3, tristeza, raiva, surpresa) não são acessórios fofinhos. É um recurso pra mapeamento de preferências de conteúdo.
Toda essa programação tem como objetivo a publicidade direcionada, que é basicamente nos mostrar os conteúdos que demonstramos interesse em ver.

Publicidade direcionada leva em conta hábitos dos usuários da web:
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Se hizo viral en #RRSS (como si fuera del fin de semana) un video de @jguaido que en realidad es de 2015. Probable objetivo: mostrar al Presidente (e) 🇻🇪 como OTRO político poco sensible, que baila mientras el país está en emergencia humanitaria

Abrimos #Hilo de #FakeNews
Otro ejemplo reciente de #FakeNews 👉🏻 el "científico venezolano" que formó parte del equipo que fotografió el #AgujeroNegro #BlackHole

Realidad: la foto es de un actor porno de España 🙈

Posible objetivo: desmotivarte cuando te enteres de que es mentira
Objetivos de las #FakeNews (noticias falsas)

1⃣Confundir, indignar, dividir y desmovilizar políticamente a la gente
2⃣Generar 💰 a portales de dudosa credibilidad a través de clics en noticias llamativas. No le des clic, los monetizas 👉🏻
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¿Coger el teléfono de móvil de alguien sin su consentimiento para leer sus conversaciones de #whatsapp constituye un delito?👇👇
Establece la STS Sala Segunda de 21 de junio de 2016 que tal conducta integra el tipo del art 197.1 CP argumentando que la versatilidad tecnológica...
...que han alcanzado los teléfonos móviles los convierte en herramientas indispensables en la vida cotidiana con funciones múltiples, tanto de almacenamiento de datos como de comunicación con terceros, susceptibles de afectar no sólo al secreto a las comunicaciones...
...sino también a los derechos al honor, a la intimidad personal y a la propia imagen, e incluso a la protección de datos personales, lo que implica que el parámetro de control a proyectar sobre la conducta de acceso a dicho instrumento deba ser especialmente riguroso.
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#Hypocrisy #Liberal #WhatsApp

Asksd my friend's son what he wanted to be when he grows up. He said he wanted to be PM some day.

Both of his parents, liberal leftists, were standing there, so I asked him, 'If you were Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you would do?'
He replied, 'I'd give money for food and houses to all the poor.'

Parents beamed with pride

'Wow, what a worthy goal’

I told him. 'But you don't have to wait until you're PM to give money to the poor

‘Come over mow the lawn, pull weeds & sweep my yard & I'll pay you Rs.500
Then I'll take you over to the grocery store where that homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the same 500 rupee note for food and other stuff.'

He thought that over for a few seconds, then he looked me straight in the eyes and asked,
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1)@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon No. 3080...
The "Freedom" flag has morphed into its new label "Freedom_Justice" flag ==> #Phase3 [ ! ]
2) #QAnon No. 3081...
Link 2 #DailyMail ==> 'Delete Facebook NOW': #WhatsApp co-founder accuses MZ of trading privacy for revenue after allowing ads on the platform
#BrianActon urged people to 'delete' their #FB accounts now!

It's now widely know that it's a #Clown front for
3) #MetaData collection & not the wonderful social networking tool the world's populous has been led 2believe.…
Hopefully the word is spreading & people are taking action 2free themselves form this web of deceit.
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#Breaking: Just in - An active shooter situation is unfolding near Hagley Park in #Christchurch in New Zealand. Local witnesses are reporting a police operation at the Christchurch Mosque. Local police referring to the situation as a 'critical incident.' Via: @7NewsAdelaide
#Breaking: Just in - At least six people are reported to have been rushed to hospital after the shooting at the mosque in #Christchurch #NewZealand
#Breaking: A man wearing a military-style jacket opened fire inside the mosque, where 300 people were inside - eyewitness Via: @rnz_news #Christchurch #NewZealand
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Sobre la sanción de #OFAC contra Lacava solo diré 2 cosas: las puertas se cerraron totalmente para el régimen. El único negociante que todavía respiraba en suelo americano cada tanto al mes era Lacava a través de Bob Corker y Thomas Shannon.
Desde el mismo #8Feb cuando Pelosi emitió su comunicado alineándose con el presidente Trump el propio "drácula" recogió velas, sabía que este momento llegaría. No es de extrañar que al cerrar filas dems y republicanos y aplaudir de pie JUNTOS el dia del Discurso de la Unión
Donde el Presidente Trump se dedicó hablar y buscar consenso al caso Venezuela, los días y horas estarían contados para todos aquellos que tenían algún pequeño espacio de diálogo con EEUU. Ya las vías diplomáticas han sido agotadas guste o no sólo queda "the patriot law"
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1/ Looking at the press, I strongly believe that if @Facebook wants its envisioned end-to-end unification of the #Messenger, #WhatsApp and #Instagram platforms to work, that it needs to dump #Onavo and kick it to the kerb.
2/ That said: I believe there's nuance — if competent people want to sign up for a service, even get paid for it, and it involves them being watched like lab rats and they are informed of this, then fine, go for it, knock yourselves out, enjoy the free service or the income.
3/ Mentally I put this sort of observation/monitoring stuff in much the same space as "Nielsen", and the primary disgust that people exhibit here is because "it's Facebook" — feel free to change my mind?
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