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Six Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Pence - Manafort - Deripaska - Putin
Don Jr - Torshin - Putin
Barr - Deripaska - Putin
Hannity - Firtash - Putin
#MoscowMitch McConnell - Deripaska - Putin
Let's play:
Six Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Pompeo - Rybolovlev - Putin
Jared - Veselnitskaya - Putin
Rand Paul - Kilimnik - Putin
#LeningradLindsey - Deripaska - Putin
Giuliani - Firtash - Putin

#CovidCovidCovid #TrumpIsCompromised
Let's play
Six Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump: "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mnuchin - Blavatnik - Putin
Wayne Lapierre - Butina - Torshin - Putin
Tucker Carlson - Deripaska - Putin
Ivanka - Rybolovlev- Putin
Eric - Closet - Lost

#TrumpPutin #TrumpIsLosing
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So it’s not just Trump crying foul after his dramatic defeat. In Egypt, media channels close to the authoritarian regime explained the differences in Trump win  vs Biden win

#TrumpIsLosing #الانتخابات_الرياسيه_الاميركيه
The Sisi regime is worried that if Biden wins the election he will demand answers about human rights violations, fake NGOs, and question if any opposition political parties are allowed exist in Egypt Image
Egypt's main concern is that Biden will investigate how they spend the American military aids and will monitor the way they are dealing with the opposition Image
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We know how it is done. With lies and make believe, and divisive demagoguery.
Nobody wrecked a nation like Modi did with his stupid Demonetization, and he repeated his folly by his abrupt no-warning, no-preparation and no brainer of a lockdown. Yet he got a renewed mandate. In America a bigger demagogue and megalomaniac has
been brought down, by just a slim margin.

"Whatever the final election results, much of the world—and much of the United States—will be stunned by the fact that a populist demagogue and friend to autocrats around the globe will have won more votes
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16.01/ There are some really promising signs. It's a good feeling that increasing the number of voters - without even knowing how they voted - is good for the Democrats. It's good for democracy and the "Democrat" party. Funny that
16.02/ A reminder that huge crowds - and 40% of the vote - is also what Hoover inspired in 1932.
16.03/ Florida is a true toss-up because it's Florida and it's designed to be a god-awful mess. But I have a good feeling about Texas (and Georgia). A gooooooooooooood feeling about Texas
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Echoes of Trump today....1924 US Immigration Act under another GOP President aimed at reducing the number of immigrants flocking to the shores of America resulted in an inglorious moment when a German Ocean Liner, St Louis tried to dock with 1,000 Jewish passengers on board. 👇
The vessel was turned away - over a quarter of the 1,000 Jewish passengers were to perish later in Nazi Concentration Camps. This is the result of a nation's POTUS & legislature acting disproportionately by imposing draconian legislation with little opposition from US Congress.
Today another currently serving GOP President passed 3 executive orders on immigration in early 2017 that resulted in the children of Latin American Immigrants being separated from their parents and locked up in cages.
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