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#Day5 for Reporting "Crack SQL interview in 50Qs" is hear. Let's rumble

Find the links to the questions here

#SQL #DATAANALYSIS #Interviews #lowcode Image
Let's break them down:
1. Intuition
The query aims to retrieve information about managers in the Employees table, including their IDs, names, the number of employees reporting to them, and the average age of their reports.
The solution involves using a self join. Since we were told that a manager is also an employee, we will join the table to itself, where the employee_id field is equal reports_to field. On this premise, we aggregate the number of employees who report directly to the manager,
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महाराष्ट्रातील प्रकरणाबाबत आज सुप्रीम कोर्टात घटनापिठासमोर पाचव्या दिवसाची सुनावनी झाली.

आज पूर्ण दिवस शिंदे गटातर्फे ऍड.नीरज कौल यांनी युक्तिवाद केला.
कौल यांनी सुरूवातीला शिवराज सिंग निर्णयाचा संदर्भ देत म्हंटले कि त्या निर्णयात न्यायालयाने हे स्पष्ट केले आहे कि पक्षांतर व फ्लोर टेस्ट हे वेगवेगळे क्षेत्र आहेत. विश्वासमत सभागृहाचा सरकारवरचा विश्वास निश्चित करण्यासाठी गरजेचे असते.
स्पिकर समोर अपात्रतेची कारवाई प्रलंबित असताना विश्वासमत न घेण्याचे कारण असू शकत नाही.
- कौल यांनी 21जूनपासून घडलेला सर्व घटनाक्रम न्यायालयासमोर पुन्हा मांडला. पुढे ते म्हणाले कि आम्ही स्प्लिट ग्रुप आहोत किंवा दुसऱ्या पक्षात विलीन झालो आहोत असे आम्ही कधीही म्हंटलेले नाही.
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Week 2 Insurjo'22 at @TheProductfolks Kickstarted with session on Fireside Chat "Privacy on Internet" with @pdolanjski from @DuckDuckGo
Small thread🧵 on important thing.

#TheProductFolks #10DaysOfProdMan #Day5 #IAmTeamInsurjo #insurjo22 #product #productmanagement #Insurjodocs Image
1) How are online behaviour Monitored & Targeted?
2) How @DuckDuckGo operates on User privacy?
3) what are pseudo-anonymous & anonymous data?
4) How PM's maintain User privacy with products?

@Amplitude_HQ @mixpanel @Airmeet @WebEngage @Meesho_Official @gopracticeio @YourStoryCo
1) Behavioral Targeting is an online targeting technique that uses information collected about an individual’s web-browsing history, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to select which advertisements to display. Image
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It's #TheSsum release day. I managed to take a peek at the game before it gets stuck with the connection is unstable problem. @Cheritz_DL so how?

P/s: The chats remind me of #mysticmessenger 🥺 ImageImageImageImage
4 hours later and I'm still stuck. Well then...goodbye for now.

Just checking up on the game. I still can't play it. The only consolation is that my name appears on the screen 😭😭😭

#TheSsum @Cheritz_DL Image
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Hey everyone, so I just made this account to share my awful experience with this virus and maybe help inform some people about the symptoms, what does it feel like/ look like etc 🤒#Monkeypox
So a bit of context, I’m a male in my late 20’s living in Europe. Two weeks ago I was on Holidays, over there I went to clubs, I went to festivals with big crowds, kissed some people, I had a good time till I returned home. #monkeypox
DAY 1: I flew back home, in the morning I was feeling fine just a bit tired from the trip. That evening I had my first symptom, I suddenly felt fatigued and I had a very bad headache, I layed down in bed and fell asleep. During the night I started to have chills, I couldnt sleep.
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#DarkLanZhan #Day5 “the only mistake he made”
Slightly inspired by Spy x Family

Hanguang-Jun was the best spy trained by the Cloud Recess agency, and some even dare say that he was the best spy in the world. He finished all his missions successfully in the less time possible,
He didn’t find anything impossible until his uncle and brother informed him about what could possibly be the most important mission of his career. He understands why they gave this mission to him, the, very fragile, peace of the world depended on it.
He would need to travel to Lanling, somehow managing to acquire a partner and a child and preparing that child to enter the prestigious Jinlitai academy, where the grandson of the Jin sect leader attended. The ambitious sect leader was doing some suspicious movements
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Ya guys, 3 hari dah aku demam. Demam paling sakit seumur hidup aku. Delta Variant punya penangan, yg vaksin pun rasa sakit nak mampos.
So pesanan aku, jangan ingat korang dah vaksin 2 dos, korang selamat. Sakit dia sumpah. Image
Apa sakit dia pa?

1. Kepala kau menggelegak panas gila babi. Sampai kau rasa mcm kene rasuk.
2. Mata pedih.
3. Telinga rasa bengkak.
4. Gigi gusi sakit.
5. Tekak kau mcm ada blocking dgn Jalan Tar. Sekali kau bersin or batuk, jalan tar tu gesek tekak kau.
Tgh panas terik skrg ni aku boleh menggigil. Check temperature 39.5•C.
Gila gila
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Do you know about first Indian startup that partnered with ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization ?

#Day13 of #100days100startups #Startuprail

Startup of the Day : AgniKul Cosmos Founded by Srinath Ravichandran & Moin SPM
Agnikul is involved in building India’s private small satellite launch vehicle. Their core product, Agnibaan, is designed to carry up to 100 kg of payload to low earth orbits of up to
700 km with a plug-and-play engine configuration.

#Day1 : Mothertong
#Day2 : Hypto
#Day3 : KiloFarms
#Day4 : GreenPod Labs
#Day5 : GoFloaters
#Day7 : GoBumpr
#Day8 : Roanuz
#Day9 : Milky Delight
#Day10 : WSquare
#Day11 : Energyly
#Day12 : Pickyourtrail
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Dernière ligne droite de #2020whatayear 🙃
Pour la clôturer, Wedodata revient tout le mois de décembre sur ses projets avec un🎄📅🎄#calendrierdelAvent 🎄📅🎄
Juste l'envie de prendre le temps et de retenir la créativité dans cette folle année😅
L’occasion surtout de remercier nos 17 freelances 🙏 nos 5 stagiaires 🐥 nos 35 clients 🤝 et leurs 65 projets 🎁
#staytuned pour voir (ou revoir) la diversité de ces réalisations web, vidéo ou print. #dataviz
#Day2 #rapport Rendre + ▶ accessible et dynamique ◀, le bilan annuel de la radioprotection des 400 000 travailleurs concernés en France📚, c'était le défi posé par l'IRSN. Données #opendata + graphes à télécharger = UX-design et dev pour @radioprotection Image
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NOW: Protesters taking a knee outside the White House
It seems there are more protesters today.
Several protesters handing out free snacks, water and masks.
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Every dream, when it comes true, lays the foundation for newer goals, newer aspirations, and newer dreams. Spending the next year studying at @IIMAhmedabad could perhaps be the biggest adventure I've signed up for yet. @PGPX_IIMA Admit!! #backtoschool #MBA…
When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills. - Chinese Proverb

#Day1 #PGPX #MBA #IIMA #DailyQuote #ThoughtForTheDay #MotivationMonday #quoteoftheday
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Did this doha series last year. Planning to do another one from tomorrow, but it will be for a shorter duration
#Day1 #Rahim

बिगरी बात बने नहीं, लाख करो किन कोय.
रहिमन फाटे दूध को, मथे न माखन होय.

If milk gets spoiled, you can’t make butter out of it similarly in life if relationship gets damaged, it’s difficult to mend it
#Day2 #Rahim
रहिमन देखि बड़ेन को, लघु न दीजिए डारि.
जहां काम आवे सुई, कहा करे तरवारि.
Rahim says we should never throw away small things for the lure of bigger one. There are places where only a needle is useful instead of a sword
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#100daysofCPD is where @UoB_HEFi will be beaming a spotlight onto #teaching and supporting #learning in #HigherEducation #CPD opportunities especially for #Beacon #HEAfellowship applicants & @uob_pgche participants during #COVID19 times & beyond Image
#100daysofCPD: #Day1 is the @UoB_HEFi #Learning and #Teaching Gateway. Full of self-paced online courses on a range of #technology and teaching topics. #BestPractice #CPD Go to… Image
#100daysofCPD #Day2: @matt_tel_brum shares this Resource - How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event containing all you need to know about Zoom’s #settings when using for #teaching, #meetings or #socializing during #COVID19 & beyond…
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Tonight's Episode: The Forlorn Arab as Foil for the Formation of Iranian National Identity

Starring: The Pahlavi & Qajar Dynasties
An Adolescent from Palestine
An Orphan Child
A Very Supportive Iranian Friend

With a Very Special Guest Appearance by Baby Nilu
#Day5 ImageImage
Iran after 1979 had proclaimed itself advocate and agent for the rescue and revival of the oppressed of the world, above all the community of believers or Ummat al-Islamiyah.
2/SM Image
@Swarthy_Bastard As such, the boundaries of Iran’s imagined community extended in the post-1979 era beyond the borders of the traditional “Guarded Domains” to include its Arab and Muslim neighbors, now conceived as both participants and beneficiaries of the Islamic Revolution.
3/SM ImageImage
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First African American female pilot and First African American holder of an international pilot license #WomensHistoryMonth #Day1
First African-American female astronaut & First African-American woman in space. #WomensHistoryMonth #Day2
Actor, writer, director, producer, author, poet, and civil rights activist. #WomensHistoryMonth #Day3
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