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Kafir never remembers the history and they never forget it!

Ever wonder why 11th Sep was chosen for the terrorist attack against the United States of America in 2001?

Sadly most people believe that it was a coincidence.

It was on 11th September 1683, when Europeans drove the Islamic invader from the gates of #Vienna. The proud #Turkish Army was humiliated.

The battle of Vienna was the turning point in the struggle against Muslim attempts to conquer Europe.
Since the Battle of Vienna the military might of the Ottoman empire fell into continuous decline.

Al-Qaeda chose the anniversary of this event to show the world that the Muslim forces were back in business again.

They remembered and we...??

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1/ When a government effectively stops immigration using an unspoken (racist & xenophobic) policy as simple as — not picking up the phone…
2/ If you don't speak german, or just don't want to click through: In Austria, Vienna's immigration office is slowing or stopping visa applications—a majority of which are made by Serbian and Turkish citizens—by understaffing and overworking immigration workers,
3/ or simply by telling their staff, "Do not pick up the telephones" when applicants call, allowing emails to slip through the cracks, etc.
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WETHEPEOPLE, [14.07.21 16:33]
[Forwarded from SantaSurfing]

old town of #Aachen, #Germany
Aurax, [14.07.21 20:15]

JUST IN 🚨 Sirens sounding in #Wuppertal, #Germany to warn about #floods due to heavy rain


Police frequency, [15.07.21 09:23]
#Germany & #Belgium, EU: At least 42 people have died and dozens more are missing following heavy rainfall and severe #flooding across western Germany and Belgium, causing houses to collapse and cars to be swept away.
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🇦🇹#Austria 🇩🇪#Germany #Vienna #Coronavirus

Austria allows entry from Germany without quarantine from Wednesday. Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said this with reference to a new regulation. However, proof of vaccination, testing or recovery remains mandatory.
"In many countries, the number of infections is falling, so we can also simplify entry into Austria in parallel to the opening steps in the country," said Mückstein.
Vaccines that have been approved by the EU Medicines Agency EMA or have successfully passed the relevant process of the World Health Organization are recognized as proof of vaccination. If a test cannot be presented, it must be done in Austria within 24 hours.
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Reports on #Iran-#SaudiArabia intelligence contact in #Iraq.

#Zarif leaves #Qatar. #Saudi FM lands in #Doha, invites Emir Sheikh Tamim to meet the King in #Riyadh.

#Tehran (& the #US?) appears to try to take the #Gulf on board.

This could isolate #Israel in a revived #JCPOA.
Some in #Vienna appear to want to isolate #Israel. But officials in #Gulf/#GCC face a difficult choice. They have to weigh if a compromise on #JCPOA and weakening Israel's position will resolve the problem of #Iran's malign activities? Or will it be a temporary solution?
The #US is directly engaging #GCC on #JCPOA, while FM #Zarif engages #SaudiArabia through #Qatar and #Iraq.

If the #Gulf comes aboard, #Israel and #Republicans will be effectively sidelined.

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#Austria #Vienna #Coronavirus

In Austria, the government is today consulting with experts and the Prime Minister about the further corona strategy. The original plan of the coalition of the conservative ÖVP and the Greens to open at least outdoor catering
across the country at Easter seems to be off the table because of the significantly increased number of infections. Rather, regionally different measures could be implemented depending on the infection situation.
Health Minister Rudolf Anschober had pointed out the worsening situation, especially in the intensive care units in the eastern federal states. The more contagious British virus variant is responsible for 95 percent of all new infections there.
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16.22b/ Part 2 of Week 16 (Reconstruction) thread - October 31-November 6, 2020 - begins here. Maybe I'll just make this Tuesday.

Part 1, Sunday & Monday, is here:
16.23/ Tuesday. This had 9 parts! So I've made a separate thread reconstruction as part of this main week 16 reconstruction project.…

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#Austria #EU #Vienna #Coronavirus #VACCINE

Austria wants to promote the Green Passport for freedom of travel in Corona times at a meeting with twelve other European countries.
The consultations should take place before Easter, announced Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger in Vienna. Participants include Germany, France, Italy, Greece and Spain. The EU Commission wants the ID card to be ready for use by June 1st.
Austria and some other countries are pushing for a faster pace. "Any vote that takes place beforehand will help the project," says Köstinger. In addition to legal questions, this also includes whether, for example,
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My latest piece for The Telegraph
“Two masked men came with an electric shock and they started to hit me while I was sleeping,” Mr Öztürk told the Telegraph by telephone from Tunisia. #Vienna #Austria #Josefstadt…
A suspected Turkish intelligence agent turned whistleblower claims he was tortured by Austrian authorities after reporting an alleged plot to assassinate @Berivan_Aslan_
Feyyaz #Öztürk, a 53-year-old Italian citizen, was deemed a “significant threat” to Austrian national security. He told the Telegraph he was stripped naked, severely beaten and given electric shocks by interrogators inside #Vienna’s main prison.
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#Austria #Vienna #Coronavirus

Wiener Neustadt in Austria, which will be affected by corona exit hurdles from tomorrow, is preparing intensively for this. The city with 45,000 inhabitants, around 50 kilometers from Vienna, is the first larger municipality in Austria for
which a test is mandatory when leaving the country due to the high number of corona infections. "We are massively expanding the test capacities to ensure that everyone who needs a test gets one," said city spokesman Thomas Iwanschitz.
By Friday at the latest, 15,000 tests per day should be possible for commuters and guests. Police and around 300 soldiers are to randomly check arterial roads and the train station. Failure to comply with the requirements may result in penalties.
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7 March 2021 #internationalsolidarity thread.
#koufodinas_hungerstrike #antireport

International solidarity actions with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas.

At the residence of the #Greece ambassador in #Bern, #Switzerland

#internationalsolidarity with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas. On hunger strike since 8 Jan 2021.

For dimitris: attack against HSBC in #Zurich!
Read more:…

#internationalsolidarity with hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas.
The #Hague, #Netherlands
Anarchist hang-out: Solidarity with D. #Koufontinas!
Α graffiti was made in solidarity with D. Koufontinas

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#Austria #Vienna #Coronavirus

The number of infections with the variants of the coronavirus initially identified in Great Britain and South Africa has risen to well over a thousand in Austria.
The Austrian news agency APA reports, citing the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (Ages). In 1096 cases, there are infections with variant B.1.1.7, which initially appeared in Great Britain, and the South African mutant B.1.351 was detected 279 times.
768 other suspected cases would be examined, the Ages further listed according to the APA. In addition, 3993 analysis results are still pending. According to the information, the much more contagious variant B.1.1.7 has already been detected in all Austrian federal states.
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#Austria #Vienna #Corruption

Austria’s finance minister Gernot Blümel is targeted by the public prosecutor. The ÖVP politician confirmed a search of his house. Blümel told the APA news agency that he was being led as a suspect in the investigation
into the gambling groups Casinos Austria and Novomatic. Apparently it is about the allegation of potential party donations from the gaming company Novomatic to the ÖVP: "We would have never accepted donations from gaming companies,
especially not if there was additional consideration in the room," said Blümel, rejecting the allegations. The core of the investigation by the public prosecutor's office is the appointment
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#Austria #Vienna #Coronavirus #Weapones

In the Alpine Republic of Austria, there is currently a noticeable urge for pistols and rifles. 2020 was a particularly good year for the industry.
With an increase in sales of five percent, the new weapons market rose, according to an analysis by the market research institute Industry Radar, as it has not for five years. Overall, in Austria there are many more weapons, based on the number of inhabitants
in their owners' cabinets and safes than in Germany. According to the Ministry of the Interior in Vienna, 1.16 million firearms are currently registered, in Germany, nine times more populous, there are 6 million.
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#Austria #Japan #Vienna #UN

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called for Japan and other non-signatory states to participate in the first "historic" UN meeting. The Nuclear Weapons Banning Treaty, which will come into effect on Friday.
"This is a historic milestone, and a step that many critics of nuclear weapons as well as the hibakusha - the victims of the atomic bomb explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 have been fighting for, for more than 70 years," Kurz said in a written interview with Kyodo.
Austria spearheaded the efforts that led, with the support of 122 countries and territories, to the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in 2017. It is the first international treaty banning nuclear weapons production, testing, possession and use.
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The face and back of #jihad in #Europe and the world. Muslim Brotherhood, violent and civilizational jihad. The case study of #Bosnia, the #SDA political party and its MFA Bisera Turković. Who is she indeed?
During the war in #Bosnia Turkovic was an ambassador of #Bosnia to #Croatia and one of the main persons for the transport of mujahideen warriors over #Zagreb #Split to #Bosnia. This was also underlined in 2005 by the #US congressman Franks from #Arizona.
Mrs. Turkovic has strong roots in foreign relations especially in the #USA 🇺🇸 since her grandfather Mehmed Resic was one of the founders of the branch of "Dzemijetul Hajrije", 1st Bosnian Muslim society in the USA in #Wilpen #Pennsylvania where he was working as a miner.
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So 🇧🇦 MFA Bisera Turkovic compared #Serbs with Hitler & suggested abolishing the entity of the Republic of Srpska. This was so disgraceful since the Serbs suffered most from Nazis and Croat Usthasas during WWII in their slaughter camps and pits.
But who is Bisera indeed?⏬
During the war in #Bosnia Turkovic was an 🇧🇦ambassador to #Croatia and one of the main persons for the transport of mujahideen warriors over #Zagreb #Split to #Bosnia. This was also underlined in 2005 by the #US 🇺🇸 congressman T. Franks from #Arizona. ⏬
Mrs. Turkovic has strong roots in foreign relations especially in the #USA 🇺🇸since her grandfather Mehmed Resic was one of the founders of the branch of Dzemijetul Hajrije, 1st Bosnian Muslim society in the USA in #Wilpen #Pennsylvania where he worked as a miner. ⏬
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#Austria #Vienna #Coronavirus

There has been a strict lockdown in Austria since mid-November. It will be relaxed a little on Monday. Hygiene guidelines such as the mask requirement still apply. Instead of the all-day curfew,
there is now a nightly curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Meetings with members of another household are allowed again. Shops, hair salons, museums and libraries are allowed to reopen. Cinemas remain closed and cultural events are prohibited.
Some sports are again permitted under certain conditions, for example ice skating, cross-country skiing, golf and athletics. However, the ski areas may only open from December 24th, hotels and restaurants will remain closed until January 6th.
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Highlights of #Assadi #terrorist Plot - under command of #Khamnei through #Iran's Intelligence agency MIOS in co-ordination with it's Foreign Minister #Zarif
1- A major effort by #Iran to eliminate is main opposition was being plotted
#ShutDownIranTerrorEmbassies Image
2 -#Iran #terroist plot chronological facts
Feb 11 2018-Taeb head of #IRGC intelligence sheds light on the terrorist plot ahead saying oppositions efforts in revealing mullahs terrorism & expansionism will receive a slap in the face

#ShutDownIranTerrorEmbassies Image
3 -#Iran #terroist plot chronological facts

Sept 2 2018-

Zarif threatens the annual gathering of the NCRI in #Paris paving the way for further retaliate
The terrorist plot was taken to mullahs supreme national security council

#ShutDownIranTerrorEmbassies Image
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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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StA Graz reports Austria-wide raid against Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, which are seen as a terrorist organization.
more then 60 raids were carried out across Austria. That was announced public prosecutor in Graz.
Information about the raid ("Ramses") that has just been announced: it has nothing to do with the attack in Vienna, but is directed against networks of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas activists. Allegation: financing, logistics, propaganda.
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#Austria #Vienna #Terror

The Austrian judicial authorities apparently want to prevent further serious failures like those of the Vienna attacker: After the Islamist attack last Monday, which resulted in four deaths and 20 injuries, more controls were carried out in prisons.
229 inmates who are in custody for terrorism crimes or who have shown tendencies towards radicalization were checked and detention rooms were searched, according to the Ministry of Justice. According to the ministry, 12 prisons have reported finds.
Most of the documents were discovered, which are now being checked for possible extremist backgrounds. The 20-year-old assassin was a radical Islamist and had a relevant criminal record. He was released early and was participating in a deradicalization program.
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Foreign conspiracy against the liberties of the United States 📚year 1835
The Leopold Foundation in #Austria 😉
#USA  #Jesuits  #Vienna  #conspiracy  #Liberty…
THE LEOPOLDINE FOUNDATION - The American Catholic Historical Researches - New Series, Vol. 1, No. 4 (OCTOBER, 1905)…
Count Coudenhove was connected to the Leopoldine Society, an organization established in Vienna for the purpose of aiding Catholic missions in North America. The Leopoldine Society was founded in 1829 in #VIENNA.…
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Ultima chiamata per le ns #FFAA e unità dell'#Italia! Decisive, continueranno a prestarsi alla #dittaturasanitaria in compiti non propri (consegnare #banchi, fare #tamponi...) o attrezzarsi velocemente per scongiurare sul nascere #esercitoproxy e #balcanizzazione?
#4Novembre Image
Con attuali compiti "civili" #FFAA non saranno attrezzate e addestrate (numericamente) adeguate per il #fronteinterno. #EsercitoLeva e #RiservaMobilitabile indispensabili come già #Germania e #Svezia stanno attuando.

#AnalisiDifesa #GianandreaGaiani
#Svizzera: dopo l'attacco terroristico di #Vienna, il consiglio di "fuggire, nascondersi e allertare" non è più sufficiente. Alcuni politici si battono affinché gli svizzeri abbiano il diritto di avere con sé un'#arma.…
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