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Why must @ImranKhanPTI disgrace #Pakistan with his confused history?

During the war with the #Soviets, there was no #alQaeda or #Taliban. There was only #Mujahideen.

After the Soviet withdrawal & civil war, the Taliban emerged. There is no mujahideen in #Afghanistan today.
A major part of #Pakistan’s #PR problem is confused narratives driving confused perceptions.

We didn’t train the #Mujahideen alone. We had help from the #US, @CIA & #SaudiArabia.

Why does the PM forget this & place on the responsibility on Pakistan alone?
What is #Pashtun nationalism’s role in the war on terror?

All the insurgents that attacked #Pakistan post-#LalMasjid were ideological driven. Nothing to do with ethnic or linguistic roots.

It was the creation of the #TTP which kicked off mass #terror attacks in Pakistan.
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1/x Ein sachlicher Thread zu #Laschet und seiner "Landshut"-Aussage und was das GSG9, mit Olympia-Attentat und Mogadischu und Sicherheitspolitik zu tun hat.

#GSG9 #Landshut #Mogadischu #Olympia1972 #Terror
2/x 1972 fanden die olympische Spiele in Deutschland statt. Hauptaustragungsort war München. Es wurde dafür extra das olympische Dorf gebaut.

#GSG9 #Landshut #Mogadischu #Olympia1972 #Terror
3/x Am 05.09.1972 gab es Terroranschlag von palästinensischer Terrororganisation "Schwarzer September" auf Mannschaft von Israel. Alle 11 israelischen Geiseln wurden dabei brutal ermordet.

#GSG9 #Landshut #Mogadischu #Olympia1972 #Terror
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Audrey White

An Open Letter to Joanne Anderson from Tayo Aluko - An argument against the arms fair that must not be ignored.
Dear Mayor Anderson,
The two pieces of horrific news that have hit the headlines in recent days are closer to us here in #Liverpool
than many of us might like to think.
Whatever the history of #Afghanistan, the current horror is clearly down to the disastrous decisions of a few politicians – particularly current and previous #American Presidents and #UK Prime Ministers.
The mass shooting in #Plymouth was an act of domestic terrorism that follows the even more devastating one that happened at the #Manchester Arena a few years ago. The Plymouth incident is the result of arms getting into the wrong hands, thanks to some serious mistakes
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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Erste Einordnung von @Janine_Wissler in der #muenchnerrunde zu fünf Jahren nach dem #OEZ-Anschlag in #Muenchen.
@Janine_Wissler @Janine_Wissler, mit Blick auf #Verfassungsschutz sowie dessen V-Personen, #Bundeswehr & die Entwaffnung von #Rechtsextremen bei der #muenchnerrunde zu fünf Jahren nach dem #OEZ-Anschlag in #Muenchen Teil 2
@Janine_Wissler, zu Opfern & Hinterbliebenen, #Seehofer, #Racicalprfiling, #SEKSkandal & Rechten in der #Polizei bei der #muenchnerrunde zu fünf Jahren nach dem #OEZ-Anschlag in #Muenchen Teil 3
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Superpower or 🤡? "Pakistan’s army & its Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) play key role in Taliban offensive. Without logistical support from Pakistan, the Taliban would be hard-pressed to operate in such a widespread way".…
2/usa Superpower or 🤡? "Of course, Pakistan has been the Taliban’s patron since its creation in the 1990s.
It is impossible to defeat the Taliban as long as Pakistan provides sanctuary and safety, training, equipment and funds for the Taliban."..3/
3/usa #Clownanalysis101 🤡 "Pakistan cannot be defeated, as it is a nuclear-armed State and has the fifth-largest population in world. ...It is curious that Biden has so little to engage with Pakistan. He has yet to talk with Imran Khan." ☝🏼superpower is going to fight #China?😭
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Extrem rechte Hetze & #Gewalt ggn. Politiker*innen sind nichts Neues. Das verdeutlichen Sprüche aus den 1920er Jahren: »Knallt ab den Walther Rathenau. Die gottverfluchte Judensau!«.
#Rechtsterrorismus #Deutschland #Antisemitismus
via @derrechterand…
Dazu: Zur Geschichte des #Rechtsterrorismus in #Deutschland. In der Forschung ist umstritten, ob dieser Ende der 60er Jahre mit dem Entstehen zahlreicher Kleingruppen beginnt o. bereits in den frühen 50er Jahren auszumachen ist.
via @bpb_de…
Dazu: Es gab in der Bundesrepublik seit den 1960er-Jahren Terrorakte von Rechtsextremisten. Ua. der Mord am jüd. Verleger Shlomo Levin (1980) o. geplante Anschläge auf Gedenkstätten.
via @dlfkultur
#Deutschland #Antisemitismus #Rechtsterrorismus…
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Historically #Kashmiri women have enjoyed freedom like none of their counterparts in the other regions of our country. The intrusion of regressive ideologies, targeted at women, in the 90’s, might have pushed them behind but they are rapidly changing the gender norms.

The spirit of women in #Kashmir, supported aptly by various #government initiatives, have grown wings that enable them to soar the skies and break the glass ceiling.
#WomenEmpowerment #Kashmir

@FatimaDar_jk @MirYanaSY @AsimKhanTweets @IAmErAijaz
With the #abrogation, women of #Kashmir now have a stake in their ancestral properties regardless of their choice is spouse. This have liberated women who are not bound, shackled with patriarchal laws.

@NamrataWakhloo @AartiTikoo @IAmErAijaz
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Education enables us to make effective decisions about ourselves, our surroundings, and our societies.
Suffice to say #Education as an institution is notably significant in a civil society. And more so for #Kashmir.

@AdityaRajKaul @LtGenGurmit @AsimKhanTweets @MirYanaSY Image
In #Kashmir, the importance of structured #Education increases manifolds due to the dynamic nature of this region. Lack of education has a severe cascading effect here, eventually leading the gullible young people towards unlawful activities.
@kakar_harsha @neeraj_rajput Image
#Pandemic has restricted movement all over. With every public institution closed including schools and colleges, the Govt of #Jammu and #Kashmir have introduced initiatives to help students continue their studies, even in such uncertain times.
@MirYanaSY @Fayak_Wani1 @IAmErAijaz Image
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Die #Medien schreiben über das auf dem #AfDBundesparteitag beschlossene #wahlprogramm, es sei radikal.

Im Folgenden zeige ich zum #wochenstart auf, was von ihnen als⚠️"nicht radikal" eingestuft wird & wie die angeblich⛔️radikale Gegenposition der #AfD aussieht.

🔽Ein Thread.
⚠️Nicht radikal: 🇩🇪#Steuerzahler, die in der #EU länger arbeiten, mehr #Steuern zahlen & am wenigsten #Rente erhalten, finanzieren #Rentner in #Italien, #Spanien und Co., die kürzer arbeiten, mehr #Rente erhalten & weniger Steuern zahlen.

⛔️Radikal: Ein Ende dessen fordern.
⚠️Nicht radikal: Unkontrollierte #Zuwanderung von zumeist unqualifizierten, kulturfremden & illegalen #Migranten ins #Sozialsystem, die den Steuerzahler jährlich deutlich über 40 Mrd. kosten.

⛔️Radikal: Förderung von #Arbeitslosen & #Bildung, um #Fachkräfte hier auszubilden.
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1/ Let's play compare and contrast:

(Left) The police attacked the victims in lock step with a violent #Nazi.

(Right) The police trumped up as many charges as possible under the direction of far right groups.

Just wait until we get to compare the #media response. #cdnPoli Image
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🇺🇸New Mexico Republican Rep.@RepHerrell , and eight of her colleagues, sent a letter to the @TheJusticeDept asking that it ferret out and prosecute any Americans who are secretly paid to parrot #Tehran's line.
#DontDealWithIran 1/11…
The U.S. government should investigate what is alleged to be a covert 🇮🇷Iranian #propaganda operation being run on American soil, according to a congressional request. 2/11
Rep.Herrell, & eight of her colleagues, sent a letter to the @TheJusticeDept asking that it ferret out and prosecute any Americans who are secretly paid to parrot Tehran's line to influence @POTUS policy & US public opinion about the theocratic regime. 3/11 #DontDealWithIran
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Iranian #Terrorists Claim to Have Active Cells in Washington, D.C. ‘Resistance cells are rooted even in America and its capital’. @SecBlinken
@FDD @Jerusalem_Post @IsraelHayomEng…
#Iranian militia groups claim to have active cells of operatives stationed in Washington, D.C. and other #US. cities, according to chatter in online forums used by these groups. Image
Kawtheryoon Electronic Team, a Telegram network used by #Iranian militia groups & supporters, claimed in a recent posting that Iranian "resistance cells are rooted even in America and its capital," according to a copy of the English-language posting. Image
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1/ This is massive. My own charges from the People's Party of Canada event at Mohawk College have been withdrawn as well. Looks like we're mostly 'out from under' at this time, so I'll finally give comment. #onpoli #cdnpoli Image
2/ Despite trying their best to charge a group of us for standing up to organized #hate and #racism, Hamilton Police Service has been forced to acknowledge that they never really had a case. I was charged for saying "fuck you" to an officer who shoved me.…
3/ Nobody "harassed old ladies", that was fake news, amplified through networks of inauthentic posters across the same social media platforms and associations presently under international investigation for material support of terror following the recent US coup attempt. Image
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: 🇺🇸 Mobilizing the World to Address Transnational Challenges: Terrorism
🇺🇸Only one party will respond to the growing threat from white supremacist and other right-wing terrorist groups. 1/11
So long as violent extremists continue to plot attacks on our homeland and our interests, #Democrats will maintain a vigilant focus on counterterrorism. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #Terrorism
#Democrats recognize that the threat landscape has evolved dramatically since September 11. 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #Terror
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0/ Leider sind nun auch die wunderschönen #Fildern & #Filderstadt #verschwörungsideologisch verschwurbelt. Aufgrund seit Anfang Februar 2021 stattfindender Demos lokaler #Pandemieleugner werden wir hier die gute Berichterstattung der @StZ_NEWS zur Situation vor Ort ergänzen. Image
I/1 Seit 5.2.21 wird nun auch in #Filderstadt im Ortsteil #Bonlanden jeden Freitag öffentlich auf der Straße geschwurbelt in einer Mischung aus stationärer Kundgebung & Spaziergang. Bei der 1. Kundgebung am 5.2.21 & miserablem Wetter waren 20-30 #Querdenker & #Schwurbler vor Ort. Image
II/1 #Filderstadt #Bonlanden 12.2.21
Bei der 2. #Demo waren es auch aufgrund der Mobilisierung via Telegram bereits einige #Schwurbler & #Querdenker mehr - dieses Mal begleitet von ca. der gleichen Zahl an kritischen Gegenprotestanten (unangemeldet) & entsprechenden Diskussionen. Image
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[1/5] CN: Suizid
Ahla und Asmahan, 15 und 20 Jahre alt, waren zwei junge Jesidinnen, die zwar den physischen IS-#Terror überlebt haben, aber nicht dessen seelische Auswirkungen. Sie sind zwei von 11 Betroffenen,die sich in diesem noch sehr jungen Jahr das Leben genommen haben.
Die meisten dieser Selbstmorde im neuen Jahr ereigneten sich in den Lagern für Binnenvertriebene. Die Ursachen für Selbsttötungen sind stets vielschichtig und individuell. Doch mit den Traumata im Rücken, die von einem #Genozid herrühren, ist jeder Tag eine Zerreißprobe. [2/5]
Wenn noch Belastungen infolge der globalen #COVIDー19 Pandemie und die Unsicherheit hinzu kommen, ob und wann sie in ihre Heimatorte in #Shingal zurück kehren können, dann wird es dunkel in der Seele. Deshalb braucht es dringend mehr psychologische Betreuung in den Camps! [3/5]
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It's not #police record but an act of violence [first, second or many, each holding equal weight] that make you a #terrorist : A #Thread

On 21-22 Dec 20, terrorists Amir Mir and Yawar, both from #LeT surrendered to SF at Tantripora, #Shopian, during live operation.

#Srinagar Image
Questioning of Amir revealed that Zahoor Ahmed Bhat r/o Hattipura, whose name doesn’t exist in any police records, is his close #terror associate.

Following lead, joint team of 34 RR & #JKP launched an operation in which Zahoor was arrested with Pistol, Grenades and ammunition ImageImage
It is thus established that Amir Mir, Yawar and Zahoor were all #terrorists who acquired #weapon and war like stores but were given chance to #surrender by Security Forces at Tantripora, Shopiyan & Hattipura

#Kashmir Image
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Encounter in Hokarsar, #Srinagar Central #Kashmir.

Information recieved of 2-3 terrorists in ,HMT Area opposite Noora Hospital #Srinagar. Area cordoned by 2RR, JKP & SOG ,#terrorists asked to surrender. Terrorists fired from inside. Appeals made to surrender.
One #terrorist came out to surrender. However, other terrorists fired from inside. Terrorist went inside. Due restraint being observed by security forces to avoid collateral damage. Operation in progress. Details follow.
#IndianArmy #Kashmir Image
#Srinagar #Encounter Day 2 :

Operation resumes, intermittent firing going on.

Operation was suspended at night to avoid collateral damage & cordon around the place where terrorists were hiding was tightened so that there is no chance for terrorists to escape.
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#Iran #Palestine #Teheran #Terror

According to a senior Hamas official, a delegation from the Palestinian militant group Hamas received $22 million in cash from slain Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander Qassem Soleimani during a 2006 visit to Tehran.
Mahmoud al-Zahar, a former foreign minister and senior Hamas official, said in an interview with Iran's Arabic-language al-Alam television network on Sunday that he had described some of the financial problems faced by the Palestinian group during a meeting with Soleimani.
On January 3, Soleimani, who headed the Quds Forces, the IRGC's overseas arms, was killed in a US airstrike at Baghdad's international airport. There is growing concern about what Iran or its militias could do in advance of the first anniversary of the death of Soleimani.
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Os voy a dejar un relato corto de terror escrito por mi, hace ya muchos años. Espero que os guste, no lo uséis en concursos...tiene derechos de autor😅:
En la negra espesura me encuentro inmerso sintiendo como retumban los fuertes latidos de mi corazón.
Intento relajarme para poder escuchar los pasos de aquel que incansablemente sigue mi rastro, y lo único que consigo oír es el fuerte viento que azota las hojas de los árboles, los mismos que se anteponen ante mi presencia como siniestras figuras que aumentan más mi angustia.
Llevo dos horas sin apenas moverme, exceptuando los inevitables escalofríos que invaden mi cuerpo. Intento estirarme un poco para aliviar el intenso dolor de mis articulaciones, cuando noto su presencia junto a mí al dejar de sentir el frío viento que azotaba uno de mis costados.
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Dieser Podcast entstand als studentischer Leistungsnachweis des BA-Kolloquiums „Die 70er-Jahre zwischen Repression und Subversion“ (HS 2020) am Historischen Seminar der .@UZH_ch .@digihistlab
Der erste Podcast behandelt die politischen Angriffe auf das Schweizer Fernsehen.…
Der zweite Podcast geht den Berufsverboten nach.…
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(1/6 )Während eine Maulhelden-Kameradschaft verboten wird, die sich eine "44" als Synonym für die "Division Dirlewanger“ nimmt, bleibt die "Arische Bruderschaft", die das Original Logo der 36. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der #SS (Div. #Dirlewanger) verwendet, unberührt. Eichsfeldtag in Leinefelde 2013
(2/6) Beim S&S Festival in #Ostritz 20./21. April 2018 beschlagnahmte die Polizei alle Symbole der "Arischen Bruderschaft" auf Anweisung der StA Görlitz. Auch @KatharinaKoenig erstattete Anzeige wegen dem Verkauf im Online-Versand von Thorsten #Heise. W&B Versand Dezember 2020
(3/6) Beide Verfahren wurden eingestellt. Die Staatsanwaltschaft #Mühlhausen sah hier "Zur Erhebung einer Klage bestehe kein hinreichender Tatverdacht."… Quelle: Wikipedia
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