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"The confluence of existential catastrophes we face with a resurgence of evil not seen in 100 years leaves us at a historical inflection point. But I think we sometimes miss a key structural problem that has gotten us here..."

Cheers for posting this @HenryKangaroo 🙏
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As citizens across the world face multiple crises, generally caused by the greed & misplaced ideology of a handful of grotesquely wealthy Libertarian & Hard/Far-Right elites, please consider the wise words of leading Linguist & expert on populism, Ruth Wodak:
I suggest every citizen concerned by the 'shameless normalisation' of lying & the use of far-right rhetoric, engage with the work of Linguist, Ruth Wodak, who understands better than anyone the way language is mobilised by hard/far-right populists.…
Wodak was asked "When and how do populist parties become unsuccessful? Is there a way to defeat them at the ballot box?"
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Bonuses in the financial & insurance sector have hit a record high, growing by 27.9% over the last year, while average wages in the same period grew by just 4.2% - nearly £6BILLION was paid out in City bonuses in March alone.

#LevellingUp #CostOfLivingCrisis
“There is no justification for such obscene City bonuses at the best of times – let alone during a #CostOfLivingCrisis. While City executives rake it in, millions are struggling to keep their heads above water.” - Frances O’Grady, TUC general secretary.…
“Working people are at breaking point, having been left badly exposed to soaring bills after a decade of standstill wages & universal credit cuts. Ministers have no hesitation in calling for public sector pay restraint, but turn a blind eye to shocking City excess.”

Read 5 tweets 2019 was the first year I had ever heard of (or maybe comprehended?) the American tragedy in Tulsa.

As we approach a century after, I reflect on what I can do today to ensure nothing like this happens again. 🧵

In 1921, the armed forces would not be integrated for another 27 years. WAAC would not be actualized for 21, and American Women’s right to vote was recognized less that a year prior.
Every day I am excited to be in an Army in 2021. One that is committing itself to #PeopleFirst. Initiatives like #ProjectInclusion, #ThisIsMySquad, and #WhatsYourWarrior are making my Army a stronger, more cohesive, more capable #USArmy than ever before.
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Every dream, when it comes true, lays the foundation for newer goals, newer aspirations, and newer dreams. Spending the next year studying at @IIMAhmedabad could perhaps be the biggest adventure I've signed up for yet. @PGPX_IIMA Admit!! #backtoschool #MBA…
When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills. - Chinese Proverb

#Day1 #PGPX #MBA #IIMA #DailyQuote #ThoughtForTheDay #MotivationMonday #quoteoftheday
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Received this from a friend In India and felt it’s really a good #ThoughtForTheDay and #TooGoodNotToShare

A young billionaire rushed into a hospital. He asked the receptionist, "How is my mother? When and why was she admitted? Who brought her here “
The doctor said "Your mother suffered a mild stroke.She was brought to the hospital in time by the elderly couple sitting there.

The son thanked the elderly couple profusely.”I am sorry I don't recognise you", he said.

The lady replied that they didn't know him either.
The son was surprised.

"How do you know my mother?" he asked. The gentleman replied, "she is a member of our WhatsApp group". The son looked dazed.

The gentleman continued, "we have a group on WhatsApp “The 60 Plus Group”.

Everyone sixty and above is a member.
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Today on the #FirstSundayOfTheYear At about 4 am(I would Say Pre-Dawn) I heard someone speaking to me “Wake up,You cannot be Sleeping & Making This Wonderful Day Short" by Sleeping till late
I Woke up immediately looking for Where the Voice came from? I found that This Voice was from Within me. By now my Slumber had Vanished and I was fully awake . I left the bed, made a cup of tea and sat out in the balcony, enjoying the cool breeze and sipping my morning Tea
Various Thoughts started to Swim within me and then the below happened.

My Heart asked me a question. "Where is Success."

My Mind immediately Replied to My Heart, you, My Friend always Run to the World of Fantasy.
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