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For those who thought,it mattrted little who is the President in the USA for Pakistan, I want to say think again. Many of us, cheered for @BarackObama in our college days and early careers. Why? Because he said words we wanted to hear. He made us dream. He made us feel involved.
So apparently, despite not having a vote in USA, we cheered at seminars in UK Universities,we prayed for his victory.@BarackObama spoke of an inclusiveness and positivity that was the haven for all minorities across the world.The political correctness of his "Change" resonated
However, the increased number of drone attacks and blind expectancy to "do more ", the inability to call the troops back from Afghanistan despite the eagerness to do it along with many other disappointments started to accelerate the end of the era of political correctness.
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Yep - you're reading this right. Experienced politician @KamalaHarris makes US history by becoming the first ever female Vice-President, and @Telegraph gives the story to their beauty editor.…
Harris made history. At time of tweeting, @Telegraph had published two pieces about her win (dozens on Biden)

One, half their coverage, focused on her appearance.

And only one tweet👇🏽

Almost all its coverage of #USElectionResults2020 had only Biden's name and photo in headline
Since, it has published two pieces on Harris' politics.

But it has also published ANOTHER piece about her apperance (right-hand image).

2/5 of @Telegraph pieces centre around her looks.

It only has two facebook posts about her👇🏽

She is a politician, not a model. This matters.
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Las elecciones de #USA están en suspense por presunto fraude electoral. #EleccionesUSA #USElection2020 #USElectionResults2020…
Increíble pero cierto. Marcas de agua en las papeletas de votación en #USA con sistema de localización. Qué hacían en una cuneta? #Trump @colinrivas
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Why the #WaronTigrai is to exterminate the #Tigray|an people. It is a war on the multi-national federal order and elections. But it is also to exterminate Tigraians.
#SayNo2WarOnTigray #SayNo2CivilWarInEthiopia #AbiyMustGo @NobelPrize @AbiyAhmedAli #USElectionResults2020
Genocide against Tigraians is ripe in Ethiopia. There is a long history of hate preaching against Tigraians. There is a huge Amharic literature likening Tigraians to the jews of Germany and calls for "Ethiopians" to take lessons from "Nazi heroic extermination techniques".
Abiy Ahmed is in the network of people that call for the extermination of Tigraians, ala the jews of Germany. It is important to remember that Abiy Ahmed's media, ESAT, called "the 95% of Ethiopians to exterminate the 5% [Tigraians]".
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Ravish Kumar who makes EVM hacking an issue in India when BJP wins is laughing over Trump alleging fraud in US Presidential elections.

This explains how neutral & how much of a Journalist this #MagSaySay awardee is
Indian Media has started reporting on #USElectionFraud

Republicans unearth massive election fraud in US Prez polls, file class action suits demand annulment of polls - The News 21

@realDonaldTrump via @LawrenceSellin
They claimed to have gathered to #SaveDemocracy #SaveConstitution earlier

They've now ganged up against #CBI probing Corruption, Criminal & Anti-National conspiracies!

After #AndhraPradesh #WestBengal #Maharashtra & #Kerala Now #Jharkhand blocks #CBI to save skin, dynasties! ImageImageImageImage
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Dear Mr Trump,

We think that is time for you to put on big boy pants on and accept defeat.


The entire f***ing world!
#BigBoyPants #ElectionResults #USElectionResults2020 #USAelection2020 #Election2020
With credit to this cartoonist ("Jim P") who's idea and whose high chair I've updated (i.e. shamelessly ripped off!).
“He’s sort of like a pumpkin having a nervous breakdown. You look into #Trump’s eyes and you see the fear and confusion of a man who has just been told he’s got stage-four cervical cancer. He is a super-villain in a world without heroes.” @frankieboyle
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Today I want to concede some points to Christianity which says we live in sin.

The event, that of throwing open liquor shops even before throwing open houses of prayers is indeed a confirmation that if people were not
committing the sin of drinking copious volumes of alcohol, we would have a much worse economy than we have today!

Same is the case of those who smoke away to glory. We should appreciate each one of them and instead of creating more no-smoking zones, we
should create more smoking zones and avenues. They are making a mammoth contribution to the taxes that run our governments.

We should also encourage people to consume high end beauty products and fashion wear as these are also things considered as sins by the taxman and
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We know how it is done. With lies and make believe, and divisive demagoguery.
Nobody wrecked a nation like Modi did with his stupid Demonetization, and he repeated his folly by his abrupt no-warning, no-preparation and no brainer of a lockdown. Yet he got a renewed mandate. In America a bigger demagogue and megalomaniac has
been brought down, by just a slim margin.

"Whatever the final election results, much of the world—and much of the United States—will be stunned by the fact that a populist demagogue and friend to autocrats around the globe will have won more votes
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My conclusion is there is a direct connection between the USA #Election2020 and the implementation of the UN @UN #Agenda2030

Trump stands in the way of the advancement of the #NewWorldOrder by the UN @UN.
A Democrat Joe Biden win would definitely facilitate furthering the #Agenda2030.

The Democrats have stated they will re-join the Paris Accord and support the UN @UN.

This alone demonstrates the #USElectionResults2020 is more than an internal #Election2020 in the USA.
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