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Roll up, roll up, one and all. The circus is in town!
Marvel at the clowns as they slip and slide around... the truth.

It's called "Friends O Science".

You see, that’s the joke!

As Prof @KHayhoe explains: "It's like calling vegans Friends of BBQ."
Prepare to be threaded...
They are the darlings of the denialists, the trumpeters of tall tales, the pedallers of hyperbole. They pretend to love children, yet prefer they be seen but not heard. "Go sit in the corner, dear. The grown-ups are talking."
They abuse the message and image of @GretaThunberg to sell their snake oil and boost their reach

Their recent vid "A Letter to Greta" once again foists the falsehood of the "500 Scientists" onto unsuspecting viewers.

#Lawyers of Twitter, does this not violate the Lanham Act?
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@KoehneAnja Falsch - die haben natürlich genau verstanden, um was es geht.
@KoehneAnja Ich nenne den Thread #SustainableExtinction

Nichts ist passender zu der Situation, in der wir uns befinden.

Los geht's :-)
@KoehneAnja 1) Seit ca. 30 Jahren sind die Fakten zum Klimawandel derart bekannt, dass sogar #Exxon darüber Bescheid wusste & eine entsprechende Gegenstrategie entworfen hat, damit exakt dieses Wissen aus dem Elfenbeinturm von Wissenschaft&Forschung nicht die breite Öffentlichkeit erreicht.
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'If XR had listened to the many movements rising in the global south for decades, it would have adopted the politics of anti-racism, feminism, and global justice not only as a matter of morality, but as a matter of strategy.'

@TatGaravito @n_thanki…

If #ExtinctionRebellion is to succeed, it will need to more clearly echo #ClimateJustice voices like those from @wretchedotearth, @WarOnWant, @gcdcj and so many others. Many individuals and local groups would agree with me on that, but it needs to become central/widespread.

I was delighted to support #ExtinctionRebellion as soon as it appeared on the scene as I was sure it was a way of transforming public awareness, just as I was sure that #FridaysForFuture had the potential to have an enormous global impact. This has been the case.
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Capitalism cannot sort out this 'problem', it is a *predicament* which demands total political/economic system transformation.

Is Prime Minister Johnson's father supporting #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateJustice when he says this, or is he in fact simply defending capitalism?
“Can traditional politics rise to the challenge of the climate and ecological emergency?”

Most of those speaking suggested the political system required major modifications to answer environmental problems. But Johnson suggested meaningful change could...'…
Economic Revolution:

'a future Labour government would oversee an economic revolution to tackle the climate crisis, using the full power of the state to decarbonise the economy...'…
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Mein personal thread zu #XR (und ja gibt unzählig gute threads über XR gerade (@regendino @jutta_ditfurth @KinderLeben und viele mehr)


Was XR ist wissen die meisten sicherlich schon. Klimabewegung, welche radikal sein will. Im folgenden einige Punkte warum ich nicht solidarisch mit XR bin

1.) Der Gründer (#Hallam) findet sexist*innen und rassist*innen in der Bewegung voll ok und mag keine Demokratie

(also die jetzige Demokratie mag ich auch nicht, aber wenn er keine Demokratie will, dann ist er ja auch nicht für Sozialismus, Kommunismus oder Anarchismus)

2. XR sammelt viele Informationen von Teilnehmenden ihrer Aktionen, wohin die Daten gehen weiß kein Mensch -->

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I know, I know. Don't engage the trolls. Sorry @GretaThunberg @ScienceNotDogma but that "500 Scientists" story is gaining waaaay too much traction, and I'm feeling fighty. Most of the press are just parroting the PR and that's feeding the trolls. So, prepare to be threaded...
Background: A letter headlined "There is no climate emergency" was delivered to the #UNFCCC on 23 Sept, claiming that the "European Climate Declaration" was signed by 500 scientists and professionals. Of those 500, more than 150 are NOT Europeans. Soooo....
Even more preplexing, a large percentage of the signatories are NOT associated with the natural sciences at all, and many of the "professionals" are in the pocket of the #FossilFuels mafia. We can get a rough idea of this pact's make up by looking at their so-called Ambassadors.
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🇨🇦#Canada #FridaysForFuture International update #ClimateStrike #'s for #ClimateActionWeek:
🇨🇦1,000,000 people🇨🇦 Thus 1 out of every 6 strikers globally was Canadian🇨🇦 as well as we were 3rd globally for total # of strikes. Thanks to all local organizers & national supporters.
1000 #Calgary AB
15 #Cambridge ON
40 #Campbellton NB
20 #Camrose AB
15 #Canmore AB
15 #Cannington ON
150 #CapAuxMeules QC
300 #Caraquet NB
300 #Chambly QC
200 #ChathamKent ON
65 #Chibougamau QC
400 #Chillwack BC
40 #Clare NS
45 #Clinton ON
500 #Collingwood ON
80 #Compton QC
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Unfortunately, @KolkataPolice stopped our march midway despite prior permission. We decided to stand our ground by sitting in front of the barricade.
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THREAD: Wow. Just: wow. What an incredible day this was!

Just a week after a record 4 million people joined the #ClimateStrike on Sep 20, millions more took to the streets today.

The #GlobalClimateStrike now ranks as one of the largest coordinated protests in human history.
It really feels like we’ve entered a new era.

Today we were bold, rebellious, beautiful, strong & funny.

We wove together visions of climate, gender, social, migrant, racial & economic justice.

We were fearlessly clear: we're going to fold the status quo into a better world.
Here's how some of it went down:

Italy made people-powered history - from huge cities like Rome & Milan, to small towns & villages, market squares filled with TONS of people.

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Thread on India's actions to address the Climate Emergency #FridaysForFuture @GretaThunberg @GeorgeMonbiot
India in its NDC committed to:
(a) Create an additional carbon sink of 2.5 to 3 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent through additional forest and tree cover by 2030.
(b) Reduce the emissions intensity of its GDP by 33 to 35 percent by 2030 from 2005 level.…
The Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister should have issued instructions to the Cabinet Secretary, the head of the Bureaucracy, to issue directions to all ministries to identify laws within their jurisdiction that would help meet the goals, publicize them and implement them
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Our Side-Event on #Youth4ClimatePeaceSecurity @ #UNGA is about to start.

We titled it "Time for Action: Climate Change & Youth, Peace and Security Nexus".

It will bring together two agendas crucial to the future of our increasingly urban🏙️ , young👦👧, and climate ravaged 🌍.
You can follow the event live on UN WebTV 10 minutes after this tweet is posted.

We will tweet too, and add interesting information and key quotes of our panel and audience to this developing thread.

#Youth4ClimatePeaceSecurity #UNGA #ClimateChange…
Why should you follow?

We have an excellent set-up!

Our ED @MaimunahSharif , His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway @Kronprinsparet, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate @k_satyarthi .

We have @SofieNordvik , Norwegian #UNYouthDelegate to #ClimateSummit2019 , @Shan_Agrwl ...
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Here we go again...
As you may have noticed, the haters are as active as ever - going after me, my looks, my clothes, my behaviour and my differences.
They come up with every thinkable lie and conspiracy theory. (Thread->)
It seems they will cross every possible line to avert the focus, since they are so desperate not to talk about the climate and ecological crisis.
Being different is not an illness and the current, best available science is not opinions - it’s facts. ->
I honestly don’t understand why adults would choose to spend their time mocking and threatening teenagers and children for promoting science, when they could do something good instead. I guess they must simply feel so threatened by us. ->
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No matter where you fall in this debate, we have to be clear: @GretaThunberg fulfills all conditions that we commonly use to define something as "populist":

. Moralizing
. Anti-Pluralist
. Anti-Establishment
. Leader-focus
. Proximity to the People
. Friend vs. Enemy
@GretaThunberg And these are not some arbitrary or fringe conditions; but this is a framework provided by Princeton Professor Jan-Werner Müller—who is one of the leading authorities in the analysis of international populism. Here is a link to his book "What Is Populism?"
@GretaThunberg Let us start with "Moralizing":

Populists often invoke national symbols and historical narratives to promote their cause—to claim the so-called "moral high ground". Just think of Putin (Russian Empire) and Erdoğan (Ottoman Empire).
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Ich hatte hier auf #Twitterecon geäußert, dass ich das #Klimapaket der #GroKo nicht ganz so katastrophal finde, wie es jetzt von Kommentatoren gegeißelt wurde. Hier ein paar Erläuterungen zum Thema. 1/
Zuerst vorweg ein Disclaimer: Ich habe zwei Töchter, die am Freitag auf der #Fridaysforfuture Demonstration waren. Ich finde Klimaschutz sehr wichtig und ich war am Freitagabend auch zunächst arg ernüchtert (bzw. enttäuscht) von den Eckpunkten des Pakets. 2/
Bei genauerem Hinsehen ist das Paket allerdings besser, als es auf den ersten Blick erscheint. 3/
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Greta Thunberg, ativista sueca de 16 anos que criou o movimento #FridaysForFuture, discursou hoje na Cúpula do Clima da ONU, em Nova York. Acompanhe os principais pontos do discurso aqui na thread
A mediadora do painel perguntou à Greta qual mensagem ela gostaria de deixar para os representantes de mais de 60 países que estavam na plateia do evento. A resposta imediata? “Minha mensagem é que estaremos de olho em vocês”.
“Está tudo errado. Eu não devia estar aqui. Eu devia estar na escola, do outro lado do oceano”, disse ela, que demorou 15 dias para chegar a Nova York em um veleiro “zero carbono”. Greta se recusou a viajar de avião devido às emissões de gases poluentes
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Das wird mich jetzt ein paar Followerïnnen kosten, muss aber sein. Thread:

#Klima #Erderwärmung #FridaysForFuture #ExtinctionRebelion
1/ Ich versteh's einfach nicht: Die Erderwärmung ist eine existenzielle Menschheitsfrage, die alle unabhängig vom persönlichen Weltbild etwas angeht oder zumindest angesehen sollte.
2/ Rechtsradikale und bürgerliche Gruppen betreiben Greta- und Schulkinder-Bashing unter Ignoranz der Tatsache, dass diese Kinder (wie viele andere auch) einfach nur den Erhalt ihrer Lebensgrundlage auf diesem Planeten einfordern.
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Hey twitter, catch up time! 😁 Last week @TomSteyer released a new plan that I’m honored to have worked on proposing the largest peacetime expansion of national service in the history of the US. Warning: Long, Enthusiastic Thread //1
@TomSteyer This plan goes big: How big is big? With $50B in new Federal investment, national service programs would scale to enable 💡ONE MILLION 💡 people to serve their communities each and every year by the end of Tom’s first term. //2
That’s 1 million - young and old, from all towns, of any documented immigration status - fighting #climatechange, caring for the sick and elderly, running after school programs, building trails for @nps and @USForestService, tackling #Poverty, and making America better. //3
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My thread on Greta is going viral.

Thank you all for sharing. My next one will come soon. In the meantime - let's wake up others with some juicy memes. I just made two, quick & dirty.


Btw - I found a second creepy video of Malena Ernman-Thunberg, the mother of Greta. Why the fck is she buying a pizza? 🤨

#FridaysForFuture #FFF
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My 20.09-27.09. 🌍diary:

20.09. #allefürsklima Magnifica gab ihren Geist auf, kein Caffè als Starter in den langen Tag. Ein Zeichen?
Es war auch so ein guter Tag im Leben als Aktivist.

#069forclimate #Klimastreik #AlleFuersKlima #FridaysForFuture #ClimateJustice
21.09. Caffettiera a stantuffo - french press kommt wieder aus dem Schrank. Guten Morgen #Frankfurt. Es geht auch mit Handarbeit beim Mahlen. Da muß ich jetzt durch, ohne caffè. Hauptsache genug la caféine around my brain ist dabei.
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Climate strike crowd at Philadelphia City Hall is *young*. Not just teens, either. Junior high, even elementary.
Lower the voting age to 10.
I don’t think I’ve been in the taller half of any protest crowd before. #FridaysForFuture
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Young people going on climate strike today are, rightly, criticizing the majority (not all, so stay out of my mentions) of Boomers who have consistently voted against clean energy policies need to save our planet. #FridaysForFuture
And I want to use this moment to point out that it’s a myth that the 60s leftist movements were a Boomer phenomenon. Boomers get — or take — the credit, positing that they’re the original youth movement. But, no. They were mostly too young.
Most of the activists that changed the world in the 60s were born before the Baby Boom. Ditto most of the artists and rock stars of the era.…
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We're covering the #ClimateStrike today, from one end of the world to the other.

Huge crowds have already turned out for the protests in Australia, the South Pacific and parts of Asia. Follow our #FridaysForFuture live blog:…
Are you taking part in the global #climatestrike? Tweet your photos at us and tell us where in the world you are.
Thousands of people are gathering in Hofgarten, Bonn.

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Today's #GlobalClimateStrike - inspired by activist @GretaThunberg - is expected to be the largest yet, taking place in 150 countries 🌎🌍🌏

The protests are calling for action on climate change ahead of the @UN Climate Summit in New York

#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrikes #UNGA
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Guten Morgen! "Die Landesregierung verstrickt sich in immer größere Widersprüche und muss dem Parlament gegenüber Aufklärung leisten"
Dazu ab 10 Uhr Aktuelle Stunde Landtag NRW.
TO, Redeliste, Video unter…
Thread hier
#HambacherForst #ltnrw #hambibleibt
To my int. followers who don`t speak German: About a year ago a massive police force was employed to evict climate activists from #HambachForest. The forest still remains, as do many questions, discussed in parliament today. I´ll tweet a lot on this today, 2 increase transparancy
Bevor die Aktuelle Stunde zu #HambacherForst im #ltnrw losgeht zur Redeliste: Gesetzt für die LR ist Reul. Fragen bleiben jedoch zu Laschet: Wie war er eingebunden, wieso gibt es von ihm kaum Akten? Wenn der Ministerpräsident nicht selbst berichtet wäre das ein Armutszeugnis
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