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#Coronathon #TECH #ProjectHighlights Thread 1/3

1. #Safeslot to find your nearest #retailstore & manage #essentials buying abiding the #socialdistancing policy in these trying times!
2. #Hospital Bed tracker enabling access to realtime status of nearest hospital availability
Thread 2/3
3. #PanMan to empower #HospitalLeads have clear visibility on COVID19 patients & suspects and accordingly plan the resources
4. #Covid-19 PPE Tracker to provide hospitals with a common platform showcasing #supplydemand info of personal protective equipment
If you or #community #network can support these #projects please get in touch with us!

#hackathon for a change - #coronathon2020

Keep following this thread for other project details!
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This thread is documentation of #viral, #PseudoScience & #irrational information circulating around in the midst of #CoronavirusOutbreakindia.
Starting from @AltNews report debunking uniform latitudes of places where #Corona came.…

Coronavirus: Is drinking cow urine any help?
By Reality Check team @BBCNEWSIndia1…
China culled around 18,000 chickens in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan as a result of a flu outbreak. Rumours in India started circulating, that broiler chicken has been infected with Coronavirus and people should avoid consuming it.…
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Twitter thread on desi pilot whatsapp memes. Feel free to add...😇 #pilot #pilotlife #CrewLife #WhatsApp #MEMES
Desi Captains to their FO’s 😂😂😂
This one I made myself 😂
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Auch heute wieder ein Thread zu #Coronavirus in #Sachsen. Das @sms_sachsen meldet (Stand 8 Uhr) nun 51 Fälle in Sachsen (+1 im Vergleich zu gestern). In #Dresden weiterhin 6 Fälle. #Kreuzgymnasium nach Verdachtsfall heute geschlossen, Test-Ergebnis wird erwartet.
Korrektur: +2 Fälle im Vergleich zu Donnerstag. In Tschechien unterdessen Staus an den Grenzübergängen vor der Schließung in der kommenden Nacht (0 Uhr), man deckt sich noch fix mit Kippen ein und füllt den Tank...
Während #Berlin, #Saarland und #Bayern Schulen (teils auch Kitas) schließen, in #Sachsen noch kein Thema. @stadt_dresden teilte auf meine Anfrage mit: "Es ist derzeit aus Sicht des Gesundheitsamtes nicht geplant, Dresdner Schulen zu schließen." #Dresden #coronavirus
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Querida comunidad, hablemos un poco de cierta información que trata sobre una "temible" araña, capaz de "condenar a un fin eterno" a las personas incautas que si quiera la toquen

¿Es cierto? ¿Será el fin de la especie humana? ¿Será otra paparrucha?

Vamos a ver... ¡va hilo!👇
Al parecer, esta información ronda desde el año 2017. Las publicaciones se pueden hallar en árabe y hablan básicamente sobre lo mismo, la existencia de una peligrosa araña, sumamente toxica, que puede causar la muerte de manera inmediata. ¡Esto es falso! ¿pero de que se trata?👇
En la imagen aparece una curiosa araña, que pertenece al género #Cyclocosmia. Son fácilmente reconocibles debido a la peculiar modificación de su opistosoma ("cola") que pareciera ser algo similar a un sello o una galleta oreo (dirían los golosos). ¿Para que sirve esto? 👇
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Here is UN noon briefing Inner City Press is banned from for 570th day. @UN_Spokesperson Farhan Haq, while withholding info on UN rapes, just said @AntonioGuterres met Facebook chief in Davos. About what, #WhatsApp? 10 questions in, no answers, thread
@UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Now @UN_Spokesperson Farhan Haq on Cameroon, a UNSG @AntonioGuterres failure where he took gold statue and favors to remain silent on slaughter of Anglophones, just bragged that UN envoy Francois Lonseny Fail was there for five days - but answer no questions.
@UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @NeverAgainGC @Beatriceijang @CMRNewsAgency Banned Inner City Press asked, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on reports from #Uganda that Omara Bonny, an ally of @HEBobiwine and People Power organizer, has been murdered. His hands were bound and his body "bore marks of severe torture."
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.@WhatsApp has made connecting with friends and family so much simpler and easier. It has defacto become the primary mode of communication especially around the festive season to communicate our wishes. On NYE, approx 100 Bn messages were exchanged on #WhatsApp (thread)
Out of this, approx 20 Bn were sent from India. Fair game considering 25% of WhatsApp’s global user base comes from India. Multiple #product #innovations seen by #WhatsApp users across the world have originated in India
Which is why, it is surprising that @WhatsApp on #iPhone has such a broken experience compared to #WhatsApp on #Android.
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She's 29 & all she wants is marriage. My friend was her ex, a player. Told me she was good on bed but ever since he broke her She promised herself no more sex til her wedding night. So the horny me got her number. My friend had a bet with me saying I couldn't sex her🤔
I knew what she needed badly, I knew her weaknesses too, so I paid more attentions to those areas of her life. I was all responsible around her, I started acting so nice till she fell in love with me. She said she's never been loved this way and she sees a good husband in me 😎😏
I never spoke about sex to her all along to make her feel I wasn't about it. I'm sure she was surprised.

On a good day (my birthday), She came visiting. Walked into my room naked & started weeping. She wouldn't stop saying she loves me and thank you for loving me back, thank you
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Hashtags: #Diakonie, #EvangelischeKirche, #WhatsApp, #Datenschutz In einem Betrieb der Diakonie wurden offenbar "wie üblich" Daten von Kunden und Daten von Arbeiterinnen per WhatsApp "abgewickelt". In einem Beschwerdeschreiben an den Hessischen Beauftragten für Datenschutz
und Informationsfreiheit wurde angegeben, dass "Dienstpläne mit Kundendaten auf die privaten Smartphones" der Mitarbeiterinnen weitergeleitet würden. Dabei sollen in einer WhatsApp-Gruppe PDF-Dateien mit Adressen weitergegeben worden sein. Der Brief liegt
dem WRKSHP vor. Die Nutzung dieses Instant-Messaging-Dienstes gilt aber als "deliktisch"[1], weil WhatsApp als Teil der Facebook Inc. grundsätzlich "eigentlich" geschützte Daten weiterverwendet, für die Vermarktung dieses Parallelwebs Facebook. Auch wenn manche Medienforscher
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आपल्या विद्यार्थ्यांमधे एकजूट नाहीये.लाखो मुलं महाराष्ट्रात स्पर्धा परीक्षांचा अभ्यास करतात पण #BAN_MAHAPRIKSHA_PORTAL सारखा एखादा हॅशटॅग आपण आतापर्यंत ट्रेंड करू शकलो नाही.याउलट इतर राज्यातील मुलं आपलं म्हणणं मांडण्यासाठी हॅशटॅग ट्रेंड करत असतात ज्याची दखल (1/4)
मीडियाला घ्यावी लागते.नवीन सरकार आल्यापासून मीडियावाले #महापरिक्षा_पोर्टल बाबत बातम्या दाखवायला लागले आहेत,मागील सरकारच्या काळात तर इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मीडिया मधे फार थोडे मीडियावाले याबद्दल दाखवत होते.मराठी मुलं फक्त #whatsapp वर महापोर्टल बद्द्ल एकमेकांना मेसेज फॉरवर्ड करत असतात.(2/4)
पण #WhatsApp वर मेसेज फॉरवर्ड करून आपलं म्हणणं मांडता येत नाही हे त्यांनी समजून घ्यायला हवं.मराठी मुलां-मुलींनी एकत्र येऊन सरकार समोर,मीडिया समोर आपली बाजू मांडायला हवी.@Mpsc_Andolan च्या नेतृत्वाखाली सगळ्यांनी ठरवलं तर हा हॅशटॅग भारतात ट्रेंड होऊ शकेल.यावर विचार करा.(3/4)
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Tomorrow, #RajyaSabha is scheduled to have a discussion on reported use of spyware #Pegasus to
compromise phone data of some persons through WhatsApp
Calling attention initiated by Digvijay Singh, INC
We will bring live updates
Stay Tuned!
#RajyaSabha starts discussion on #NSO #Pegasus spyware attack

Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT MINISTER makes his statement-
Ministry took cognizance of the vulnerability
#NSO #Pegasus exploited vulnerability by not just reading messages but sending malwares with phishing

Prasad continues:

On may 2019, #Whatsapp sent out notification informing that there was breach, taken care of.
Whastapp believed that software may have breached 121 users in India
Further clarifications have been sought from whatsapp in Nov 2019 with impact on Indian users
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Originally written by my friend Wisdom.


In a mother's womb were two babies.

One asked the other: Do you believe in life after delivery?
He replies: Why, Of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.

"Nonsense" said the other.
There is no life after delivery.
How did you even think that? You are making so many assumptions. What would that life be?

He replied:I don't know but there will be more light than there is here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat with our mouths
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After #Facebook and #WhatsApp now Twitter Spying Scandal

Two former #Twitter employees have been caught #spying for #SaudiArabia, obtained personal account information of critics of the government in the Kingdom.…
Did you know a Secret Facebook Unit created India’s #TrollArmies for digital propaganda #fakenews as well as conducted massive secret emotional & psychological manipulation experiments on voters to influence Indian elections?…
Trump personally paid the CEO of #Google Sundar Pichai a visit to get an assurance from him that “he is totally committed to the U.S. Military”.…
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Heres Aharon Almog-Assoulin, a retired Israeli security official who until recently served on the town council in a suburb of #TelAviv. He was one of the undercover agents used by #BlackCube hired by #NSOGroup to #spy on #CitizenLab journalists exposing #Pegasus among other jobs.
Heres a partial list of #cybersecurity firms linked directly to #cyber weapons dealer #NSOGroup that targeted Indian journalists and activists using #Pegasus. Almost all of them spawned out of Israeli intelligence #Unit8200. #WhatsApp #WhatsAppSpywareRow
Acc to 2016 price list, #NSOGroup charges customers $650,000 to hack 10 devices on top of $500,000 installation fee. If 41 Indians were targeted it will be 4 times the fee + installation. That comes to a whopping 31,00,000 USD equals 21,96,80,725.00 INR. Thanks to @Kodungolan737
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#Pegasus was created by Israeli #cyber weapons dealer #NSOGroup whose parent company Francisco Partners also owns #CrossMatch contracted by #UIDAI for #Aadhaar. This was revealed by us already in 2017. Took almost 2 years for Indian media to catchup. #RIP…
Hopefully @Swamy39 alerted the PMO as promised regarding this threat from Israeli #cyber weapons firm #NSOGroup that created spying tool #Pegasus and whose sister concern with links to #CIA was awarded #Aadhaar contract.
Above article was written in 2017. Blackstone made a deal to buy NSO Group but was dropped after heavy protests. So backed by Novalpina Capital stakes were bought back by NSO Group in Feb 2019. The #Aadhaar contract and the spying happened when Francisco Partners owned NSO Group.
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Human rights lawyer Nihalsing Rathod confirms to @scroll_in that WhatsApp officially informed him that he was a target of surveillance.

He suspects the Bhima Koregaon accused were targetted too, and evidence was planted against them.
@scroll_in #BREAKING

First account by an Indian target of WhatsApp spyware.

A lawyer working with the Bhima Koregaon accused.…
@scroll_in #BREAKING

Bela Bhatia confirms to @scroll_in that WhatsApp informed her she was a target of spyware.

When Citizen Lab first called her in late September, she was told:

“It is your own government which is doing this.”
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This fall will be remembered in #Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 for a wave of anti-China protests there. Why ppl are not happy w/ growing 🇨🇳 influence in the region? Why the leadership of the country cannot solve the problems w/ 🇨🇳? Here's my take for @CarnegieRussia:…
At first, while the protests were not political, the authorities dealt with them calmly. But later when the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan party (banned as an extremist group there) and it's leader Mukhtar #Ablyazov took the lead, the rallies were all broken up by police. 1/
Officials tried to deflate the uproar by blaming everything on false information and “certain forces.” Some anonymous sources showed anti-Chinese protests as the sign of frictions within the ruling elite. 2/
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Fakten von @netzpolitik_org:

Etat des #Verfassungsschutz'es von 2015 bis heute beinahe verdoppelt – von 230 Millionen Euro auf 421 Millionen Euro.…
Das #Bundeskriminalamt erhielt 2015 noch 430 Millionen Euro, während es in diesem Jahr bereits 792 Millionen sind.
#BND erhielt 2015 noch 615 Millionen Euro, während im Haushalt für 2020 stattliche 967 Millionen Euro vorgesehen sind.
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Hello #Ekitistate, Hello #NIGERIA! Have you Heard about #FACEOFEKITICOUNTDOWNFIESTA ?
Are you a #model MALE & FEMALE? are you a lover of #art and your #culture, come be a part of this exclusive #photocontest totally concentrated on deep African concepts.

#ECF #Ekiti
2. A Male and a Female winner: both takes home a Cash Prize of #20,000.00 each alongside other benefits & awarding contents.
And also selection of 10 #ECFAmbassadors to be chosen.
#Contestants can come in from in and out of Ekiti #FaceofECF #ECF
3. You can #Purchase your form online for a sum of #1,000.00 only Via the #websiteAddress below.

For more Info or Enquiries
#Whatsapp :
☎ +234 (7014611166)
☎ +234 (8164629565)
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Stop spreading lies: The #WhatsApp E2E encryption is enable for everyone whatever your ROM or if your device is rooted or not.

The wording here is weird but technical I guarantee that E2E encryption is enable for everyone
ffs, I know we are in 2019 but before saying something you should verify your claims.

For now:
- There is no backdoor in WhatsApp
- E2E encryption is enable for everyone

Always check your claims folks!
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#HappeningNow: Roundtable: The role of #WhatsApp in Nigerian elections, #NigeriaDecides2019.

Research: The use and abuse of @WhatsApp in an African #election: #Nigeria2019.

WhatsApp both strengthens and undermines Nigerian democracy, says UK-Nigeria research team.

@WhatsApp @jchitchen @africanews @allafrica @thecableng @PremiumTimesng @MobilePunch @THISDAYLIVE @KogiFacts @factcheckdotorg @FactCheck @facebook @SituationRoomNg @Afrikareport @SaharaReporters @HEDAgenda @ReutersAfrica @julietkego @DrJoeAbah @JibrinIbrahim17 @EiENigeria Drawing on citizen surveys & interviews with political campaigns, the report underlines the ways in which WhatsApp has promoted the spread of “#fakenews” around elections, but has also strengthened accountability and promoted inclusion in other areas.
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मैं भी शौक से इस्लाम कबूल कर लूँ

मैं भी शौक से खुशी खुशी लोगों को रमजान मुबारक कहूँ

मै भी शौक से रोजे रखूं

मै भी शौक से दिन मे पाँच बार नमाज पढूं,

लेकिन शर्ते यह है कि -
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
1)-अल्लाह के नाम का लिखा पत्थर पानी मे तैर जाये ।

2)-उनका मौला एक उंगली पर पर्वत उठाकर लोगो को भयंकर बरसात से बचा ले ।

3)-उनका रब अपने एक हाथ से पूरा पर्वत हवा में उठाकर किसी की जान बचा ले।

4)-इनका पैगम्बर शिवजी की तरह जहर पीकर संसार को बचा ले।
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
5)- इनका मोहम्मद श्रीरामजी की तरह एक पत्थर को महिला बना दे ।

6)-इनका ख्वाजा बाल अवस्था मे आग उगलते सूरज को खा जाये।

7)-इनका नबी करोडों की रफ्तार से बहने वाली गंगा मैया को अपने बालो मे समेट ले ।
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
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#Fear is the #WeaponOfTyranny.
When slave owners in America wanted to control any desire their black slaves might have to escape or rebel they did not need to break every slave's legs. That would have been to lose an asset. They #lynched the odd slave to send a chilling message.
When the Taliban in #Afghanistan wanted girls out of school, and women in #burqa, they did not beat up or terrorise all women. They merely brutalised - in public - the odd woman to send a chilling message.
When #India's #RightWing fascists wanted to keep the minorities (muslims, dalits, women) in their place in the heirarchy they merely had to send out the #LynchMobs on the odd occasion, video the atrocity and share it on #WhatsApp to send a chilling message
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There was this tweet from @GreatGameIndia about tests done on samples of table and cooking salt from 2 Indian companies / brands - Tata Salt and Sambhar Salt. Apparently they contained 'high' levels of Potassium Ferrocyanide. (#OMG, ferrocyanide? why arent we all dying?!!?)
The report in GGINews, an online newspaper, quoted a certain Shiv Shankar Gupta, Chairman of Godhum Grains & Farms Products, that the test by America West Analytical Laboratories (AWAL) showed 4.71 mg/kg in Sambhar Salt and 1.85 mg/kg in Tata's product.
Apparently the story was picked up by IANS and carried by several outlets. I saw it retweeted by @PragyaTiwari I had previously received a #WhatsApp forward in family group rife with fake news.
I smelled something fake about it and decided to look into it.
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