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Gallery Dump Solo Trip Bersama Gelas Legend (Karuhun) Ke Gunung Cikuray Via Bayongbong, Garut, Jawa Barat.

>>>>>>>SEBUAH UTAS<<<<<< Image
Sewaktu mendirikan tenda di pos 2, didatangi rombongan pendaki yang turun dari kota Cirebon, kalo tidak salah. Mereka joint di tenda saya, masak mie, nyeduh kopi ngobrol santai sampai akhirnya tukeran kontak. Mereka titip, kalo mau ke Ciremai bisa dihub. Image
Oh iyaa, mereka juga menghibahkan logistik mereka yang overload berupa bumbu dapur dan mie instant. Yang kebetulan dipagi hari juga saya released karena masih banyak (dismpan di tempat aman). Pictnya saya lupa naro
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My Breasts Torture🔥
"At 12 Years Old, You Would Think I Was 70 Years Old Because Of My Breasts!"

Mrs Eileen Recalls Hers:
"I was 9 years old when my breasts began to show. Suddenly, my mom asked me to stop bathing in the river with my agemates. She became very worried and soon ImageImage
told me that my breasts were growing too fast and would begin to attract boys and men.
Days later, she called me into her bedroom; I saw a stove with fire and a stone on her hand. She asked me to sit on a stool and then put the stone on fire. She used a thick cloth to pick the
stone from the fire and pressed my breasts with it.
I cried from pain on her first attempt and ran from the bedroom but she caught me and tied my legs and arms to my back. She started ironing my breasts with the hot stone and at the same time, apologizing to me that she was not
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@Kottem1 1/n
Nur weil Kampf voraussichtlich an der Bündnisperipherie geführt wird, heisst das nicht, dass D davon im Inneren komplett verschont bleibt. Als Logistikdrehkreuz & wichtiges NATO-Mitglied in Europa wäre auch das Kernland Ziel von (in)direkten Angriffen verschiedenster Form.
@Kottem1 2/n
Sprengung von Strassenbrücken, -tunneln, aber auch, besser insbesondere im Schienenverkehr Angriffe auf Stellwerke, Tunnel & Brücken, auf Stromversorgung, Rüstungsbetriebe, Mun/KraftstoffDepots-Transporte, Flughäfen, politisches/militärisches/industrielles Schlüsselpersonal.
@Kottem1 3/n
Natürlich stehen garantiert Kommunikation, inklusive Rechenzentren, Internetknoten/Glasfaserleitungen, etc. ebenso auf der Liste der Ziele wie Wasserversorgung, Raffinerien, Häfen, Schleusen, Staumauern, um nur ein paar der offensichtlichsten zu nennen.
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For they have #sown the #wind, and they shall #reap the #whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.

Hosea 8:7…

#otd #otd1945

#RAF air raid on #Essen (1943):

#HolyTrinity, ohno!


... a small coincidence:

Between #IGFarben HQ, #FrankfurtMain
and #IGFarben giant factory in #Ludwigshafen near Heidelberg, there is also a Town #Birkenau #otd #otd1945 ... recall #Nagasaki

@laibach #Haigerloch
#fyi @Klang_Ruinen @anna_neumaier ... and now its time for weekend beer or whatever you'd prefer.

btw: at unicenter they they sell very tasty bread, signed with seal #Zarathrustra imported from #Persia aka / after June 2nd 1967* renamed to #Iran

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a thread of creepy, quirky and bizarre f(x) songs and lyrics for future reference ImageImage
✧ shadow

from start to finish, sung from the pov of a psychotically obsessed stalker who follows their target…
✧ toy

a song about getting out from a toxic and abusive relationship using the words “collector” and “toy” to symbolize the abuser and the victim…
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September: Entzündung im Körper, Wassereinlagerungen, Gewichtszunahme um 25 Kg festgestellt. Extrem schlapp, kann nicht mehr laufen.
Hausarzt: brüllt mich an, wie ich es wage, ihm ohne Termin die Zeit zu stehlen. Brüllt mich nochmal an, ich solle zum Adipositas Zentrum gehen
Oktober: Kardiologie empfiehlt ein Medikament, Entwässerung beginnt. 12,5 KG wieder runter. Verdacht auf Herzinsuffizienz bestätigt sich nicht.
November: Kontrolle, wieviel Schaden die Nieren abbekommen haben erfolgt stationär. Oberarzt am Herzultraschall sieht etwas, das ein Entzündungsherd um das Herz herum sein müsste, aber das Herz habe trotzdem eine - leicht eingeschränkte Funktion.
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Tanggal 21.11.22 terjadi gempa bumi di Cianjur. Guncangannya terasa sampai Jakarta. Gempa seputar Cianjur ini juga pernah terjadi pada tahun² sebelumnya, yaitu :
- 1844
- 1879
- 1910
- 1912
- 1969
- 1982
- 2000
- 2022
2.#FYI Jadi gempa terjadi periodik antara 13 tahun ~ 57 tahun, dengan rata² 25 tahun sekali.
Bagaimana gempa bisa terjadi ?
Mari kita sedikit belajar GEOLOGI.
• ± 4,54 milyar tahun YL.
Bumi terbentuk. Pada saat itu temperaturnya 4.000°C.Semua masih cair,bak gumpalan magma cair.
• 4,50 milyar tahun YL
Temperatur sudah turun menjadi 1.000°C. Magma di permukaan sudah mulai membeku, pembentukan LITHOSPHARE dimulai.

• 4,10 milyar tahun YL
Temperatur permukaan turun menjadi 100°C. Uap air sudah mulai menjadi air. Mulai pembentukan lautan.
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The journey into #Scorpio will start a lil different. Let's start with the fact that I never wanted to be one.
Being born on this mythical creature called the cusp btwn Scorpio & Sagittarius (Nov. 22). It was a no brainer for me: I was a Centaur.
If I had to select one. I mean, wouldn't a sane person rather choose to be a Centaur than a bug? #Scorpio
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Power crunch in drought-hit Sichuan and Chongqing disrupts production in auto industry chain; parts of Tesla, NIO, and other EV makers' charging services suspended due to power rationing: local media
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
Tesla has asked Chinese govt to help secure power to its suppliers amid power rationing in Sichuan.
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
#FYI: Sichuan-Chongqing region is one of six major automobile industry clusters in China, with an annual capacity of 2.725 million vehicles in 2021, accounting for 10.3% of China's annual capacity.
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
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Freelancing to japa or make Nigeria works for you?

You definitely need to read this
Yeah, freelancing isn’t all that glitters or sweet, it’s a whole lot of an hectic journey for a starter, imagine working and spending your $ and not getting ROI and wanting to quit, yeah that’s how it is for someone just starting.

Now comes another hurdle, choosing between
Major freelancing website, oh 🥺to sell your skills , a lot of confusing YouTube videos 😤 you’re going to watch , ( I started freelancing with @fiverr ), that’s cos I’ve got a lot of people to help through a NGO opportunity, but as normal day Nigeria trying to succeed with
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Was hat der #Darm eigentlich mit dem #Gehirn zu tun?

Neben der Verdauung und dem großen Anteil am #Immunsystem besitzt der Darm – nach unserem 🧠 – das größte #Nervensystem

Es besitzt ca. 100 Millionen Nervenzellen & ist über die #DarmHirnAchse eng mit dem ZNS verbunden.
🧵 Image
2. „Der Darm ist, neben der Haut, unser größtes Organ. Allein die Fläche des Dünndarms entspricht einem 1-Zi-Apartment (30-40 m2)“

Stoffe* aus dem Darm wirken sich potentiell auch auf das 🧠 aus.

* Entzündungsmediatoren, Toxine, mikrobielle Faktoren Image
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China PLA's Eastern Theater Command carried out multi-service joint combat readiness patrol in sea and airspace around Taiwan Island and conducted drills on subjects such as sea assault drills: People's Daily
#China #Taiwan #US
#FYI: Six US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan on April 14.
Chinese defense stocks soar, Anhui GreatWall Military Industry hit limit up.
#China #Taiwan #US $ASHR
China PLA says pataol and drills organized in response to frequent wrong signals by US side on Taiwan issue recently.
#China #Taiwan #US
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He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPeng, says production suspension at company's China factories could last through May if supply chain enterprises in Shanghai and its surrounding areas fail to find ways to resume production dynamically.
#XPeng $XPEV #China #EVs Image
Xpeng's CEO warns that all Chinese vehicle factories may have to stop production in May if supply chain disruption continues.
#FYI: Chinese EV maker NIO announced production pause earlier.
#XPeng $XPEV #China #EVs
Currently, vehicle factories in and surrounding Shanghai suspend production due to strict Civod-related restrictions.
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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Angesichts des 🇺🇦/🇷🇺-Konflikts läuft in der deutschen Debatte vieles schief. Einige der gängigsten ⁉️ Argumente der selbsternannten #Putin- & Russland-Versteher aus Politik & Medien sollen im Folgenden analysiert & entkräftet werden. Ein #SiPo-Thread 🧵
⁉️“Im Gespräch bleiben”
Strohmann-Argument: Keine westliche Regierung hat erklärt, nicht mit 🇷🇺 sprechen zu wollen. Im Gegenteil: Der #NATO-🇷🇺 Rat hat sich - nach zeitweiser Aussetzung infolge der völkerrechtswidrigen Krim-Annexion (2014) - seit 2016 elf Mal getroffen. 2/25
Hinzu kommen u.a. #NormandieFormat, #MinskerAbkommen & zahlreiche bilaterale Treffen mit 🇷🇺.

Um #Putin nach der einseitigen Eskalation (Truppenaufmarsch von 100.000 🇷🇺 Soldaten an 🇺🇦 Grenze) zurück an den Verhandlungstisch zu bringen, braucht es aber eine Kombination aus 3/25
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Listening to @cbcthehouse in AM. This Monday celebrates 100 years since the first woman was elected to Parliament. A fitting acknowledgement to Agnes Macphail via @HannahThibedeau HT @lucediversa @StrongBoag @JeanAugustine07…

Morning time on Broadview Av overlooking Riverdale Park East

Route One heading to @masseyhall this afternoon.

Hello @TheDanforthMH & @OPERAHOUSETO
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✨The Ryan Eggold & Freema Agyeman (aka Goldman aka the Co-captains of the #Sharpwin ship) Thread✨
Pictures from the first table read (of the Pilot) and first cast dinner. #AndSoItBegins

🗓️ March 7 and March 8, 2018 ImageImageImageImage
Ryan recalling the day he met Freema for the first time. #StruckByHer

🗓️ Interview from September 2018 Image
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Representative Swanson is now laying out HB 25 in the House. You can watch live or follow along as we'll tweet the full hearing.…
Please note: bill supporters will only refer to transgender girls as "biological males" throughout this hearing because they want to erase the humanity of and recognition of trans people as real, full, and equal human beings.
Swanson speaks about 332,000 girls in UIL sports in Texas as "not a small number" but she somehow believes that a handful of transgender girls — none she can cite in Texas — participating in sports would destroy athletics for those 332k.
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#ECB's De Cos: Current conditions don't allow for rate hike in 2023. $EUR
#ECB's De Cos: Conclusion of FT report incompatible with ECB guidance. $EUR
#FYI: FT headline says unpublished ECB inflation estimate raises prospect of earlier rate rise.
#ECB inflation outlook likely to be revised higher, doesn’t see 2% price goal reached in medium-term: Kazaks
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1/9 I've had enough of #Elxn44 depravity. A death threat was broadcast about me by a podcaster you all listen to. Daily there are men on Twitter #SnitchTagging me to gun nuts to spark confrontation

#FYI I've already been shot by a 357 Magnum & I will not be intimidated by anyone
2/9 Most of you want the difficult reporting on dangerous topics that keep you up at night. But on social media, there's this trend where some of you (too many of you) throw female reporters at your enemies, as if we're virtual human shields you've nominated to fight your battles
3/9 But as you 'get your popcorn' to spectate at the events you've chosen for us to do battle, against the very entities you're afraid of, some of them try to track us down in our communities. I've had calls to my home from Yellow Vesters, Wexiters, Qanons, you name it
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Let's talk about Artvatars.

🦖🧵 megathread 🧵🦖
Before we begin, a disclaimer.

I'm the largest @artvatars bagholder by a long shot. I'm very bullish on the long-term value of this project, but I'm not here to shill.

Free info is worth what you paid for it. Buy what you like and don't listen to idiots like me on the internet.
I simply want to share my thoughts on why I believe this project stands out from the pack, and how I see it holding and gaining recognition over time.

I also want to challenge collectors to rethink their ideas about rarity and collectability.
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1/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Bolton #Elxn44

While you were sleeping, a number of serious developments have occurred surrounding the intimidation & violence that shutdown Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau's campaign events in Ontario

Please see what follows for details #DevelopingStory Image
2/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Conservative campaigners were implicated in #Bolton, heckling obscenities & intimidating @JustinTrudeau as well as Liberal Party supporters. For security reasons the event had to be cancelled & these partisan provocateurs were caught on CPAC video Image
3/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Bolton #Elxn44

Conservative candidate Kyle Seeback has taken responsibility for his rogue staff, apologized, & fired them

But additional details have come to light since this mea culpa was provided Image
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The antibody cocktail against SARS-CoV-2 is now available in India, and is being touted as “life-saving”. We need to spread the right kind of information before this expensive cocktail goes down the same route of drug shortages, desperate pleas and black market sales 1/n
REGEN-COV (Casirivimab and Imdevimab) is a mixture of antibodies against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. The two antibodies work on different parts of the spike protein and this potentially enhances the effectiveness of the cocktail 2/n
At a dose of 1200mg (600mg of each antibody), the phase 3 trial found a 70% reduction in the composite end-point of Covid-19- related hospitalization or all-cause death when compared to placebo.… 3/n
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How #FGM started in Gambia🙆🏽‍♀️
Grandma Karamo Kassama (a circumciser) said:
"Some say it started as a result of the rivalry and enmity between co-wives. There was a man who decided to marry a second wife, who was younger than his first wife. The first wife got jealous and decided Image
to torture the younger wife, in such a way that their husband will not even love her anymore.
So, the first wife took a needle and start pricking the lips of the second wife, and they got swollen to an extent that she cannot even talk. When their husband returned home from work,
he met the second wife in that state and said that the second wife looks even more beautiful with her swollen lips.
The first wife got even more jealous because of that statement, and took a needle again and pricked the ears of the second wife. When the husband returned home from
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