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Thread: Millions outside Twitter are unaware of the #TwitterFiles - I want to change that so I created a single thread with EVERY drop to share with family & friends. Infographic by @EpochTimes shows players. 🙏 @elonmusk #TruthEmpowers
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Check out this thread at Thread Reader App.…

Check out this thread at Thread Reader App.…

Check out this thread at Thread Reader App.…
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Dit wordt het verzameldraadje🧵 waarin alle afleveringen van de #twitterfiles komen.
Een korte NL intro, en dan de volledige tekst in Engels en Nederlands, zodat iedereen ze kan lezen.
En natuurlijk de screenshots.
Hier #Twitterfiles1 van @mtaibbi
En hier is #Twitterfiles2 van @bariweiss
Als mensen vragen:
'Wat zijn die twitterfiles?'
'Ik kan ze niet vinden!'
'Mijn Engels is niet zo goed...'

Deel ze!
Dit is voor ALLE twitteraars.
En daar is #Twitterfiles3💪
Wat vooral opvalt:
-de enorme politieke #bias bij Twitter
-de structurele betrokkenheid van #FederalAgencies
Suggesties voor betere vertalingen zijn weer welkom!
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1.1 Thread: THE TWITTER FILES – Dec 2…
1.1a 🚨 Elon Musk Joins Us Again Live - #TwitterFiles Live Coverage - Dec 3…
1.1b THREAD: Twitter Files Supplemental – Dec 6…
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Traduzione dei Twitter Files Pt.4: "La rimozione di Donald Trump" 🇺🇸 Storia di come i dirigenti di Twitter hanno costruito un caso per il divieto permanente del Presidente degli Stati Uniti D'America. Dal profilo uff. del giornalista indipendente @ShellenbergerMD. Leggere 👇👇👇

La rimozione di Donald Trump: 7 gennaio

Man mano che la pressione aumenta, i dirigenti di Twitter costruiscono il caso per un divieto permanente
Dirigenti senior di Twitter il 7 gen:
- creare giustificazioni per bannare Trump
- cambiare le policies solo per Trump, distinto dagli altri leader politici
- non preoccuparsi per le implicazioni di un ban sulla libertà di parola o sulla democrazia
con l'aiuto di:
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The Removal of Donald Trump: January 7

As the pressure builds, Twitter executives build the case for a permanent ban
On Jan 7, senior Twitter execs:

- create justifications to ban Trump

- seek a change of policy for Trump alone, distinct from other political leaders

- express no concern for the free speech or democracy implications of a ban

This #TwitterFiles is reported with @lwoodhouse
For those catching up, please see:

Part 1, where @mtaibbi documents how senior Twitter executives violated their own policies to prevent the spread of accurate information about Hunter Biden’s laptop;

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I've been tracking conflations & confusions in the #TwitterFiles2 fight, so here's another one: accounts that re algorithmically suppressed/deboosted (what some are calling "shadow bans") vs. accounts whose tweets are hidden but you can click to reveal.…
The treatment of some accounts described in the 2018 article quoted above has the following qualities:
1. Applies to the whole account (vs. to some tweets)
2. Advertised as being about abuse (not, crucially, disinfo)
3. You can still see the tweets if you click to reveal
What is revealed in the #TwitterFiles is different. It shares #1 above -- applies to the whole account (not to tweets). But the allegation is that tweets from the account aren't shown to as many users in their "top tweets" TL & are held back from trending.
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TWITTER FILES #EXCLUSIVE: Western Washington man
@SquigglyFella says @mtaibbi #TwitterFiles reporting shows he was "HANDLED" after tweeting about #HunterBidensLaptop few years ago.
Now he's asking @elonmusk for help getting back his old username. #TwitterFiles1 #TwitterFiles2
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To be clear, the United States government colluded with Twitter to ban a sitting professor of medicine @DrJBhattacharya simply for having a dissenting, cogent view that ran counter to the establishment narrative. This is a watershed moment, for all of biological sciences. 1/
2/ They then lied about it in front of Congress and to Twitter users and the American people. His name was tarnished and vilified, his career was disrupted, and his reputation called into question. This is no longer academic debate. The spirit of the scientific method is that…
3/ of hypothesis testing and the accurate gathering of quality data to support or refute a hypothesis. The behavior of the USG is antithetical and effectively science by decree. Coercion, intimidation, “swift and devastating” takedowns of any dissenting viewpoints. This shambolic
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One of the things that’s becoming clear to me from #TwitterFiles2 is there are big parts of the online left that actually can’t discern a difference between abuse & spam vs. political or scientific speech they disagree with. They think the two are the same.
It’s cliche to say some leftists think any disagreement with them is abuse/harassment/harm, but how else to explain this rampant conflation of Twitter’s public anti-spam & abuse policies with its secret policy of suppressing of other kinds of speech?
This is what comes of declaring every utterance of your political or ideological opposition to be a deliberate attack in bad faith. Saying “covid’s mortality = flu mortality” isn’t just wrong (FYI it /is/ wrong IMO), but it’s literally an attack like SPAM or abuse.
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The thing about the #TwitterFiles2 is while the noise right now is all about how the extreme Right is being treated, the real story will be the extent to which dissenting leftist voices are routinely silenced, as is always the case.
As with all freedom of speech attacks, it starts with the most obviously odious types - Alex Jones, LibsofTikTok, whoever. And liberals (and even some on the left) applaud what they consider reasonable censorship in the name of safety or whatever.
It's a trap.
Folks rarely realize the same restrictions that keep them "safe" from digital "harm" will also target them and silence them for dissent - after all, they're being reasonable! They're not bigots! They just want healthcare, or real action on climate change, or a war to be ended.
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So the twitter’s biggest lie but not-so-secret out in open. “Shadow banning” is officially known as “Visibility Filter (VF)”, enforced strategically against RWs voices, with letting them know, revealed #TwitterFiles2.

Now twitter is coming up with a feature to let the user know if a/c is limited, then on which policy violations and how to appeal.

Things may be moving after @elonmusk has taken over, but m still sure that this (VF) scenario is still active for Indian users. Twitter must look into policy enforcement team in India. The accounts are being permanent suspended for merely posting a funny GIF to a mutual.

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🚨スレッド:TWITTER FILES第2章🗂『Twitter社、秘密のブラックリスト』

今回イーロンに指名されたのは元NYT記者バリ・ウェイス。前回のMatt Taibbi同様、実力ある穏健リベラル左派ジャーナリスト。私もnoteに彼女の良記事を幾つか紹介しています。

ちなみにこの動画の女性がBari Weissです。彼女が先鋭化したNYT社員からキャンセルされた経緯は、わたしのnote無料記事『キャンセルカルチャー:ホーリーランドのその先に(…)』に書きましたので時間があるときにぜひ。

1. 新しい#TwitterFilesの調査により、Twitter社員チームがブラックリストを作成、好ましくないツイートがトレンドに載らないようにし、アカウント全体やトレンドトピックの可視性を積極的に制限していたことが明らかになった——利用者に知らせることなく、全て秘密裏に。

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BREAKING: Twitter Files Part 2 releasing now
UPDATE 1: #TwitterFiles Twitter employees built blacklists
UPDATE 2: Twitter once had mission.. #TwitterFiles
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Media is supposed to be neutral and not war mongering. Media is supposed to be unbiased, not biased towards the administration.

If the state, FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA or any other national agency gets to control the media narratives… all hope is lost.

A 🧵 for awareness👇
All wars are started with lies. Vietnam war, Iraq war, Somalia war, World War II are all started with lies.

Leaders and soldiers and not the only war criminals. Media journalists are also war criminals, provoking wars by spreading lies.

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Initially the state was powerful with total control over it’s church, it’s money & it’s media. Then…

🔵 1802 (Thomas Jefferson)
Separation of Church & State

🔵 2008 (Satoshi Nakamoto)
Separation of Money & State

🔵 2022 (Elon Musk) <<—
Separation of Media & State

A 🧵👇 Image
Here’s prev 🧵on Elon Musk & Twitter
Twitter under @elonmusk is the fastest growing media organization in the world. Twitter is doing more investigative journalism than US top 5 combined (CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), run by citizen journalists. Read…
#TwitterFiles #TwitterFiles2

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