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Isht Devta?

Who is my Isht Devta? Have you ever thought about this? Did this question ever pique your interest? Ever made you confused? Well, many people ask me this question, “who is my Isht Dev?” Generally, people worship whomever God they hear about or Image
depending upon the time of the year, like Janmashtami, Navratri, Shiv Ratri, Narak Chaturdashi, Adhik Maas, etc. People worship Shri Hari Vishnu with the same devotion they worship Shri Krishna or Shiv Ji or Hanuman Ji. Let me tell you this, you are not doing anything wrong.

But you must also know that for every ounce of energy, you are getting only 80% in return because worshipping your Isht Devta will yield a better result. You may follow a few easy steps to find out who is your Isht Dev. Meditate. Meditate properly for a couple of month with
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A lot of people don't want to know Trump, Biden and the rest of these criminals are part of the same party (Totalitarian party United States Code, Title 8 § 1101 (37) (a) (b)). I see some retweeted totalitarian party from my threads, but the truth hasn't completely... Image
...registered because people are using their emotions first then logic. They still believe Trump vs. Biden or whoever in spite of the evidence they are all in the same team. To control the masses you must create division and it worked very well for the past decades. Image
The truth is you have been oppressed in one form or another over the years by these criminals in office and you will continue to be oppressed for the next 4 yrs, and another 4 yrs, etc.   It is not about which dictator you vote for, it is the political system we have in....
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To reduce the risk of #COVID19 exposure for its Jewish population, the #Israeli Prison Service approved the transfer of 500 Israeli prisoners to house arrest, but refuse to provide the same for #Palestinian prisoners.
by @HomePalestine #Israel #Palestine
#Israeli leaders have characterized the latest bombardment as retaliatory, citing “incendiary balloons” and “riots” as justification.
by @HomePalestine… #Palestine #Israel #WednesdayThoughts
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I blocked two Trump supporters because those two idiots can't f*cking handle the truth & zero capacity to think & ask questions. You are the enemy of the people that truly understand what real Freedom is and to our republics. To be clear again I DO NOT support dictator...
...Trump, Biden or any of these f*cking Criminals in office. So, if follow me I will assume you have an interest to learn something. If I see your tweet in my feed about voting for example...I may challenge you to think and give you a little reminder.
If you DON'T like the knowledge I tweet about block me now otherwise at some point I will block you. I am not here to b.s. to hop on Twitter train & begging people follow me. I am only here share about the root of problem & that is the current system and a lawful...
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I cannot express to you how unprecedented this is.

Washington State has seen plenty of wildfires, but rarely or maybe never in residential areas like this.

I'm so sorry for my neighbors and friends in Bonney Lake and environs.

Please stay safe and evacuate *now*.
If you know a sound sleeper in Bonney Lake, give them a call and wake them up. It's time to go *now*.…
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I watched this clip, what's going on in Australia with the lockdowns and police abuse of power
I believe natural rights does apply to everyone around the world & when any form of government impedes on natural rights, it is a calling for people to...
...rise up to alter and abolish such form of governments that is destructive to establish new guards for their future security and individuals learn to govern themselves under natural law.
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#Wednesday Special Shri Buddha Dev Abhishekam , Pushpa Archana & Aarti @ Shri Anna Ganapati Navgraha Siddhapeetham, Nashik
II बुधकवचं II
II अथ श्रीबुधकवचं II
II श्री गणेशाय नमः II
अस्य श्रीबुधकवचस्तोत्रमंत्रस्य कश्यप ऋषिः I
अनुष्टुप् छंदःI बुधो देवता I
बुधपीडाशमनार्थं जपे विनियोगः II
बुधस्तु पुस्तकधरः कुंकुमस्य समद्दुतिः I
पितांबरधरः पातु पितमाल्यानुलेपनः II १ II
कटिं च पातु मे सौम्यः शिरोदेशं बुधस्तथा I
नेत्रे ज्ञानमयः पातु श्रोत्रे पातु निशाप्रियः II २ II
घ्राणं गंधप्रियः पातु जिह्वां विद्याप्रदो मम I
कंठं पातु विधोः पुत्रो भुजा पुस्तकभूषणः II ३ II
वक्षः पातु वरांगश्च हृदयं रोहिणीसुतः I
नाभिं पातु सुराराध्यो मध्यं पातु खगेश्वरः II ४ II
जानुनी रौहिणेयश्च पातु जंघेSखिलप्रदः I
पादौ मे बोधनः पातु पातु सौम्योSखिलं वपु II ५ II
एतद्धि कवचं दिव्यं सर्वपापप्रणाशनम् I
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I started blocking people that knows the truth about this Totalitarian system and still staying ignorant. I don't care about gaining followers...I only care to connect with open minded people willing to educate themselves what I tweet. If anyone decides to follow me I will..
.... assume you want to know the whole truth why we're struggling against the current system & how can we put a stop to these criminals. I need to be very clear....I am not a Psyop Q follower. I expose this entire fraudulent system that includes any 14th Amendment President.
I tweeted many times this is not our Constitutional Government. Our republican form of governments was usurped by a military coup to a create an illegitimate system by the never ratified 14th Amendment. I tweeted many times The Texas Supreme Court & The U.S. Court...
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"Growth begins with challenging who you are. Until your better becomes best. The goal is to daily self improve."
📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Times & Season.
Episode 10

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Thread CONTD.
Hashtag game is all about the planning and the process.
You don't just happen to get lucky
Follow @CompleteDigi for more #marketingtips
#DigitalMarketing #Digital #ArtificialIntelligence #SEO #PPC #marketing #MachineLearning #Hashtag
Thread CONTD.
Hashtag game is all about the planning and the process.
You don't just happen to get lucky.

Follow @CompleteDigi for more #marketingtips

#SEO #PPC #marketing #DataScience #marketingstrategy #MachineLearning @debjani_ghosh_ @nasscom
Thread CONTD.
Hashtag game is all about the planning and the process.
You don't just happen to get lucky.

Follow @CompleteDigi for more #marketingtips

#DigitalTransformation #Digital #AI #marketingdigital #PPC2020 #wednesdaymorning #DataScience
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We at @BlueWaveCS🌊 are proud to be part of a coalition of groups including @IndivisibleTeam and @MoveOn preparing to mobilize if Trump loses the election but refuses to leave office.

You don't have to feel powerless.
Sign up here:

#ProtectTheResults Image
And a @nytimes piece by @michelleinbklyn about #protecttheresults:

Trump Might Cheat. Activists Are Getting Ready.

Election sabotage needs to be met with the largest protests yet.

#wednesdaymorning #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation…
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My name is Zakir amir Naik Khan,my family feel threaten in India because of Hindus but my family feel safe in Isiamic country like Turkey where recently a Church was converted into m@sque,I stand by Turkey even after knowing that country is supporting Pakistan on
#Secularism Image
Kashmir's matter because deep down I support pakistan too because it's isiamic nation,I support every isiamic nation in which the condition of minorities are as second class citizens but I bark in India about intolerance because my condition here is as much as a hindu citizen,
I make films on hindu gods, hindus make it hit but even after that I cry intolerance,I question hindu why to waste money on shivling but never say my fellow Muslins' why to waste money on haz, because I am hypocrite.
#AamirKhan #Secularism #wednesdaymorning
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Tuesday Special pooja to Swetharka Mula Ganapathi @ Kazipet, Warangal - Telangana 🙏
Swetharka Mula Ganapathi means the deity crafted or self-originated from roots of White Calotropis tree
Sri Inavolu Anantha Mallaiah Sharma Siddanthi
the pious devotee cum archaka (priest) was engaged in Ganapathy Seva since 1996.

According to Mallaiah Sharma garu, Lord Ganesha in his celestial vision had instructed him to get his form from the roots of Tella Jilledu (Calotropis tree) of the premises of Mada Prabhakar Rao of
Nalgonda district in AP.

Sri Sharma garu found the Murthy of Ganesha in the roots of Thella Jilledu. On, 4th May 1999, amidst the Vedic chantings, Bagawan was installed at present Temple after the Prana Prathishta Mahotsavam.
And on,17th March 2002,the temple
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"...he represented large corporations that were fighting lawsuits from workers who claimed they were discriminated against or had their wages stolen by their employers."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Election2020 #wednesdaymorning #MeltonMeaux
"#IlhanOmar has been a vocal critic of Israel and a supporter of the #Boycott, Divestment and #Sanctions movement against it. One of the only #Muslims in #Congress, she has also criticized the $3.8 billion in yearly aid the U.S. gives #Israel"
#BDS #Election2020 #wednesdaymorning Image
"#IlhanOmar is being smeared and slandered in a particularly shameful manner, with cynical actors using the suffering and fear of Jews under #racist attack to try to prevent any more #progressive changes in #America today."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Election2020
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"While logical analysis of a situation may lead the intellect to despair, the potential for social and #political revolutions and transformations must keep us all motivated to keep the struggle going, no matter the odds."
by @RamzyBaroud… #Palestine
"...the fact that a “secret list” exists is an indication that #TelAviv understands that this era is different and that international law..., may, for once, deliver, however a small measure of justice."
by @RamzyBaroud… #Israeli #Israel #Palestine #ICC
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जय श्री राम 🧡 Image
You can download it from given telegram link and use it as your display picture. 🧡🙏…
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#COVID19: #oxfordvaccine '#Covishield' developed by Oxford University & Astra Zeneca to be tried in #India by end of August on up to 5,000 Indian volunteers.

Chairman of Cyrus Poonawalla said SII is committed to producing 1 billion doses…
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[THREAD]: Mohammud Ahmed first tasted absolute freedom when he found himself in Chuka town on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya. The government placed him at Chuka University to pursue a degree in Economics and Statistics. Image
He was a young man born inhaling the breeze from the Indian Ocean in Mombasa and raised in the metropolitan capital Nairobi. Never in his life had he gone to a boarding school. In actual fact, never had he been away from his parents’ surveillance.
Yet here he was,thrown into the wilderness of higher learning to fend for himself & coerced to acquire responsibility by living independently.With over six thousand students in the university,Mohammud was part of a minority of Somali’s whose numbers did not even accumulate to ten
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Smartphone Usage in the Age of COVID-19 (Research Report)

Smartphones, being one of the greatest inventions of humanity in the last century, became an inherent part of human life. Image
The smartphone combines different sophisticated features, it allows users to keep pictures, memories, personal info, correspondence, health and financial data in one place.
In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the smartphone has kept many people and businesses running with fewer hitches.
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The Promised Messiah (May peace be upon him) says: " Do not think
that worldly wealth, dominion, honour and large progeny can bring
you peace and contentment. The fact is that true peace and
tranquillity, which is the gift of paradise, comes not
from these things
but from living and dying for the sake of God. The pleasures of the
world only increase impure desires and thirst. Thus they are like the
fire of hell that never leaves man in peace and always torments him
with anxiety and
and doubt and frustration. If you immerse yourself into
these worldly things more than it is necessary, then there will appear a
barrier between you and God, so that neither man moves towards
God, nor God moves towards man.
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(म्हणे) ‘मंदिर बांधाल, तर मान कापून मंदिरासमोरील कुत्र्यांसमोर फेकू !’ – पाकमधील मौलानाची हिंदूंना धमकी

पाकमधील अल्पसंख्यांक हिंदू कसे दहशतीखाली जीवन जगत आहेत, हेच यातून दिसून येते !

#WednesdayThoughts @Vish_kc
#WednesdayWisdom @Av_ADH…
याविषयी भारतातील एकही निधर्मीवादी, पुरो(अधो)गामी, काँग्रेस, समाजावादी पक्ष, साम्यवादी आदी तोंड उघडणार नाहीत, हे लक्षात घ्या !
👉 हिंदुबहुल भारतात इस्लामची शिकवण देणार्‍या मरदशांना कोट्यवधी रुपयांचे अनुदान मिळते, तर इस्लामबहुल पाकमध्ये अल्पसंख्य हिंदूंना मंदिर न बांधण्यासाठी धमक्या ! हिंदूंची ही दुःस्थिती पालटण्यासाठी हिंदु राष्ट्रच आवश्यक !
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1. Choose Your Poultry Sector

Poultry farming is a vast and fast growing industry. As stated yesterday we have types of chicken that you can choose from. .

The chicken farming business operates in multiple sectors.

#KOT #wednesdaymorning
Following are the niches you can choose from...

Meat production (Broilers breeding)
Egg production (Layers breeding)
Poultry feed production
Chicken breeding (Hatchery)
Egg and meat processing

#COVIDー19 #lockdownextension
Choose The Type Of Bird

Poultry farmers own a variety of birds. Your small poultry farm may start by focusing on two to three birds and then include more birds later as the business grows.
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