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Minnesota is often chilly, but the courts cast a terrible frost over elections. Ballots received after Nov 3 may not be counted. Minnesotans are accustomed to hostile conditions, so let’s get those votes cast! #MeetChaosWithAction
You have options!

Do not let voter suppression suppress your commitment.
Make sure this election is #TooBigToRig
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Thread on preparing for potential local violence on Election Day. The purpose of this is to tell you all what to expect in days ahead; sometimes we are not transparent enough on planning and preparedness and what it looks like. This may be long. But hopefully helpful. 1/
There are three domestic based threats for in person voting on November 3rd: vote suppression, the pandemic, and threats or fears of violence (which is intended to suppress). Then there are foreign threats. All a headache and mess, yes. Each different in terms of preparation.2/
I realize how little those in public safety or public officials (or those who advise them) are disclosing the basic planning efforts going on. That's a shame because it is leading to unnecessary panic or may lead to panic when the plans are put in place. 3/
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Morning thoughts after the #Debates2020 We have been living in the midst of evil for 4 years. For all of us with tender hearts this has felt intolerable. /1
2/ Last night Donald trump has an opportunity to express empathy for the families of 220,000 dead Americans - many of whom died alone. He was not able to do so
3/ Last night trump was offered an opportunity to express compassion for the children he ripped from parents arms to sleep alone on concrete. He could not offer a single shred of care
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#wtpBlue #Resistance #VoterSuppression #TrumpCoupPlot
🔥🔥‼️One of a nbr of disturbing articles-DT is having GOP set up conditions in which he can lose the Election-but still remain in office.I’ll post more later. Input appreciated-articles
by/from interviews
w/ Constitutional lawyers👇…
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Donald Trump said today to “get rid of the ballots.” #Election2020 #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt…
Authoritarians and dictators say things like this - countries where elections are predetermined.
We have the power make our voices heard. I believe in our power. Remember the words of @repjohnlewis: “The vote is the most powerful nonviolent change agent you have in a democratic society. You must use it because it is not guaranteed. You can lose it.”
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I screamed & cried (literally) when I heard this news while driving through smoke with <.5 mile visibility to help my father seal his condo from the historically toxic air in Portland. It was 598 AQI in his hallway when I arrived. Worse outside (1)…
My eyes were burning, throat hurting, headache piercing ... & I was wearing a vented N95 (under my surgical mask because Covid). Few people have access to those or air purifiers. I was out for a total of an hour and I’ve felt sick for 15 hours & counting (2)
So many of my most beloved places are on fire, many of them gone. I’m worried about so many people — their homes, their lungs, their hearts, their livelihoods. And so many animals. #ClimateChangeIsReal #CovidIsReal #Vote
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THREAD: Update on Trump's Greatest Economy Ever claim

Start with stock, since he loves to point to "record stock market."

Based on Vanguard Total Stock Index VTI performance
Obama/Biden years
1.20.2009 - 1.20.2027 1.85% ave monthly gain
$47.76 to $116.84 per share 1/
Trump years
1.20.2017 to date 1.2% ave monthly gain
$116.84 to 177.24

Obama years outperforming Trump years 154%.

Next: Unemployment
3/ Under Obama/Biden unemployment peaked at 10.9 in Oct 2009 during the Great Recession then fell steadily, year by year to a low of 4.7% by the Trump transition.

Under Trump unemployment continued its 10-year trend to decline to 3.5% until the coronavirus struck. 4/
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Lady Liberty getting struck by lightning is the most 2020, apocalyptic, democracy-hanging-in-the-balance signs the universe is giving us about THE NEED TO VOTE IN NOV.

#voteamerica #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt
...or one of Ben Franklin's descendants is flying a kite around there. Not sure which one is more likely.
Are you registered? Find out here:…
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