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Miami Bernie Barnstorm at FIU North was YUGE and Bernie fam FIRED UP! #FloridaForBernie #Bernie2020 #WomenForBernie #StudentsForBernie #BernieSanders
Incredible how many people came to volunteer for their first election! #FloridaForBernie #Bernie2020
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Au-delà du déroulement de la vie politique US, ce constat factuel: la #Russie de #Poutine par son ingérence depuis 2016 et l'absence de réaction notable de l'Etat #Trump détruit la confiance mutuelle des acteurs et institutions de la #démocratie US.…
2) Le renseignement US qui a essayé de "bouger" les élus du Congrès sur les dangers persistants de l'ingérence de la Russie dans le processus démocratique a donc été décapité et purgé en 2-3 jours par #Trump car il y voit offense politique……
3)… et #Trump vient donc de nommer comme intérimaire à la tête du renseignement Grenell s'étant empressé de limoger des officiers expérimentés pour s'entourer d'au moins 1 conspirationniste convaincu du complot du renseignement contre Trump, Patel.…
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When you hear people say Bernie never passed any bills, share this clip where former GOP congressman describes what it was like to serve on the same committee as #BernieSanders key phrase: pride of authorship #NotMeUs #NVCaucuses
Here add this for a second opinion
Longer clip where Ney says if he has to choose Trump or Bernie it’s a no-brainer. The Republican says Bernie. Clip thanks to @TRNshow
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Alex Friedmann, who is a former Consultant to #BernieSanders on prison reform. was arrested & charged after planting loaded weapons, ammunition, tools, & security equipment in a #Nashville jail that's under construction.…
He was also previously arrested for posing as a construction worker to get into another jail that was under construction where he stole jail keys and made a diagram of the layout of the jail. He was caught on video doing it.
Looks like the keys that were stolen were returned a couple hours later, so he must have taken them to have them copied.
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Thoughts on #BernieSanders #MayurOnUS2020 - contrary to what Republicans and rw the world over think ,Bernie isn't the easiest path for a 2nd Trump term. He is a coin toss - will win or lose in a landslide and America needs to think long and hard if it can stand even one term of
His policies especially on climate change and student loan waivers. But more than that, I think it is time for all to reflect why an avowed socialist could win 22 states in one primary and is a front runner in another. If PC excess was the reason behind rise of Trump then perhaps
It is sheer lack of empathy by the right towards the disaffected that has caused the rise of Bernie. Probs caused by skyrocketing costs of education and healthcare , loss of jobs due to globalization and automation are all real. There are only so many years the rich could tell
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When first finishing the academic portion of medicine and transitioning into the practical, hands-on part of the training, the physicians we trail all mock us for our enthusiastic nativity about the passion interns have toward making a difference.

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Not for me, we all say. We're in this to save lives and make an impact on patients' lives. Both myself and so many others are reaching the stage of cynicism. It is disempowering to figure out that the patients you are passionate about work against you.

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Whether it's physicians paying for patient's prescriptions, working long hours without pay to fight insurance companies, or searching for solutions and treatment providers willing to help patients, it's exhaustive work that takes us away from our personal lives.

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In the 2016 California Democratic Primary, 750,000 votes were DISQUALIFIED, mostly cast by No Party Preference (NPP) voters — 3 out of 4 of whom were #BernieSanders supporters.… #BernieSanders2020
They know that if NPP voters are allowed to vote in the California Democratic primary, #BernieSanders walks away with it.…
In 2016, California had over 1 million provisional ballots — equal to half of ALL provisional ballots cast in the United States. The vast majority of these provisional ballots were never counted, which is why we call them placebo ballots.…
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1er bilan de cette primaire du #NewHampshire?
3 faits majeurs:
1. #BernieSanders vainqueur mais avec 1 marge plus faible que prévu sur #Buttigieg. Ils sortent en tête de la séquence #Iowa/#NH
2. Désastre total pour #Warren ET #Biden sous les 10%
3. #Klobuchar surgit vraiment.
2) Le #NewHampshire, juge de paix de la 1ère "étape" des primaires démocrates, a rendu 1 verdict en 3 étages:
. les 3ers candidats ont chacun de quoi se réjouir.
. Il y a 2 vaincus écrasés.
. Le grupetto (désolé mais j'aime ma métaphore TDF😉) des petits candidats est écrémé.
3) Pour #BernieSanders, si la victoire est bien moins éclatante qu'en 2016 dans 1 #NewHampshire frontalier de son #Vermont d'élection, à cause d' 1 contexte différent, "a win is a win" et le contrat est rempli. Il apparaît, avec l'effondrement de #Biden, en "frontrunner" national
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If you count the number of voters, #Bernie walked away with #Iowa… It’s not a matter whether you're for or against Sanders, it’s whether you're for or against democracy:… #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
It's F.O.B. Fear of #Bernie. There's a panic at the national Democratic party. And as happened in 2016, it's California where the DNC leadership is going to try to block Sanders. History is about to repeat itself.… #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
Be warned: If you want to vote in California's Democratic primary, make your life easy, sign up as Democrat. Register or check your registration right now!…
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Trump’s election year gamble: Slashing the social safety net…

The *only* Democrat running on not just protecting social safety nets but *expanding* them is #BernieSanders.
Democrats like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, all have been on board with cuts.
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The difference between Canada and the US is striking. I have 2 jobs; my wife works fulltime and goes to night school, also fulltime. We do reasonably well, and will see an immediate increase in our income again as my wife graduates in midyear and gets her new job as a teacher.
We have only been in for less than 3 year. Our combined income makes us very much ”not poor” and our future looks bright. We have come a long way from the $400 dollars net worth combined for the both of us when we landed.
While Canada shares a border with the United States, and the people are culturally and socially similar, hard work and perseverance pays off much better in Canada in my somewhat anecdotal experience.
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Bragging about their black slaves; having done nothing for them but kept them on their plantation with barely sustenance to survive and be freemen. Repulsive. #JoeBiden #BernieSanders
This is disgusting not to mention disrespectful of the blacks. Counting the number of slaves on their plantation.

Black folks will you please wake up and see they are taking your votes but doing nothing for you. They are doing more for illegal aliens then blacks.
Trump has created jobs, if you want to work, given your brothers, fathers, sons, nephews, cousins etc a second chance with prison reform, funded HBCUs and more to come. This is just in his first 3 years as president.
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1/ CLAIM: #BernieSanders is a hypocrite because he's a millionaire and just bought an expensive lake house.

FACT: In 2018, Sanders' net worth is less than $1m. The lake house was purchased using money from the sale of his wife's inherited property in Maine.
2/ Jane sold her share of her family’s long-time vacation home in Maine, to her brother for $150,000, added money from her retirement account & from an advance Bernie got on a book he is writing to come up with the money to buy the couple’s third home
3/ The lake house sold for $575,000 in 2016, and is rather modest as a 4bdrm, 2.75 bath, & guest quarters, far from the mansion-type claims used to criticize Sanders for alleged hypocrisy. This was purchased as their retirement home as a place for their family to gather together.
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I have a little story to share with you all about the importance of door knocking and reaching out to your friends and neighbors and encouraging them to vote for Bernie!

I went out door knocking all weekend in the town my precinct is in. I was happily surprised when... (1)
...the Dr.'s name I used to work for (Keith) popped up as the next door to knock. He wasn't home so I left the Bernie literature on his door and decided to reach out and text him. I told him I stopped by and left him a love note from Bernie 😍and that I hoped to see him... (2)
...on Monday at the caucus.

Caucus day comes and my Field Organizer comes to help out at my precinct as an observer since we're the largest in the county. (Don't be too impressed. The county is still so small and rural, there isn't one stoplight in the entire county! 😱) (3)
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Breve thread su #IowaCaucuses.
1. I risultati, dopo quasi 24h sono PARZIALI e coprono il 60% dei precincts. Dato quanto sono vicini i candidati impossibile dire chi ha vinto
2. Al momento #BernieSanders conduce nei voti al primo turno e anche al secondo (ci torno tra breve)
3. Buttgieg e' invece, per ora, in testa tra i delegati assegnati.
Come mai? Ogni precinct assegna dei delegati. Tanti piccoli collegi. Il problema e' come vengono assegnati i delegati in ogni collegio /
Teoricamente in maniera proporzionale: chi ha piu' voti ne prende di piu'. In realta', in maniera random, perche' non ci sono regole fisse e viene lasciata liberta' ai segretari dei precinct/collegi.
Qualche esempio:
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1/ CLAIM: #BernieSanders voted against sanctions on Russia, and is proof he is Russia-Friendly.

FACT: Sanders voted against sanctions one time because the bill added sanctions against Iran, potentially harming the nuclear deal with the country.
2/ Sanders: "While I support sanctions on Russia and North Korea, I voted against the sanctions bill last week because it contains sanctions on Iran that I believe could endanger the Iran nuclear agreement."
3/ See his statements in congress on why he was voting against the Russia sanctions bill for yourself:
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It's been a long journey to reach that conclusion. Please hear me out.

My journey started in Beirut, where I grew up in a brutal civil war. Violence and injustice everywhere.

But today's America alarms me more than Beirut...

In America today, children are stolen from their parents, locked in freezers, caged, gunned down in schools.

Billionaires get richer while children go hungry, homeless, and without healthcare.

A society that brutalizes children is BROKEN...

When I quit my music career to become an anti-Bush activist at the turn of the millennium, it stunned me to see the Democratic Party, my party, largely go along with Bush's assault on civil liberties. Torture. War based on lies. Patriot Act...
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@BethLynch2020 @bourgeoisalien
@SilERabbit @jvgraz
If you were looking for the @politico
hit piece against #BernieSanders today, here it is. In their standard journalistic malpractice, they fail to mention that Brenda Kole is former Hillary for America.…
Brenda Kole worked for Hillary Clinton, but no mention of it in that article. Other quotes come from Biden's campaign, which is noted, but there is a quite from some campaign that request anonymity. 🤔 Sounds like 2016 planted stories, but who could it be?
This thread 👇👇👇 suggests what campaign might be the one behind this shite article of conjecture to paint Sanders as divisive for even caucus results.

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IMPORTANT: I just got off the phone with a Bernie volunteer who said that caucus locations are being switched in Iowa, and particularly in places where Bernie is polling well. Make sure to communicate with other Bernie voters in your area about location updates. #Bernie2020 #Iowa
In the mean time, make calls and make sure people are prepped to vote. I’ll be updating this thread throughout the day with more info. Please retweet this thread as we learn more, and leave info you know below. Thank you. #IowaCaucus
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F*ck Rashida Tlaib! @RashidaTlaib who Tf are you to lead a chant against @HillaryClinton & how dare y’all open your mouth to defend her with the POC excuse!!! These are same #BernieSanders supporters who booed @RepMarciaFudge & #johnLewis at the DNC in 2016
I’m sick of them using Black people to advance their political Career then throw us in the trash 🗑
Oh and happy #BlackHistoryMonth it time we know it!!! @HillaryClinton has always been there @RashidaTlaib only there when she wants some votes, @BernieSanders ain’t there at all cuz he only wants to suppress the black vote not earn it... that’s on PERIODT
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DNC changed their rules to let Bloomberg in the debate

Michael Moore sees it coming

DNC will cheat Bernie again
DNC convention will be violent
Bernie will fold, take his payoff & go quietly into the night

Bernie supporters will stay home & some will go Trump

2016 replay
At the 2016 DNC convention, they expected protests from Bernie supporters, so on day 1 they put up a wall.
Oh the irony🤣

#Bernie2020 #BernieSanders
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